January 28, 2015

Converse Sneakers (The everywhere, whenever, totally awesome shoe…and alternatives)



My absolute favorite go-to, casual, everyday, let’s-get-going-let-me-just-grab-my-shoes shoe: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars (in white). It’s weird, but I just bought my very first pair just over a year ago. I know, for someone so certain about it being her *IT* shoe, you’d think I would have bought them a long time ago. I’m not sure I knew just how much I would love them. Well, oh ho ho ho. Now I do. I am hooked. FO life.

I actually have great memories of my dad in the classic, white high tops, ray ban-ish sunglasses and jeans that were cut-off into almost too short shorts. Oh, yeh. The coolest. 1990’s. Whatcha gonna do? It was that and the Talking Heads on vinyl. We would all have serious jam dance parties in our living room on the regular. hmmm. My dad may actually have been the coolest. He really instilled in me a love and appreciation for good music (really good music)…and chucks. So while I didn’t own a pair until recently, my Converse roots run deep.

I wear them everywhere now. Ev-er-y-where. When I can’t think of what to wear, I start with chucks and go from there. This past weekend I took Mads on a special outing with mama (she has been needing some one-on-one attention. badly). We went downtown to Amelie’s where she picked out her usual “puff cream”. As we were sitting there she tells me, ” I don’t like thaaa cream, just the choc-let”…which begs the question…why didn’t you just order the all chocolate thing I pointed out to you that you so vehemently refused? Three year olds. Try talking sense to them. TRY.

January 27, 2015

The Power of a Long Coat (AKA My New Daily Uniform For Running Around Town)




French Connection, one of my very favorite brands (due to their slightly edgy and almost subversive take on trends…coupled with european tailoring) sent me this gorgeous wool coat.  I received it in September when we were still rocking 70+ temps, and stuck it in the back of my closet.

Happy, HAPPY rediscovery.  Even better?  It’s still in stock, but now on crazy sale – 50% off, then another 50% off with the code 50SALE.

I’m also wearing my favorite sweater, my favorite jeans, my favorite boots, my favorite hat and drinking a warm coffee on a beautifully cold and snowy day with one of my favorite guys.  I mean seriously.  How lucky can a girl get?

January 26, 2015

The Easiest Way To Wear White Pants In Winter






Gang, I’m beat.  Mike’s been working a ton, school’s cancelled tomorrow, my poor nanny has been sick, and I’ve re-written this article five different times.  It turns out that I have nothing witty to say about white pants (new professional low point:  my attempt at a ‘white pant haiku’).  I give up.  Instead, here are a couple quotes heard ’round the Draugelis nuthouse:

Pax:  “MOM!!  A wego fell down a wack!!  Put it otay –  you can get it wuf your sharp CWAWS.”

translation: it’s time for a manicure.

(Just kidding – I don’t get those.)


Raines:  “Pax, that’s supposed to be a secret!  A secret means you can only tell ONE person and that’s MOM.”

That’s right, buddy.  THAT’S RIGHT.

Ok, now that the pressure of wit is off the table, let’s talk white pants.  My fav white-pant uniform is insanely easy:  Mix white pants with black, gray, and – here’s the key – GOLD.  Weird but true.

January 25, 2015

Philadelphia Love: Ice Skating at Bluecross RiverRink

If you are looking for something fun to do in Philly on a friday night with (or without) the kids, we highly recommend moseying on down to the Bluecross RiverRink.  It. Is. Amazing.  A total winter wonderland.



We were up for a little ice-skating, but I’d be lying if I said that the happy hour specials and brewery tastings weren’t part of the draw.

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January 22, 2015

Mom Sexy. (Or What To Wear To See 50 Shades of Gray)

A reader let us know that she loves these Rebecca Minkoff Raz Stingray pumps…


Uhhh. No idea why. Maybe, because…HOLY HOT they are hot. Everything about them is – the sleek black, the straps, the pointy toe. Now, as much as this reader loves them, she would prefer if they were a bit more mom-friendly…

“S, how do I translate these sexy mothers into mom-friendly??”

