April 24, 2015

Overalls with a jacket & cool shoes (basically, the new way you’ll want to wear them)


This whole thing was not my original plan – the outfit, the weather…the frizzy hairs. booooooooo. I wanted to wear overalls with a slouchy tee and sunglasses, show off my new hair-do so perfectly straightened, looking so cool and edgy…the sun streaming from behind. You know, happiness bubbling and an overall look of cool (basically, how my life looks every day – ha). Well, it rained every day last week…and not a spritz. It raaaaained like a mofo all. week. long.

It was time to improvise. Out came the trench coat – literally the only rain-worthy jacket I own. I wasn’t excited about it. A trench with overalls and slip-ons? bleh. I put it on anyways, very reluctantly and then…hellooooooo, trench. What have you done to my overalls? Made them even more AWESOME, is what it did. It totally worked and I was excited about it. It was like all of a sudden a light bulb went on like, “umm. Of COURSE a trench goes with overalls and slip-ons”. I think it’s the classic style of the trench, when mixed with something originally meant to be more utilitarian (the overalls and sneaks), that gives you this easy going, yet put together, mom on-the-go look and feel. I mean, really…ya’ll. I was so surprised by how good I felt in this.

Also, I found this and this on Alexa Chung, so…obviously it’s a cool look. (…and yes, I immediately felt really cool for accidentally thinking of the same combo)






overalls: Target jean overalls – I have a hard time liking how Target clothes fit and feel on me, but they won me over with how comfortable they are and they are long enough(!). Miracle. I’ve had my eyes locked on these Free People overalls for a while though. eeeeeeee. FP, you dirty dirty sneak.

trench: Banana Republic, old. Gap has this classic trench, which is very similar to the one I’m wearing. Modcloth also has this more military style trench. Very cool.

top: J. Crew cotton long-sleeve tee, but this is the slouchier tee  I was going to wear if it had been warmer…and not raining for the 100th day in a row. :D I might be a bit dramatic about it.

shoes: Target canvas slip-ons – palm print. I can’t find them online anymore. These slip-ons also have a cool palm print. Really…any of these slip-on sneakers would rock with overalls.

Now, if my overall outfit didn’t hook you, S is sure to win you right over…

Shana’s Version:

…which is terribly awesome. Of course. It’s S and she pulls off hot grunge like no one else can. Her take is so much different from mine, with the  shades (darn you, rainy weather. darn yoooou), fun jewelry, peek-a-boo bra action and sandals, but the basic combo is the same – long jacket and cool shoes.






overalls: Current / Elliott Ranch Hand Overalls but I’m totally obsessed with Madewell’s skinny version

tank: Wilt Slub Tank (size xs)

Jacket: old, but loving this long, waterfall army parka from Topshop

bra: Free People in copper (size M for reference)

necklace: Free People (sold out) but I love this simple collar (on sale!) or this delicate rose-gold.

bracelets: Alex and Ani Feather bracelet and Chan Luu wrap bracelet

bag: Madewell Transport Tote

Overalls + jacket + cool shoes. That’s it. If you wear those three things together, you’ll be rockin’ overalls like you never have before…and if you’ve never worn them at all before, maybe we tempted you to try them out now?

This whole outfit has reminded me that when I have to improvise and be more creative with what I have, I end up liking the outfit better than the one I had originally planned out. It pushes me just past my comfort zone, which makes me choose things that I never would have thought of. I challenge you to do the same…and go ahead and share it with the hashtag #myeverdayedit on IG. ;)



ps. no idea where Mads got her raging RBF from…


No idea.

photos: Brandon Brown Photography

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April 22, 2015

Modern, Cool Kids’ Bedding That Parents Like Too? Done and Done.

Hi Mamas!

Thanks for all your kind words on my intro post last weekend! You gave me some great ideas for what kind of home & design posts you’re interested in and I can’t wait to get started! First up, a reader question from Katie K:

Does modern, cool, affordable kids’ bedding that both kids and parents like exist?

