October 3, 2015

Fall Weekends In Avalon (Cozy Sweaters, Raincoats, And Crashing Waves)




We spent a long weekend in Avalon last week.  The Pope was in Philly, so schools and roads were closed, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for some much-needed family time.

It turns out that fall in Avalon is glorious.  Cool temps, thundering waves, and shells as far as the eye can see.  Most of our mornings were spent on the beach, bundled up (at least I was) and then back home for hot chocolate and warm baths. We rented a place with a foozball table, so afternoons were spent cooking, foozballing, and day drinking.  I mean.  Bliss, right?

But there’s nothing like weekend packing to really winnow your closet down to the essentials.  If you follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine), and I’d love it if you would, you know we’ve been talking about raincoats lately, and other cozy things.  So I thought I’d share a few of my well-worn favorites.


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October 1, 2015

Fall Beauty Trends: 7 Easy Ways To Update Your Look



Fall is upon us!  I love the falling leaves, the plaid scarves, the boots, the sweaters, the pumpkin spice everything (candles, lattes, donuts, bread, pies . . . ok now I’m just naming baked goods that I love), and of course…fall beauty.  We’ve scoured magazines, internet and beauty stores to bring you our favorites for Fall 2015.  The Mom Edit’s beauty trends are all about simple looks using one or two products that everyone can wear.  Whether you’re a beauty novice or total junkie, these trends can be mastered very easily.

To illustrate the trends, I grabbed a few of my best friends, supplied them with wine, and had them over for a “makeup party” juuust like high school.  They were such good sports and I think it really helps to see the trends on different faces.  Besides….FUN.



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September 29, 2015

So…let’s talk about this Suede thing. (how are we really going to wear this trend?)


via happily grey

I see an outfit like this, on a gal that knows how to put together one hell of an outfit (definitely my spirit animal – or…how I would dress if I were without kids and had an unlimited budget. ha ha), and I think YES. Yesssss, but oh. so. much. no. I can’t wear this. One, pregnant. Two, I’m a mom running around after two kiddos that don’t stop for mini skirt adjustments and cleavage checks. (jerks)

Still. I click through images of gals rocking their suede minis, casually strolling…with not one child to run after…and I sigh. Just a bit. NOT that any one of us can’t rock out a mini skirt. Totally can. In fact, I implore any of you that can pull it off to DO EEET.  I, personally, am just at a time in my life where it’s not exactly a realistic option (ya know, bump and stuff).

That said, I’m thinking about some other ways to incorporate the trend into outfits this Fall, so I clicked around and found some fun ideas…

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September 28, 2015

How The Heck To Style Those Free People Tunic-Dress-Shirts (Whatever You Call Them…)




While I was working on the Free People collab with Nordstrom a few weeks ago, one of the pieces I had ordered was this Free People tunic.  I loved the print, the cool neckline, the mod, swingy shape….but when I threw it on, my first response was, “NOPE”.  It was simultaneously too long and too short, and therefore hurt my head.  So complicated, Free People!!  Why so complicated??

Admittedly, I both love and hate this about Free People clothing.

In any case, it ended up – in one of my mad fits of trying on and discarding – in a heap next to my bed.  So when I woke up the next morning this tunic happened to be the first thing I grabbed.  (Thanks to the tamoxifan, I often have hot flashes all night and wake up wearing, or, uh, not wearing, very little.  So donning a tunic does make sense.  Just go with me here.)

In any case, I proceeded to wear this tunic all around the house for two weeks straight.  It’s soft, it’s comfy, it’s machine washable and is the cutest-ever loungewear, especially since we’re still having some pretty hot temps.  So….OK, tunic.  You got me.  But how the heck to wear it out of the house?