They are sexy mothers. They really, really are. If we’re being honest with ourselves, it’s really impossible for a flat or lower heel to do the same job that these glorious pumps do (ps. they are on sale). I hear you on wanting them to be less of an ankle breaker though. I fantasize about my 5’10 frame wearing 4+ inch heels to all kinds of amazing places whilst toting my 25+ lb. baby, but in reality I never do and never really end up wanting to.

It just so happens that one of my resolutions for 2015 is to experiment and you know what, I really want to add some sexy to my look. Any of you mamas with me? I don’t mean the in-your-face, mini everything, Pretty Woman (pre Richard Gere) kind. That’d be weird and I’d probably land my own show on TLC. I’m talking about dressing subtly sexy. In my opinion, maintaining a bit of your mystery may just be the sexiest thing you can do. That whole Bombshell fantasy can just go away. There are realistic ways to be sexy, in the real world,  even as a mom with a pooch, bf-ing boobs, etc. I’m here to show you…and yeh, the hot pumps are included. They had to be. (THEY ARE WORTH THE PAIN)

January 21, 2015

Zella Activewear: High Performing and Chic (Wear It All. Day. Long.)


I had first discovered Zella a few years ago during once of my mad midnight searches on Nordstrom.com.  I had come across a seriously chic workout jacket that had both thumbholes (my weakness) and asymmetric zippers.  Whoa.  Hello.

So when Nordstrom reached out asking if I’d like to cover the launch of Zone Zella (a pop-up shop in-store featuring all the latest and the greatest from the new Zella collection) I didn’t have to think twice.  I was beyond curious to see what Nordies was up to.  You see, Zella is their in-house brand…and, not one to mess around, Nordstrom went after the big guns of cool-chic workout gear and lured away their creative director.  That’s right:  Zella’s creative director used to work at Lululemon.  Got your attention?  Thought so.


Welcome to Zone Zella





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January 20, 2015

Outfit Finishing: Short Cardigans (And The 5 Styling Tweaks Needed To Make Them Edgy)

So…after our last Fix This Outfit Post (short cardigans, skinny jeans and tiny ankle boots)…many of you wanted to know how I would style those ubiquitous short cardigans.

That question is a doozy.

Short, ladylike cardigans have a conservative, precious vibe that frankly, just isn’t my style.  And, as discussed before, wearing them open (as a cardigan) isn’t always the most flattering option.  So.  I wanted to make the short cardigan both easier to wear…and little more edgy.

The Finishing

I used the same five steps to come up with two very different outfits, both totally my style. Here’s what I did…

1.  Wear It Like A Shirt (Buttoned)

Buttoning up the cardigan and wearing it like a shirt totally changes the vibe from precious…to sexy.




January 19, 2015

How to Make Your Blush Last Allllll Day


Want your blush to last all day?  Me too.  I’ve found the perfect formula for rosy cheeks that will stay put through all of the snuggling and baby drool.  Benefit’s Lip & Cheek Tints make it easy to get color that actually lasts.  They’re easy to apply, come in really pretty colors and make matching your lips and cheeks a no-brainer.

What you need:




You can use Benefit’s Lip & Cheek Tints on their own or layer them under powder blush for long-lasting, gorgeous color.  Since so many of my friends have asked how to use them (they kind of look like a bottle of nail polish – brush and everything) I thought they’d be perfect for my first video tutorial.

Lollitint” is a gorgeous purple-hued color.  To make it last, I pair it with Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in “Dollface” and Laura Gellar’s “Love Me Dew” Moisturizing Lip Crayon in “Purple Currant.”  Tarte’s blush is my absolute favorite powder blush because the color pay off is incredible, they’re long-lasting and come in a number of really beautiful shades.  Laura Gellar’s lip crayons manage to achieve that elusive combination of color AND moisture and have come in so handy in this cold weather.  (Schools were closed due to 40 below wind chills last week.  It’s cold.)

Cha Cha Tint” is a beautiful coral. When I want a little more color and longevity I add Tarte’s blush in “Fearless” and Laura Gellar’s Lip Crayon in “Watermelon Cooler.”

