August 19, 2014

More Loungewear As Daywear: Beach Pants



Let’s call these what they are:  glorified pajama pants.



But the folks over at Hurley call these “Beach Pants” which makes them sound more like real pants.  And for those of you who have asked about options for covering pregnancy-induced (or not) varicose veins…..YES, THESE.





pants: Hurley Bondi Beach Pants in white stripe (on sale for $30 at 6pm)

top: J.Crew Carrie Cami in stripe (also on crazy sale – extra 30% reduced price with code SHOPSALE)…also in solid colors

shoes: Soludos Sand Shoe Lace-up (on sale for $38 at 6pm)

bracelets: Chan Luu wrap bracelet (similar to mine), bangles, Bauble Bar bracelet


Earlier this summer I actually threw these pants on with a pair of heels to entertain at home.  I think it worked OK.




pantsHurley Bondi Beach Pants in white stripe (on sale for $30 at 6pm)

top: Everlane’s Ryan Tank

shoesDolce Vita Hexen (these are similar and on sale – only a few sizes left)

necklaceBauble Bar Long Arrow pendant


Hope you are all enjoying the last little bit of summer!!



ps.  The sales are cah-razy right now.  Just updated the sale shop with some seriously great finds from Piperlime.

August 17, 2014

My Sister’s Easy and Chic Post-Partum Outfit (And Why a Gorgeous Nursing Bra Matters)



This is my sister, Scotti.  TWO WEEKS post-partum.



Gorg, right?  The bra peeking out is a nursing bra; the dress is a maternity dress.  It all works.  And check out the back:



The power of a pretty bra.  Let it show, let it show, let it show.



This is such a great example of effortless post-partum style.  (I know Scott is snorting at my use of the word “effortless”.  This was her first real outing after the baby and took her…well…the typical new-mom minimum of 2-3 hours to actually leave the house.  But it all looks effortless, right?)




dress:  ASOS Maternity…or try this similar maternity maxi dress from ASOS (on sale for $25)

braLa Leche League Wrap ‘N Snap Nursing Bra in leopard

jacket: old…try Gap’s Denim jacket (a classic! and on sale for $40)

shoes: similar DV by Dolce Vita gold sandals (on sale for $35)

bag: Lily Jade Madeline Diaper Bag

earrings: old, but Scotti is also eyeing up this pair of gold, dangly earrings

sunglasses: old….similar Marc Jacobs sunglasses here


Here are a few additional nursing bras that would look gorg peeking out of a maxi….





August 13, 2014

Dressing Room Selfies With Sarah: Target!

Gang, meet one of my oldest and dearest friends, Sarah:



She also happens to be drop-dead gorgeous and hysterically funny and you guys are going to LOVE her.  Anyway, her youngest (she has 3!!!) is only 20 months old and Sarah has found herself in that nothing-to-wear-and-in-between-sizes phase which is just so annoying.  Is is worth spending money on clothes at this point?  And to complicate things further, Sarah has a perfect hourglass figure, so she has to choose trends carefully.  So we cruised over to Target to see how well we could do on a small budget.

Because Sarah is an hourglass, it’s important that she be able to show off that waist.  So we wanted to find a really good base layer that we could dress up/down.

Base Layers


Target’s Ultimate V-Neck tee was…OK.  We liked how it showed off her waist, but the v-neck was too high, making the whole thing mumsy.



wearing: Target’s Ultimate V-Neck Tee


Next up we tried Target’s Ultimate Scoop Neck tee.  Shockingly, we liked this better.  The color and wide stripe had a cool French-girl vibe, and it still shows off Sarah’s waist.  (NOTE:  We tried this same tee in solid colors and didn’t like it.  The blue-and-white-stripe is the way to go.)


wearing: Target Ultimate Scoop Neck


Our fav layering top was actually Target’s Long and Lean tank.  Basic, yes, but also flattering, easy and cheap.



We liked this one a lot.



Want to see what we did with this tank top?

1.  With a Crop Top

I handed Sarah the cropped sweater and she visibly recoiled.  “Is that…a short shirt???” she asked, nose wrinkling in confusion.  So we agreed:  She would TRY ON THE SHIRT…as long as she could also sport an 80′s high pony.  Done.


wearing:  MSC Cropped pullover

Cropped tops are not always a curvy-girl’s best friend, but in this case it works because Sarah’s waist is visible.  (Looks good, but didn’t come home with us.  Cute or not, Sarah has declared her body a crop-top free zone.  Ah, well.)


2. Under a Kimono

We loved this combination, and tried it a few different ways.




