July 30, 2014

Man Style: Upgrade His Weekend Tee



One of the recurring themes on this blog is the concept of interesting basics.  I’m always harping on the importance of buying something you love, something that makes your heart beat fast, something interesting.  Perhaps….a sweater with fabulous drape?  Or denim with moto detail?  Or patches!  Longtime readers know how I love patched denim!  A few interesting basics go a long way to pulling together a cool outfit, fast.   Shirt. Pants. Shoes. #nailedit

I tried to have this conversation about interesting basics with my husband.  I mean – that’s pretty much how guys dress, right?  Shirt. Pants. Shoes. Done.  I was all, “Mike, if we can find some interesting tees or jeans–”

“I like dark jeans.  Plain.”

Ok.  I can work with that.  “So OK – look at these tees…..do any of them make your heart beat fast?”

He stares blankly at the screen.  Blinks.  His eyes cut to my boobs.  “I see something that–”

Alrighty then.

Here are a few “interesting” (yet easy) tees for our guys.  They’ve all been approved by Mike (and Zack, my sister’s husband and new dad!!), even if neither will admit to heart-flutters while wearing.


Baseball Henley



Sports fan?  Unless it’s game day, try swapping out his jersey for a baseball tee.  You could go the regular baseball tee route (Target has a great plain baseball tee), but I really like the henley detail.  Zack is wearing Alternative’s Trim Fit Henley, which is currently on sale at Nordstroms (part of the anniversary sale!) for $24, down from $40.


Split Neck Tee





Meet Mike’s favorite tee.  The Moroccan Split-Neck Jersey Tee (also by Alternative) is drapey (so forgiving on any stomach, um, softness) and super soft.  It’s also part of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, $24 down from $38.  He wears this thing everywhere, but the split-neck detail makes it look a bit cooler than the average tee, and the thin, drapy material tucks in well, making this tee perfect for date night, too.


V-Neck Tees




If you do nothing else, swap out a few of your guy’s tees for Everlane’s v-neck t-shirts.  They’re $15, soft, and have a perfect slim fit (fitted but not tight).  Besides the Moroccan Split Neck above, Mike gets the most use out of his Everlane tees.  (And it looks like they have a bunch of new colors – time to restock!)

Mike also likes J.Crew’s broken-in v-neck tees for a wider range of color choices ($24) and Target’s slim-fit v-neck tees ($10).


Show A Little Skin:  Scoop-Neck Tees and Low-Vs



If your guy is a little more, uh, fashion-forward (we need a better term for guys)….then head over to ASOS for a scoop neck tee.  There’s a wide range of scoop necks, from a slight scoop to shirts that look like large women’s tees.  My favorite is this one ($15).  The scoop is there (just enough to be sexy) but not overly much.




I also like a slightly lower v-neck like the Sunshine and Daydreams tee by Geofox Apparel ($30, unisex sizing).  However, like the Scoop necks above, the deep v-necks are tricky.  For example, ASOS’s deep v-neck tee would look terrible on Mike, but Zack could probably rock it.  Mike’s GeoFox tee is made from an American Apparel base tee…..and it looks like the Fine Jersey Short Sleeve V-Neck is the closest plain option (although I’m not sure what’s going on with the sleeves).


Of course, if all else fails, stripes.  Obviously.



ps.  More cool guy tees in the Men’s shop.

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July 28, 2014

Reader Style: Erika’s Everyday, Pooch-Hiding, White Summer Dress



Gang, I was delighted to get the following note from Erika:

Hi Shana,
First off, I wanted to say that I’ve been a long time reader, and I love your new site!  You’ve been the inspiration of many purchases over the last few years.  I’ve loved your open honest writing style, and all the outfit inspiration.  Especially for pooch hiding and nursing. 
I live in  Portland, OR, and am a mom of four amazing kids ages 10 to 2 years old, so you can imagine the many years of nursing and the necessity of hiding the pooch!  [Hats off to you, Erika!]
Your recent post about white dresses came at just the right time.  I had been wanting to get a summery white dress, and loved all your dress ideas.  I thought I’d share a couple pics my son took of me in the one I found.
Thanks for all the positive encouragement and inspiration.  What you do matters!
Erika, thank you SO much for your sweet note.  And Chick?  You look fantastic.  I love the drop-waist on the dress. So perfect for those, uh, poochier days. #everydayispoochday
And nice work finding comfy sandals that make you so tall.  I love what you’ve got goin’ on here with the white dress….and I think they’d also be cute with short denim cut-offs and a plaid button-down half-tucked.  Oh!  Or under flares in the fall with a lightweight sweater!  Yes!  See?  Now you’ve got me dreaming about Big Girl Shoes.
Erika is wearing:
dress:  C&C California Cotton Voile Dress, $45  (currently 50% off at 6pm)
shoes: Born Emmy Sandal, $103 (on sale at Zappos)
Jewelry:  Noonday collection (a company dedicated to providing economic opportunity to the vulnerable – thanks for this, Erika!)
Enjoy!  And Erika, thanks again for the white dress inspiration!!
ps.  It’s the last week of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  A bunch of my fav pieces have sold out, so I updated The Mom Edit’s Nordstrom Anni Sale Shop to only show items that are (as of now) available.  (I got sick of clicking on something only to find it had sold out.)  I also went through the remaining sale inventory and found a few more pieces that I had missed in the earlier fray.  And don’t worry – if you haven’t had a chance to shop the sale, there’s plenty of great stuff left.  You can see my remaining picks here.
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July 27, 2014

I’m All Overalls and Kimono Crazy Round Here



So I brought the $35 overalls home.  Mike took one look and was all, “Baby, those are HOT!  Keep those!”

(Notice he didn’t have the same reaction to the $300 turtleneck.  Go figure.)

In any case, I think overalls look best with something a little polished or a little…fashion-y, for lack of a better word.  The kimono was surprisingly perfect.  (And heels, of course.)







Pax has been such a crack-up lately.  The other day I heard his little running footsteps coming down the hall.  He busts into my office, completely naked.

“MOM!  You wike me wike dis?  All Nay-Nakes?”

I sure do, Baby.


And off he goes.  I love how their self-worth seems boundless at 3.  How he is so proud of his round belly and chubby little arms and legs which pump furiously as he runs ‘nay-nakes’ through the house.    I mean.



tank: J.Crew silk cami (I wash mine and hang to dry), $59

kimono: O’Neill Candice Top (on sale for $39)

overalls: Destroyed Slim Overalls (sold out – from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, ends 8/4)….or try these button-front overalls by the same brand.  It looks like the same fit, just with wash and detail variations.  Only $39.

shoes: old Betsy Johnson….love Aldo’s hot pink-and-wood wedges (on sale for $60)

bag: Moop paperback clutch



So tell me:  Overalls + kimonos….you wike me wike dis?






July 25, 2014

More Dressing Room Selfies From the #nsale (The Under $100 Edition)

So I went back to Nordstrom.  Yes, I know.  But a couple of years ago, a reader accused me of simply thumbing through Nordies Anniversary Sale catalog and recommending only what I saw.  She complained that I didn’t dig deeper.  “Anyone can browse the catalog” she pointed out.  So let the record show that The Mom Edit is THOROUGH in Nordstrom Anniversary Sale coverage.  God forbid anyone accuse the shopping enabler of lazy shopping  (oh no she di’ent).

However, based on my husband’s furrowed brow as he eyes the pile ‘o stuff that I am still “considering”….I thought I’d take a look a some wallet-friendly pieces.  Under $100, BABY! WOOT WOOT



I love this super-soft brushed dolman sweater from Chelsea 28 (pictured above). $58, down from $88.  This sweater would also be great with leggings.   I’m wearing a size small in the pic.



Or Trouve’s Colorblock Moto Sweater is surprisingly cool.  Something interesting (but easy) to throw on with jeans.  Treat it like an upgraded sweatshirt.  $59, down from $88.  (I’m wearing a size medium in the pic.)




BP’s slubbed dolman sleeve sweater ($31 down from $48) is a tad shapeless, but looks cool with a half-tuck and would work for nursing.   But those jeans?  Paige Denim’s ultra skinny jeans in plaid.  I love the Weezer-esque vibe.  And NO, sticklers, the jeans aren’t under $100, but they are $139 down from $209…sooo….champagne tastes and all that nonsense.

Anyway, moving on…..



This is BP’s Striped Elbow Patch V-neck Sweater, $24 down from $38.  I’m wearing a size medium, which is…currently sold out in all colors.  Grrrr.  I didn’t get a chance to try Caslon’s Striped Split-Back sweater ($45 down from $69)….but it might be a decent substitute (although sadly, not a v-neck).




