August 4, 2015

The Best Balance Bike? STRIDER (Or How To Teach Your Kid To Ride A Bike In 10 Min Flat)


Be Brave tee | Star leggings | Converse

I’ll never forget when my oldest, Raines, first learned how to ride a bike.  A real bike – with pedals and two wheels and everything.  A Big Boy Bike.  Raines had been riding his little green Strider bike for years, but now that he was five, he really wanted the real thing.

It’s not like his Strider slowed him down – heck, he would keep me company while I ran (and once we did four miles down the banks of the Schuylkill River together) but Raines has always been interested in fast, and quickly realized that a higher top speed could be reached with a larger bike.

You understand my hesitation, Mamas.  Mike, on the other hand, was all, “boy’s ready for a bike!”

So….OK.  After school one Friday, Raines and I came home with a bike.  It was huge.  It was heavy.  It was a giant monstrosity that the bike store guys assured me would “last for years”.  I was skeptical, but….whatever.  This was Mike’s domain.  I envisioned him coming home from work that night, and spending all weekend with Raines having that classic father-son Bonding Moment.  Snort.  I was ignoring that my own memories of learning to ride a bike involved tantrums, tears, and a certainty that adults COULD NOT BE TRUSTED.

Anyway, The Big Bonding Moment never happened.  Not because of tears or tantrums, but because Mike never got the chance.  Raines hauled his heavy bike out onto the sidewalk to show it off to the neighborhood kids, including Luke, a nine-year-old who always seemed impossibly old compared to my little guys.  “Miss Shana?  I can teach him to ride,” Luke said casually.  Pax had picked that exact moment to freak out, so as I carried the screaming/flailing Pax back into the house I said, “Uh…OK, Luke.  Go ahead.”

I went inside to change Pax, and when I came out – it couldn’t have been more than ten minutes later – Raines blew past me on his bike, Luke running behind him.  “LUKE!!!!” I bellowed.  “WHAT HAPPENED???”  Luke stopped, confused.  “Uh….he just got on the bike and rode?” he said, giving me a funny look.  “I barely did anything!!!”

Oh.  Right.

The genius part of balance bikes is that they teach the hard part – the balance – almost immediately.  It’s innate, just based on the design of the bike.  And when you see your kid cruising by with their feet up….

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August 2, 2015

What’s Black & White & Denim All Over #MyEverydayEdit

Daily Outfit Inspiration For Moms

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about personal style and fashion. What is personal style? What is my personal style? Yes, friends, these are the first world problems rattling around my head. My style has constantly been in a state of flux. Always pushing forward and still holding on tightly to some constant vibes. I know my look is definitely a little more “edgy” — though I don’t like self proclaiming that. But, I’ll probably always have that element. Nothing makes my heart beat fast like some chunky accessories on a tattooed surfer chick. An all black outfit will always have my name on it. Skinny jeans and booties?…yep my go-to for always. And I’ve never met a pair of distressed denim I didn’t love.

But lately I’ve been feeling the pull to push myself. To lean in to my flux. To practice what I preach and try harder. Try something new. Study fashion. Learn trends. Learn designers. And just clean up my vibe. Mostly because, a lot of you have commented and sent me messages encouraging just that. Or have sent me ideas. Or told me that you think the smaller shoes look better than my oversized Uggs (my husband thanks you for that one).

So, while I will always be a hippie at heart, I’m trying something new this week. And trying to be a little more pulled together. Baby steps!

So here’s what I’m loving and trying out!

Outfit #1

A photo posted by OE Soderberg (@girlmeetsbaby) on

I wore this to our photoshoot with the kids for my Nordstrom Anniversary Kids and Baby post. Easy to move in. Comfortable. But still more effort than my ripped up jeans and tee.
Also PSA: Nordstrom Sale ends tomorrow so if there is anything left on your list better get it today! Check out our shop with all our top picks here!


Top: This top is super old. But these have a similar vibe and I am seriously crushing on them! I had to include the Free People top because it is gorgeous and even better when I saw it in person but super expensive. (similar- Free People) (similar-Urban Outfitters) (also similar- Urban Outfitters)

Shorts: BDG Low-Rise Dolphin Short Sold Out in the black but available in denim and mustard

Boots: My boots that I hacked off the top! I am especially loving these with shorts! Pre-hack

On Miss Roman: Peek ‘Luxury’ Crewneck Sweatshirt and Sweatpants


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July 29, 2015

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Toddlers & Kids Edition!

