December 19, 2014

Holiday Style: Stick a Turtleneck Under That Fancy (Or Not-So-Fancy) Dress



I should’ve called this one Ode To My Thin Black Turtleneck because that’s really what this is.  I’m always amazed by how often this turtleneck comes to the rescue.  It’s not a fancy piece – I’m a die-hard fan of J.Crew’s tissue turtleneck and they’re what?  $30?  But each year at Christmas I trot them out under some sort of dress.



Day dresses, fancy dresses – it really doesn’t matter.  (I actually think it would be fabulous under a strapless dress….I’ll have to try that next time.)


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December 17, 2014

Our Favorite Illustrated Chapter Books (Full of Gorgeous Illustrations and Glorious Adventures)

Growing up, my mom started the tradition that Christmas morning meant books.  To this day, I can’t think of Christmas without remembering that delicious feeling of anticipation a new book brings.  Of curling up on the couch – cozy socks on feet and a book in hand – for a long afternoon of reading by the fire.  By the end of the day, my cheeks would be pink from the wood-fired stove and my mind would be faraway – caught up in the world of whatever I was reading.

I’ve always been a book nerd.  I think it’s my best quality.

So in the spirit of my childhood Christmas, each year I pick out a very special book to read to the boys.  Something a little challenging, perhaps, but something….special.  An epic tale, a daring adventure, a story that captives the imagination and renews the soul (I warned you about that book nerd stuff).   Glorious illustrations and unabridged text are a must.

At the moment, Raines is almost 7 and Pax is 4, so my book choices and comments are based on those ages.  (However, Pax is a book nerd like his Mama, and has been happily sitting through Chapter books since he was 2.  I know that’s not the norm.  Raines was late getting into the book game – he just wasn’t into it early on – but he’s a fairly old soul, and likes his adventure pretty hardcore.  Some of his favorite stories are downright scary.  All of our notes below.)

illustratedchapterbooks-01 (1)

1. The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie The Pooh, written by AA Milne, illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard

There’s just something about Pooh.  About Pooh and Piglet and Rabbit and Eyeore and the seemingly all-knowing Christopher Robin.  This book, this weighty tome, has captured both of my kid’s imaginations.  Pax asks to read it every night – he especially likes the one where Rabbit and Pooh scheme to kidnap baby Roo – and Raines, in the spirit of Christopher Robin (who is also 6), acts indifferent, “silly Pooh” but doesn’t miss a word once I actually start reading.  There is simply no comparison between the original, thought-provoking, sometimes dry-humored Winnie The Pooh and the Disney version of these tales.  But be sure to get a unabridged copy with full-colored illustrations.  They’re heart-melting.  (The link above is to the full-color unabridged version of the complete tales, including Winnie The Pooh, House at Pooh Corner, When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six.  BUT.  It’s really, REALLY heavy.  I wish we had bought this Winnie The Pooh boxed set – still full-color illustrations and unabridged, but broken down into four lighter volumes.)


2. The Story of Dr. Doolittle, written by Hugh Lofting, illustrated by Michael Hague

I had never read Dr. Doolittle as a child, so this was a fun read.  The illustrations are fabulous, and, we found, necessary (the cast of crazy animal characters is long and a bit hard to keep straight.  Pax is always trying to identify which one is Dab Dab the Duck vs whomever else).  Raines, however, was not into this book.  I suspect it’s because he’s not really into animals at the moment.  Or, in his words, “I’m just not a zoo guy, Mum.”  Um.  Ok.  But a total must-read for any animal-loving kiddo.


3. The Saga of Erik The Viking, Terry Jones

This is a retelling of classic Norse myths.  It is also, to quote one Amazon reviewer, “ripping stuff”.  He goes on:  “…the balance between straight adventure and human emotion introduces the young reader to both the obvious attractions and entertainments of mythical stories and the more subtle rewards of reading and thinking about great odysseys.”

Exactly that.  There’s danger and daring and terrifying beasts, but vulnerability and doubt too, and quite possibly the best lessons on true leadership that I can remember reading.  Raines couldn’t get enough of this epic tale, but a few parts were too frightening for Pax.  Raines still gets a steely glint in his eye if I mention The Dogfighters.  “I am not afraid of fear!” Erik cried.  “Fear is like an old friend who shouts by my side!!”  …the battle against The Dogfighters had begun.   [shiver]  Good stuff.  (Be sure to get the hardcover edition with the full-color illustrations.  Totally worth it.)


