August 31, 2015

Top 10 Coolest School Supplies This Year



Ever gone to Staples for printer paper and found yourself an hour later in the pen aisle trying out all the gel pen colors? Just me? I’ve been obsessed with school supplies ever since I first laid eyes on a Trapper Keeper (did you know they still make them?!) Even though 99% of the work I do is on my computer or phone, I can’t get enough of the cool new highlighters, notebooks and little gadgety things that come out each year. Lots of mamas are sad when their kids start kindergarten, I’m sure I will be too – but I’m more secretly super excited about school supply shopping for real next year! However, this year I couldn’t help getting a jump start and holy moly, what I found? Sorry, Trapper Keeper, no contest. These ain’t your mama’s school supplies!

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August 27, 2015

FRIDAY. Haircuts, Sales, and The Usual Rambling



So I got a haircut.



This is kind of a big deal because it’s the first “real” haircut I’ve had since chemo, two years ago this fall.  I mean OK:  Shannon (at Salon Ziza) has trimmed a bit here and there as it was growing out, but this is the first time we did a full haircut.  I actually went shorter.  Crazytown, I know.



A Few Things…


Zady, one of my all-time favorite online retailers, is ofreeing us a discount (20% off your entire purchase with code zadyxmom).  Zady carries only brands that participate in ethical design and construction practices, and the whole site has such a well-edited selection that I DROOL. This past year, Zady has started making a few basics of their own (like the very perfect linen tee I’m wearing above – only $45), and a gray sweater I wore to death this past winter.  Other favs?  The Veja sneakers I’m wearing above, this oxblood and black weekender (that I’d use in place of a diaper bag) and this insane necklace that would dress up a tshirt in a really unique and beautiful way.  (Sale is FRIDAY only.)  Oh help.  They have made-in-Brooklyn baby stuff, too.

Have you ever walked into the gym and saw someone in the prettiest patterned workout gear?  They’re all, “oh, it’s Lulu” and then you rush to the website and find only black, navy, and some strange gray?  Yeah?  Well. I just bought Lululemon’s speed short in – AND I QUOTE – “biggie so fly butterfly pizazz multi/black” (I can’t even make this shit up)…..and anyway, it’s gorgeous.  So perfect for that working-out/real-life fine line I’m always walking.  #showersareoverrated

Speaking of not making shit up….have you tried period panties?  Yeah – you read that correctly. Sarah Burton over at Buzzfeed tried them during her last….uh…menses (there really is no good word here) and she is my new HERO.  Her review is hysterical.

Want to talk skincare?  My very favorite cleanser is 25% off at Colleen Rothschild with code FRIENDS.  It’s literally the only thing I’ve found that completely removes all makeup while leaving my skin soft and refreshed (and the fact that you just towel off means that I don’t mind using it at night when I’m exhausted.  Splashing water on my face for some reason is too hard).  My last pot lasted almost a YEAR.  (I’d buy a few extra of the muslin cloths that come with it.)


We’re headed to the shore for the last few days of August (sob!), so I’m gonna jet.  Hope you guys are enjoying the final bit of summer!!



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August 26, 2015

Soccer Saturday (And Cool Workout Clothes For Kids)


We have this little weekend tradition of sorts.  It was started, oh-so-long ago, by my dear friend Becky, and it’s the perfect thing if you have two crazy boys or work-from-home-induced-cabin-fever from a week holed up in a tiny room pounding away on a keyboard surrounded by bags of chips and stale cups of coffee.

[deep cleansing breath]


Maybe that’s just me.


ANYWAY, the tradition is this:  On Saturday morning we get up, roll out of bed, grab a few soccer balls and head to the nearest park.  (Obviously we bring coffee and goodies.)

I find that this is only successful if I don’t think.  Otherwise, I end up primping too much and wearing something *real* and once I’m in Real Clothes I’m no longer satisfied with an outing to the park, I want A Proper Brunch with Mimosas!  I can’t waste the Beautiful Creature I Have Transformed Myself Into ON THE PARK!!??!!

Everyone knows that.  Mike.

So…workout clothes.  Always.





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August 25, 2015

Express Flare Sailor Jeans & A Perfect End-of-Summer Lipstick





Have you seen Karlie Kloss‘ Express denim campaign?  It’s insane . . . she looks amazing.




The good news is you don’t have to be super tall and thin to look good in their jeans.  Ever since their mid rise flares became my go to post partum jeans, I’ve been keeping an eye out for new washes and cuts.  Their mid rise bell flare sailor jeans are right on-trend for fall and are super flattering. Especially for those of us with some curves.

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August 24, 2015

Three Major Denim Trends That Are Going to Be Huge For 2015


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a big Fall Trends article – the whole thing should hit the blog soon.  BUT!  I keep running into a pesky little problem:  the pieces that I’m choosing to illustrate two particular denim trends won’t stay in stock.  So.  In and amidst our travels back from Michigan, I’ve attempted to pull together a quick little something-something about…

Trend 1: Jumpsuits, Rompers, Onsies and Overalls



I’m obsessed.  Not only is this Treasure & Bond jumpsuit insanely comfortable (it’s right up there with my sweatpants) but I get compliments each time I wear it.  Oddly enough, the compliments have come from people ranging from 16 years old to Grandmothers.  There’s a cool vintage vibe (Rosie the Riveter, maybe?) that has some seriously wide appeal.  And the view from the back isn’t total disaster.  Observe:

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August 21, 2015

Back to School with Kate Spade: Moms Edition!

Back to School is here!

