August 26, 2014

Looking For A Bizarrely Specific Lunchbox? #nailedit

Me: Raines, since you’re going into First Grade, you’ll be eating lunch at school everyday.  You need a lunch box!

Raines [unenthused]: Ok.

Me: Lunch boxes are cool! You can get all kinds of different designs….wait – do you even know what a lunch box is?

Raines: It’s a box for your lunch, Mom.

Me: Well, yeah. But you can get really cool ones like….maybe space, or dinosaurs….


Me [now at the computer, googling]: Ok, look at this one – it’s camo!

Raines: Mom, I want a lunchbox with the Battleship New Jersey on it.

Me:  There’s also one with sharks, or– wait, what?

Raines: The Battleship New Jersey.

Me: Yeah that’s not gonna happen.

Raines: Why not?

Me: Honey, it doesn’t quite work like that. There’s a ton of options to choose from, but not anything in the world that you can think of. I can find sea-related lunch boxes like sharks or pirates, and I might be able to find a lunch box with a boat, but I really don’t think–

Raines: Google it, Mom. Just type in, “Battleship New Jersey Lunchbox”.

Me: Ok honey. We can google it, but see, there’s really noth-



You gotta be freaking kidding me.  It’s the actual Battleship New Jersey….on a lunchbox.

And check out at the inside:



So this lunch box can be found on Zazzle (here’s the direct link if anyone else has a WWII battleship obsessed kid), but this lunch box is made possible because of  Yubo.

Yubo makes BPA-free and Phtalate-free lunchboxes that are also dishwasher safe and recyclable (including the inserts shown above).  But the really cool part?   The faceplates are fully customizable.  As long as you can find a picture, your child’s wildest dreams can become a lunchbox.  And when your kid outgrows their obsession, new faceplates can be purchased without having to shell out for a whole new lunchbox.

Yubo also has some really cool stock designs, but I think Pax (my youngest) would get a kick out of one with his face on it.  We already know what Raines is getting.


Also, if you are in a rush, Amazon prime does have some Yubo lunchboxes in stock.


Thus concludes my story of getting schooled by Raines.  “GOOGLE IT MOM.”  Sheesh.



ps.  LOFT is having a flash sale – AGAIN – that goes from tonight until just 10AM tomorrow.  Use code FLASH for $50 off any purchase of $100 or more.  I have my eye on the short-sleeve sweatshirt (I’m obsessed with this piece for Fall – more later), the black jeans with a shockingly perfect distressed wash, this plaid shirt, and this sheer tee for date night.

Shopbop is also have a GIANT sale.  I’ve started adding pieces to The Mom Edit’s Sale Shop.

Lastly, Anthro is currently offering an additional 20% off of already marked down product.  The discount will be reflected in your cart at checkout.  Check the sale shop (I’ll add pieces as I find them).


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August 25, 2014

Is This The Most Versatile Boot Color Ever? Yes. Yes It Is. (Sponsored Post)


 (all photography by Vafa-Coffman Photography - a seriously talented husband-and-wife team who splits time between Michigan and San Diego )


Sole Society asked me to take a peek at their latest footwear line.  If you haven’t heard of Sole Society, they’re an online retailer of on-trend shoes, bags, and accessories at affordable prices.  I was pumped to find a few different iterations of my latest boot obsession:  the short, flat, gray-ish/greenish/dishwater-blondish boot (aka taupe).

I love throwing on boots with my summer standards (Hello, cut-offs) as a way of easing visually into Fall.  For this purpose, short boots work best.  And besides, there’s just something so cool about short boots + bare legs, you know?  It has a relaxed, end-of-summer vibe that I dig.  (And the oh-so-soft-suede that won’t rub annoyingly on my legs is much appreciated, Sole Society.  Keep it up.)













jacketEverlane Swing Trench

shirt: Elizabeth and James (old)…Madewell has a short-sleeve button-down with a similar vibe

shorts: Abercrombie (ugh, sorry)…but I like the slightly longer length of Minkpink’s Tomboy shorts (on sale for $40)

boots: Sole Society Natasha boots in army



But the other seriously awesome thing about taupe boots?