4.  Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales 

This.  THIS book.  I credit Beatrix Potter with getting Raines interested in books in general.  Raines wasn’t into reading as a toddler (he’d slam most books closed and shout “NO!!!”) but his two year old self was completely enchanted with this set of teeeny tiiiny Beatrix Potter books.  And once I started to read about naughty Peter and Benjamin Bunny, or the tantrum-throwing Hunka Munka?  He was ALL IN.  So we upgraded to The Complete Tales in a size I could easily read.  It’s amazing, really, how so many years later Ms. Potter’s stories capture my little boys’ imaginations as if no time at all has passed.


5.  The Odyssey, written by Gillian Cross, illustrated by Neil Packer

Yup, this is Homer’s Odyssey, with seriously cool art on every page, and redone in a language that is easy to grasp.  This book is best for kiddos slightly older than mine – last year it was too much for both of them, but Raines is now just starting to appreciate it.  If you are serious about classic literature, this is an amazing introduction for kids, with illustrations that make this *almost* more art book than story.


6.  Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie, illustrated by Scott Gustafson

I’ve been struggling with what to say about this this unabridged, gloriously illustrated Peter Pan because I fear that my words will not do it justice.  Suffice to say that this may be the best book I’ve ever read.  Not just the best children’s book, mind you, but the best book, period.  There’s dry humor (that goes over the boy’s heads but leaves me giggling uncontrollably), there’s daring adventures and gut-wrenching honesty and an ending so bittersweet I had to read through a thick veil of tears.  And the author’s grasp of the nature of children – of humanity, really – leaves me feeling humbled.  It’s a story about us all.  A story of our fears, our disappointments and of life marching on.  It’s actually a fairly dark story, and Raines especially got that.  I think he was surprised to learn that he didn’t always like Peter Pan, although he was cheering him on in the end.   Disney didn’t get it completely wrong, though (to live is an awfully big adventure), but what Peter Pan actually said was, “to die must be an awfully big adventure” and after that how can you not let your mind soar?

The illustrations in this unabridged edition are stunning.  So true to the story and the kind you can pour over for hours.  (Amazon doesn’t have many in stock at the moment, but has several copies for $35.)


7.  Ramayana: Divine Loophole, written and illustrated by Sanjay Patel

Another book based on mythology, this time Hindu.  It’s the story of Rama, a god-turned-prince who must rescue his wife Sita from a demon king.  There’s journeys and tricks and epic battles and – to the delight of Raines – a bow that shoots a million arrows at once.  Mind. Blown.   (Warning:  this book prompted a paint-our-body-blue phase so Raines could be like Rama.  It was pretty funny – there’s a picture in this play article. )


8.  The Wind in the Willows, written by Kenneth Grahame, illustrated by Inga Moore

That devious Toad!!  He is such trouble for lovely Mole and quick-witted Rat.  And the completely irresistible pull of the motorcar?  Well.  My boys are hooked.  POOP POOP!  We’ve actually read this book cover-to-cover twice, and each time they’ve delighted in Toad’s scrapes (but sensitive Raines always wants to get back to Mole, “he’s my favorite, Mum”).   And at the end?  The glorious finale when they go up against the Stouts and Weasels in an epic battle for Toad Manor?  I mean seriously we’re talking edge-of-the-seat stuff here.


9. Paddle-to-the-Sea, written and illustrated by Holling C. Holling

This story is near and dear to my heart.  It’s the story of a toy, carved by an Indian boy in the Canadian wilderness.  The boy leaves the little boat on a snowbank one spring, and when the snowbank melts, the boat is whisked off down the river.  The boat (named Paddle-to-the-Sea) journeys through the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence River, and finally the Atlantic Ocean.  While I’ll admit that I like this book more than my boys do, the stunning illustrations (spanning both miles and seasons), strongly depict a sense of time and place and of…connection that it’s earned it’s place on our shelves.