It’s crazy how fast the summers go, now that my kids are in Real Deal School. I feel like I hold on to them so tightly. Like it’s my time with them. Two short months of having them all to myself…and then it’s over and I have to start sharing my babies with the world again. My August is spent in denial that summer is coming to an end, that school is starting up again, and that the chilly fall air is about to start knocking on my door. August usually ends with me frantically scrambling during that last week.  But this year?

Things. Will. Be Different.

Kate Spade asked us to help them get the word out about their back to school deals for students and teachers.

Kate Spade Back to School Promo


We are all about deals here at the Mom Edit. And I decided that — while I don’t come out of summer hibernation for anyone — I guess I would for Kate Spade. I mean, its KATE SPADE. So I jumped on their site and OMG! Just like that I am obsessed with getting ready for Fall. And back to school! (Who am I? I don’t even know anymore!)

So here’s where I am:

Back to school shopping usually means supplies, backpacks, buying jeans that don’t have rips in the knees, haircuts, immunization records… Ok, I am starting to remember why I don’t face this just yet. I prefer to be the last mom in Target digging through the picked-over bins for the last pack of glue sticks. Don’t judge! I hold out to the last second. And when I start to feel like a slacker-mom I remember those days in the mountains watching my boys climb and run and collapse into their beds covered in dirt. And I mask my guilt of procrastination with a pat on the back for a summer lived to the fullest. But — unfortunately — “fashionably late” is only acceptable in certain situations and Back To School isn’t one of them. 

So along with Kate Spade wanting us to feature their back to school sale, they were kind enough to ship over this Kate Spade Cedar Street Harmony Crossbody bag. And, first of all, I love it. Second of all, it totally kicked me into an organization kick for myself. I mean call me selfish, but if I am the one needing to get this family organized shouldn’t I spend a little time organizing yours truly? For me, back to school means a schedule with a first grader away full time, a preschooler who will be gone three full days a week, and a three year old who will most definitely be begging for ballet, gymnastics, and pony rides. As sad as it is to let them go, it also means that momma is about to have much more free time! To do those things like the gym (apparently this is a place one goes to exercise?) or step away to blog at the office (i.e. a coffee shop), edit videos, write and research, and finish an Americano before its gone cold.

Btw, I am so aware that motherhood is different for everyone. That summer and fall and back to school follow different stories and adventures. Some of us stay home. Some of us work and have been working all summer. Some of us are sending our first kid to school this year. And some of you are sending your last. So I pulled some inspiration for you guys. If you’re anything like me, maybe reorganizing yourself will be the kick you need to tackle back to school. So go up your game! Go add a little bit of fun and color into your fall! 

Inspiration Board #1:

for the days when I still have one or two kids in tow (or weekend where I have all three!)

Back to School for moms on the go

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August 19, 2015

A Great Maternity Dress is Worth Investing In


While I was trying to hide my bump, a.k.a. bloated belly, in the first trimester (and I honestly, wanted any excuse to wear baggy and comfortable clothes while I felt like utter sh*t), in the second trimester it’s all about starting to accentuate and show off the growing bump…and this is my favorite period of pregnancy, ya’ll. I have more energy, less nausea, I feel better about my body and the bump isn’t so big that it makes it harder to pull off certain outfits.

I think that investing in a bangin’ maternity dress that fits well, has the ability to be versatile, withstands pregnancy after pregnancy and flatters your changing body and bump is a MUST for any mama-to-be. I found my ultimate maternity dress when I was pregnant with our last babe — Isabella Oliver’s Ruched Tank Dress (which appears to be sold-out, but never fear…their Ellis Tank Dress is pretty much the same). Let me tell you, ladies. This dress is the BOMB dot com. It is made so well – thicker fabric (no see through problems), flattering and a great length.

You can really tell when you’re wearing something that is well-made and really fits you perfectly…especially when you’re pregnant. You know? You just can.

I wear this dress on a weekly basis right now.



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August 18, 2015

Soooo…I Didn’t Love the New Chuck Taylor




I’m a huge Converse lover – my very first pair took me all over the cobblestones of Paris, my current pair has been through countless playgrounds (keeping up with my little crazies), and it’s the shoe I turn to for the little crazies themselves (it’s genius for dress-up occasions).  Versatility, thy name is Chuck.

As you can imagine, I was pumped about the release of the Converse II – the first redesign of the iconic shoe in almost 100 years.  The redesign promised – among other things – a more comfortable footbed.  Comfortable shoes are my weakness, so the second they dropped, I was ON IT.

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August 17, 2015

Pregnancy Style: When You’re Sick of The Same T-Shirt-And-Shorts Combo



You knew the kimono was going to make a come back on here soon enough. It was bound to happen.

KIMONOS FO LIFE over here.

Especially when it comes to wearing one with a basic tee or tank and denim. Yeh, a white tank and  cut-offs is cool on it’s own. Definitely. I’ve thrown on the combo many times…and still love it. But it doesn’t take much to “boost” the look a bit.

I put on a kimono and a cool pair of sandals. Ze end. I was going to do a long necklace, but it felt a but cumbersome…so I ditched it and went simple.

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August 17, 2015

Trip Packing Favs: This North Face Jacket And a…Sweatsuit. (I KNOW)



We’ve spent the last several weeks in Michigan doing all sorts of kayaking/tubing/hiking/swimming/boarding.  It’s so deliriously fun that my boys are now old enough for Mad Summer Adventuring.  (And it’s only the beginning, I think.)

So….a note to my future self:  Next time, leave the fancy pants at home.  Only pack swim stuff, shorts (specifically these and these – I honestly haven’t worn anything else), a few tees, one great day dress, my Nike sweatsuit (yeah, man) and this North Face jacket.


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