May 27, 2015

Summer Sandal Round-Up: Gladiators, Fringe, Slides, And All The Trends You Need To Know


Hey Sandaladies! (see what I did there?)

It’s Summertime!! Well… sort of. Almost. My little Kindergartener is actually in school all the way until June 5th! I mean seriously. June 5th. WTF? But, he loves it so it’s actually making us all a little sad seeing this year come to an end. I just keep telling him…

“Summer, buddy. SUM-MER!”

Yep, it’s coming. And we’re planning on mountain trips, gondola rides, long days at the pool, and hot afternoons at the skate park. I’m going to live in tanks, cutoffs, and hats. And this suit from the swim shop! And let’s see… what am I missing?

Sandals! All day. All night. All summer. So what’s better than to round up the hottest summer trends for sandals? I love when research I am doing on my own winds up being something I can post about. Can’t be said for research on rashes around the eyes of toddlers, tricks for getting gum out of the carpet, or how to not kill your terrarium (all literal searches from just this week).

I digress…

I really just focused on flat sandals. You know, sandals to wear in the heat, chasing kids, or out by the pool. But not just sandals you’d casually throw on with your swimsuit. They had to be sandals that felt appropriate with an outfit for lunch or on a date with my bae. Sandals that find that perfect balance between being mom’s best friend* and still freaking rad.

*comfort not guaranteed (but hopefully — they’re flats for goodness sake)

Ok, I feel like I need a countdown or something. Let’s do this. 3, 2, 1, SCROLL!

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May 26, 2015

Sneakers for Girls who Don’t Wear Sneakers


Look at that cute little face peeking out!

Truth be told, I’ve never been much of a “sneaker girl.”  I’ve always worn running shoes (or any other athletic-type shoes) solely for running.  I’ve pretty much just always worn heels.  I remember a conversation I had with Shana when she told me her lifestyle “didn’t support heels” and thinking “what is she talking about?  Why would you NOT wear heels??”  Aaaand then . . . life changed.  Baby G was born . . . and now?  It is all. about. comfort.  Lucky for me (and anyone else who has an aversion to athletic shoes), there are a TON of awesome sneakers-that-don’t-have-a-sneaker-vibe out there.  I’m seriously loving the slip-on style for its ease, comfort, and chic look.  I’ll still rock a mean heel on occasion (I love wearing some seriously fabulous ones with boyfriend jeans and a plain t), but I’ve invested in a few comfy pairs of sneaks that I can wear for hours and hours without regret.  See the boutique below for my favorite slip-on sneaks.

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May 25, 2015

Local Love: The WWII Weekend in Reading, PA (Making My Boy’s Dreams Come True)



Any longtime reader of this blog (or my instagram feed, @shanachristine) might have picked up on the fact that Raines, my oldest, is obsessed with WWII.  We don’t really know where it came from.  He went from a train obsession to planes and then to….war.  WWII, specifically, with a special passion for the dogfights that happened in Pacific, and D-Day itself.  As a parent, our philosophy has always been to support and even fuel their passions (a philosophy that was sorely tested with years of mind-numbing train facts), so when I heard that one of the largest WWII gatherings occurs each June, barely an hour from Philly?  Well.  Game. On.

Admittedly, I had some pretty low expectations for the Mid Atlantic Air Museum’s World War Two Weekend.  I thought we’d show up, see some stuff,  Raines would be mildly impressed (check the box – yay parents), go home.

Instead….minds were blown that weekend.  BLOWN.

This weekend isn’t just about seeing a few planes fly around and maybe a gun or two….it’s a total and complete WWII experience.  Thanks to a (literal) army of dedicated re-enactors, there’s entire military camps re-created – both on the Western and Pacific fronts.  Tour the German camp (even late at night) and you’ll see Nazi “soldiers” playing cards, smoking, and listening to German music from the 40’s.

Pax being helped out of a Nazi Tiger Tank


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May 24, 2015



The above is not at all indicative of what the past month has been like. haaa. Now that Mad’s is out of school, I am definitely looking forward to slowing down a bit this Summer (hopefully)…oh, wait I’m a mom. Scratch that. Bring on the sangria and loaves of bread! Aaaanyways…

Woooo!!! Here we are with more #myeverydayedit goodness and, if I’m being honest, you all should be the ones doing this post, because…you rocked it. Your daily outfits are on fiiiiiire. Cheers to you.