This year, I haven’t quite decided which book to add to our library (as you can see, we have quite the collection!!).  The boys just pulled Peter Pan back out, so we might just go with that.  We’re taking the train home again, so it’s a perfect time to cuddle up and read together.  But I’d LOVE some recommendations.  I was thinking maybe this illustrated edition of Treasure Island, but it’s “heavily abridged” according to reviewers.  Is there a stunningly illustrated Alice in Wonderland, maybe? (Perhaps this one?)  There should be.




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December 16, 2014

Undercover Wonders

You know those women who can just throw on a thin dress with nothing on underneath and look great?  Yeah, I’m not one of them.  Some of us need (ahem) a little more help.  Some of us struggle with cellulite and muffin tops while others need to minimize (or maximize!) their cleavage.  When we were putting together our posts for our favorite holiday dresses, (Shana’s here) and our top maternity dresses, the question of what to wear underneath kept coming up.  Whether you’re pregnant, post-partum or sending your babies off to college, we’ve rounded up the perfect “undercover wonders” to help with whatever issues you happen to have.  (Body issues, that is).

1. Nordstrom Intimates U-Plunge Bra: I bought this bra to go under a bridesmaid dress I wore in a friend’s wedding.  Since then, it’s gotten a ton of use.  I hate having my bra show under lower necklines and this bra is the solution for shaping and support under deep v necklines.

2. Aerie Lace bralette: This bra is pretty enough to peek out from under a blouse or sweater and is super comfortable.  It’s nursing friendly and can be worn alone or over another bra for more support.

3. PINK Leopard print strapless bra: I bought a bra just like this a few years ago that could also be worn as a swimsuit.  It’s convertible to 7 different wearable ways and the 2/$42 price is a plus!

4. True & Co. Hidden hipster panties: No panty lines!  I hate panty lines . . . this option completely takes care of the problem.  They’re super soft, comfortable (i.e. no wedgies) and don’t create muffin top.

5. True & Co. Hidden hipster thong: Same as above except in the thong version.  I’d wear thongs with leggings and pants and panties with skirts and dresses.  *If you had a c-section, you may prefer these Godiva High Rise Thongs . . . they’re super soft and come up over your scar.

6. Free People tank slip dress: This is the perfect layering piece.  It smooths your body, has adjustable straps, covers your bum, and comes in a number of colors.  If you’re brave enough, you can wear it as a dress, but I’d wear it over leggings or opaque tights with a long oversized sweater and boots.  Love.

7. Haute Contour Boyshort: Muffin top?  Not anymore . . . this smooths over lines and lumps and bumps and that annoying pooch that sits above your c-section scar . . . when does that go away??  Oh well . . . until then, I’ll use my spanx.

8. Haute Contour High-Waisted Shorty: The nude color looks great under lighter colored dresses or skirts and isn’t as obvious if you get the longer leg version and it accidentally sticks out under your hemline.  (It’s happened before).

9. Belevation Maternity Shapewear: When I was pregnant, I was worried about what to wear under dresses . . . and then I googled “maternity shapewear.”  Thank God it exists!  This pair is thin and breathable so they can be worn year-round (even in the summer months) and be comfortable.

10. Spanx Power Mama Maternity Shaper: This pair provides support for your back and stomach without being too constricting.  I wore it under dresses all the time last summer with my big belly.  The material on the belly is smooth so it doesn’t cause fabric to stick to it and give you away! :)

11. Nordstrom Back seamed Pantyhose: Shana said “it’s time for sheer black hose.”  The black seam detail updates this pair in the coolest way.

12. Hue Nude Fishnets: If you need nude hose, fishnets are your best option.  Nude fishnets are more reserved than black ones, still provide coverage (and warmth in the winter) and can be worn with open-toed shoes and peep-toe booties.

13. Plush Fleece-lined tights: These are pretty much a necessity where I live and, fortunately, are very comfortable.

14. Plush Maternity Fleece-lined tights: If I’m ever pregnant during the fall or winter (or spring, really, where I live!) I will be getting these, made by the same company that makes the ones I currently have and love.



PS: We are getting SO excited for the holidays around here!  Having little ones definitely puts a little more magic into the season, doesn’t it?  Greenlea just had her first picture with Santa and it’s embarrassing how excited I was.  Shana and fam get here about a week from today and I’m so looking forward to family time.  Any suggestions for holiday fun/activities with a 5 month-old?

