October 25, 2014

Do You Have A Sexy Sweater? Here’s Why It’s My Holiday Must-Have.




Yeah.  So I’m still in these jeans.  And I’ve been meaning to talk about this jacket FOREVER.  And yes – the sexy sweater + bustier combo, too.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Suffice to say that I gots some things to say regarding holiday style.

Holiday?  I KNOW.  Feel free to throw things, I do realize we haven’t hit Halloween yet.  IN MY DEFENSE…..I missed out on ALL holiday fun last year, *cough*chemo*cough* so I’m beyond excited for holiday festivities this year.  Like really, seriously, over-the-moon, excited in almost a manic, crazy-person kind of way.  I will be bringing Jolly this year, with a capital “J”.  BRINGING. THE. JOLLY.

And thank you guys – so much – for your kind words, welcoming my sister.  I’m so thrilled to have Scotti here, and because of her, was able to take some (much needed) time off in New York last week.  (And Instagrammers, your NYC suggestions were SPOT ON.  Seriously, wow.)


Now back to sexy sweaters.  Unlike my “sexy turtlenecks” which I keep (unsuccessfully) trying to make a thing [insert eyeroll from my husband], the sexy sweater is, actually, sexy.




October 23, 2014

Your Closet Called. It Said It Needs These Faux-Leather Jeans – Sponsored Post




Nordstrom asked if I’d like to take a look at their latest selection of denim. [snort]  Little do they know that I’m ALWAYS looking at their latest selection of denim.  BWAH HA HA-

Anyway.  There are few things in life that get my heart beating faster than denim.  Denim is my currency.  (And I still do that trick my friend Amber taught me:  “I could buy that shirt….but it costs half a jean.  Hmmmmm…..”)

So.  After pouring over pages and pages and pages of denim (seriously, Nordie’s selection is pretty staggering), there was one pair I couldn’t get out of my head.  Not my typical choice, brown(??), but the faux leather and the zipper details….well.  So I ordered them.

Holy Mary Mother of G– these are comfortable.   Here is my ode to the brown faux-leather:

October 22, 2014

Nostalgic But Awesome Kid’s Books for Halloween (And I’m Pretty Sure One Of These Is Supposed to Be A Joke)

If ever one needed to make a case for nostalgia, these three books are hard to beat.



1.  There’s a Nightmare in My Closet

I remember reading this book as a child, and after searching (and searching AND SEARCHING) for something to calm fearful little Pax, I came across this old favorite again.  From the desperately brave stance of a boy making a stand (in his army helmet, no less, with a barricade of pillows and toy cannon)…to the sweet tears of the monster, I LOVE this book.  (And if you have boys, you’ll totally appreciate that YES – he does fire the pop-gun at the monster because to a little boy, there is no such thing as surrender.)  We’ve read There’s a Nightmare in My Closet approximately one million times, and no other book hits quite the right cord, or reassures better.

(Although, I Need My Monster is a pretty close second.)


2. Dorrie and the Halloween Plot

Do you know the Dorrie books?  These were my absolute favorites as a little girl.  They are a fully illustrated series, but each book is long, bridging the gap between picture books and chapter books beautifully.  All books start with, “Dorrie is a witch.  A little witch.  Her hat is always on crooked and her socks never match.”  And so her adventures begin.  Dorrie is spirited, tough, and about as anti-princess as you can get.  My boys – both Raines and Pax – are obsessed with these books.  I love the strong, female characters, and the fact that Dorrie isn’t some perfect kid – she drops bags of onions, gets muddy, “borrows” her mother’s broom to try and learn how to fly, etc.  Also?  The adults are far from perfect, too.  There’s a fair bit of yelling, “DORRIE!  Stay OUT of the way!  Company is coming!!”  Which….you know, happens.    These books were out of print for a long time, but it looks like Amazon has brought them back – most of them, anyway.  Dorrie and the Halloween Plot is a good place to start, but they are all pretty fantastic.  (Sadly, my very fav, Dorrie and the Witch’s Imp is still out of print, but there are a few used copies on Amazon – or try the library.)


3.  Dick and Jane and Vampires

I thought this was a joke.  I mean seriously:  It HAS to be a joke.  The whole thing reads like a real Dick and Jane book:

“Look Jane, look!  Look at the red ball.  Oh, Jane!  That is not the red ball!”

Nope.  Not a ball.  It is, of course, THE VAMPIRE.  That cliffhanger leads to the next chapter, appropriately titled, “Run Away”.

