November 28, 2014

A Seriously Huge Round Up Of All My Favorite Holiday Dresses

Did you guys DIE over my sister’s “nursing-friendly”, sequin mini dress?  So freaking hot, right?  But she comes by the glam honestly  – even at three she would do just. about. anything. for a copy of Bride magazine.  My 8 year old tomboy self thought she was SO WEIRD.   I mean OK – nowadays I love a sequin as much as my sister does, but I’m more likely to stick them on my feet.  Overall, I prefer a, um….how should I say this?….cozier take on glamour.  And by cozy I mean wool.  No need to mince words:  I won’t suffer cold for beauty.



November 27, 2014

Gorgeous Holiday Dresses and CRAZY Black Friday Sales


I found it.  The perfect nursing-friendly, post-partum pooch-hiding, booty-balancing, sparkly sequin DREAM dress.  I loved this dress the moment I saw it online and ordered it immediately.  When it arrived in the mail, I tried it on for Zack telling him I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it.  “Why wouldn’t you keep it?!” he asked.  With that reaction?  It’ll be staying in my closet, thankyouverymuch.  I know I’ll be back again and again to Miss Selfridge – one of my new favorite clothing sites (and everything is up to 50% off this weekend).  They have a ton of stylish peices (including this amazing fur stole that I bought because it matched the dress) that won’t break the bank.  Now I just need somewhere to wear it . . . along with my other 19 dress picks for this holiday season.  Read on to find YOUR perfect dress and some truly amazing Black Friday sales!

November 26, 2014

How To Layer Right Now



We haven’t talked about layering in a while, so when Nordstrom asked me to take a look at the latest from Free People, I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about.  Free People clothes are made to layer, and I usually keep a piece or two in constant rotation.

I have two simple “rules” for layering:

1.  Apply the Rule of Three – you need three pieces to make an outfit layered.  (A scarf can count as one of those three pieces).

2.  If you peel back each layer, the outfit should still be able to stand on its own.  (Which means those ‘cuddleduds’ – remember those?  Yeah – those silky long-underwear things do. not. count.)

So here are a few formulas (if you will) for layering right now:

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November 25, 2014

Public Service Announcement: Nordstrom Has Toys [the sound of a million mouse clicks]

Hey Mamas!  We were so excited to find out that Nordstrom now carries TOYS! That free shipping/free return thing that I love so much? It makes it super easy for me to shop for Greenlea . . . too easy. I might be in trouble. Shana & I came up with about a billion gift ideas that we tried to whittle down unsuccessfully.  Instead, enjoy our overwhelming menagerie of toys!

*We’re trying a new thing with this post . . . instead of the usual links that follow our collages, this collage is totally clickable.  Just hover your mouse over an item that you like and you’ll be able to click right to the site to purchase.  For those of you in a reader or in your email you may need to click over to the full site.  Let us know how you like the new format!

Scotti’s Favs

Greenlea is obsessed with her baby gym.  She can stare at that thing for hours.  Me?  I’m kinda over seeing it in my living room . . . this Finn + Emma Wooden Gym is so much more aesthetically pleasing.  I love the wood and soft colors and the fact that it takes up soo much less space.

The wall sign (#9) first caught my eye because it would look awesome in Greenlea’s nursery and then I read it and had to have it.  It says, “As your Mom & Dad we are smitten, taken, crazy about, enchanted for, swimming in a sea of love, prouder than proud, delighted and tickled to death, for you dear *Greenlea.*” Is that not exactly how you feel about your babies?? LOVE. 

I really like the fact that these toys are adorable without being too “cutesy.”  The Mason Jar Light would make an awesome night light (it’s battery-operated so it won’t take up one of your outlets).  The elephant play mat would be perfect for our hard floors.  I can’t wait to try the Wubbanub because everyone raves about it (and Greenlea loves Sophie the Giraffe as much as everyone said she would).  The Nat & Jules Giraffe hat and bloomers would be an awesome photo op and OMG are those GOLD baby Uggs??  Like I said . . . I might be in trouble. 