December 15, 2014

Frankford Hall – Is This Philly’s Best Santa? (Hint: There’s beer)



Every weekend day in December from 12-3PM, Frankford Hall morphs from a Philly beer hall to rocking kid-friendly party, complete with Santa, free food for the kids, and live music.  Since any kid party that includes beer is one Mike is willing to attend, off we went.

Of course, Pax was terrified.




December 14, 2014

Sequin Skirt Styling: The Flirt, The Fail, The Fix (and the fix again – never say I don’t try)





The Flirt

Hey baby.

Now this outfit, I like.  The texture of the cozy sweater contrasted with the shiny sequins, the sharp booties, the flecks of white in the tights – it all works.





Even the mismatched sequin skirt/bag thing is alright.

 the kids are alright….






shirt: old Equipment Margeaux shirt….the Outnet has Equipment’s Brett shirt for 65% off, Neimans has the red-striped version of mine for under $50, Shopbop has Equipment’s Margeaux in white

sweater: old….try the Nordstrom Collection Cashmere poncho (33% off), Chelsea 28 boucle poncho, Forever 21’s Turtleneck Poncho Sweater , or ASOS’s cream poncho (best for tall girls)

skirt: Forever 21 (sold out)…but they have a ton.  I like this patterned sequin skirt.

tights: Madewell Donegal 1937 tights

boots: old….but Banana Republic’s Tila Bootie is verrry close

bag: old….but BCBG has a glittery gold cross-body on sale for $56



The Fail

The problem, however, is when I take the sweater off.   Outfit…not good.  OUTFIT BAD.

(So bad, apparently, that I start to talk caveman.)

December 12, 2014

Weekend. (Come See Me This Sunday, Fun Links, and Our Sephora Giveaway Winner)



Happy Friday!!  Any fun weekend plans?  We’re planning to head down to Frankford Hall this weekend.  Frankford Hall is one of our favorite beer gardens (with heat lamps – critical!!) to see Santa.  Isn’t that a genius idea?  Santa will be there for free pics from 12 – 3PM each day this weekend and next.  Oh, and kids eat free. #nobrainer

But the exciting news is that on SUNDAY, I’m hosting a Champagne party at the Bradamant Pop-Up Shop downtown Philly.  Mike is coming too, and we’d both love if you’d drop by.  I’m a huge fan of the brand (and the designer Tamar is not only insanely talented, but just a fantastic person all-around) and I think it’ll be tons of fun.  I just tried on this crazy, new print and the pictures do NOT do it justice.  Seriously.  (Also, this taupe(?) gray(?) turtleneck is so lux and gorgeous.)  Come see for yourself!!  And have a drink, obvi.  Bubbles, people.  BUBBLES.

We’ve been doing our best to try and keep The Mom Edit’s Holiday Central up-to-date with the latest sale information and gift picks as we find them (as well as our Holiday Style articles).  Has it been helpful?  I’d love your feedback.  Trying to see if we should make it a regular holiday thing.  (Although, I want more thumbnail pics and less text links – we’re working on that part.)  Let me know.


Giveaway Winner!

Haley W. from Oklahoma, you are the winner of our huge Sephora giveaway.  Enjoy, Chick!!  You are in for some fun.  (I just sent you an email…..)


Weekend Links!

The Modern Mrs. Darcy reviewed a ground-breaking book on conquering clutter.  It’s not for the faint of heart, but may be just the thing to take on in the New Year.  (SOMETHING must be done – it’s getting out of control round here.)

Loved Apartment Therapy’s list of winter books for kids.

Refinery 29 covered Karlie Kloss’ travel outfit and it’s pretty darn perfect.  (Featuring this cashmere hoodie, 30% off, under a trench like this – also 30% off.)

My fav photographer, Ashley Ann, covered her favorite point-and-shoot cameras, as well as the best starter photography equipment for kids.

I heart breakfast toast and Buzzfeed’s list of 21 Ideas For Energy Boosting Breakfast Toasts is genius.  (We’re mostly gluten-free, so I do mine over Van’s gluten free freezer waffles or Suzi’s Corn, Quinoa and Sesame Thin Cakes (like an updated rice cake).