Nordstrom Sale Kids Clothes


Best Kids Clothes From NordstromKids Fall Wardrobe

(On Brooks: Adidas ‘Performance’ CLIMALITE® Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt , Hudson Slim Leg)
(On Lucas: Tucker + Tate Zip Front Hoodie, Volcom ‘Drago’ Slim Fit TeeVolcom Modern Chino Shorts)

I’ve said it before, but I like to dress my kids in that perfect mix of cool/edgy and little cute. Girls in this age group are especially hard to dress. Once they start walking I struggle with the overly baby stuff but equally struggle with the too grown up looking stuff. It’s a delicate balance to mix a grown up vibe with the little girl fun. Something about the high heels for kiddos makes me cringe. These, of course, are famous last words that I will pair with things I used to say like, “what kind of parents let their child use a phone at the dinner table?” — snort! I was such an amazing Mom before I was a Mom.

After shopping this sale and doing a little “research” — you know, watching an entire season of Bella and Bulldogs with Brooks. I’ve decided to just kind of embrace it all. The more prints, layers, and colors, the better for this age group! Mix and Match. Or don’t match. That’s cool too! Add a little rock and roll flair, leather, fringe and/or studs and you’re done! You know. Easy as that!

And, I still totally stand by what I said yesterday…

“Take it or leave it: My advice for baby shopping on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is spend the money on the dressier (sunday’s best) type clothes. Throw in a designer jean just for good measure. And top it off with awesome shoes and a great coat. I save the plain leggings, underwear, pajamas for another time because well you can get that stuff anywhere at anytime.”

So let’s do this.

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July 28, 2015

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Baby Edition!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Baby Clothes

Best Nordstrom Baby Clothes

(Pictured on Miss Roman: Tucker + Tate Sweater Dress, Peek ‘Luxury’ Crewneck Sweatshirt and Sweatpants, Hudson French Terry Skinny JeansPeek ‘Annabel’ Hooded Cardigan, Peek ‘Eden’ Cotton Tank, Peek ‘O’Keefe’ Print Cotton Dress. Apparently, I am really LOVING all the Peek stuff for her this fall.) 

Here it is you guys! All the baby goodness of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!
And let me tell you, digging through all these baby clothes has given me a serious case of baby fever. And for me that is really saying something about the cute / cuddly / cool factor of this Sale because we are so seriously maxed-out with my three.

But, the clothes… these tiny little cuts bring back memories of soft cuddly babies wrapped in fall high fashion. Glued to my hip while I trudge through misty fog to grab coffee. Who has a little one I can borrow for say… a day 10 minutes?

But (thankfully) as I was assigned to cover the puny perfection of new fall styles the usual stress of Miss Roman still only fitting in the 18-24 month range has actually paid off. The moment we get her lungs strong enough to get off all her asthma meds and start growing out of this section will be met with relief and well… cue ugly cry, a screech of “MY BABY!” because we’ll be kissing goodbye to our days of the these tiny little clothes. So — for now —I am still in the baby club!

Take it or leave it, but my advice for baby shopping on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is to spend your money on the dressier (Sunday’s best) type of clothes. Throw in a designer jean just for good measure. And top it off with awesome shoes and a great coat. I save the plain leggings, underwear, pajamas for another time because you can really get that stuff anywhere and any time. It’s really the same approach I take, if you’re wearing some kick ass Hudsons, people will assume your plain Target Mossimo shirt is equally fancy!

Okay, enough small talk. The clothes!

*Be sure to check out both the boys and the girls sections regardless of which gender you’re shopping for. A ton of these are pretty gender neutral!

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July 27, 2015

The First Trimester – What I’m Wearing & Loving




I wanted to title this post “How I Survived this Biatch of a First Trimester”, but that’s probably not a very searchable way to word it…sooo. I went with LOVING, because what’s not to love about the first trimester of pregnancy? ha. ha. ugh.

I’m a complete baby when it comes to suffering of any kind, but this first trimester really was a rough one. It may be because I already have two lovable ruffians that didn’t allow for much couch laying, wanted to know “where we going today, mamaaaa?” everyday and wanted to be fed regularly (extremely annoying. haha. j/k. Really though. It’s so hard to prepare food for kids when you can barely look at food). We all survived though…with a little a lot of t.v., pb&j and running around the yard without clothes on (the kids, not me).

While I didn’t exactly love anything this first trimester, there were things that GOT ME THROUGH and made things just a bit easier as I slumped through the day…and I’ll cheers to that (virgin style).

So…let me share my *mystical* first trimester secrets. har har.