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November 24, 2014

Reader Q: What Kind of Coat Do I Need For Winters in MI? (Think: Chic Puffers, Parkas, or Ski Jackets)

I’ve been getting a ton of reader questions about warm winter coats.  I loved Jennifer’s especially since MI will always have a special place in my heart:

I need your help!  We’ve recently relocated from Central NJ to Ann Arbor (which means I won’t likely run into you at Clay – what a gem! – wearing a copycat outfit) and it is November 1st and I desperately need advice on what I will need to keep warm.  I have an old J Crew car coat that needs to be replaced and I’m unsure of what I will actually need to keep warm here.  

Sooooo….how to keep warm in MI?  It is not easy.  Every Christmas we go home to Marquette and it’s always a shock to the system.  It gets SO. SERIOUSLY. Cold.  Like forty below.  No exaggeration, the actual temperature (without windchill) will read -40F.  Last year, Raines learned not to play outside without wrapping his entire face (ninja style) in a scarf, else he’d end up with severely windburned cheeks.  (Not that it would stop him.  So I learned that First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream – bought for post-chemo – ALSO worked wonders on his red, chapped cheeks.  In case any of you have little snowplaying lunatics like R.)

But let’s talk coats!!  The first thing I did was call Scotti, my MI-dwelling sister to discuss.  I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going overboard.  NOPE.  We were in violent agreement.  If you really need to be warm in a MI-like winter, you’ve basically got three options:  Puffers, Parkas or Ski/Snowboard Jackets (these typically require layers).


Zara |Madewell

 Vince | S13/NYC Mogel | Lands End

The good news is that there are some seriously amazing options, at all price points.  So we rounded up a bunch (my personal favs are above).  I tend to like the shorter jackets or the ones that juuust cover the bum (the long parkas look ridiculous on me, especially with snowpants – I look like a short, wide, man)…and Scotti prefers belted coats (show off her waist, balance the bass).  Here’s what caught our eye:

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November 23, 2014

A Gift Guide For the Mama Who Pins Inspirational Workout Quotes

2013 was my year of cancer, 2014 was my year of recovery, and 2015?  2015 will be my year of bad assery.  My year of workout domination.  My year of health.  If anyone else is obsessively stalking Pinterest for workout quotes (my latest fav?  “If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up”)….here’s a gift guide for you.*


*A disclaimer for new mamas:  My “baby” just turned four.  This is the first year – since my oldest was born – that I feel like working out on a regular basis.  That I can actually make workouts part of my life again.  I haven’t worked out – with any sort of regularity – since Raines was born in 2008.  If you are sitting in the midst of diapers and spit-up and stained nursing bras and are feeling bad reading this article and wondering how the hell I manage to have any time to work out….please remember this:  My babies are not babies anymore.  (sob!)  Your time will come.  Go easy on yourself – up until very recently, I was there too.



1.   Lululemon Fluffed Up Pullover, $168

I’m obsessed with this sweatshirt-puffer jacket hybrid.  Perfect for throwing on over workout gear, but chic enough (and warm enough) to wear around the rest of the day.  You’d totally rock school pick-up.  The zippers on the sides let you control how fitted this piece it – unzip to hide a pooch, zip up to show off a waist.  I love the navy (#alwayslovethenavy), but this jacket is also available in black and a very intriguingly bright red.  (Or is it pink? I can’t tell.)

2. Lululemon Breathe In Tank, $52

Love the VPL-inspired details of this Lululemon Tank (but at a fraction of the cost).   Sexy, yet functional.

3. Anthropologie Homeward  Beanie, $49

A chic beanie to keep your head warm post-workout. (Yay for the faux-fur pom!)

4. Manzella Snow Star Convertible Gloves, $20

I love adding in a bit of fair isle to sporty work-out gear.