I don’t normally love puffer vests, but just picked up this one at the Gap.  It’s fab.  Also picked up this fair isle sweater in white.  It’s a mock turtleneck and shockingly cute.  Which means…a mere DAYS after I swear (VOW!!) to never wear another mock turtleneck….I buy one.  #karma

Speaking of, Meagan and I recorded another podcast at The Happiest Home, this time talking about holiday style.  She provokes me and I end up swearing that I will never wear another mock turtleneck again.

LOFT is having a seriously huge sale – a whopping 60% off already reduced styles.  It’s a final sale, but most things ring in under $20.  Here’s what is currently in my cart – just click directly on the pic to be taken to the item.



Enjoy your weekend, and I hope to see you locals on Sunday!!






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December 11, 2014

How to Go Glam for the Holidays Without Sacrificing Comfort

Sequin Leggings-5

 Photo Credit: J. Birdie Photography 


The Ore Dock Brewing Company is one of our favorite places to go in our lovely town of Marquette, Michigan.  They have a tasty selection of micro-brewed beer, some of the coolest interior design you’ll see, friendly and knowledgeable bartenders and offer live music and events like yoga & beer nights.  On top of all that, they have this awesome swing . . . my favorite place to sit and sip my beer.  When we go to the Ore Dock I want to look a little glam but I want to be comfortable.  Enter sequin leggings.  Sequins are always fun and festive for the holidays and leggings are just.  So.  Comfortable.  Put them together, add my favorite Free People sweater and you have a comfy glam look for the holidays.

December 10, 2014

A Gift Guide For Mamas Who Are Rockstars At Heart

gift_guide_uniform_upgrade-01 (2)

1.  Anine Bing Moto Leather Jacket, $1099

I’ve been searching and searching and debating and….and I think this is the one.  The perfect leather jacket.  I like that it’s a nice, soft leather, fitted so it won’t overwhelmed, but still has a bit of an edge.  (I think Bret Michaels would approve.)

2.  Rag and Bone Camden Tee in Black, $150

Leave it to me to fall in love with a $150 tee.  I started collecting them – on sale – this summer, and I’m completely and totally smitten.  I have the charcoal gray, and the stripe, but the black, the one I REALLY want, has stubbornly remained full-price.  Yet….the perfect, perfect drape calls to me, as does the extra-long sleeve for my long monkey arms.  And if I really want to rationalize it, I’ve pretty much had the charcoal and stripe on a constant rotation (they fit PERFECTLY under all of my fav sweaters), so cost-per-wear and all that….(and oh help – it comes in light gray as well).  For reference, I like the Small (although the XS works OK too), and I wash on cold, air dry.

3. Stone and Cloth Black Lucas Backpack, $74

I’m not an it-bag kind of girl.  I can appreciate the enduring chic of an Hermes bag, (and goodness knows I love a quirky Kate Spade clutch)….but I can’t quite get my head around carrying anything so expensive.  (And frankly, I’d rather spend the $12K on travel.)  My speed is more this chic, under-the-radar backpack.  I like the faded black, subtle details and the fact that it’s ethically made (the proceeds from the sale benefit scholorship funds for Tanzania schoolchildren).  [mic dropped]

4. Ugg Australia Elisabeta Boots, $450

I’m having trouble forming words because whenever I look at these boots my mind goes blank, my heart speeds up and all I can think is DROOL.  And it doesn’t help that these boots also come in Oxblood or Navy (NAVY!!) for cripes sake.  Talk about a tough decision!  They’re made in Italy with seriously amazing leather and OMG.  I DIE.  If you love the shape but are willing to settle for non-Italian leather, Ugg also makes a $200 version in black (made in China of course).

5. Tieks Rose Gold Glam, $235

I really owe you guys a full review on Tieks, but suffice to say that these are – without question – the world’s most comfortable flat.  They are the flat I turn to when I’m going to be walking around the city all day.  The flat I bring on EVERY trip.  The flat I wore that one time I forgot my running shoes and wanted to go for a power walk.  (You can’t *really* run in them, at least not for long.  After about a mile your feet get too sweaty and they slip all over.  BUT STILL.)  My most-worn Tieks are neon yellow, but HOLY COW these rose gold ones are stunning.  I’m crushing on them, HARD.

6. Smart Wool Cable Knit Socks in Black, $49 for three

Unless I’m wearing tights, these are the socks I wear with all of my stiletto ankle boots.  These are also the socks that make it possible for me to wear ankle boots with bare legs.  Magic socks.