“Run, Dick.  Run, Jane.  Run, Mother.  Run away!”

But here’s the thing:  no one gets hurt.  In the end, the vampire becomes a friend, and they find him a nice lady vampire.

“Look, Vampire, look. Look and see.  Look at our new friend!  Happy, happy vampire.”

OMG.  This shit just kills me.  So…OK.  We read it to the kids.  It’s so crazy, though, getting through the story.  There’s so many times you think Dick or Jane or – good lord – baby Sally is about to be vampire food and then…..nope.  Vampire either runs away, or starts to play, or something.  It’s CREEPY, there is no doubt, but Raines and Pax LOVED it.  It’s amazing how a lurking vampire presence jazzes up a story they would otherwise NEVER sit through (or attempt to read).




ps.  A few more favorite Halloween picture books.

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October 21, 2014

Five Essential Denim Looks Your Man Needs this Fall – Sponsored Post

My husband, Zack, is kind of an enigma.  He works in construction and fixes things, builds things, installs things . . . man things like that.  BUT, he’s also the most stylish guy I know. So when I was asked to do this article, my mantra was WWZW, or “What would Zack wear??”  I showed him what I came up with and sometimes I’d get it right; “Nice babe!” and other times, not so much; “I’d just never . . . wear . . . that.”  Here are the outfits we came up with:



“I need to get out of the house today,” I’ll say frantically to Zack.  “Ok, what do you want to do?” he’ll ask.  “I don’t care I just need to get the f*%$ out of the house.”  There are times after having a baby when it feels like you live in a cave and all you want to do is EMERGE from it.  Sometimes we’ll go to our favorite bar for an afternoon drink and apps (yes, baby in tow) and sometimes I’ll trick him into going we’ll go to Target for a “few things” and leave with a shopping cart full of stuff wondering what happened.  The backpack is included because it’s Zack’s favorite “man diaper bag.”  When I get tired of carrying the diaper bag or when I want to wear a cute purse that isn’t nearly big enough for all the STUFF you need when leaving the house with a baby, Zack will bust out the backpack.  It’s insanely liberating to have HIM deal with the bag once in awhile.


To Recreate:

JeansClassic Straight jeans

CardiganShawl Cardigan or try this Birch Shawl Cardigan

T-shirt: Indigo Stripe Tee or this Slubbed Crewneck

Boots: Tyler plain toe boot or these Lunar Grand Wingtips 

Backpack: Little America Backpack or this Canyon Backpack

Socks: Mixed Dot Socks *he wanted me to point out that the socks don’t have to match the outfit!!

Watch: Check Stamped Bracelet Watch 


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October 20, 2014

The Case For Faux Leather Leggings As A Post-Partum Staple, and This Game-Changing Nursing Tank

Hey Gang! My sister Scotti is going to start contributing to The Mom Edit, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. She just had her first kiddo this past July (baby Greenlea if you follow me on Instagram), and I think you’re going to love her perspective.



When I was pregnant with my daughter, leggings became my best friend.  Not only were they comfortable, but they expanded along with my butt, thighs and belly as the weeks went by.  Regular leggings get old, though, so on a whim, I bought a pair of maternity leather leggings from H&M that I LOVED.  They instantly made me feel more put-together and fashion-forward than the old leggings I was wearing on a (almost) daily basis.  After having Greenlea, I found myself reaching for leggings again in my postpartum days and knew that I needed to purchase a pair of non-maternity leather leggings stat.

Faux leather leggings are as comfortable and as versatile as regular leggings, but add an extra bit of attitude and style to the same outfits.  I love dressing mine up for date night by adding a blazer, fancy shoes and some stylish accessories or dressing them down for lounging or running errands by pairing them with comfy booties, fabulously soft t-shirts and cozy sweaters.  They’ve been a saving grace with my postpartum body, hiding my pooch and replacing my pre-pregnancy jeans (um, made the mistake of trying them on too soon!) until I can fit in them again!

October 15, 2014

Styling A Matching Lace Skirt and Top, And A Few Thoughts On Petites – Sponsored Post


I’m typically a dress kind of girl.  A matching top and skirt “set” isn’t usually my thing, it’s just so….ladylike, dahling.  Add pearls and pumps and I look like I should be holding bunco parties and fundraising for my husband’s political campaign.