You guys, these $35 Destroyed Slim Overalls are freaking fabulous.  Only size L left!  But HECK, even after the sale they’re only $54, so here’s hoping Nordies restocks these.

Back view:



I’m wearing them with a very sheer Lush Lace Shoulder Tank ($21) because I couldn’t find the Halogen Faux-Leather Trim Sleeveless Wrap Top ($28 down from $48).  Has anyone bought the Halogen top?  It looks gorgeous and perfect for nursing and post-partum!!

Moving on to another sheer top….



This top is ridiculously sheer….but awfully cool over a pretty bra, don’t you think?  This would NOT have been in my post-partum rotation, but now….??? Hmmm.  (Actually, it might look cool over a nursing cami, now that I think about it.  The sheer front is surprising and sexy.)  This is Elodie’s Knit Chiffon Baseball Tee, $24 down from $38.  I’m wearing a medium.





This is that same brushed dolman sweater from Chelsea 28, but check out the moto leggings!  These are – hang on – FREAKING SOLD OUT.  GAH!  But let’s not despair: Nordstrom still has these leggings with faux-suede patches ($24), Vince Camuto’s Faux-Leather Trim leggings ($45) or Hue’s seriously badass Leatherette Leggings ($31).


Do not, however, get tempted by Jolt’s Tweed Legging-Pants:



OOF.  There’s almost a full moon back there.

Let’s end on a high note, shall we?


These $24 BP Skinny Minny sweatpants are freaking amazing.  They look and feel much more expensive than they are ($24).  They were almost completely sold out in store (which is why I’m trying on the green)…but online is…YES!  Completely in stock!  (And I’m so very tempted by the matching sweatshirt.  For $21.  Really.)


BAM.  #nsale coverage so in depth, you’re sick of me.




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July 25, 2014

Our Four Favorite Picture Books For Summer

Can you tell we’re getting ready to go back to the beach?  Here are a few books we’ll be packing (and have been reading nonstop).Untitled


1.  If You Want to See a Whale by Julie Fogliano

if you want to see a whale

you will need a not-too-comfy chair

and a not-too-cozy blanket

because sleeping eyes can’t watch for whales

and whales won’t wait for watching.

The lyrical nature of this book, coupled with the deceptively simple (yet gorgeous) illustrations make this one a joy to read over and over (and over and over) and over and over again.

The end is pretty awesome, too.



2.  When a Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore

This book is pure fun.  “If you build a perfect sandcastle, a dragon will move in.”  However, only the little boy can actually see the dragon.  All of the dragon’s antics *could* be explained away (are those dragon prints in the sand, or the prints from the boy’s flippers?) and it’s been fun to see Raines start to realize that there’s more to the story.  Also? The book is funny.  Like honestly and ever-so-slightly-dry humor, funny.  Making it another one of the few I can read three times in a row without losing my marbles.


3. Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney

When I was little, this book was called The Lupine Lady.  It’s a story of Alice, a little girl whose grandfather tells her that there are three things she must do in life: visit far away places, live by the sea, and do something to make the world more beautiful.

This story is simple, yet feels expansive.  It’s heartfelt and meaningful, but never preachy.  The illustrations steal my breath.  It’s a perfect story for setting out on an adventure of your own, or looking up at the stars and trying to make sense of our very small place in this big world.

The book ends with Alice’s great-niece (the narrator all along) saying,

“When I grow up, I too will go to faraway places and come home to live by the sea.”

“That is all very well, little Alice,” says my aunt, “but there is a third thing you must do.”

“What is that?” I ask.

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.”

“All right,” I say.

But I do not know yet what that can be.

(And the strong woman role model here just totally floats my boat.)


4. The Seashore Book by Charlotte Zolotow

One night, a mother is asked by her son to describe the seashore.  This book is her description, complete with illustrations so gorgeous, it’s impossible not to be transported.  The text is longer than most picture books, however, so the littlest ones might have trouble.  However, the author invokes all of the senses (for example the water feels like “peppermint” on your skin) and it never fails to calm my boys.   In fact, this is the book to read at the end of a long summer day.  It’s like reading a lullaby (aka THEY WILL SLEEP.  YESSSSS).


These are our summer favorites….I’d sincerely love to hear yours.  (We’re pretty big book nerds around here.)




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