March 30, 2015

The Easiest Way To Upgrade Your Momiform: The Button-Down Tied Around The Waist



Let’s chat mom fashion… No but seriously, like “mom” fashion. The fashion people picture when you say that out loud. Most days you’ll find me cheering you on to avoid looking the way people would assume a mom looks. You know, not look all “dead mommy”. Mommy Zombie. Mommified? You get it. Most days we just need to take that extra step to change out of the basic tee and sneakers. Feel beautiful. Have one more cup of coffee and add a little bit more concealer under our eyes to just “fake it ’til we make it”.

But then there are the days that we mommas go from faking it to barely holding on. Where sleep from the night before can be counted using 3 fingers. Be it from growth spurts, to new teeth, to monsters under the bed, or [insert drama here]! It’s rough out there. On the other hand, there’s the great days. Where the spring sun is shining with a gentle breeze. And the playground, long walks, and carefree outside-time all keep you moving until the sun has long since set. While polar opposites, these days call for a little more comfort. They demand that basic tee and sneakers. And I like to survive the former and embrace the latter in realistic style. A small amount of effort goes a long way with fashion. One added element can take a total “mom” outfit and make it cool.


My Take:


From the beginning of posting on here I’ve tried to make it clear that I will rarely be kick-starting any fashion trends. This 90’s look of the shirt around your waist has been back for quite some time. But, it is spring and layering is practically essential. Here in Colorado we get like 40º shifts in temp in a single day. Hence, I embrace any look that combos with versatility. However, it can be tricky. It all comes down to how you wear it and what colors you do it in. Oh, and don’t forget that outfit you’re pairing it with.

My favorite ways I’ve seen this look are typically monochromatic and let the shirt around the waist be the pop of color or interest. Going “all black” looks great with chambray shirts. Denim jeans paired with a simple white or black tee looks great with plaid, white, or even denim on denim. You want to look effortlessly cool. Like you stole that shirt from your date the night before. You know, just grabbed it on your way out the door and slung it around your hips.

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March 29, 2015




Hey there!!  It’s my turn for our everyday edit round-up, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  This is turning into such a fun little activity.  But the best part?  The fact that so many of you are participating!!  Thank you!!

I got a comment from a reader last week that made my day.  “You’ve changed the way I look at clothes” she wrote.  “I never realized that getting dressed could be so….fun.”


So.  Speaking of fun….

That Time It Snowed on The First Day Of Spring

Let’s ignore, for the moment, that flares + snow results in soaking wet hems.  It WAS the first day of Spring and I WAS TRYING.  But my very favorite part about wearing flares?  The insanely comfortable Dansko boots that are hiding underneath.  #truestory




silk blouse: Bradamant bodysuit The Coach – c/o (size XS for reference)

sweater: Zady Essentials – c/o (size XS for reference)

coat: Goodnight Macaroon – c/o (sold out, but I found a dead-ringer on Amazon for $30…)

jeans: J Brand Lovestory Flares (on supersale and almost sold out)…but the Express flares my sister swears by look amazing.

boots: Dansko c/o – from a few years ago, but I also like the Dansko Maria boot, the Dansko Thea Clog or the Dansko Rach.  Wow.

belt: Anthropologie Starburst Belt (on sale)

gloves: Echo Touch Screen Gloves

lipstick: Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint in Fiery

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March 27, 2015

DVF’s Friends & Family Sale

Do any of you remember when Whitney Port started working at Diane Von Furstenberg on The Hills?…and then The City. I KNOW that some of you watched those shows…come on…you did. I actually would watch them all again if I could. They are so wonderfully dramatic and real scripted. I, personally, sat there with wide-eyed wonder as Whitney got out of that cab, opened the glass doors to DVF and ascended those stairs to start her new glamorous life and career. Siiiiiiiiiigh. I was all about it. What? I was in college. Haa ha.

On that note, DVF is having their friends and family sale this weekend. 25% off! ::whoop! whoop!:: This is a big deal.

Of course, there’s the classic wrap dress that DVF is known for, as well as some pretty funky, cool printed dresses and tops…among other things.

I put together a little shoppity shop for you…

Happy Weekend!