5.  Fabletics Workout Gear, complete outfits range from $40 – $80

Fabletics works like Fabkids, or Stylemint: you basically become a member (it’s free to signup), and every month you have the chance to purchase a new workout outfit, OR choose to skip that month (and won’t be charged).  Their outfits are seriously affordable and shockingly on-trend.  In addition to the outfit shown, I’m also obsessed with “Blast”.  I’d pick the bright blue tights, teal bra, and gray twisted shirt.  (Also check out “Owyhee” – the camo workout tights are so flipping cool.)

6. Lululemon Skinny Groove Pant, $98 – $108

The fabric looks super cozy, and I love that the cut is more pant-like, rather than workout tights.  Exactly the kind of pant you can camouflage for all-day wear.

7. Classic Mini Ugg Boots, $134

I have these in chestnut, and they are – hands down – my most worn boot when the weather turns.  Just so easy and comfy, you know?  I wear them to school drop-off and pickup, and wear them to the pilates/yoga/barre studio.  And….well, that’s kinda my day.  Am thinking that I’d love a black pair to go with all of my workout black.

8. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat, $50 – $75 (depending on color)

I was sent a Jade Harmony Yoga mat while going through chemo.  It’s made from natural rubber, so you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals when you’re getting your ohms.  It’s also just an all around great yoga mat.

9.  ToeSox Bella Half-Toe Gripper Socks, $16

I started using these socks for Pilates and am shocked by the difference they make!  Also in full toe if you get cold easily.

10. Fitbit Flex, $99

While I like the look of the Jawbone UP24 better, the Fitbit (which supposedly works just as well) has one main bonus that the Jawbone doesn’t…..

11. Tory Burch for Fitbit Hinged Bracelet, $195

This product is genius.  This gorgeous bracelet (available in gold or silver) can hide your Fitbit Flex in a seriously cool package.

12. S’Well Teakwood Water Bottle, $35

This is easily the chicest water bottle I’ve EVAH seen.

13, 14, & 15:  Studio Membership/Class Punch Card

One of the best gifts for us mamas trying to get back in shape is a punch card (or month or yearly membership) for workout classes.  Here are my current favs:

Barre3 – a pilates/yoga/ballet hybrid.  I had done Barre3 quite some time ago, but recently rediscovered because they have a new studio here on the Mainline.  (They also have online workouts available, but I don’t like the online nearly as much as an in-person class.)

Mutu Mamas – this is a complete online program to help Mamas get their bodies back.  Wendy, the founder, is an alignment nerd (in the best possible way), and helps us understand why some of us (myself included) still have that hard little belly bump that won’t go away (hint: diastatis is only a symptom of a bigger problem).  I find Wendy so inspiring and her private Facebook community (available to subscribers) is impressive and supportive.  All of these workouts are online, and perfect for all moms whether you’ve just given birth, or are years/decades out.

Belly Pilates – There are a few Pilates studios popping up that focus on post-partum.  Locally, I love Belly Pilates in Bryn Mawr.  Kelly (the founder) is nothing short of a post-baby-body genius, and her classes are like rehab.  I started going to Kelly after my mastectomy, and she has been a huge part of my recovery.  Also?  My lingering post-baby belly is almost gone.


Most gift guides yet to come!!  (Aren’t these fun?)




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November 21, 2014

The Sale of the Weekend? BLOOMINGDALES. It’s so, SO good.

Gang, black friday sales are already starting.  Even Anthro is offering free shipping this weekend (and just added a bunch of interesting tees to their sale shop – all under $40.)

But the sale that got me clicking away (yes, I enable myself I’m seriously the worst) is Bloomingdales.  So. Crazy. Good.

