August 5, 2016

Three Easy End of Summer Outfits (And All Items Are An EXTRA 25% Off At Anthro)

openingtunic | necklace | tee | booties

Anthropologie is currently offering an additional 25% off sale items…and there are SO many good things. I put together a few easy outfits to wear for these fun, end-of-summer days using pieces from the sale section.  Think music in the park, a backyard bbq or a casual date night.

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August 4, 2016

And We’re Off!


jacket | top c/o | shorts | boots

Hey there!!  Happy August!  We’ve been in major travel mode over here – a little time at the shore, a little time in Michigan, and now….our big trip.  Mike and I are taking the boys to Europe for two weeks starting….tomorrow.  Sane people would be busy packing.  As routinely demonstrated, I am not one of them.

But we have some major issues to discuss!  Starting with….Instagram Stories.  Also referred to as That Time Instagram So Cleverly Ripped Off Snapchat.  Just when I had started getting into the swing of Snapchat (I’m @themomedit), Instagram fired a shot over the bow.  There’s no butterfly crowns or Precious Moments eyes, but it is nice having everything in the same app.

So.  What say you, readers?  Do I Snap this trip or Insta-story it?  Thoughts?

Secondly, message received loud and clear about the shopping boutique layouts.  I will go back to having everything listed out. Thanks for the feedback!

Thirdly, I feel duty bound to mention that the plane in the background is not the plane we will be taking.  The plane in the background is, however, a stolen Russian cold-war leftover that accidentally landed in my tiny little hometown almost a decade ago filled with four Ukrainians with expired visas.  Oh, I’m serious.  You can’t make this stuff up.  It sits there still becausepaperwork.  I just can’t even.

This weekend is the final weekend for the epic Nordstrom #nsale.  Prices go up on Aug 8th.  If you are new to this party, all of our top picks (and a list of all dressing room selfie articles) can be found here.  I just updated it with a loungewear/workout section as well.

I was interviewed for an article about sustainable shopping on ParentMap.  If someone has found an source for second-hand boys pants that haven’t been completely trashed…I’m all ears.

My latest Kickstarter obsession?  Paperblocks.  Seriously good open-ended play possibilities, and would be amazing for travel.  They’re pretty far from their Kickstarter goal (and the campaign ends in 5 days), but…you never know.  I just supported them, fingers crossed.

If you read one thing this weekend, make it Bare Ladies.  Luana Holloway’s perspective on aging is, quite simply, a gift.  It’s so raw and real and the kind of thing you read with tears streaming down your face as you whisper yes. yes. yes.

Fillers and lifts are a deal breaker, a deal made with myself because although I mend lace dresses, plait baby hair & can recite The Folk of the Faraway tree by heart I still fancy myself as punk and I won’t give that up for fucking anything.  – excerpt from Bare Ladies


Enjoy your last month of summer!!  And if you have an tips or recommendations for Nantes, Normandy and Barcelona….let me know!  We’re seriously over-the-moon about this trip.  I’ll be posting trip highlights on social media, if anyone is interested.  (@shanachristine on Instagram, @themomedit on Snapchat)



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August 3, 2016

You’ll Never Look at Khaki Pants Or Black Trousers The Same Way



Khaki pants and black trousers.  God, I know.  If there’s one way to kick off an article with a big WOMP WOMP…it’s to start talking about khaki pants and black trousers.


But seriously – I get emails from readers (to the tune of several times a year) asking specifically about plain black pants or khakis.  Most of the inquiries can be summarized thusly:

Hi S.  Do you actually own any plain [black pants/khakis] or do you just wear ripped jeans every day?

Uh, yeah.  Pretty much.  But there are times (school functions, the occasional blog meeting that isn’t virtual, Mike’s work functions etc etc) when I’d like to look a little more…..polished, without resorting to a dress.  So it’s time to fill that big, glaring hole in my closet with….

…khaki pants and black trousers.

Serendipitously, I found two pairs (both part of the #nsale, and NOT yet sold out), that would be perfect in an office environment (read: no saggy bums), yet cool enough to be dressed up or dressed down, making them work for work, play, AND date night.  Keep reading to see these two wonder pants, along with an explanation of what makes these two pairs so…wonderful.