Here’s the date night version (same tank, BTW, just in black).


wearing: Target kimonoMSC long and lean tank, Levi 535 skinnies (not from Target), Target heels


Also??  OVERALLS.  Well played, Target.  WELL PLAYED.




wearing: Target kimonoMSC long and lean tank, Target overalls, terribly uncomfortable shoes – try these instead


3. Monochromatic With Comfy Cargos

Sarah has this terrible habit of wearing the world’s least-flattering sweatpants to school pick-up/drop-off.  She made the mistake of picking me up from the airport like that one day and I may have gasped OUT LOUD.  Normally, I am not phased by loungewear but THERE IS A LINE.  You know?  Soooo…..maybe this instead?  I mean these pants have to be almost as comfy as horrifying sweats, right?


wearing: MSC long and lean tank,  soft cargo pants, similar metallic sandals


A Few More Tops We Loved



wearing:  Textured Sweatshirt in black (This top will look best a bit fitted on hourglass girls – Sarah’s wearing a M)



wearing: Junior’s Intarsia Pullover in J’Adore



wearing: This Free People knock-off is sold out online, but they do have the black faux-leather version (with sweatshirt sleeves)


Dresses and Such

We liked the sexy ruching on this simple maxi dress:


wearing:  Mossimo ruched racerback maxi dress


This dress is a thicker material than we expected (think: sweatshirt)


wearing: Woman’s Knit Shift Dress (If your body type is more pooch, less curve try Converse’s sweatshirt dress.)


The surprise of the day was this romper.  RAWR.



No but seriously.


wearing: Women’s Sleeveless Jumpsuit


Putting It All Together

And here are a few outfit ideas we played around with….

Another One For School Pick-Up

This is literally a sweatshirt, sweatpants and sneakers. SOOOOOOO easy.  But so seriously cool!!  SARAH ARE YOU LISTENING????  LOOK AT HOW CUTE YOU LOOK!!!




wearing: sweatshirt, sweatpants, leopard sneakers


An Easy, Everyday Mom-Uniform

Classic and simple.  Love the stripes to add interest and the updated take on sneaks.  If a moto jacket is too boxy and/or short, it won’t work for hourglass figures, but this one drapes well along the body, despite the longer length.


wearing: Woman’s side zip jacket, arget Ultimate Scoop Neck, Levi 535 (not from Target), quilted slip-on sneakers


For The Playful

If you are dying for a pair of overalls but are worried about hips, the key is to layer something over the overalls to visually slim the hips.  We played around with kimonos earlier in this post…but a cardigan works just as well.  (This cardi is not Sarah’s color, but we loved the graphic print.)




Ok – see how the bib of the overalls cuts in at the waist?  Yeah – that’s good.  And now see how the line of the cardi shaves off a bit of hip?  Voila!  (And OMG Sarah’s boobs look fabulous.)


wearing: long and lean tank,  Target overalls (not the same color…these things have been popping in and out of stock online so keep checking back), Junior’s Boyfriend Cardiganquilted slip-on sneakers


Shop The Post


One last comment on the black sweatpants:  they’re FABULOUS.  Sarah and I both bought a pair (I completely forgot to grab that fab pair from the Nordstrom sale), and now all of our friends (and my Mom!!) have rushed out to Target in pursuit of the comfy and flattering black sweatpant.  Annoying that they are sold out online…but I’ve got some pretty high hopes for these.  Cute, right?  Cheers to cheap, flattering sweatpants!!!



Sarah, you babe, I freaking love you.



ps.  Target has some seriously cute jeans 40% off online, but I’ve yet to see them in stores.  Anyone have any feedback?  I especially love the look of the mid-rise moto gray denim legging, the regular denim moto legging, the deconstructed skinny boyfriend, and the high-waist flare.

I like pictures, so here are the jeans in question:


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August 12, 2014

Pinterest To Shoppable Reality: A Boho Modern Dining Room (With a #creativetable space)

Gang!  I’m thrilled to introduce Amanda, who will be helping to make our Pinterest dwelling dreams a reality.  (And if you have any pins you’re currently drooling over, send ‘em our way!)

First up?  Amanda has created a seriously cool, kid-friendly dining room with a boho-modern feel.  Prepared to be WOWED. (I totally was.)

The inspiration:


 (photo credit:  Amber Lewis’ home on The Style Files - the whole thing is gorgeous, check it out.)