Here’s a small (yet hopefully well edited) sampling of what they have on sale:





And happy Friday!  Pax is having his birthday party tonight (like in an hour – I’ve seriously gotta stop typing).  We’re doing a karate class (in full ninja costume) then having everyone over for pretzel-wrapped hot dogs and pink cupcakes with ninjas on top.  As you can tell, our birthday parties follow a very strict decor theme.  This year’s theme is called “Whatever Pax Wants” and was inspired by the fact that Mike and I have been too busy for Pinterest.  #toobusyforpinterest <– this should be a thing, yes?

What are your weekend plans?  We’re taking the boys to BalletX on Saturday so…yeah.  Should be an interesting weekend.



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November 21, 2014

Gift Guide: For That Sexy (And Nerdy) Guy You Married


1. Soul Socks Sock-of-the-Month Club, $12 per month or $132 per year

This is what I got Mike for Christmas last year.  He opened it and was all, “Cool, Babe” than later made fun of me “I can’t believe you got me SOCKS for Christmas”.  But then the socks started arriving.  And?  They’re awesome.   Pretty soon Mike would come home from work and ask, “Did my new socks come in yet?”  He’s already started dropping hints for this year….wait and see, Mike D.  Wait And See.

2. Vince Leather Moto Jacket, $995

Mike got a leather jacket and it completely changed his style game.  He wears it on date nights, he wears it to soccer games, he even wears it to work (looks great with a tie).  We liked the Vince jacket the best, but Banana Republic men’s leather moto jacket, $398, is almost identical (also comes in a rich brown).  The Vince jacket has a slightly trimmer fit and the leather is softer (like butter-soft), but both are great options.

3. J.Crew The Un-Sweatpant Sweatpant, $85

What guy spends $85 on sweatpants?  None of them. Which is why this is a gift.  But I freaking love these sweatpants.  Mike looks so adorably sexy with his glasses and bedhead and cool-guy sweatpants that they are worth every penny.

4. Shinola The Runwell Chrono Leather Strap Watch, $750

Shinola watches are made in Detroit (holla), and even if we didn’t hail from MI, we’d be all over these seriously cool watches.  We both love the vintage faces with such modern styling.  Namely, the watch is big.  Be sure to check out pictures of the watch on the model’s hand to get an idea of scale.  So freaking cool.

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November 20, 2014

Mama’s Playground Style Refresh (Starring Free People)



Facebookers have spoken:  Mama needs some playclothes.  And while there’s only so much that can realistically be done with playground style (due to uh, extreme conditions – and I’m not talking about the weather), I thought it would be fun to try and nudge our playground uniform in a fresher direction.  (Nudge, rather than trying to start a new thing, like #velvetattheplayground or something.  Actually, brocade would be better – it’s so stiff, I’m pretty sure all of the dirt would wipe right off.)

ANYWHO.  Assuming that your playground uniform is basically some form of jeans, sweater, flat shoes, done…..we’re nudging.  Ready?

November 18, 2014

Reader Q: How To Wear Flares With Flats

I received this awesome question from Leslie:

Hi Shana, I am a long time reader of your blog and I love how you are encouraging moms to be stylish in ways that work for our lifestyle. I am taking your Fall Edit to heart and looking for some interesting jeans and am particularly drawn to flares…I love my skinnies but am ready for a break! But I am having the hardest time figuring out what shoes to wear them! Everyone styles flares with heels, which I love, but this momma needs the practicality of flats for everyday life (parks, play dates, Target runs…). Any styling tips?

Thanks so much!


Leslie, I HEAR YA.  My biggest problem with flares is that they look so much better with heels.  Like, no contest, heels win hands-down.  But like you, I’m most often in flats.  So I took this styling challenge to heart to see if I could figure out a chic way to wear flats and flares.  After an embarrassing amount of tries over many weeks, I think I came up with something worth hemming for.

(And only one pair of flares were harmed in the process. RIP, Seafarer flares.  Thank goodness you were bought on sale for a mere fraction of your usual cost else I would’ve lost my mind.  #allinthenameofresearch)