Benefit also has the original “Benetint” (rose color) and “Posietint” (pretty pink) that I like as well.  I wear all four colors and find that they all work with a variety of skin tones.  





Wearing Cha Cha Tint



Wearing Lollitint

I’m currently working on a highlight & contour tutorial, but the highlighter I used in the video is Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal . . . it . . . is . . .  Ah-mazing.

We added a makeup section to the Mom Edit Shops!  All of our favorite products can be found in our Makeup Essentials Boutique.



*I so hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial . . . working on more to come! 

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January 17, 2015

Has InSTYLE Magazine Lost It’s Mind?

Do you ever read fashion mags only to think WHAT THE F—?



In the January issue of In Style magazine, there was a feature called, “Work It OUT.”  It starts by showing us how we can style our running jackets for…hunh.  I don’t…quite…know what.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we?  Where, exactly, would you wear this outfit?



“The Running Jacket:  Functional enough to  get you through your morning jog, it can also extend the life of your cutest outerwear once the temperature dips.”

Uh….OK.  I like this thought in general – using a running jacket as a base layer for other jackets – but I’m not wild about their “futuristic spin on sporty”.  And I certainly wouldn’t refer to that silky bomber with the vaguely mechanical print as “cutest outerwear”.  I can usually hang with some cray-cray prints but even I’m struggling….and why – DEAR GOD WHY – would you choose to pair big white sneaks with this outfit?  I mean the linen and fringe bag (January, In Style, it’s JANUARY) is bad enough, but adding big white sneaks?

But, you know, maybe I’m wrong.  The proof of the outfit is in the wearing, right?  So I attempted to recreate their “futuristic spin on sporty” and came up with….

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January 15, 2015

Introducing…Cams (And Her Resolution to ROCK)

Introducing our newest contributor….Camille!!  I first found Cams during one of my midnight web search sessions when I came across her old blog, Life in Modification.  Her writing was witty and relatable, her outfits inspired (yet easy – a tough combination to find), and I. Was. Hooked.  So I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce her as part of The Mom Edit team.   I feel so lucky and honored to have her here!!  Now, in her own words (and they make me want to stand up and cheer)….it’s time to ROCK.  Everybody, meet Cams.  (ps.  You can find her on instagram here.)




The Mom Edit Mom Style blog Everlane Banana Republic Seychelles outfit

I’m a wife, I’m a mama, I’m a lover, I’m a fighter (my husband will attest to that), I’m a little closer to 30 than I’d like to be and I am the first to admit that I am a style addict through and through.

…but ya’ll. What’s the deal with the constant barrage of perfection we are faced with on a daily basis? I mean…everywhere –  blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, yada yada yaaa-da. We see “perfect” women in perfectly constructed outfits, sipping perfect tumblers of coffee all while perfectly keeping their outfits in order as they push their designer babes in their perfect $900 strollers. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate all of these things. Beauty is beauty is beauty and like every other human, I appreciate it and even seek it out.

…but ya’ll! The bar is set too high. Is perfection, or at least the illusion of it, really what we want, what we should be striving for, what we live for? It’s not genuine and definitely not attainable. At the end of the day,  all I want is to keep my kids alive and happy, feel hot and have fun with my husband, go out on the town every so often and feel frikkin’ good while doing those things…regardless of whether I’m wrestling the kids at Trader Joes (or wrestling someone for the last Kringle – had one yet? You must. They are as close to heaven as you can get. Definitely worth a little tussle in the aisle), grabbing diapers at Target, pacing the back of church with a squirmy babe, running out for a much needed drink with a girlfriend after a hard month/week/day/last hour, flying with two children (because I’m a partier like that), or simply having a night in. I just want to feel good, content and comfortable in my own skin.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now. I’m fed up with the same-old-same-old shtick we are being served. I feel bored. I want a change. This year I want to try to accept, embrace, even highlight the flaws in my life, because in doing so I think I may begin to value more what I have to give, what I have to share, who I am (and not apologize for it!) – especially when it comes to my style. So Cams. How?

The Mom Edit Mom Style blog Everlane Banana Republic Seychelles outfit work at home mom


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