Sure does, though it’s a little hard to find!  I’ll admit, there’s not a lot of middle ground between the scratchy polyester sheets decorated with their favorite cartoon characters and the higher quality but more plainly designed sheets that they’d find boring. I hear you – not babyish or overly themed sheets they’ll grow out of too quickly, not traditional designs like ALL THE SPORTS, no pastel ballet shoes. (Not that there’s anything wrong with those, I’m pretty sure most of us had those exact sheets growing up.) I ran into the same issue back in October when we were transitioning my older daughter from her crib to a twin bed – it took so long to find modern, stylish sheets I came thisclose to throwing in the towel. But fear not – all my hours of research paid off and I’m excited to share my killer finds! You want seriously cool kids sheets? I gotcha covered…



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April 21, 2015

A Case for Spring / All Around Bad Ass Nail Trends


Spring is here and fashion trends are coming in hot. In an effort to keep up with all the wild new looks, I started following NY Fashion week to pick up on all the latest. And between that “research” and everyone’s Coachella Instagram pics , I suddenly found myself bit by the manicure bug. It’s something that takes a boring T, distressed denim, and tennies to the next level of cool or adds a girly / playful twist. As moms, I think our nails are maybe the last place we give some love. I mean, between washing bottles and wiping butts, a manicure just doesn’t seem to make the priority list. And why would it? Who has the time? And when tons of them chip off in less than a hour it’s a total waste of money.

But, I’m here to tell you: it’s worth it. Especially now, because beyond all the epic trends there’s also gel manicures that last two weeks (my nails are gel above). And there’s just something about a manicure — pretty nails. It’s sort of the same effect new sexy underwear has. That reminder that you’re a girl. A woman. Not just a mom. No matter how dog tired you feel on the inside. No matter how many crushed goldfish you have picked up. Ignore the fact that you’re still in your pajamas at 3pm and only threw on a bra for a carpool run (or didn’t, good for you — let those girls loose). Because that extra flair of a cute manicure can encourage you to pull it together. It’s like when you just got a haircut. You do your hair every morning. Gladly. Then, a few split ends, spilt milks, and spit ups later and you treat it like shit all over again. Yes, that’s right, a stupid manicure can be the difference between me pulling myself together before my hunky hubby comes home and forgoing any effort altogether. As mommas, I think we can all get behind something that adds a little inspiration.


Hot Nail Colors For Spring:


As far as nails are concerned, I’m a black/dark/vampy nail girl. I have been my whole life. I think it goes back to my grungy skater years. I wear them all year long (I can see my mom rolling her eyes). And for someone who loves her black eyeliner and black nails almost more than her children (i kid… but you get it), spring color trends are hard for me to embrace. But then, as I was perusing the aforementioned NY Fashion Week and Coachella vibes, I decided to ditch the vampy nails for spring and get out of my fashion rut. And nothing shines a light on those ruts like writing for a fashion blog. I went for a more laid back surfer girl vibe. A little sunshine. I tried pinks, yellows, and corals. And you know what happened? I liked it. I liked it more than my black. The pairing of girly girl nails with leather and biker jeans was so unexpected and fresh. It did just what I set out to do: remind me I am a girl. I actually challenge you guys to try the unexpected in nail trends. To see how it makes you feel. To see if it takes your fashion to that next level. If you’re girly in fashion, try an edgier vibe. If you like neutrals, try some color!

Icy blues, deep corals, peaches, off-oranges, retro greens, mustardy yellows, bright whites, and neons are super trendy right now. And what I’m mostly seeing is that, rather than going with pastel tones, these colors are more saturated and deeper. I mean, just look at that palette, it screams spring but feels so classic.


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April 21, 2015

Hi-Rise vs SUPER Hi-Rise

Put to the Test: High-Rise Vs. Super High-Rise Jeans


Photo Credit: J. Birdie Photography

So I started on the higher rise trend with my mid-rise flares and thought . . . why not try all of the rises and see what they look like?  I was surprised by all of the positive reviews on the high rise and SUPER high rise jean leggings from Express and wanted to see what all of the fuss was about.  To be honest, I thought maybe the high-rise would work but hell no on the super high rise.  The results surprised me . . .

April 20, 2015

Banana Republic Blew My Mind And Now Everything is 40% Off Until Tomorrow (#dressingroomselfies)



If you follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine) you already know that I stopped by Banana Republic on Friday, wanting to check out #thenewBR (their words).

Now, when I do #dressingroomselfies, I have a rule: No shopping for myself.  I can go back and buy something after thinking about it for a day or two, but in the thrill of the moment?  NO. (I need this rule because this Shopping Enabler enables herself in the WORST WAY.)