May 23, 2015

Hey There, Long Weekend.



Happy Memorial Day weekend!  This weekend is one of my favs – I like to think of it as a little calm before the end-of-school storm.  And it’s been pretty stormy ’round the Draugelis household.  Pax summarized things very nicely the other day:

“MOM!  Why you make ALL DA PRAHBUMS FOR ME?”

Good freaking question.

But first of all, I gots my boobs done.  Again.  Well, specifically, “the nipples”. (Don’t you hate that word? Even quotes can’t help.)  Anyway, I had some long-overdue nipple reconstruction last week which was supposed to be no big thang but was totally a big thang because DOCTORS THEY LIE.  So after a little oops with the lidocain and also a small infection and round of antibiotics my frankenboobs and I are as good as new.  Or as good as frankenboobs can be, anyway.

So this seems like a good time to say WELCOME NEW READERS!  [snort] Congrats to those who have not run screaming yet!  (To catch you up:  breast cancer, blah blah blah, mastectomy, etc, blah blah blah, all is fine, blah blah blah, getting a nipple tattoo sometime next month.  Stay tuned for over-sharing and maybe even some borderline-inappropriate pictures.  Welcome to The Mom Edit.)

Now, onto bigger and better things. Namely, shopping.

Memorial Day Weekend Sales!

We’ve already covered Nordstrom’s Half Yearly sale in detail, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s worth a peruse.

EVERYTHING at my new fav, Banana Republic is currently 40% off.   A few weeks ago I did a round of #dressingroomselfies at Banana, and just updated the boutique at the end of that post.  Out-of-stock pieces have been removed, and I included a bunch of new items (like this seriously perfect post-partum, nursing-friendly maxi dress).

Anthropologie has an additional 20% off all sale items…I’m seriously considering these pretty little ruffled shorts, these cool, patterned sweatpants (available in petite!) and this delicate, rose-gold necklace.  (If you are in the market for a statement piece, I suggest this boho lace coverup by Eberjay or this drool-worthy silk maxi.)  Actually, here are my favs for the lazy:


If you prefer impeccably tailored pieces, Equipment is offering an additional 20% off their sale items.  This is my go-to brand for button-down shirts (in cotton, silk, OR flannel) as well as cashmere.  Here are my favs:


Little Mayhem’s collection just dropped at J.Crew.  It’s so freaking cute (makes me want a girl!).


You Guys Rock

Thank you all for your kind comments on our tiny living room makeover.  After that post went live, I received the sweetest email from Allison (the designer).  She sent back one of my “after” pics – the one WITH the horribly dirty white couch – and virtually redid my throw pillow situation!  She found some good ones, so I updated the post.  Go look (it’s at the end).

I’ve been blown away by how many mamas have sent in swimsuit pictures.  I’m behind in posting, but will share all of them – it’s just so darn helpful to see swimwear on real bodies!  If you missed it, a few mamas sent in pics of this long-loved swimsuit from Walmart, and one reader shared a seriously sexy (yet practical) bikini for busty mamas.  More to come.


Fun Links

There’s a new episode of The Style Hour!  In this one, Megan and I discuss whether (or not) your style should evolve and I also address my critics (and yes – harnesses were mentioned, haha.)  Would love to hear what you think.

Scotti’s been busy over on our YouTube channel.  Learn how to enhance your eye color, or do that Kate Hudson, reverse-cat-eye-thingy.  So freaking cool.

Loved this article about Freeing your Mombod over on


Local News

My two favorite play spaces for kids – Lulu’s Casita and The Creative Clubhouse have teamed up to offer one seriously great summer subscription:  get free drop-ins to both places for $180 for the entire summer, or $60 a month (for June, July and August).  I’m always looking for a way to beat the heat without resorting to watching-tv-in-airconditioned-livingroom, so this solution is beyond perfect.  Drop into either place to purchase the subscription.  (ps.  Lulus has been doing this genius Friday night BYOB and pizza thing – drop in on a friday night to let the kids play and have an adult drink.  We’re going to go check it out next week.)

Our favs, Spruce Street Harbor Park and Morgan’s Pier are both open for the summer!!  We went to Morgan’s last weekend, and were at Spruce St. last night.  There’s been some changes at Spruce Street, but I think for the better.  I’ll cover in more detail later on.