The shoppable reality:



Hi!  Here’s a casual but stylish boho-modern dining room that’s not only kid-friendly, but includes a separate space just for them to work on art projects, homework, or #creativetable! We’ll keep it budget friendly with durable natural materials like wool and hard-wearing, washable fabrics that won’t break the bank if you have to replace them due to dinner spills or art explosions. A funky, bright rug sets the tone for the playful room, and you can find inexpensive throw pillows in colors pulled from the rug to add pop to the window seat. Speaking of, no built-ins? No problem! Get the look with any low white bookcase (IKEA has great ones) or storage bench topped with a cushion and placed against the wall. Instant seating with storage room for table linens (if you’re fancy) – in my house it’d be filled with art supplies and probably some wayward stuffed animals. My favorite things in this room are the Target display frames that let you easily change out kids’ artwork – they’ll get such a kick out of seeing their art displayed all grown-up like! If you want to get super-coordinated, have them make art in colors that match the room just like they do on HGTV whenever they want to incorporate the kids’ personal touch into a room design!
For you:
Burnout Bamboo Blinds, JCPenney $34-60 (on sale)
Aztec Support Rug, Land of Nod $99.97-249.97 (on sale)
Yellow Outdoor Throw Pillow, World Market $12.49
Let kids get in on the action with their own little corner of the room. Bonus – everything coordinates with the main room’s design but isn’t matchy-matchy, so it’ll look pulled together in an effortlessly cool way. Littles get mini versions of the modern dining chairs in a fun color, plus a colorful Turkish kilim style rug that’s soft on bare feet. The white art table lets your eyes rest amidst all the color, plus creates a clean work surface to for all their creative projects.
For the kids:
Baby Spire Chair, Hayneedle $98
– Amanda
Amanda lives near Boston with her real-life secret agent husband and spitfire redhead 3 year old Annika, soon to be joined by another bundle of mischief this fall. A software marketer by day and budget-savvy home decorating enthusiast the rest of the time, Amanda’s goal is to make beautiful interior designs livable. She thinks living with kids shouldn’t mean you can’t have a stylish home – you just need a few smart shopping tricks up your sleeve! 


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August 11, 2014

Summer Layering With Sheer, Flowy, Pooch-Hiding Tops

After Raines was born, I bought this flowy top and wore it all summer over a shaper cami (or this nursing shaper cami).  My post-partum pooch was well hidden, but on hot days, I was a sweaty mess (especially while baby-wearing!  Ugh.)

It took me a couple of years, but I finally figured out a few tricks for layering these tops, although they won’t tame the pooch as well as the flowy-top-shaper-cami combo, but when it’s really hot, let’s go with GOOD ENOUGH.

(The real advantage to layering, BTW, is not only hiding the post-partum pooch, but allowing easy nursing access without stomach exposure.  Pull the top layer up, the under layer down.  Also?  You can sometimes wear a normal bra.)

1.  Layer Over a  Cotton Tank

I have had better luck (in the sweaty mess department) laying sheer flowy tops over simple cotton tanks – less pooch-hiding, but much cooler.  And if your top is flowy enough, you don’t really notice a pooch.  Admittedly, my pooch is much smaller these days but I am, ummmm…more than three years “post-partum”.   (I think the post-partum label is applicable for up to 10 years.  Or life.  Let’s go with life.)





top: Old Free People..try this Free People tank, on sale for $49…or this Free People crochet tank on sale for $89

tank: old J.Crew….but Gap has good basic layering tanks

bra: Cosabella bralet

shorts: Blank Denim

sandals: Rhodes sandals in Orange/Natural c/o Meraki Greek Sandals  (insanely comfortable, BTW)

bracelet:  old Chan Luu…love this orange and turquoise Chan luu wrap bracelet

bag: Antik Batik pouch

sunglasses:  Kate Spade sunglasses

on Raines: old Peek T-shirt (they have some seriously cool ones right now), Petit Bateau shorts from Thred UPVans Kids Half-Cab (on sale at 6pm)

on Pax: Tribe is Alive tank, Geofox pants, UA kicks


2. Layer Over a Silk Cami

On the hottest, stickiest days, this is my most comfortable outfit.  The pooch-hiding is just a bonus.






top: Free People Fly Away Tank (on sale for $49)

silk cami: J.Crew Silk Cami

skirt: old DVF bought on Ebay…but ThredUp has a decent selection of cute DVF skirts

sunglassesKate Spade sunglasses

bag: Madewell Transport Tote

shoes: Madewell (sold out)…but I’ve also worn this exact outfit with birks.


And as the nights cool?  Throw on a lightweight jacket (Gap’s military parka looks pretty great and is 35% off until 8/13).



Shop The Post

Pretty, Flowy Tops


Lightweight Jackets I Love


Happy Monday!



ps.  I just found these short-overalls on sale for $35, then an additional 40% off?  Did I read that correctly?