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March 27, 2015

My New Fav Spring Accessory: The Quirky Cross-Body



I bought this little record bag on a whim, during Kate Spade’s Thanksgiving sale.  It was 75% off, so obviously.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that this funky little bag would quickly become one of the most-worn pieces in my closet.  Not just for date night (but YES, it comes along on virtually every date night), but during the day, while running around with the kiddos.



Granted, my littles aren’t so little anymore; I don’t *really* need a diaper bag….but I borrowed this trick from a Denver Mama I ran into at the park EONS ago.  I had actually snapped her pic for Mom Street Style, but never posted it (who knows why – these things just happen sometimes) and now can’t find the pic.  Grrr.  BUT.  Here’s the thing:  she was walking around Cheeseman Park, pushing her baby in a stroller, wearing the cutest little cross-body diaper clutch (kind of like the Skip Hop Diaper Clutch) – and that was it.  I had to stop her.  I mean….once I hefted my overly large and heavily laden Marc Jacobs over my shoulder and ran – BOOM BA BA BOOM – her down.

She claimed that a small cross-body was just easier for her new-baby lifestyle.  Keys?  In the little bag.  Credit card, id, lipstick, phone and paci?  All in the little bag, easily accessed, no digging around.  Diapers and wipes and nursing cover and ergo and blankets and hat and whatnot?  Ooooooo….there was a bigger bag stuffed into the bottom of her stroller.  She pulled it out when needed.  And, she claimed, even without the stroller, it was easier for her to carry two bags than go rooting around for her keys (or OH GOD THE PACI) which invariably ends up at the very bottom.

At the time I was like “ain’t never gonna happen” but I thought about her again recently when I found myself using my little record cross-body on the daily.

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March 26, 2015

My New Favorite Jeans . . . to tuck or not to tuck??


 Photo Credit: Patty Belt, Pinc. Photography 


Photography Credit: Pinc. Photography

If you had told me two years ago that mid-rise and HIGH-rise jeans were going to be back in style, I would have said, “oh HELL no.”  I was a part of the low, lower, lowest rise jeans craze in the early 2000’s . . . remember Britney??  (I’m pretty sure you can’t get any lower.  Legally.)  BUT.  Times change, trends come and go, babies are made, pooches are created . . . so now I say “thank GOD” for the mid-rise comeback. Muffin top, butt-crack, post-partum flabbiness . . .  none of these are a problem with the now-ubiquitous higher rise denim.  This pair from Express are my new favorites.  They are SO comfy, and SO flattering that I bought them in two sizes . . . a short length for flats and the regular length for heels (I’m 5’4″).  (They also come in long lengths for you tall gals.  Cam, I’m talking about you!)

My biggest dilemma?  To tuck or not to tuck.  I feel so much more comfortable in a longer tank over the jeans.  I think it’s more flattering as well.  (I have an “all about the bass” kind of body.  Size 0-2 on top and size 6-8 on bottom).  BUT, as my sister pointed out, it is much more modern-looking to tuck.  Aaaaand my legs DO look much longer when the shirt is tucked.  What do you guys think?







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March 25, 2015

Boyfriend Jeans: I want to wear them all scrunched and cute, but my height doesn’t support that

Sorry, S. I had to. While your post was rockin’ as usual, I have to take a stand for the tall gals and say, some of us can’t wear boyfriend jeans the way you do – darn it. Some of us wish for just a little bit more pant leg to cuff and scrunch to our hearts content. ((sigh))

…but you look like a model blah blah blah I wish I was tall blah blah blah. No. Shh. Yeh, being tall has it’s benefits; such as, being able to reach things in high places that no one else can, seeing over people’s heads in a crowd or being able to give super awkward, hunched over hugs to your shorter friends, but when it comes to certain articles of clothing that are totally rocked by the petite, tall girls get the short end of the stick…or pant leg.