7. Carbon and Hyde Diamond Slither Ring, $1725

This is my ultimate bauble.  I’d wear it on my index finger.  There is nothing more stunning in it’s simplicity than this ring.  For something less sparkly, I also love Carbon and Hyde’s Diamond tipped slither ring (only two small diamonds) for $725.

(If you are now totally obsessed with the thought of a snake ring but need something more affordable, this Max and Chloe snake ring is a good place to start, $81.)

8. Rose Gold Ear Cuff

Did you know that I’m wearing an ear cuff in my 1999 wedding photo?  I had completely forgotten to take it off, but now I’m glad.  It seems…more me, somehow (and gosh I was young).  I loved ear cuffs then, and couldn’t be more thrilled they’re coming back.  Am loving House of Harlow’s Rose Gold 4 ring ear cuff, $68….or Carbon and Hyde’s Chevron Ear Cuff, $690 for some all-out glam.

9. Eddie Borgo Bicone Hinged Choker in rose gold, $250

The kind of edgy (yet toddler-friendly) necklace that looks amazing with a tee.  Perfect for a dose of everyday cool.

10.  Bite Beauty Mix ‘n Mingle Lip Minis, $12

Bite Beauty’s all natural lipstick is my latest obsession.  And these $12 minis have some seriously good colors.  The bright option (Violet/Palomino) would be amazing, but I’m leaning to the two lighter ones (Nude Rose / Light Brown Nude or Retsina/Musk) as perfect for pairing with a dark, smudgy eye.  (Scotti told me I have to pick ONE:  bright lips OR dark eyes.  Like boobs vs legs, I guess.  Such a bummer.  #ipickboth)

11. Allover Faux Fur Mitten, $38

I love these ridiculously furry bear paws.  RAWR.

12. Prada 56mm Sunglasses, $255

Nothing upgrades an outfit faster than a glam pair of sunnies.  Prada makes some really special ones; these are my fav.  Classic oversized shape, but with flecks of color throughout.  Really unique and different.  (I also really like Prada’s statement-making Baroque 54mm sunglasses.  Big, but not too big, and when you turn your head to the side, BAM.  So freaking cool.)

13. Zippo Hand Warmer, $19 (currently on sale for $13)

This is a pocket handwarmer!!!  I mean seriously, nuff said.

14. How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are, $17 (or $10 Kindle edition)

My dear friend Amber recommended this for me – it sounds like a crack-up.  I think the thing is to not take it too seriously (amazon reviewers, I’m talking to you) and just read it for laughs, rather than a serious How To Live Your Life kind of book.  This is exactly what I want to curl up with on Christmas morning, once the gifts are unwrapped.





My life is part humor, part roses, part thorns.  

- Bret Michaels

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December 9, 2014

Our Favorite Snowboots For Kids (Tested in the Polar Cold of MI)


 (photo credit:  Vafa-Coffman Photography)

It dawned on me, last winter, that I hail from a place with extreme weather.  Growing up, I always knew it was cold (40 below leaves no room for discussion) but it didn’t quite sink in – How extreme?  VERY EXTREME – until I had kids of my own.  Until Raines came in with blistered cheeks, just from playing outside for half an hour.  Until I realized that going anywhere (grocery store, coffee shop, Nana & Grandpa’s house) required full snowgear just to get to the car.  Or maybe the realization came as I was on that dogsled last winter, Pax in my lap, whipping through the most jaw-droppingly beautiful snow-covered path – in goggles and scarf and cursing the tiny sliver of skin showing between the two.






Yes, Pax. EXACTLY.

So as you might imagine, I have some strong opinions on winter snowboots.  With the kind of extreme temperatures and conditions we’re talking about (have you ever seen snow piled higher than your head?)…winter boots are no joke.  Here are our favorites:

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December 9, 2014

The Top 15 Maternity Dresses to Make the Most of Your Bump this Holiday Season


This picture was taken less than 24 hours before I went to the hospital to give birth to Greenlea.  I was in a friend’s wedding and although I wore a different dress to the ceremony, I chose this one for the reception because it was so comfortable.  At 9 months pregnant, if you describe anything as “comfortable,” and it doesn’t look like a tent?  You BUY it.  Immediately.  Being pregnant in the summer was so much easier than the colder months, though.  I could throw on a maxi dress (maternity or non-maternity, like this one from Target) with a belt over my bump and call it a day.  Dressing a bump in the winter?  Much harder.  It was very difficult to find anything that fit that wasn’t maternity, but finding “cute” maternity clothes can be a challenge.  My saving grace was the maternity line from ASOS because it was stylish (truly!) and affordable, and they have that whole free shipping/free returns thing that I love.  I’ve scoured their site as well as many others to find the best options for maternity dresses this holiday season.  There are no tents here, Mamas!

