May 26, 2016

Gap’s Chambray Romper: For Girls With Curves


For some people, Friday night is date night.  For me, Saturday afternoon is date night. When Friday morning comes around, I’m all “yay! let’s go out tonight!” but then Friday evening comes and I’m all “yay . . . movie on the couch!”  (Where I may or may not fall asleep . . . one of Zack’s reasons for not wanting me to choose the movie.).  But Saturday afternoon is the WEEKEND and it’s time to CELEBRATE.

One of our favorite places to go in Marquette is Blackrocks Brewery, where we sip on tasty craft beer in the sunshine and play Bags (or Cornhole or Bean Bag Toss, depending on where you’re from) with Greenlea.  We bring Greenlea on “date night” because life.  Do whatcha gotta do.

These “date nights” are during the day so super fancy outfits aren’t really an option.  I need to be comfortable because Greenlea is not at the “sitting still age” (when is that again?),  and I also need to layer because the temperature can literally change 20 degrees here in the blink of an eye.

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May 24, 2016

His & Hers: White Jeans – How To Wear Them Now

White jeans, peeps.  Not just for Mama anymore.

I’ll admit, Mike was skeptical.  As I was I, to be honest!  But we had a white party to attend back in April, so I figured white jeans was the least-painful of Mike’s outfit choices.  What neither of us expected, however, was that they would become one of Mike’s favorites.

Unlike white jeans on girls, a guy in white jeans doesn’t read instantly preppy.  There’s something….almost iconically cool about a guy in a well-fitting pair of white jeans and a tshirt.

Keep on reading for our fail-safe method of wearing white jeans (his), and a new-ish outfit formula I’m currently loving (hers).



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May 23, 2016

I Tried: Denim Pencil Skirt


So, okay. Ya’ll.

I tried a denim pencil skirt. Oooooh, did I try.

I was all gung-ho about it before actually wearing one like, “HELLZ yeh, I’ll wear a denim pencil skirt all day erryday”.  I had alllll the ideas for how I’d wear it…all awesome, by the way. Totally.

Note to self: be careful being vocally overconfident about wearing something in particular BEFORE you actually ever try it on when you write for a style blog, because you might just get stuck writing a post about it. ha.

Well, much to my dismay…it’s rather difficult to make a denim pencil work for everyday…when I do not wear heels on a day-to-day basis. I think that with a heel it would have worked out a lot better. However, no heels for me when I’m trying to run around with my three crazies…and besides, I really wanted to try and make the skirt more casual.

Want to see my grand attempts?

Yeh, I knew you would…

May 20, 2016

How to Wear Pantone’s Colors of The Year

 pantone 2016 styled.001

You guys might have noticed that I love color. It’s been a life-long affair that permeates into all areas of my life. From hoarding boxes of paint samples to markers in every color of the rainbow (and once painting every paintable piece of furniture and the walls of my apartment mint green)…like a moth to the flame I’m drawn to the bright, vibrant and different. 

So needless to say when Pantone came out with their new colors for 2016 I was prrretty excited and told Shana my idea for a Pantone color inspired post. Her response was trademark Shana:

“Can you do it without looking like an Easter Egg?” 

Challenge accepted. if worst came to worst, I would try to be the most understated Pantone colored easter egg in the yard.  Keep reading for three styling tips that worked for me:

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May 18, 2016

An Everyday Statement Piece: Madewell’s Mirasol Jumpsuit



If you follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine), you know that I ordered this jumpsuit on a whim.  I had low expectations – I’m so short that jumpsuits always end up pooling at my ankles, like a shrinking Alice after drinking from the bottle.  Annoying.  I could almost drown myself in a pool of tears.

But Madewell offers it in XXS (which, I figured, has got to mean length – how skinny can one make a loose-fitting jumpsuit?), and intriguingly describes the material as “extra-special noil silk (often referred to as “raw”) that gives it a nubby, oh-so-touchable texture.”

Clicky-click.  Bought.


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May 17, 2016

A Perfect Picnic With Modcloth



For Mother’s Day, the boys bought me this picnic basket, featured on one of our Mother’s Day gift guides.  Apparently, it was Pax’s idea – he must read the blog (terrifying).  In any case, after the initial Picnic On The Bed, both Pax and Raines had been after us to go on a real picnic. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal – right about now is when we start playing fast and loose with bedtimes in preparation for Summer….

…but this RAIN, you guys.  THIS RAIN.  I just can’t even.

Anyway, before I bore you with more talk of the weather, suffice to say that on Saturday, we were supposed to have a few hours of sun.  And high temps.  So Mike and I, in a parenting fail of near-epic proportions, promised to take the boys to the beach.  The freaking beach, people.  For a “quick” picnic.  As you can probably guess, we took longer than expected to leave the house (playing nearly an hour of every City Dweller’s favorite game:  Where’s My Car),  and by the time it was all said and done….it was pouring at the shore, with a 90% chance of continued rain.

Hell hath no fury like a Pax denied.

So instead of the shore, we trucked on over to the banks of the Schuykill River where we had – count ’em – 20 minutes to eat and play before it rained again.


We’re just going to chalk this one up to a really good try.  A picnic dress-rehearsal, if you will.

The good news is that our picnic game is now on point.  We’ve got the supplies, a can-sit-all-day-in-the-sun menu (vegan and gluten-free, thankyouverymuch), and are going to rock the heck out of a beach picnic this summer.  GAME FREAKING ON.

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May 16, 2016

Reader Question: What to Wear – High School Reunion


Ahh, high school.  Such fond memories of, well…..hunh.  To quote Amanda, “back when I was soooo well rested.”  And apparently back when duck face was still OK to do (OMG Cam!).

In high school, I was doing responsible things like running for a class office, which sounded like a good idea…..but no one pointed out the fine print:  winning means that you’ll be planning class reunions for the rest of your life. My 20th high school reunion is this summer and my friend and I (neither of whom actually live in our hometown) have been hard at work planning the event.  So, when I read Heidi’s question on our Facebook page, I could totally relate.

Hi! I need ideas for a dress and shoes for my 30th high school reunion the end of July. Casual chic. I’d like to show off my hard work but not be too sexy. Thanks!

What to wear around people you haven’t seen in forever….and be all “casual chic”?  (Thanks for nothing, dress code.)  This is tricky.   Conceivably, you could get away with jeans, serious shoes and a fancy top, but a much safer (and more fun!!) bet is to stick with some sort of gorgeous dress (or romper), and then dress it down with simple wedges, flat sandals, or unfussy hair.  The note you want to hit is Fabulous, Without Trying Too Hard.

And I love that Heidi wants to show off her hard work.  Here are a few thoughts….nothing overly fancy, just cool and chic.  Uh….”casual chic.”

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May 14, 2016

Editor Picks From The 2016 Swim Guide

cute swimsuits for moms

Hey, hey, HEY,  The Mom Edit’s 2016 Swim Guide is here!!!   We started with one-pieces, but per reader requests, two-pieces will be coming out next week (and don’t forget my personal favs – wetsuits).

So keep on reading for our top one-piece picks from the Swim Guide – each member of The Mom Edit team has picked their favorites.  These are the suits that make our hearts beat fast, the ones we can’t stop thinking about, the one-pieces we would be absolutely thrilled to wear.  And just like last year, we’d love to hear about your favorites.  (And, for the brave, some swim-selfies would be amazing – my favorite from last year was this one.  Hands down.)  Enjoy!

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