It’s like this…

What I wish I looked like in Boyfriend Jeans:


Sincerely Jules

The Reality:

 steve urkel


Okayokay. Maybe not Steve Urkel bad, but I speak for the tall ladies and they understand. There is no…”oh, darn. I have sooooo much extra leg left over I haaaaave to cuff them TWICE and scrunch them all perfectly…just so. Oh, wow. Cool! There’s still like 5 inches of pant left over to give me that grungchic look”, says Shana (every time she puts on her boyfriend jeans). Direct quote, by the way. ;) For tall gals, it’s more like…”huh. So. Can I get a few more inches, please? Let me just puuuull them down as far as I can without them showing my bum crack and cuff them ever so slightly…and there. Oh F. Maybe I should make the cuff even skinnier. Yeh, that totally passes for a cuff. Maybe. Oh, whatever.”

Mmmmhmmm. My tall chicas come in. You know how it is. Pants just don’t fit us the same…along with other things, but I won’t go there right now. LATER. There will be more time for bemoaning the fact that other things don’t fit us well in the future. Promise. 

Now, just because boyfriend jeans may fit differently on us tall girls doesn’t mean they are a no-no. Definitely not the case. In fact, I love the challenge of figuring out a different way to wear something. Also, the Madewell Slim Boyjeans I took the plunge for and bought are actually on the longer side…still not too long (which would be sweet), but they give me that tiny bit more that I can really use in a boyfriend jean.

So. Let’s get down to it…

My Take:


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March 24, 2015

Spring Break Packing List For Mama (One Potential Scenario, with a few #dressingroomselfies for good measure)

Ok.  I’ve been hunting and trying on and discarding and….anyway.  Here’s where my head is.  And I even have a few (terribly informal) #dressingroomselfies to better illustrate what I’m thinking.



Tees and Tanks

This is the core of the whole wardrobe – plain tees and tanks.  Wear ‘em with shorts and flats for day, wear ‘em with skirts and jewelry for night.

1. Stateside Knot Detail Tee

2. James Perse Slub Raglan Tee in pink (a seriously gorgeous, barely-there blush color)

3. Wilt Slub Shrunken Slit Tank


A Cozy Sweater For Cooler Nights

4. Free People Chunky Cowl Neck Sweater – sooooo soft (100% cotton)


Casual Bottoms That Can Be Dressed Up or Down (or even worn to the beach)

5. James Perse Twisted Jersey Miniskirt  (expensive, but I bought a similar skirt for a fraction of the cost…and it’s so thin that every lump and bump shows through and I’ve worn it exactly ONCE.  This style of skirt is my jam, but clearly quality matters in this case.)

6.  Hinge Vintage Military Shorts

9. Citizens of Humanity Rocket High Rise Jeans (I may swap these out for boyfriend jeans for a beach vacay….but right now I love the idea of having a seriously sexy pair of jeans to wear with a white tank, long necklace, and flat sandals.  Can still chase kiddos, but will feel a little sexier going out for dinner.)


A Seriously Cool Dress For Night or Day

10.  Riller and Fount Christiano Dress – this dress is so freaking good I could probably just bring this and be fine for the week.  (Looks just as cute with sneakers as it does with sandals or heels.)



7. Free People Lace Halter Bra – these types of bras are the key to making racerback tanks work.  And I love the deep berry with blush pink and army green.

8. J.Crew Neon Bikini – J.Crew’s suits are some of my very favs, especially the neon.  I’m also tempted to pick up a rashguard and surf shorts this year as well.


A High-Performing Jacket (That’s Still Awfully Chic)

11. Adidas Originals Track Jacket – sporty jackets like this are my answer for boat trips, hikes through rainforest, or anything vaguely sporty.  They’ll look just as cute thrown over a dress at night, too.


Outfit-Making Accessories

12.  J.Crew Multi Charm Cluster Necklace – J.Crew’s entire jewelry line is seriously killing it right now. Quirky and cool and totally unique.  #nailedit

13. Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Tate Tote (Medium) – there’s nothing “medium” about this bag.  It’s HUGE.  I once flew with both boys using this bag.  It fit snacks, 6 diapers and wipes, 2 outfit changes (for each kid) a scarf and tee for me, assorted toys and books, TWO laptops with chargers, and our big fancy camera plus an extra lens.  Also?  It’s totally machine washable.  My fav beach bag, too.

14. Kaanas Fiji Flats – I’m totally obsessed with these.  HOWEVER…there’s a decent chance, based on the kinds of activities we want to do, that I’ll end up bringing a cool pair of sneakers instead.

