September 23, 2014

So My Love Affair With Marc Jacobs Goes WAY Beyond This Sweater (Sponsored Post)



What do you do when Nordstrom asks you to take a peek at the Marc by Marc Jacobs line?   Well.  If you’re a 90’s girl like me, your heart-rate speeds up, you stutter out something incoherent (thankfully, Nordstrom is fluent in SWOON) and in your excitement you promptly forget your pants.

September 21, 2014

My Friend Sarah Walks Into the Gap…(More Dressing Room Selfies with Sarah)

You guys.  My friend Sarah may be the best sport IN THE WORLD.  She saw everyone asking that she make a repeat appearance here on The Mom Edit, and called me. “Hey Shan – I think I have a couple of hours free” she said, by way of greeting.  “Want me to head over to the Gap?”


(And HEY new readers, if you missed it, check out that time Sarah and I went shopping at Target and she did a sweatpant dance.  She is all kinds of awesome.)



The only thing you will have to excuse is the horrible blurriness.  For some reason, there’s always something wrong with Sarah’s phone.  And it takes her forever to get an upgrade.  She literally remarked one day, “I can’t wait to upgrade in three years!”  And I’m all GOOD GOD WHAT PLAN ARE YOU ON?

So anyway.  Blurry or not, she’s still adorable, and we can still see what works/what doesn’t.  (Also:  Better than nothing.)


What Sarah Loved

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September 18, 2014

Dressing Room Selfies at the Gap! (And they’re KILLING it right now)


After being charmed by Gap’s “Dress Normal” campaign (which popped up during fashion week), I thought I’d wander in to see what was new.  So. Much. Fun.  Here are my fav pieces at the Gap right now.



Keep reading to see the #dressingroomselfies for each piece (as well as the pieces that I didn’t like)….

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September 17, 2014

The Mom Edit’s Fall Workwear Edit – Nine Easy Pieces (Starring: Mixed Prints)


You guys have been after me to pull together some office-friendly looks.  So.  If your current workwear wardrobe could use a refresh, here are the nine pieces I’m recommending for Fall.  Some pieces may already be in your closet (great!!) and some of these pieces can also be styled for weekend wear.  So here’s how I’d put these pieces into a Monday – Friday rotation.

September 16, 2014

Pinterest To Shoppable Reality: Lego Storage

Hey Gang!  Amanda’s back with a Pinterest-to-Shoppable-Reality post!

Shana asked me to find some awesome storage solutions for the Lego madness threatening to take over her house, and I was more than happy to oblige. The first thing I did was hit up Pinterest for some inspiration. Here’s what I found:

Idea 1: Nicole Samuels
Idea 2: Apartment Therapy
Idea 3: The Organised Housewife


These options are great whether your kids are just starting their “collection” or Lego fever is well underway! They let kids have a central area for their stuff that’s easily accessible and looks cool enough that they’ll want to keep things organized…maybe? Keep in mind that these storage ideas can also be used for any toys with a million small, fiddly parts that end up underfoot (are there any that don’t fit this description?!) – in our home it’s currently Thomas & Friends and puzzle pieces.

Need a Lego command center to restore your sanity? Here’s how to make it happen!

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September 15, 2014

My Favorite Kind of Date Night: A Casual One (Sponsored Post)



My friend Shannon recently remarked that her favorite date nights always tend to be the spontaneous ones, the ones were you roll down to the corner dive in your sweats because there’s no food in the house and then one laugh leads to another and suddenly you find yourself Partying, with a capital P, in the manner of rockstars.  High-five, us!

Shannon, obviously, doesn’t have kids.  Our date nights require a little more advanced planning these days (unless we’re using the ipod-at-the-restaurant babysitter, which is great for dinner but eventually puts a damper on Partying), but the spontaneity and casual nature she describes is right up our alley.  We work too much and are (frankly) to damn tired to always be Going Out All Fancy, and my pretty-pretty dresses aren’t typically part of our usual date-night rotation.

September 12, 2014

Thoughts on Being a Working Mom, And an INSANE Giveaway: A New Mobile Office (including a Macbook Air)

“Mom, why are you working so much?  I don’t like that you’re working all of the time” said Raines, my oldest.