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September 23, 2015

The New Style “Rules” For Fall

If you’ve been following the fashion world, you may have noticed that this year’s fall “trends” are…well….all over the place.  The typical hallmarks of Fall are there – dark wool skirts, rich tan boots –  but they’re competing for space with pastel pink separates and matching ladylike bags.  Hardcore leather pieces and black lace Victorian-era tops are making a strong showing, alongside minimalist, drapey knits.  Whoa.



(photo credits:  Prada, Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham, Givenchy)

InStyle’s coverage of Fall Trends was my hands-down favorite.  They managed to group the assortment of “trends” into, uh, general themes.  Their chosen themes are both genius and hysterical.  “Lady Danger!!”  is one, complete with an epic quote from the director of Givenchy:

“I was inspired by the dark and poetic spirit of Victorians juxtaposed with the aesthetics of chola gangs.”

Um, OK.

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September 22, 2015

That Time I Tried On Denim Jumpsuits and Flowy Free People Tops…




Sooo…a few of you were wondering what some of Shana’s latest picks (specifically this denim romper and this flowy Free People top) looked like on a different body type.  For the record, Shana is “little eenie meenie!” (like I say in a high-pitched voice when I hug her) and I’m small on top, bootylicious on bottom.  Conventional phrases would probably call me “pear-shaped,” but that sounds so matronly.  I prefer “asstastic,” which is a word I literally just learned by Googling “bootylicious synonyms.”

You are welcome.

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September 21, 2015

Sideline Style for Cool Soccer Moms

Whew – last week was the start of (pre)school, and I’m not gonna lie, it totally kicked my butt! Juggling everyone’s schedules, a work conference + a non-stop teether (pedi seriously thinks she’s getting molars at 10 mos #fml) = a major glitch in the system: missed the big kid’s actual 1st day of school then dropped her off on a day she wasn’t scheduled *headdesk*. (Better cross this t-shirt off my Christmas list.) The crazy week continued into the weekend: fast-forward to early Saturday morning swim lessons at the Y – and the cold, hard reality of metal bleachers. Soccer mamas everywhere, I salute you. There’s gotta be a way to make watching kids’ sports more comfortable and to look cool while staying warm. Since hanging out in the bleachers is where you’ll find lots of us come fall weekends, here are three ways to have more fun in the stands.

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September 17, 2015

#DressingRoomSelfies: ASOS Dresses Under $50


ASOS is a favorite site of mine . . . living waaaaay up north, there’s not a ton of local shopping.  Free shipping and returns, reasonable price points and an amazing amount of inventory, this is one I keep returning to again and again.  (They pretty much kept me clothed during my pregnancy . . . their maternity line isn’t dowdy or matronly at all and they have lots of options.)  It’s also where I got this fabulous dress for under $20 when it was on sale.  Which is why, when I got an email that they were having a HUGE dress sale, I immediately clicked on over and bought some to try on in the comfort of my own home.  Here are my favorites and the ones that are on their way back . . . and they are ALL under $50.

The Dresses I’m Keeping

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September 16, 2015

Major Skirts, Spoofing Sock Boots and WIW To NYFW




NYFW snuck up on me this year.  It’s probably because we moved, then my kids started (new) schools, and amidst all of the boxes and unpacking and kitchen renovations (yes, we’re totally NUTS)…..September rolled around.

Oh yeah.  That.

I was about to bow out of all fashion week festivities (my sanity is seriously holding on by a mere thread these days), but we did decide to head up to NY for the annual Reward Style party.  Per usual, we (haha, I) was running late, and in the interest of making our train, I had to forgo things like a blow dryer.  “SHANA!!!” Mike bellowed.  “Can’t you just put it in that ponytail thing again???”

No.  No.  No I will not wear a bad ponytail to NYFW.  It’s not like I can swing those sophisticated ponies, mine always looks like an afterthought, and don’t even get me started on my nail situation (there’s a reason I’m wearing boots) but I was completely saved by Oribe’s Surfcomber Mousse.  It’s stupid expensive, but I am a complete and total convert.  It makes air-drying possible.(!!)


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