July 23, 2016

(Mostly) Affordable Favorites from the Nordstrom Sale



Gang, here’s my edit on the Nordstrom sale.  It’s a little different from my sister’s – I prefer the Juniors department (they seriously need to change the name of that one) – but the biggest difference is in cost.  I found a few splurge-worthy items, but juuuust a few.  My edit is predominately cozy, affordable cardigans, leggings, and boots.

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July 23, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Home Picks


It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! I eagerly await the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale every summer ostensibly to shop for deeply discounted luxe holiday gifts, but always pick up a few things because the sale is that good. This year it’s all about high-quality basics, like down comforters, hydrocotton towels and supersoft throws (baby blankets for adults are back!); amazing Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rugs to use all over the house, and a few on-trend accessories to spice things up. It’s now open to the public instead of just Nordstrom cardholders, so of course mine arrived in the mail today – *facepalm*. Anyway, good thing I scouted the sale during the sneak peek, and happily all my picks are still available! For now…mama’s got a Nordy’s card to break in.

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July 21, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Baby Gear and Kids


Hi all! It’s been a while! I hope everyone is having a lovely summer. I’m just here going nuts over all the fabulous stuff in the Nordstrom sale (which goes live to the public TONIGHT)…trying to practice restraint but failing. I’ve rounded up my favorite little kid, big kid and baby gear items (yup, we’re talking car seats, strollers, bike chariots, and Aden+Anais swaddling blankets to name just a few), but the clothes?  I wish they made half of these things in my size…

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July 21, 2016

Midi Skirts: A Non Shorts Summer Style Option

midi skirt summer outfit 3

I love summer (like, a lot), and even more so since I moved to Michigan and experienced the pure bliss that is a Michigan summer.   But..dressing for summer?

Yeah,  not so much.

There’s nothing like trying to get dressed on a hot summer day to to stir up all those body insecurities I spent the last nine months convincing myself I didn’t have.  It serves as a good reminder of why Fall is my favorite season-  jeans and oversized sweaters aren’t just favorite outfit options- they are precious protective layers!  I’ve joked before about my “cottage cheese” thighs, but it’s a lot harder to find the humor (ha, ha….ha?) when I’m trying on shorts and bikinis for the first time of the summer.  And, (TMI?) I’m a big time “sweat”er and sweat + shorts = an uncomfortable, irritable Jess. 

So over the years I’ve figured out a few ways to adapt my summer wardrobe to soothe my summer style stresses: skirts and dresses (ha! that rhymed). Midi skirts are the length I feel most confident in. My favorites are midi skirts with side splits, because they cover enough skin while allowing me to stay cool (or at least less sweaty). In July and August I usually throw on a basic tank or lace cami, a midi skirt and my Birkenstocks and I’m good to go for the whole day. Here’s how I styled a few of my favorite midis….

July 20, 2016

Two Ways To Wear Basic Tees On Date Night



It all comes down to one simple question:  Uber?  And if the answer is yes, then date night becomes much more…girly.  Flirty dresses, sky-high heels, the works.  It starts to look a whole lot like girl’s night (which always leans Uber-positive), but with Mike at my side.

Always a good thing.

But most of the time, our date nights involve a ton of walking – either we can’t decide where we feel like going and just end up wandering around, or Mike is stubbornly trying to use the app that calls actual taxicabs and I don’t feel like dealing with it (WHY MIKE WHY?)…..so yeah.  I wear a ton of jeans and tees on date night.  Besides, it’s the summer…..and a clear summer night is a thing of wonder.  I like wearing something where I can kick off my shoes and be right at home at the park (or the beach) looking at stars.

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July 17, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: The One Where I Try On SHOES



I wandered back into Nordstroms the other day, intent on trying a few pairs of shoes.  I had a few questions in mind:

1.  Were the Weitzman OTK boots as fab as I had hoped?

2.  Did any other ankle boot beat out the Weiztman perfection booties?


3. Was there something amazing I had previously overlooked?

No, Not Really, and YES.  Keep reading for details….

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July 14, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – What To Buy (#DressingRoomSelfies Edition)



Hey hey HEY it’s back!  The much-anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  Unlike other sales, this sale – and the reason we get so gosh darn excited about it – this sale is all about new Fall merchandise.  So those Stuart Weiztman OTK boots you’ve been saving for?  On sale.  My Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Backpack that you’ll carry for years?  On sale.  The Rag and Bone Dre jeans which hit that perfect balance between skinny and boyfriend?  On. Freaking. Sale.  (Two washes, actually.  here and here.)

Like last year, we’ve created a new tab for the Anni Sale.  Go there for a complete list of all of my favorites from the sale.

Now….on to the Dressing Room Selfies!  Just like years past, I busted into the #NSale, gathered up everything that looked good, and then spent some quality time in the dressing room.  And by quality time, I mean 5 hours.  Which is one hour LESS than last year, so #progress.  I’ll take it.

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July 13, 2016

These Moms Found Their Favorite Swimsuit




See that smug little grin?  It’s the grin of a Mama who has found the perfect swimsuit.  And Abigail really did – wait until you see it.  Even better?  Reader Elizabeth also wrote in with three seriously good options.  Let’s do this!

Abigail’s Find

I received this sweet note from Abigail – I found her perspective and words so uplifting, I hope you do too:

Hi Shana (and ladies!),
I can’t believe I am even doing this, but Scotti’s last swimsuit post inspired me. I love one of the comments saying that if your beautiful friends were quick to find fault with their pictures, (and here we all are commending them for their bravery and beauty) then maybe, just maybe we (I) look better than we give ourselves credit for. It is hard to look at myself objectively when all I am confronted with are photoshopped pictures showing perfectly tan, dimple free, toned bodies.
I commend you for taking REAL photographs, for letting us see REAL bodies-bodies you have worked hard for, bodies that have worked hard for you, bodies that have given birth, bodies that go to work everyday- and for letting us see that REALNESS.
Nicole-one of your commenters- recommended this swimsuit and on a whim I ordered it, skeptically (as I have a hate/tolerate relationship with swimsuits). Lo and behold when it arrives it’s…perfect. I feel fantastic in it and I don’t think that has ever happened before. I feel sexy for my husband, appropriate to chase around my Littles at the community pool, and comfortable in my own skin in this suit. Not an easy combination to find!!
So thank you Mom Edit team, for this community of support you have created and that you continue to nourish.
(So without further ado..and wishing I had a bit of liquid courage and a tan- ha!- here is me in the suit)

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July 12, 2016

What To Buy During Amazon Prime Day


echo | bag | beach spray | sandals

It’s Amazon Prime Day!!!  This is the day where Amazon offers insanely deep discounts to it’s Amazon Prime members.  Not yet prime?  You can start a free trial here.  But be warned:  it’s seriously addicting.

The only problem I have with shopping at Amazon is the staggering amount of STUFF.  Especially on a day like Prime Day – it’s overwhelming.  So I’ve put together a few of my top picks for those interested.  There are a few electronics, sure (but just my very top favs), as well as totally drool-worthy bags and shoes.

Happy Prime Day!

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