Anyway.  I broke allll the rules on Friday.  I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that the 40% off was calling my name, or if it’s because #thenewBR has managed to hit the perfect note of comfy but sexy in that JCrew-in-the-late-90’s sort of way, but everything reminds me of what I wore in college but better (modernized?) and I’m totally into the #thenewBR.

April 19, 2015

The Month of Unpredictable Weather: #MyEverydayEdit



Hey Mommas!

I’m here sharing some of my favorite outfits from this past month for our weekly recap of #myeverydayedit. This month was so crazy in the weather game. We had snow, freezing rain, partly cloudy 60 degree blah, followed by super sunshine 80 degree heat… then straight back to good ol’ snow. Even our weather people can’t keep it straight. So we’re just all kind of winging it most days. And dressing in lots of layers.

Colorado I desperately love you, BUT you are seriously insane in the spring.


Outfit #1


A photo posted by OE Soderberg (@girlmeetsbaby) on

We took our family vacation a couple weeks before Brooks had his official spring break at school. So we made his actual spring break week a little stay-cation. What better way to kick off a stay-cation than a donut date!? My kids ate so many cinnamon sugar donut holes that we ended up ordering sausage and bacon to-go before heading out the door. I live in fear of my kids on their sugar crashes. They were already crying by the time we got home. And, inevitably I found myself begging them to just eat even one bite of protein. It was a long day. But started great!




Shirt: Veronica M – I got this shirt at a boutique in Vail but I am loving sheer white tops like this Free People one.

Pants: AG Super Skinny Ankle Legging

Shoes: Frye Short Cowboy Boot (similar)

Bag: Louis Vuitton Artsy Mm Hobo Bag


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April 18, 2015

A Little About Amanda, Our Home & Design Contributor

Gang, Amanda has been writing for The Mom Edit for quite some time now, but just the other day we realized that she was never formally introduced.  And since it’s always so nice to be able to put faces with words (and she has some seriously good words to share), here’s Amanda, our Home & Design queen.


Hi Mom Edit readers! Some of you may remember when I did a few home decor posts back when the blog was still Ain’t No Mom Jeans – and I’m so excited to be back on board for The Mom Edit!! I’m so thankful to Shana for including me on her outstanding blog. I found ANMJ way back when I was pregnant with my first and trying to hide, then dress, my growing belly in a cute way, and then for the loveliness that is postpartum bathing suit shopping. Motherhood, especially first-time and the early days, is such an all-consuming experience that we lose a little of the person we used to be, and struggle with figuring out what our new identity looks like. A big part of that is how to dress the ever-changing, sometimes alien landscape that is your pregnant and postpartum body. It was so helpful and reassuring to have Shana as a stylish guide that showed me “mom style” didn’t have to mean frumpy and disheveled.
While it was difficult to navigate personal style changes after kids, it was much easier to make changes to the house because of practicality and kid-proofing. White couch? Nope. [S cringes as she eyes her once-white couch that can only be described now as “taupe gray with spots”], Sharp corners at eye-level for new walkers? Out. But small people come with a lot of gear, and soon it felt like we were living in a primary-colored plastic wonderland. So, I started looking for furnishings that can stand up to spilled milk and “washable” markers while still looking great – modifying stylish interior designs I saw online using kid-friendly decor.
I had grand ambitions of starting a home design blog after my oldest daughter was born and I stopped working full-time – I even registered a blog name! Then when she was 6 months old we temporarily moved to a new city where my husband worked long hours at a demanding job, I was freelance writing in my spare time, and we had no family nearby to help with childcare. Take a wiiiiiiiild guess what happened to my bloggy dreams? Fast-forward to a few years later when Shana did a post on ‘Pinterest to Shoppable Reality’ where she recreated a schmancy catalog-perfect outdoor oasis, and put out a call to readers that might be interested in writing those kinds of posts, I couldn’t type up a response fast enough! It was the perfect situation where I could combine my loves of writing and kid-friendly home design while contributing to an established, well-respected blog. I was floored when she agreed to let me write some posts, and have enjoyed every minute of it. [Note from S:  I still love these posts!  If you missed it, Amanda did a kid-friendly dining space, and a seriously cool, black-and-white toddler room.]
My hope is to show moms that a stylish home is still possible once kids (and all their stuff!) enter the picture, and can be done in a way that doesn’t break the bank. Sure, some Pinterest-worthy rooms still seem totally unattainable from my vantage point on a Cheerio-dusted couch with my preschooler and infant, but spaces that look lived in and loved – spaces with soul – are so much more interesting. It’s not about perfection, it’s about creating surroundings that make you happy while still being practical for sharing your space with littles.
- Amanda
Love this, Amanda!  “Spaces with soul” – yes. YES.  Exactly that.  I’ve been so thrilled to have you on board!  And readers, let us know what you’d like to see more of from Amanda.  Personally, I’m on the hunt for cool, kid-friendly patio furniture, quirky throw pillows and seriously modern (and fun) kid bedding.  And maybe a bunkbed set.  You?
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April 17, 2015