15. Ugg Australia Devie Metallic Sandal – I got totally obsessed with Ugg this winter.  Their newest styles are so freaking cool, yet….comfortable.  I have high hopes for these sandals.



March 24, 2015

Summer Essentials For Cool Kids (Get ‘Em Now – They’ll Be Gone By May)

If you’re anything like me, you literally care more about your kids being in the latest fashion than yourself. I seriously just wear the same things over and over again. Case in point, how many times have you seen me in my Madewell Skinny Skinny Biker-Zip Jeans? But my kids? My little family? We eat up kids fashion. And summer gear is not only here to buy now, but it just so happens to be our favorite season of style. The accessories, the swimwear, the shoes, and the casual comfort are just plain good for the soul.


So, I thought I would give you guys a little peak at some stuff I am crushing on right now (and have already stocked up on). And yes, I’m well aware that it’s only March. But, this is the time of year you can buy stuff to get through the remains of cold weather and early-buy for the warm weather ahead. On top of that, here’s the thing with trendy kids stuff: Spring Break is when the warm weather gear peaks because everyone’s getting their first taste of the sweet sweet sunshine.


The Breakdown


The Lesser Known

This stuff is so rad. Just released or low inventory finds that are popping up all over Instagram and other sources of style from the heavy hitters of family fashion. This might not be the first place you see it, but it’s the trends I think will stick through this summer and even into next summer.

The Hotness

The hotness is comprised of items I think are surefire bets to be big this year. I’m sure some of this will look familiar. This is because these are the trends the lesser known brands made popular last summer and now have gone mainstream this year. And (full disclosure) a lot you’ll find on J.Crew In Good Company — their buyers are on it.

The Mainstay

From the big and affordable brands to the staples of any summer. This is where you’ll get the bang for your buck from the big brands or find a brand that’s stood the test of time and is worth an extra spend.


Within each category I’ve highlighted my absolute fav’s and also included a shop-the-post carousel with even more selections from these awesome brands.





If you saw Shana’s Spring Break Kids post then you’re totally set on boys swimwear recco’s. So, I focused on the girls here — however most of these companies I am mentioning have epic boy suits too!

The Lesser Known

Nununu is a kids-wear company with swimwear for both boys and girls that just has me in love. Trust me, this will be huge and gone in no time. The newest line has the plus sign suit. And really the only place to get it right now is direct from them here. But I’ve also included the link in the shop-the-post carousel above for the circle suit (equally adorbs). Of course, Mini Rodini rocks my world. Every single option is so amazing. And they each have such a different personality in the prints so pick the one that makes you think of your kid.

The Hotness

I was crushing on Popupshop last year and totally missed the boat. So this year, I purchased the Panda Bear suit for Miss Roman the day it was released. Might just be the cutest thing on her ever. And these Mara Hoffman suits are selling out everywhere. They’re so beautiful and fun and you could even do the mother-daughter matching thing (if that’s your jam).

The Mainstay

Okay, I was a little hesitant to even put these on here. The panda is a blatant rip and the zebra pattern looks an awful lot like it was ‘inspired’ by Mini Rodini. But, I wanted to illustrate how these trends move quickly. And just in the time of finding that suit and editing this post the panda has already sold out (eeek!). So there you have it. That’s how fast these trends go. I’ve linked another zebra print as well as the black and white one from Gap. So, if one’s sold out, your little would realistically look fabulous in either one.

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March 23, 2015

The Mom Edit’s Spring Bag Guide!!



1. Moop Shopper Tote, $107

2. Clare Vivier Jaques Bag, $189

3. Vince Camuto Loren Drawstring Tote, $248

4. Clare Vivier Agnes Backpack, $594

5. Roxy Mystic Beach Tote, $39.50

6. Big Buddha Saylor Shoulder Bag, $80


I’ve spent the last few weeks searching out the best bags for Spring and Summer.  All of my picks can be found in The Shops tab, under Spring Bag Guide.  I found backpacks and bucket bags, beach totes and seriously cool cross-bodies in updated colors and fabrics perfect for Spring (above is a small sampling of a few of my favs).  There are so many fabulous bags to choose from that the girls (Scotti, Cam and OE) made me split it out by bag type.  (Price points range from $11 – $600.)  Enjoy!!