August 2, 2016

Work & Weekend Capsule Wardrobes – Banana Republic Friends & Family Sale

It’s that time of year again when I start thinking capsule wardrobes!  We’ve had some requests in the past to focus on workwear and since Banana Republic was one of my favorite places to get my “teacher clothes,” their Friends & Family sale* seemed like the perfect opportunity to share some ideas with you guys.  Since I’m no longer teaching, I thought I’d also throw in a weekend wardrobe for those of you who like a more casual wardrobe.  Aaaand because I’m “el cheapo,” I also threw in a boutique of accessories that are now an extra 40% off the sale price . . . yesssssss.

Friends & Family sale: 50% off 5 regular priced items, starts Aug 2 for cardholders and Aug 4 for everyone else.  Runs through Aug 8.

workwear wardrobe

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August 1, 2016

How to freshen up your gray color scheme

Gray. Oh, how I love thee. Rockport Gray to Revere Pewter to Gray Owl, picking a favorite paint color is like choosing a favorite child (changes daily). And I’m not the only one – a quick search on Pinterest, Houzz or any shelter blog brings up more articles on “how to pick the perfect gray” than I can count. It’s so popular because it’s virtually the only color (aside from white, technically not a color) that looks great in any room from the kitchen to nursery. But it’s been around for a minute, and chances are your gray sofa or bathroom could use some new accessories to update the same-old. Its chameleon-like ability to pair well with so many colors is another reason it’s so ubiquitous – but here’s an unexpected color to pair with gray that looks so modern and fresh.

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July 28, 2016

The Best of The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…For MEN


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is good on so many levels:  the insane discounts on upcoming Fall merchandise, the boots, the bags, the baby stuff….but (and this is a bold statement) it might be even better for guys.  Work clothes and shoes?  Yup.  The best of the best.  Man-denim (not too tight, not too baggy)?  There are ton of options.  And this year’s sale has some statement-making jackets and sweaters to completely amp his weekend (or date night) look.  Add to this mix some perfectly cut tees, sweatshirts and a shoe selection that has rivals the women’s?  MAN.

You lucky guys.


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July 28, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – the under $100 budget buys (#dressingroomselfies with a 6 month old)


…because I like self-torture and tight spaces with small children, I did some fun #dressingroomselfies for ya with my 6 month old.


Budget-friendly style is my jam and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is too epic to pass up, so I pulled out all of the stops – toys, teethers, rocking the stroller back-and-forth and even humming a fun little ditty and dancing around like a nut to entertain the babes…and I put together some gosh darn budget-friendly outfits.

July 27, 2016

The Coolest New Portable, Open-Ended Toy: Sago Mini Jinja’s House




I may have stumbled upon the coolest new kid’s toy for 2016: Sago Mini Jinja’s House.

There’s this tiny toy craze (borderline obsession) that seems to have taken over the minds of kids everywhere. You know what I’m talking about, right?  Shopkins, Kinder Surprise eggs, yada yada yada.  I don’t understand it (at. all.), but my kids are ALL ABOUT IT.   Where did baby dolls go…or a good old unrealistic Barbie (haha)? Those were my jam.

Anyway, Jinja’s House has got the tiny-and-cute thing down pat.  We’re talking little animal creatures, colorful furniture and an adorable little house. Now, I may not get the Shopkins craze, but I can get down with this. It’s cute, doesn’t require assembly (yesaaaaah!), is foldable and can be carried around. Not to mention, it provides kids with an open-ended toy that gets their creativity and imaginations working.

I like it. I really, really like it.

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July 25, 2016

Star Wars Tees, Neon Sandals, And Other Quirky Favs Under $100


To most people, Modcloth is synonymous with twirly, vintage-inspired dresses.  You want polka-dots?  They’ve got polka dots.

But since I skew more T-shirts And Jeans rather than Pumps And Polka-Dots,  I’m seriously loving Modcloth’s collection of casual basics.  Modcloth’s selection of tees, tops, shoes and quirky accessories all have major personality.  It’s the most….unboringest (summertime, people, just let me have this one) collection of wear-everyday basics I’ve seen.  And best of all?  Crazy affordable.  The title of this post states that everything featured is under $100, but truth be told, most of the pieces I’m swooning over are well under $50.  (The Birks pushed the limit to $100, but I had to include them BECAUSE HELLO, NEON PINK.)

Nuff said.


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July 25, 2016

Athleisure & Work Wear Selfies from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale



Hey ladies – I made a naptime escape for my local Nordstrom today to try on some athleisure picks and workwear options from the sale! What did I find? Lots of killer comfy leggings, cool jackets (including this amazing Zella moto puffer!), cashmere sweaters and leather jackets to swap out for blazers this fall.