November 27, 2015

Bring on The Bling: Jewelry To Make Your Look Next Level

I’ve always been an accessories girl.  For me, the right pieces mean you can transform even your most comfortable clothes (jeans and a sweatshirt?) into something downright fancy.  Whether you choose a statement piece or pile on delicate layers, you’ll be party-ready in no time.  We’ve rounded up our favorite holiday pieces – the ones we’d wear with everything from jeans to LBD’s.Statement Accessories


1. ‘At First Blush’ Crystal Bracelet: Such a gorgeous color . . . I love that the bracelet has all the tones of gold, rose gold and silver.  It would go with everything.

2. ‘Poppy Flower’ Bracelet: This bracelet literally took my breath away when I saw it.  Such a unique statement piece.

3. Wrapped Metal Cuff Bracelet: This awesome cuff bracelet is currently half off at Express and also comes in silver.

4. Crystal Line Bracelet: Another WOW piece . . . so much sparkle and bling.  (And adjustable length for a perfect fit).

5. Fan Drop Earrings: The colors in this pair of earrings are gorgeous and you could wear them with lots of different colors for an unexpected look. (For example, I think they’d look great with a burgundy or emerald green sweater . . . and of course they’d look great with neutral outfits as well).

6. Sparkle Chandelier Drop Earrings: These are one of the most unique pair of chandelier earrings I’ve ever seen . . . they’re the kind I’d reach for over and over again (and currently 40% off with code BRFRIDAY).

7. Cubic Zirconia Ear Crawlers: Ear crawlers are the perfect alternative to dangly statement earrings, especially if your little one likes to grab at them (like mine does).  These are surprisingly delicate and look awesome on the ear.

8. Gold Diamond Wrap Choker: I love the lariat shape of this necklace and unlike some of my longer chain necklaces, I don’t have to worry about this one breaking if G pulls on it.  Definitely adds a little edge to your outfits.

9. Pearl Spike Necklace: This is probably my favorite!  I love the juxtaposition of the edgy spikes and the lady-like pearls.  And the fact that it allowed me to be able to use the word “juxtaposition.” 😉

10. Kate Spade Glitter Stud Earrings: Oversized, these are another great alternative to dangly earrings.  I like this neutral color but they also come in a bunch of different colors including a fun multi-colored glitter.

11. Band Ring Set: The hammered finish of the ring and the small stone makes this ring set both delicate and statement-making at the same time.

12. Naomi Double Ring in Platinum Drusy: I love double rings and this one in rose gold is gorgeous.  It comes in multiple colors (some of which are on sale right now!). I throw it on with everything from tees and tanks to dresses.

13. Druzy Cocktail Ring: This is a great statement ring . . . I love the bright blue, but it’s also available in gold with a sparkly silver stone.

14. ‘The Kensington’ Bracelet Watch: This watch is also available in rose gold, gunmetal, and sable (a cool chocolate-coppery brown color) but I loved the blue color the best because it’s so unexpected.  I think it would look awesome with either silver or gold bangles. (Not to mention the fan drop earrings!)

15. ‘Open Wire’ Collar Necklace: Collar necklaces are of course having a moment but this one is unique because of the gorgeous emerald stones on the ends.  (And you can always wear it backwards if you just want the plain gold collar look . . . like two necklaces in one!)

Keep reading for more picks….

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November 27, 2015

The Mom Edit’s Guide To Holiday Style


Happy, happy, happy holidays!!  Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanza or the Festival of Lights…or, uh, Zeus and Poseidon (Raines is going through a Greek Mythology phase)….we welcome you.  Tis the season for celebration, for light, for love.

We’re hoping that we can help, in some small way, to make your holiday season the brightest one yet.  So we’ve been working on a set of style guides to help take some of the stress out of holiday dressing.  We’re focusing on the pieces you already own, adding in just one or two key pieces to make your existing closet more festive.   So c’mon, you blue-jean diehards, you office dwellers, you sweatpant-everyday-mamas….


…let’s have some fun.

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November 26, 2015

The Mom Edit’s Guide To Black Friday Sales

Happy Thanksgiving!!  I hope most of you are snuggled up with the fam, enjoying a cup of coffee.  (Or, more realistically, wrestling a hopefully de-thawed turkey into the oven.)  I’m about to do that as well.  However, I wanted to shoot out a quick note to let you know that our Holiday Sales boutique has launched!

The Mom Edit team has spent the last week perusing all of our go-to retailers and pulled together a guide of all of our favorite things for each.  A “What To Buy At ____” sort of thing.  You can find all of our top picks in the drop-down menu under the Holiday Sales tab:



Furthermore, if you click on the Holiday Sales tab itself, there are more picks from retailers you may not have considered.  Check back, we’ll be updating it all season!


Here’s a teaser of a few of the things you’ll find.  Click on any of the “+” signs to be taken to the product page.  (Side note:  Amazon blew me away.  See what I found.)




For Day….



…Or Night


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November 24, 2015

Chic North Face Jackets For Guys and Gals



There’s been a ton of chatter about winter coats lately – warm, cozy and fabulously chic winter coats, of course, so I’m thrilled to share my (our) latest finds.  I finally broke down and bought a long, Chicago-style puffer coat (words cannot express how much I hate to be cold), and Mike?  Well.  We finally found a winter coat (a Majorly Warm Winter Coat) that looks amazing over his suits.