They’re rockstars with white.

White jeans, cream cords, all of those pale pants that are so tricky to style come winter?  Yup. Taupe boots.











scarf: my sister’s…but Nordstrom’s tissue weight cashmere wrap is on sale, and I can’t stop thinking about the blue posiedon color.  I mean.

sweater: Marc Jacobs sweater

jeans: Levi 535 white jeans (order at least one size up)

bag: Makr Farm Rucksack

bracelets: Chan Luu (similar Chan Luu wrap bracelet), assorted others…try Sole Society’s Chevron bangle with their triple bar bracelet and WHOA…this rough cut, natural stone bangle.

bootsSole Society Natasha boots in army



Even better, taupe boots will pair just as nicely with black pants as they do with denim.  Taupe.  The neutral of all neutrals.

If you’re interested, Sole Society has a bunch of seriously cool, everyday boots in taupe.  Now….my definition of taupe is pretty loose.  Sometimes taupe is a bit green (like the pair I’m wearing), sometimes it’s gray.  And sometimes taupe skews a bit warm….almost to camel.  I don’t think it matters – the styling works regardless of the exact shade of taupe.  Just find one you love.   Here are my favorites:




And because I’m still messing around with which widgets work best, here’s a traditional Shop The Post (I threw in some bags, baubles and scarves just for funsies – Sole Society has some really great ones):



Welcome, Fall!



A huge thank you to Sole Society for sponsoring this post!!  As always, all thoughts, opinions, product choices and taupe obsessions are my own.


August 24, 2014

Shopping: Overalls + Kimonos

Remember when you first learned you were pregnant?  That very first time?  I remember desperately trying to keep it a secret from friends/family/coworkers/Facebook, but everywhere I looked….BABIES.  Babies were everywhere.  It was a plot, executed by the universe, to wear my husband down until he finally cracked, at a party attended by both friends and co-workers, his excited voice booming over the music, “SHANA IS PREGNANT!!  BUT ONLY THREE WEEKS SO DON’T TELL HER THAT YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!”

Nice one, Mike.  Imagine my surprise as I fake-drank my beer to have 30 people suddenly rush up and congratulate me.  If I recall correctly, I started actually drinking the beer.

In any case, I’ve had overalls on the brain.  Overalls and kimonos, specifically.  And, like babies, they are suddenly popping up everywhere.  So let’s take this as a universal sign TO GO SHOPPING.



1. For the Rock Chick

Love the edgy railroad stripes with a floral kimono.  It’s a seriously cool mixed-print combo.

Forever 21 Railroad Stripe Overalls, on sale for $20

SheInside Rose Red Vintage Floral Kimono, $18

2. For the Casual Boho Mom

Achieves that whole, “this old thing?” nonchalance.

Blank Denim Overalls, $108

SheInside White Short Sleeve Vintage Floral Kimono, $17

3.  For the Romantic Tomboy

It’s hard to beat lace and soft chambray.  These have gotta be the comfiest overalls of the bunch.

Madewell Park Overalls in Skyview, $148

Lace Cardigan, $38 at Nordstrom

4. For the Urban Mama

Tribal prints and Faux-leather?  Yes, please.

Current/Elliot Ranch Hand Coated Overalls, $348 at Nordstrom

Apricot Tribal Print Kimono, $23 at SheInside

5. For Moms Who Seek Cozy-Chic

I have these overalls – they’re the exact same pair I featured in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale #dressingroomselfies.  Even at full-price, they’re a steal for $54.  Love them with a cozy knit kimono.  So cute on a cool fall day with ankle boots, scarf and a knit hat.  Right?

Fire Destroyed Slim Overalls, $54

Batwing Sleeve Loose Knit Top, $21 at SheInside


Happy Monday!