But it turns out that a matching top-and-skirt-set – in lace no less – is EXACTLY my style when paired with ankle booties and a chunky necklace.  (If I could decide which leather jacket I like best,  I’d be wearing one of those, too.  But I’m right in the middle of an epic dither on the leather jacket topic, soooo….)

Even better, there are roughly 1.4 * 10^3 ways to wear this outfit (BAM – now THAT’S what I call outfit math) but in the interest of time, I’ll show you my top FIVE.

October 14, 2014

My Favs From Shopbop’s Friends & Family Sale! (25% off almost everything)

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.46.00 PM


Shopbop is having a sale!!  Take 25% off of almost everything with code FAMILY25.  Sadly, Stuart Weitzman, Alexander Wang, and Rag and Bone are all excluded from the sale.  Darn!  But don’t despair – the Shopping Enabler has found all manner of cozy sweaters, fashion-y winter boots, wear-everywhere tees, cool leather jackets, sexy winter dresses and DENIM.  Oh, the DENIM YOU GUYS.

If you are reading in a reader or email, you might need to click over to the real site to see the boutique widget.  But I promise that it’s worth it.  SOOOO worth it.

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October 14, 2014

Pinterest To Shoppable Reality: A Calm, Modern Toddler Room in Black and White

Amanda’s back! This time, she’s recreating a seriously cool toddler room….


This week I’m excited to show you how to recreate this sweet clutter-free kids room. I love the Scandinavian simplicity and clean lines, and what I really think makes it so soothing to look at is the tightly-edited color scheme. (My preschooler’s room is currently a riot of pattern and bright color, which suits her personality, but wow – this is so much more restful and calm!) It’s great for kids to have a lot of color in their surroundings – such as playrooms and happy pops of color around the house – but a pared down, peaceful bedroom is a smart idea for encouraging quiet time. Another plus for this room’s design? It will grow with kids for a long time since it’s not overly themed or babyish.

Here’s the Pinterest inspiration:




(source: this pin)

And here’s our (shoppable) version:

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October 11, 2014

Trouble Deciding Which Bauble to Buy At Stella and Dot? WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

First order of business!!  Remember my sister, Scotti?  She’s going to start blogging here at The Mom Edit.  Scotti is a makeup artist, a whiz at styling hair, and has some seriously amazing style.  Even better?  Her style is totally different from my own.  Always so helpful to see a different perspective, right?  Scotti has a few articles up her sleeve – you’ll see more from her next week.

Secondly, there’s been some confusion about our Stella & Dot trunk show.  You do NOT have to wait until Oct 31st to shop.  Oct 31st is simply the last day the trunk show will be open.  You can shop our trunk show anytime in October starting, uh, NOW (no seriously, go ahead and shop.  I’ll wait.).

Why are we having this trunk show again? So glad you asked.  Proceeds (and hostess credits) from the trunk show will be given to someone currently fighting breast cancer.  They’ll get a Stella & Dot shopping spree, as well as some gift cards (grocery, target, whatever) to help ease the burden of recovery.  (And this particular burden?  Is HUGE.)  You can read more about the trunk show here.  So far, we have 197 nominations for women currently fighting breast cancer.  197!!

Please help us make someone’s day.   If ever there was a time for shopping enabling, this is it.  So without further ado, here are our favs:




Shana’s Favs:

1.  Casablanca Pendant Necklace (it can be worn as a choker, mid-lenth, or as a long necklace)

2. Rebel Pendant Necklace, rose gold (also comes in silver and gold)

3. Pauline Ring

4. Petra Braided Bracelet (love the tough-girl vibe)

5. Pave Spear Pendant Necklace, rose gold


Scotti’s Favs

1. Chantilly Lace Cuff (Scotti’s exact words were, ‘THIS BRACELET!  I DIE!  I DIE!”  lol)

2.  Bardot Bracelet in silver (also comes in gold)

3.  Chantilly Lace Chandelier Earrings

4.  Double Clutch in Citrine Perf

5. Serenity Stone Drops in green  (remember Seinfeld?  “SERENITY NOW!!”)


You can shop our trunk show by clicking this link.


Happy weekend!



ps.  Piperlime is having a massive 20% off sale with code FALL20, including this cute ‘Goodnight Paris’ hoodie (with varsity stripes!).  I’d pair it with the most perfect black jeans ever (a little bit faded, a little bit ripped, a little bit patched….SWOON) and either metallic vans(!!) or superga sneaks (both are on sale).







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