And because The North Face is killing it right now, I also found an insulated raincoat I’ve been wearing nonstop to school drop-off (it’s such a pretty color – you may have already seen it on my instagram feed, @shanachristine)….and also what Mike and I learned about his lightweight down jackets and SIZING.

Let’s do this.

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November 24, 2015

Express: Biggest Sale of the Year and Our Top Picks



It comes as no surprise that Express is one of my favorite places to shop.  (Their mid-rise flare jeans, that I’m wearing in the pic above, are my absolute favorite).  Their BIGGEST sale of the year is on right now . . . EVERYTHING is 50% off.  Last year I waited until Black Friday (and then Cyber Monday), thinking that they’d have even better deals.  Unfortunately, by then the things I had my eye on had sold OUT.  Boo.  This year I thought I’d round up some of their best pieces for your shopping pleasure.  Enjoy!

What are your favorites from Express??  Share them with us!



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November 23, 2015

The Best Suits For Little Boys (They’re WASHABLE)



Over here, we suit up.  We suit up for holiday parties and Christmas Eve service, we suit up for weddings and kid’s plays, we suit up for Ballet X, and occasionally we suit up for a fancy-ish dinner out.  I want my boys to understand that sometimes an occasion calls for a suit.  (For Pax, this “occasion” is also known as “everyday” during his must-dress-like-Dad phases that pop up every few months.  It makes preschool dropoff highly entertaining.)



At this age, any suit I buy for my little guys have to meet the following criteria:

1. Affordable

2. Machine Washable

3.  Slim-fitting (none of that boxy suitcoat nonsense)

Well.  I found it.  The most perfect boys’ suits.

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November 23, 2015

How to Wear High-Rise Flares: 3 Ways to Try


When we visited Philly, Zack and I were in shopping heaven.  There were stores GALORE . . . H&M, Zara, Forever 21, my usual spots to check out.  Shana brought me into Madewell, a store I had never actually been in, to try on jeans.  I knew their jeans looked great on Shana, but I had low expectations for myself, because . . . BOOTY.  Typically, if something looks awesome on Shana, it won’t necessarily look great on me.  (*Although now we’re finding more and more options that actually work for both of us.)

I was super pleasantly surprised by these jeans, because they are awesome.  High-rise to suck in and shape the pooch, flared to make your legs look looong and black to be as slimming as jeans can be.  Here are three ways I’m wearing them:

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November 21, 2015

Winterizing a Maternity Dress: 2 Formulas with Isabella Oliver


Oh. Heyyyy. Still pregnant. 30 weeks pregnant, actually. Meaning I’ll be achey, tired, bloaty-ish and uncomfortable in the majority of my clothes just in time for the holidays! GREAT. Awesome. Can’t wait.

On that cheery note ha-ha, I started to experiment with different ways to stretch my maternity wardrobe and make it all work for me until the very wonderful end – especially during the holiday season when everyone is looking all fab-u-licious and I’m pining for my sweatpants. So, I think I’ve found one winning way to make my options work (and stay out of the sweats, mostly): winterizing a maternity dress. AKA making a maternity dress that isn’t necessarily a Fall/Winter style wearable during colder weather. It doesn’t stop at just wearable though, ladies. We’re talking warm enough but also ROCKIN’. I settle for nada less.

I put two looks to the test and found it’s all about LAYERING (and a bangin’ lip color doesn’t hurt).

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November 19, 2015

What To Wear For Family Photos (8 Tips To Look Cohesive, Not Matchy-Matchy)



Say CHEESE!  We’re frequently asked, over here at The Mom Edit, how to dress for a family photo.  It’s such a tough question to answer because each family is so unique; each photo session completely different. But after thinking about it for quite some time (years) and helping friends, family, and specific readers offline…there are a few strategies that seem to work for almost any kind of shoot.


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November 18, 2015

Raines and Pax’s Bedroom Tour



Sooo…we moved.  Back in July, we packed up our things from our tiny little rental on Philadelphia’s mainline – the same place where Pax turned one, where I spent long months recovering from surgeries and chemo, where we had our boys’ heights (and all of the neighborhood kids’) penciled onto a wall – we packed up our things and moved to Philadelphia.  Not very far away, actually, but to our boys, it was a huge difference.

If you’ve ever done a move with kids, perhaps you can sympathize:  the packing, the unpacking, the boxes, the bouncing off the walls, the total disruption of what little routine we manage to have – life was (is?) one big mess.  For months on end.  So my first area of focus was the boys’ bedroom.  They have two – one small, one large – but decided to sleep together in the small bedroom, keeping the larger one as a playroom.  The playroom will never be ready for Pinterest prime-time (think: old mattresses on the floor), but I was really happy with how the small bedroom turned out: peaceful and happy and cozy.

I had put a few pics out on Instagram a couple of months ago (@shanachristine), and some fellow ‘grammers asked to see the final product.  So I thought I’d share here, for those of you interested.



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