July 2, 2015

Happy 4th Of July Weekend (And The 5 Things I’m Coveting – On Sale)


(pic of Elia, one of Raines’ friends, taken at Mike’s birthday a few weeks ago)


Hello, July.  I’m not quite sure where you came from, out of the blue like that, but I’m thrilled you’re here just the same.  We’ve had an intense, crazy June.  School ended, Raines (and Pax and I) went to sleepaway camp (Raines is still there actually – we pick him up Saturday yessss), and, uh, Mike and I bought a house. (surprise! haha) We move in next week, so those invisible packing fairies better show up quick.

My mind is currently stuck on spin cycle, an endless loop of packing/contractors/address changes so I’m actually looking forward to a little roadtrip this weekend to get Raines.  We’ll be driving down to DC on Saturday – are there any quaint little towns between Philly & DC to maybe watch fireworks and wander around?  Would love any recommendations for something…easy.   (I don’t think I’m up for the big Philly firework extravaganza this year.)

Do you know what you’re wearing for the 4th?  I usually end up in some twist on red/white/blue (examples from previous years here), although this year I think I’m going for americana-meets-rock-and-roll with a band tee and cut-offs (like this).

The 4th of July sales are insane, per usual, which means they’re often totally overwhelming.  I found them so overwhelming, in fact, that I wasn’t able to put together a cohesive boutique (see comment on spin-cycle brain, above).  Instead, I narrowed things down to just my top five.  A few are pieces I own and have found myself wearing again & again, and a couple are just things I can’t stop thinking about.

What To Buy At The 4th Of July Sales

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July 2, 2015

The Coolest Throw Pillows Right Now

Quick – what’s the fastest way to update your room beside painting the walls? Throw pillows! They’re fun, inexpensive, and easy to change out with the seasons, when you want a new look or when they’re covered in maple syrup #couchbreakfast. Likewise, they’re also a great way to try out trends without dropping a lot of bank. I’m really liking the home decor trends this year, which share some similarities with what’s in style fashion-wise – bold blue, metallics, and geometric patterns (specifically hexagon or honeycomb) are big right now. I found some seriously cool, modern pillows that cover the home decor trends for 2015…get your karate-chopping hand ready!



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July 1, 2015

The Coolest Striped Tops for Summer 2015 (and then some)


I shopped, I tried on and I conquered…a bajillion striped tops (okay, maybe 20, but still). It’s one of those basics that most everyone is drawn to, so I wanted to find the best ones out there for ya. I didn’t stop there though. No no no. I made my closet look like a tornado and styled all of those striped tops into outfits. Basically, I want to ROCK the stripes game this Summer.

So. Let’s DO THIS stripe thing, shall we?…

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June 30, 2015

Reader Style: What to Wear for Family Photos

how to dress for family pictures

Trying to figure out what to wear for family photos always seems like such a daunting task . . . you don’t want to look too matchy-matchy, but you don’t want to clash terribly either.  Most of the family pictures I have up in my house are in black and white because the colors just didn’t seem . . . quite . . . right.  Enter reader Kara and her gorgeous family.  She got it right.  Her daughters still got to wear a version of the hot pink that almost all girls want to wear allll the time, and her and her husband looked effortlessly cool in their casual style.  The family looks cohesive but their individual style also comes through.  Using her pics as inspiration, we put together an idea of how to recreate her style for your family photos.

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June 29, 2015

Gold Sandals? Meet Your Perfect Pedicure



We have the most fabulous nanny.  She waltzed in the other day in her cute gold sandals with this spot-on perfect pedicure.  It’s not white, but certainly not beige, and it’s just the most sophisticated, modern pedicure I’ve seen in a while.  I’m completely hooked.


Gwen is wearing OPI’s My Vampire is Buff with her gold sandals (which happen to be on sale at DSW for $19).  I’d pair this polish with Topshop’s gold gladiator sandal, $65, or Franco Sarto’s greek-style Gia sandal in metallic gold, $68.  The Sartos have a really soft gold finish – beautiful with a creamy, pale pedicure.  (Both sandals also have a ton of reviewers raving about comfort.)


Does anyone else have a go-to sandal/pedicure pairing?  Choosing nail colors is so hard for me – I tend to waffle, driving everyone crazy – so I’d love more inspiration!



ps.  I’m back from summer camp – we had THE most amazing time.  More details later.