The things that have gotten me through the first trimester…

1. Loose fitting tees – This Joe Fresh Boyfriend Tee has been my lifesaver recently. It’s soft, has just the right about of slouch for that tiny bump/bloated situation and comes in a variety of pretty colors. I also have their Slub Knit Tee in Coral and really like it. (I ordered up to a size Medium in both)

2. Elastic waist shorts – Joe Fresh has these awesome lightweight elastic waist shorts that have been a lifesaver for me recently. They come in a variety of colors, too. (I also ordered up a size to Medium for these)

3. Comfortable (and roomy) maxi dress – the Revolve Fiji Maxi Dress dress above is not the one I’m wearing in the IG snap, because the Isabella Oliver # I’m wearing has sold out. However, it’s a crazy good option for the first trimester (I want it). What I like about a dress like this one is that it doesn’t accentuate the bump, because…it’s not exactly a errrr fun time to show that off. Amiright? For me, the first trimester is all about loose-fitting, airy, comfortable dresses that make you feel like, “oh, hey. I’m not just a zombie monster. I’m a pretty one.” 😉 Now, later on, when the bump becomes more pronounced, I’ll definitely be breaking out those bump-accentuating dresses, like these beauties from Isabella Oliver (which all appear to be on super sale right now). ps. I’ve been big fan since having my first. Their clothing is so well-made, so beautiful…and I have never felt better while wearing their clothing while pregnant.

4. Flat sandals – yep, the Sam Edeleman Eevan Gladiator sandals. The ones I wear with everything, everyday, in every IG photo. Yeh, those. (I think I might cry when they become unwearable) They are pretty much sold-out everywhere, but I suggest checking out eBay for them. Also, you really can’t go wrong with any of Sam Edeleman’s Gladiator Sandals.

5. Water bottle – oooooh, Cams. Good one. Water. This Infusion Pro Water Bottle is cool though, because I cut up lemons and other fruits and stick them in there. It helps to get me to drink more h2o…which my OB always seems to be harassing me about.

6. Facial cleanser – my skin is on the fritz. F. f. f. fffff. I am getting these tiny red bumps all around my mouth and chin…and then a new pimple (or two) sprouts up every day. I’ve been using this Clean & Clear Oil Free facial cleanser which may or may not be doing anything for my skin, but it feels so good with it’s cooling effect…so I’m using it. .>> If any of you know of any product or supplement that has helped your skin through a pregnancy…SHARE. Please. S.O.S. Help a mama out. I’ll also take tips on good cover-up. 😀 Basically, I’m clueless.

7. Facial lotionL’occitane Divine Cream, c/o. It’s not too heavy or too light. I usually have pretty dry skin, so this lotion gives my skin just the right amount of moisture without it drying up too quickly. It also smells and feels awesome. My face feels extremely pampered…considering I’ve been solely buying my beauty products from the drug store since I was a teen.

My First Trimester Momiform

I have been wearing this on the reg…or every day. All. of. the time.





Yep. It’s hard to say no to drawstring, stretchy anything right now…or Chipotle. Yum. AHHH. Now I want it desperately. *texts husband dinner order*


top: Joe Fresh Boyfriend Tee, light blue (wearing size Medium)

shorts: Joe Fresh Elastic Waist Shorts, khaki green (wearing size Medium)

sandals: Ancient Greek Fontini Leather Sandals – almost sold out on Matches Fashion, but I found them at Nordstrom too…with the gold lighting bolt. Killer. Love these things.

bag: Sole Society fringe cross-body, sold out…but they do still have the black in stock. There is always this magnificent Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Backpack (*drool*) or here’s a more affordable option at Target.

shades: BP. ‘Inspo Facto’ sunglasses – affordable, trendy brand at Nordstrom

ring: Kendra Scott Rachel Double Ring, c/o.

So. I am just going to go ahead and bid adieu to that lovely first trimester. Peace. Adios. Ta ta! Bye. Second trimester, come to mama. I think? Nausea, you heard. It’s time for you to get out or whatever it is you’re supposed to do at the 13th week. I want to eat like a normal person again. Thanks.




photos: Brandon Brown Photography

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July 25, 2015

Makeover My Boring Couch!



Hey mamas, look familiar? That’s right, it’s the virtually kid-proof, stain resistant microsuede couch, in a color that may be described as “mushroom”, that seems like a logical life choice once messy small people enter the picture. Reader Beth (who is hilarious) wrote in about her ‘problem couches':

“I will say that I have two couches that I loathe. L-O-A-T-H-E. They are not really brown, not really gray, not really olive…microsuede. Purchased after our second was born and we got talked into them. What color goes with that??? I’ve tried almost all colors and they look “off”…I keep thinking lighter colors…thoughts? I have OBSESSED over pillows for the past two years.”