Wow, guys.  It feels like….SUMMER.

Happy long weekend!!!



May 22, 2015

Style Sesh: Grunge A Pencil Skirt


I love a pencil skirt. I really…love a pencil skirt. Always have. I used to wear them with heels and a cute clutch (pre-kids)…ya know, the days we all could throw on a pair of heels and fit everything we needed into an envelope size bag and just jet out the door (I do regularly curse at my pre-baby self). What was that like? Do you remember at all?…because I’ve started to have memory loss when it comes to the years before babies. I’m like, huh? What is sleep exactly? What is this “running out the door” you speak of? What is a weekend?

haha…ha..ha…but really.

There are things we can’t do, don’t get and things we would still like to wear, but simply cannot anymore. At least, not in the same way as we used to. I don’t know about you, but as a parent, I feel like my life is one endless improvisation after another. It’s like, well…shit! That didn’t work, let’s try this and see if this doesn’t result in a total facking mess tomorrow.

…and how does that have anything to do with clothes, Cams? It has so much to do with it, because us mamas, if we still would like to rock certain articles of clothing while chasing kids around, need to improvise and find new ways to wear them – realistically and comfortably.

So. I’ve been trying out different, more casual ways to wear my dressy-looking pencil skirt, because heck no am I going to be sporting it with heels on the regular (or ever) with my wild son. All I did was grunge it up a bit…

Step 1: Black Eyeliner


I am not a make-up pro…if you all haven’t noticed yet – haa. However, when I want a bit more edge, I apply black eyeliner. The end. I can manage to do that.

Step 2: Simple Tank or Graphic Tee (& a lacey bra doesn’t hurt)


This tank has been a favorite of mine recently, because I’ve been able to throw it on with most everything – jeans, shorts, skirts. Now, I had a strapless bra on with this top, but that’s no fun (and not very comfortable), so I switched it out for a this FP Racerback bralette…and yessss. It gives me no lift…at all, but it’s so comfy and it helped to bring that grunge factor that I was looking for.

I would totally do a  graphic tee with this skirt too, like this F21 Guns N Roses tee…or really any of these graphic tees.

Step 3: Wear Sneakers


…because, heels? Yeh, no. While I will randomly do a lower heel, unless it’s a date night and I get to stroll at a gloriously slow pace, you will more often than nought find me in different styles of flats. Plus- the black Vans are what really made the pencil skirt look more casual and cool.

Ooooo and what about Supergas or Converse? I’m thinking either would totally rock with a pencil skirt.

How I Wore It





Sometimes I wonder how I get out of the house with this little crew and then keeping the boy from running away or into the road…almost impossible. It’s a circus most times. Yehhhh. I’m getting very close to swearing off all heels and only wearing running shoes when I’ve got Anthony in tow (or when Anthony has me in tow, I guess I should say. lol).

The sneakers were a solid choice, because my life be like…


pencil skirt-with-sneakers



top: Trouve Strappy High/Low Tank – like I said, I’ve been throwing this tank on a lot lately…pairs easily with jeans, shorts, skirt. It brings the chic and I bring the…sneakers 😉

bralette: Free People Racerback Gallon Lace Bralette (wearing size S for reference) – as you can very well see, it doesn’t give me any lift, it holds everything in and always makes me feel cute…so it’s a winner. Also, I do think that I’ve heard that ladies with bigger friends up top have been surprised with how well the FP bralettes hold and shape their bust.

skirt: Lavish Alice Lace Pencil Skirt – This was a good purchase. It’s currently the only pencil skirt I own, but surprisingly…I’ve been able to wear it more often than I thought I would. I’ve worn this chambray button-up and blue top with it. I’m currently on the look-out for a top like this one in cream/white to wear with my gladiator sandals or my new loves. aaaaaaaah. *heart eyes* Anyway, sorry! I’m going on and on here. I get excited about stuff. OKAY?! >> be aware that you’ll need to size up. I wear a size 4 and I ordered a size 10.

shoes: Vans Authentic Lo-Pro Sneaker – I had a pair of light purple Vans in high school and I wore them until they had holes in the toes, because I was way too edgy for Keds. haaaa. I’ve been meaning to get another pair since my last, so done. The black is spot-on too.

shades: BP. Langham 49mm Sunglasses – cheap, pretty well-made and hot. I love them. >> BTW, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the very affordable accessories shop at Nordstrom right now. It’s where I have been finding all of my favorites recently.