I sat there, stunned by his words.  For most of his life, I had been a stay-at-home mom.  From the minute he was born, Raines was my little buddy, my partner in crime, we were never, ever apart.  We were attached, both metaphorically and (thanks to the Ergo) physically.  With Raines, I had slowed down, discovered myself and found peace.

And then Pax was born.  (I’m joking.  Ha, ha….ha)

But life is different now.  Not only have my kids changed and grown, but I’ve changed too.  There’s been this sort of natural progression of letting go and moving on.  I am no longer the only women in Raines’ life.  His teachers have become increasingly important to him, as have friends.  Our little bubble of existence – where the two of us so happily spent those first few months of his life –  has expanded.  I am still at the center, but now he is at the edges, pushing out, away from me.

I’ve heard other women, moms with more experience than I, talking about this seemingly inevitable shift.  They’ll use words like “rediscovering” themselves,  or as one friend said, “I’m just now getting myself back“.

I get it.  From the depths of my soul, I get it.  But at the same time, there’s another part of me rebelling at those words, “getting myself back,” and wanting to scream.  Because the path of rediscovery implies a loss, right?  In order to get yourself “back” or to rediscover your self, you first had to lose it.

I didn’t lose myself in motherhood; instead, I was found.   So any journey I embark on now, from this point forward, has to honor that early experience, that truth.

I am now a working mom.  Sure I work from home (with a really flexible schedule), but working nonetheless.  And while part of me thrills to put on my high heels and take the train into the city to write, or discuss collaborations in a professional, adult voice, and I think “YES, there she is!  There’s that girl I’ve been missing!”…perhaps it’s more accurate to simply say that I’m ready.  I’m not rediscovering some former self, lost among the diapers and the spitup and the 2847364 incessant questions a day from two young boys, but it’s the woman that – along the way – I grew up to be.  This woman who is ambition and drive and goals and forward-thinking…but who is also that new mom – will forever, irrevocably be that new mom.  The new mom snuggled in bed with her newborn, the light slanting into the room as she kisses a fat thigh, her heart swelling to impossible proportions.

I am all of these things.

So when Raines asks why I work so much, I pause.  I look up and see past his long limbs and crazy hair and remember that once-upon-a-time it was just him and I in the bubble; I was his whole world.  Actually, I remember it better than he does.  “I work because I want to, Baby” I say.  “I work because I love it.  We only get one chance, you know?  One life to figure out what we love to do, to make a difference.  I work because it helps me figure that out.”  We stare at each other.  He grins. “Okay” he says.  And just like that, we are back in the center of our bubble.





Mobile Office Must-Haves

Soooo… I get more embroiled into this working-mama-world, there are a few MVP items that have made my life so. much. easier.  Especially for working on the go.

September 9, 2014

My Fall Uniform (And HEY – it’s perfect for nursing) – Sponsored Post




When I was little, I remember giving my mom a hard time about dresses.  While my sister was ever-so-carefully cutting out images from Bride magazine, I was a jeans-only kind of kid.  Jeans only with my blue sneakers and my skinned knees and my freckles and my too big teeth.

I’m still that way.  Not so much with the skinned knees anymore (I’m a terrible ‘fraidy cat on the skateboard) but the freckles and the denim and the sneakers and – yes – the really big teeth.  That’s me, I guess.

September 8, 2014

Fall Must-Have #1: A Seriously Cool Hat

I’ve been working on another round-up, a list of must-have pieces for Fall.  One of the items high on that list is a cool hat.  After the past year, I have a newfound love & respect for hats, and have appreciated how they can take any outfit up a notch (even when bald, right??).

But I found, after going through so many different hats last year, that the good ones sell quickly.  Most of my favs, by the time I blogged about them, were long gone.  ANNOYING.  So I know it’s early in the season buuuut….let’s talk hats.  So I don’t have to my told you so dance later.  (As you might imagine, Mike loves my ‘told you so’ dance.  I’ve been workin’ on it for years.)

Baseball Hats

Brimmed Hats






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