And she’s totally right. I figured since the couch color is neutral it would be pretty easy to find pillows that go with it – turned out to be a much bigger project than anticipated! But I think I finally found some color combinations that will liven up Beth’s “odd colored elephants in the room” (see, told you she was funny!) Check out the microfiber couch made modern – and dare I say cool? – with two makeovers.

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July 24, 2015

It’s….FriYay! (And a $500 Nordstrom Card Giveaway)



Hey there!!  Since my last weekend ramblings a couple of weeks ago, we have been busy MOVING.  If there is one. thing. I hate doing, it’s packing up and moving – especially with two kids.  But somehow we made it.  (And by “somehow” I mean our nanny and her friends took pity on us and packed up most of my house.  Love you, G!)

I stopped by our old house the other day, one final time to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind.  It was…completely empty.  Hunh.  As I was locking up, mentally congratulating us for acting like adults (yay!)…..a strange shadow passed overhead.

Not really.  But I knew – deep in my soul – that Mike and I aren’t that organized.  It is a universal impossibility for us to move without leaving something major behind.  You can count on that fact like you can count on magnetism.  Or gravity.  A universal constant, denoted by the greek symbols &*%^:  Mike and Shana leave shit behind.

For the mathematically minded, here’s the code:

& = F

*  = U

% = C

^ = __ (I think you can fill in the blank)


So anyway.  Our dryer?  FULL.  #everytime #likegravity

Now, onto bigger and better things!!

1.  Are we unpacked?  No.

2.  Will we unpack anytime soon?  No.

3.  WTF are we doing instead?  Heading to MI for the rest of the summer!

Well….the boys and I, anyway.  Mike has this pesky little thing called a JOB.  God, it’s so annoying.  If he was a blogger, he wouldn’t have to worry about things like vacation time or product development or projecting high dimensional spaces into lower dimensional manifolds.  I mean, if there’s one thing that really BUMS ME OUT it’s projecting high dimensional spaces in JULY.  Who does that?

Happily, I’m basically just packing my beach weekend stuff with a few extra turtleneck sweaters and a rain jacket (hello, Michigan summer). At least that’s what I’m telling myself, T-6 hours from departure time.

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July 23, 2015

DIY: From Old Pants To Smokin’ Hot Cutoffs

So, on my last #everydayedit (See pics below) I had quite a few requests to reveal how I hacked my shorts.  

But be forewarned: I am no designer, seamstress, or tailor. I literally have a pair of scissors and am dangerously impulsive… that’s it! There also might be better, “proper” ways to do this but here’s my take…

See detailed steps at the bottom of this post


Why I Did It

Any time I “hack” it all stems from the fact that I believe in the perfect fit. And — unfortunately — that’s usually only achievable in my price brackets when I do a little DIY-ing.

Around the new year, Dave and I started to talk about getting in shape, getting healthy, eating better, and just plain feeling better (how cliché of us). And one of the driving factors for me (other than health, blood pressure, blah blah blah) was getting into a damn pair of shorts! As my body shifted through three pregnancies and styles changed from classic shorts to a more distressed look, my body was getting bigger while the look got more and more revealing… great.

A look that (for my comfort level) revealed too much inner thigh and very closely resembled the butt of my children in diapers from the back. I’m all… “I’ve seen that butt before…where?” Diaper-butt can be super cute on a 2 year old, not so much on me.

But maybejust maybe if I got in better shape I could finally feel good wearing those effing shorts.

They deserve to be rocked.  And I wanted to ROCK THEM.

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July 22, 2015

2015 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Workout & Loungewear (yup – more #dressingroomselfies)


Bench Primaloft Quilted Jacket | Onzie Low Rise Leggings


Well, shoot.  The workout & loungewear section of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is….pretty epic, actually.  I was hoping – for the sake of my finances – that it would be a little more ‘meh’ but Nordstrom is NOT playing fair.

I mean seriously.


Nike Gym Vintage Zip-Front Hoodie | Nike Gym Vintage Capris


I don’t NEED another Juicy-like tracksuit in my life, but thanks to Nordies, now I want one. Baaaad.  As Pax would say, I WANT DAT!!

Ugh.  It’s so fabulous it hurts my eyes.

But maybe you guys can resist better than I.  Loungewear & workout gear happens to be a major weakness of mine.  No matter how many  pairs of sweatpants I own, there’s always room for one more!  So cozy!  So comfy!  So cute!  I will wear them all day!  In terms of cost-per-wear, it always ends up as pennies!

PENNIES, PEOPLE, PENNIES.  That’s almost like SAVING MONEY.  #fashionmath



Let’s do this.