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June 28, 2015

Who Am I?! A Shorts & Swimsuit #MyEverydayEdit

Everyday Mom Fashion

Are we really all the way through June over here? I feel like summer just started and all of the sudden I am google searching Fourth of July tees for the kids! Seriously, WTF?

And along the same lines of “summer just slow down already”, I began the week realizing that I had totally dropped the ball on #myeverydayedit participation for the month. Just call me more of a “passive observer”. Or, is the correct term ghost follower? You know. Nothing but good ol’ stalking over here — creepin’ in the corner.

So, while I totally played around with the idea of a post that goes something like, “Oops! Nothing to see here” I feel like Shana probably wouldn’t be down. Instead, I got my butt in gear and back on track. Procrastination at its finest people!

If you follow me over on Instagram, (which you should because blah blah blah… insert shameless begging for followers here!) you know I recreated my go-to outfits for the month over this last week.

So let’s see what I wore, shall we?


Outfit #1

A photo posted by OE Soderberg (@girlmeetsbaby) on

  You guys, I could go on and on about the amazing-ness that is the all-white date night look. But,  it’s really a post all on its own. I just might have to. Because I am sure a lot of you out there are invited to Diddy’s next white party, right? Dave and I don’t really glam it up for date nights. We’re more of the put-put golf, coffeeshops, ride our bikes to casual dinner types. But, occasionally we do pull ourselves together. And, you guys, the Kate Spade trouser hosiery socks are beyond fun to play around with. So yeah, if you haven’t gotten on the socks with sandals trend, its worth a try. (Need Inspiration? Check out some of my favs!)  


Top: Alice & Olivia Employed Pleated Shirt (similar)

Necklace: J.Crew Garden Party Necklace – Sold Out (similar)

Bracelet: Rachel Zoe (similar)

Pants: J Brand Maria High Rise

Socks: Kate Spade Filament Trouser Socks

Shoes: Prada Open Toe Sandal

Sunglasses: Vans



Continue Reading…

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June 26, 2015

Modern Kid’s Art & The Best Gallery Wall Tip

Since we’re finally getting the walls fixed from this winter’s ice damage, I’m starting to shop around for some modern and kid-friendly wall art for E’s nursery. I’m looking for something that’s cute but still sophisticated enough that she won’t tire of it by preschool and want wall-to-wall Disney princess decals (ahem, big sister). No surprise, Etsy is a veritable gold mine of cool, unique kid’s art – however, it’s not what you’d call “curated” since anyone can post anything for sale. But that’s why we’re here! I’ve got the (Mom) edited picks for you, along with some more mainstream art that’s still awesome. Plus! A hot tip on gallery walls so you display all your art finds.



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June 25, 2015

The Short List on Men’s Shorts: the Best Shorts for Men this Summer (And All Under $60!)


Cargo shorts a la Abercrombie in the 90’s can go ahead and move on over. Guys are turning to a slimmer style (thank goodness . . . it was about time) in bolder prints and colors.   The new trend seems to be showing a bit more leg and, while some scoff at the idea (Cams’ husband, for instance…even though she claims he has definitely got the legs for them – haha), they look pretty damn good…especially with a cool tee and fresh footwear.  Take Mike, Zack and Raines for example . . .

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June 23, 2015

Slip Into Summer in a Slip Dress (10 options under $100)



First of all, I can’t believe I am actually posting a picture of an outfit including Birkenstocks. What have they done to you, Cams?! Ah. I know I know, but it’s not the Birkenstocks I like, per say…it’s the whole ensemble – simple black dress and all black accessories. Now, personally…if I wore it, I’d totally pair it with these. Muuuuuuch better. 😉

Second, this slip dress thing…holy cow. Did we just come across the most simple, effortless, comfortable and cool piece of clothing for Summer? I think yes.

What I’m loving about it is how easy it would be to style. It’s minimalistic look pairs well with simple, so you can just throw it on with a pair of sandals and call it a day. That’s reason enough for me to love it!

So. I shopped around for the best-looking and most affordable slip dresses out there. I actually found 15 for ya, not 10 …so…sorrynotsorry. The shopping enabler strikes again.

Slip Dresses for the Summer Chick (all under $100)

Lovin’ the simple, summertime look to them. You?



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