1. Ingrid & Isabelle Shirred Nursing Friendly Maternity Dress: I love everything about this dress: the longer length of the sleeves, the color, the flattering ruching, the v-neck . . . it just looks so comfortable and versatile.  It also comes in this awesomely bright berry color.

2. Manhattan Socialite Dress from Rent the Runway: This is a Badgley Mischka dress, and although I could never afford it at almost $400, I could definitely afford to rent it for $40.  Rent the Runway is a GREAT place to get your dresses, pregnant or not!  They have a section of “bump-friendly” dresses, and one of the best features of their site is that they have a ton of customer images to search through so you can see what the dresses look like on “real” people.

3. Anthropologie Carraway Embellished Swing Dress: An unexpected color for the holidays, this dress is gorgeous all on its own.  The top has intricate detailing in sequins and beads to add a little sparkle.

4. ASOS Maternity Body-Conscious Dress with Drape Overlay: This is such a flattering dress . . . it’s tight to the body, but the chiffon top drapes so nicely over the belly and I love the flutters on the side.  Also comes in dusty pink and turquoise.

5. Isabella Oliver Haddington One-Shoulder Dress: I have always loved one-shoulder silouhettes, and this simple dress is perfect for pregnant mamas.   It’s made of jersey so it’s comfortable and machine-washable and works for all trimesters!

6. Isabella Oliver Ruched Midi Maternity Dress: Mamas RAVE about this dress (also comes in black – see the boutique below) because it hides lumps and bumps, is comfortable and can easily be dressed up or down.  This is a necessity for your maternity wardrobe.

7. James Perse Raglan Sweatshirt Dress: This sweatshirt dress from James Perse (also comes in grey) would look equally awesome with leggings and Uggs at the grocery store or with killer heels and a fabulous necklace at a party.  Versatile, comfortable & easy.

8. ASOS Maternity Exclusive Bardot Dress with Half Sleeve: Bright red is always a fun color during the holidays and the length is a little longer for a little more coverage.  This one also comes in blue and green and works through all three trimesters.

9. Isabella Oliver ‘Belmont’ One Shoulder Maternity Maxi Dress: If you have an event to go to over the holidays like a wedding or black-tie affair (or if you just want to look stunningly elegant), THIS dress would be gorgeous.

10. Paper Dolls Maternity Dark Floral Pencil Dress: I loved the print of this dress and it has lace detail on the sleeves.  Throw on some black tights and booties and you’re good to go!

11.  Paper Dolls Maternity Lace Insert Bardot Dress: Black lace is perfect for the holidays and this one can be worn year-round due to the short sleeves.

12. ASOS Maternity Pleated Mini Dress with Lace Detail: This comes in white or black and the lace detail on the sleeves goes around to the back . . . those little details make such a big difference.

13. ASOS Maternity Exclusive Swing Dress with Twist Front: I loved this dress when I saw it.  The color is awesome as is the flattering deep-v neckline and it would work just as well for postpartum, nursing moms.

14. New Look Maternity 3/4 Sleeve Lace Body-Conscious Dress: I had a dress like this before I got pregnant that I wore all the time, so getting one for pregnancy was a no-brainer.  There’s something so easy about black lace and long sleeves . . . it’s elegant and effortless.  (And you gotta love the price!)

15. ASOS Maternity Exclusive Swing Dress with Baroque Embellishment: I love the cream color of this dress . . . it’s a nice break from the typical black of the holidays.  The top is actually sheer with beaded detail . . . SO pretty. Don’t you love the way it moves?

I still love searching for maternity dresses (I hope to have another baby in a few years), and I came across some more that I would love to have in my closet!

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I hope this helps those Mamas who are expecting find a dress that they love this holiday season!



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