August 20, 2014

My Fav Fall Jackets Right Now



The last time I was this cold in August was the one spent in England, where I returned with a new winter coat as a souvenir.

On the upside, a summer this cold means that I am now completely, thoroughly outfitted for Fall.  So….I thought I’d share my favorite jacket finds.  Typically I’ll find a single jacket that gets me excited (and let’s face it, most of the time it’s made out of sweatshirt material), but oddly enough, I have found FOUR fabulous Fall jackets (and YES, several of them include sweatshirt-like comfort).  You’ll be seeing more (much, much more) of these jackets – I have some fun collaborations coming up – but some of these jackets seem to have a staying-in-stock problem, so I thought I’d share the love before it’s gone.

Everlane’s Swing Trench, $138

This one has a major staying-in-stock problem, and that’s probably because it IS freaking fabulous.  I love the mod, swingy shape, and the fact that it’s water resistant (hello, raincoat).   I also appreciate that the sleeves (unlike cheap raincoats) are actually lined in something soft, so I can throw it on over a t-shirt and be comfortable (no plastic-sleeves for me, thankyouverymuch).

Everlane currently has M, L and XL in stock…but  it looks like the XS and S won’t be back in stock Sept 9th.  (wearing: size xs)



(also wearing: marc jacobs sweater in XS/S, rag and bone skinny stretch jeans size 25, sole society natasha boots, makr rucksack)

Free People Oversized Knit Jacket, $168

This one is a weird sort of cocoon jacket….but I can’t quit it.  It’s actually a cross between a sweater and a sweatshirt and a jacket…??? Does that even make sense?  If it were a joke, it would start with, “a sweater, a sweatshirt and a jacket walked into a bar….” and end with the word “nubby”.   It also comes in a mustard yellow which fair-skinned people like me should stay far away from.

In all seriousness, you can throw it on like some big, oversized cardigan….but it has the chic styling of a jacket.  And I love the low-on-the-hips belt.  (wearing: size xs)






(also wearing: everlane ryan tank in XS,  rag and bone skinny stretch jeans size 25, sole society natasha boots)


Chelsea28 Angular Hem Double Breasted Jacket, on sale for $65

A really cool navy blazer made out of sweatshirt-like material.  And on sale. Nuff said, I think. (wearing: size XS)




(also wearing: everlane ryan tank in XS,  rag and bone skinny stretch jeans size 25, Chantelle Rive Gauche Demi T-shirt bra in blue)


Free People Denim and Knit Jacket, $148

There was a target knock-off for this one, but the Free People original is way softer.  I’ve been doing the double-denim thing with this hoodie all summer, and - if I’m being completely honest here – sweatpants.  I’ve been wearing this one mostly with sweatpants.  (wearing: size small)





Any other fab fall jacket finds?  Spill!



August 19, 2014

More Loungewear As Daywear: Beach Pants



Let’s call these what they are:  glorified pajama pants.



But the folks over at Hurley call these “Beach Pants” which makes them sound more like real pants.  And for those of you who have asked about options for covering pregnancy-induced (or not) varicose veins…..YES, THESE.





pants: Hurley Bondi Beach Pants in white stripe (on sale for $30 at 6pm)

top: J.Crew Carrie Cami in stripe (also on crazy sale – extra 30% reduced price with code SHOPSALE)…also in solid colors

shoes: Soludos Sand Shoe Lace-up (on sale for $38 at 6pm)

bracelets: Chan Luu wrap bracelet (similar to mine), bangles, Bauble Bar bracelet


Earlier this summer I actually threw these pants on with a pair of heels to entertain at home.  I think it worked OK.




pantsHurley Bondi Beach Pants in white stripe (on sale for $30 at 6pm)

top: Everlane’s Ryan Tank

shoesDolce Vita Hexen (these are similar and on sale – only a few sizes left)

necklaceBauble Bar Long Arrow pendant


Hope you are all enjoying the last little bit of summer!!



ps.  The sales are cah-razy right now.  Just updated the sale shop with some seriously great finds from Piperlime.