Day-to-Night Look for Weddings and Parties Using Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette

Naked 3


Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes are my favorite go-to palettes to use on clients.  Here’s why:

  • Highly pigmented shadows (which means they’ll go on smoothly and last – especially when you use them with UD’s eye primer)
  • Gorgeous neutral colors that can be worn day or night
  • An awesome application brush with dual sides for applying and blending

UD’s Naked 3 Palette features beautiful rosy tones that are perfect for creating a day-to-night look that can be lighter or darker, depending on your preference!  Here’s how I use it:

Products Used:


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Stash

Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blush in Blushing Bride

L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder in C8, Cocoa

Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush (My Holy Grail foundation brush)

Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Tenderheart

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in Medium Beige

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream in Light Medium

Tonight is MOM PROM here in Marquette!  From the creators of Mom Prom: “It is our hope to make this an annual event to show how a community can benefit from a group of women coming together to help one another. Each year, a different individual, family, or non-profit organization will be chosen to receive the proceeds from our event.”

I’m spending the afternoon doing makeup for the amazing girls who have volunteered their time to put together tonight’s event to help Ainsley Kargela, a 4 year old Marquette resident battling a rare form of childhood cancer for the second time in two years.  I’m so proud of our community for putting this together . . . and excited to dance the night away with my fellow moms (and non-moms!) for a good cause!

Have a great weekend!



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April 16, 2015

Modern Shapes, Graphic Prints, and 40% Off Everything: It’s LOFT’s Friends & Family Sale



So…I was reading Cam’s post about hats and mentally high-fiving her for the outfit when I found myself over at LOFT.  It turns out they’re having a major friends & family sale, offering 40% off of everything.  (You’ll have to give them your email address, but it’s worth it.)

I’m digging the vibe LOFT has going on right now.  They’re seriously on-trend with many of the silhouettes (wide leg crops? slouchy trousers? midi dresses? rompers?) and don’t even get me started on their whole black/white thing.  Totally my jam.  Reviews show that pieces are running big, but thankfully (for ME, anyway) most come in petite sizes.

The plan of attack?  I’m going to focus on easy summer dressing:  swoon-worthy maxis, cool-girl rompers, dresses to wear with kicks, some statement pants.  Here’s my edit.  Happy shopping!



ps.  Remember my friend Sarah?  I’m dying to see her in this midi tshirt dress. Yes?

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April 16, 2015

The Felt Hat that Converted Me (and a round-up of the coolest hats out there right now)


I haven’t always loved a felt hat. In fact, I kind of maybe poked fun at them when everyone started to wear them and made an oath to NEVER EVER wear one. Why the hate, Cams? I just couldn’t see myself wearing one and they felt very…very over-played…about a week after they became all the hype.

Well, then I was sent one. Ha. I snorted a little when I opened the package, because…hello. NEVER EVER gonna wear a felt hat. I told myself, I guess I have to try it on at least. I mean, why not? It’s here, I’m  here…no one has to see. So I did. I placed that baby on my head and ran sauntered to the mirror. I liked it. A lot. The brim wasn’t too wide and floppy and, most importantly, it didn’t feel peacocky at all (peacocky is a real word, by the way. Urban Dictionary. Look it up, yo). It just looked SO cool…and any chance to look cooler than I am at this point in my life with two kids is a chance I usually take (because that’s the most important thing in life. We all know this to be true).

Now, I wasn’t going to just let this felt hat into my life just like that. It would have to pass the realest of real tests. Would it look good with an outfit I’d wear day- to-day? So. I tried it on with a new favorite every day dress of mine from LOFT (seriously worth the $74) and…*drum roll*…the hat totally works. I then went all crazy in my closet – throwing on cut-offs, boyfriend jeans, romper, yada yada. It worked with all of it.

Damn you, felt hat. You got me.