Grunge it and share it. #myeverydayedit on IG, yo.



photos: Brandon Brown Photography

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May 21, 2015

Found: The Best Summer Tops For Curvy, Post-Partum Mamas

Reader Question:

I am a mid-thirties mom of twins, so I basically have a permanent pooch. I have slowly come to accept this and have been transitioning my wardrobe from tighter, stretchy shirts to ones with more layers and pooch-hiding ability. I loved cardigans over the winter, especially the ones that have the twist of fabric right in front, I wore them almost daily. But now I’m at a loss of what to do for the summer. I live in NC, so summers can get hot enough that more than one layer is almost out of the question. I’m also a curvy girl so need a real bra to support the girls, and have trouble picturing an outfit on me that I can only see on a tall thin model online. Any suggestions?

— Andra

Summer Tops For Curvy Girls


Hey girl! Thanks for writing in. You are so not alone in the quest for summer fashion ideas that work for pooch hiding and/or bigger bust. We actually get hit up a lot about making trends work for busty or curvy girls without layering on cardigans or cute jackets. And to be honest, it’s hard. My weight fluctuates and I had come to dread summer time because I couldn’t stack up the layers like the cotton camouflage I’ve come to love (and rely on).

But, before I dive into an attempt at answering, I’ve gotta come clean: I feel ya girl, sort of

Like I just mentioned, I am for sure relating on the pooch-front but, I have no idea what it’s like to carry around the big guns, the muchachas, ol’ Bonnie & Clyde. There’s times I am oh-so jealous, but others where I could see those cupcakes being a major frustration point. So, rather than pretend to know the tricks, I’ve hit up all of my relevant friends, sisters, mothers and online-stalked my favorite celebs for style inspiration and must-have favorites. A resounding common theme has been wearing tops that find the waist and hug the curves without accentuating the pooch. You’re all shaking your head — duh OE, duh! But this isn’t just a list of random tops that do that. These are brands that my big busted besties keep going back to. And these are tops that have real reviews from real women that lead me to believe they’re not just hot on the model. I know it still comes down to getting in the dressing room and getting it on, but hopefully this research has paid off.

So, Andra, take these ideas with a grain of salt. And I am just prayin’ that, if nothing else, hopefully I at least provide some inspiration or spark an idea! I want you to find something that you wake up, throw on, and feel damn good in! IMO, I’d rather look great in what’s practically the same outfit every day then worry about switching up my look. So find something you love, stick with it, and work it all up and down North Carolina.

Without further ado…


The Summer Tops Curvy Girls Swear By:

Perfect Button Down

Express Aztec Strip Convertible Sleeve (Buy One Get One 50% Off!): Express is hailed as the big busted girls go-to for button downs. And what’s better for summer casual vibes? They’re nursing friendly and always in style! The reviews on these styles of tops from Express are insanely positive. From postpartum pooch hiding to buttoning over a larger bust without gaping and pulling, they really seem to flatter. And you guys. This print! OMG!

May 20, 2015

What To Buy At The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale


Gang, the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale is here!!  I love using this sale to stock up on Fabulous Things I Would Never Otherwise Afford, as well as some spot-on summer basics.   But beware:  A few of my sale finds start with “W” and rhyme with “eitzman” so HIDE THE CREDIT CARDS.

Also?  Scotti and Amanda are playing along, so keep reading for Scotti’s nursing and post-partum picks, and Amanda’s home & design finds.

May 20, 2015

The Affordable Outfit-Making Statement Piece You Have to Have


I bought this jacket on a whim a few weeks ago, quite frankly because of the price!  I’m the resident “el cheapo” of the Mom Edit team and I couldn’t resist this adorable jacket for under $50!  I was worried it might be . . . well, cheap . . . but I was pleasantly surprised when it came!  The thing I love about this jacket (aside from the awesome color) is the fact that it’s so lightweight and drapes so well.  It adds just touch of warmth (like when you go to a wedding and end up having to wear your husband’s suit coat because it’s freezing with the air conditioning) so it’s perfect for spring and summer.  I’ve worn it with dresses, jeans and shorts and have loved it with all of them.  (Here’s how I wore it with boyfriend jeans.)

May 19, 2015

Reader Find! The Best Bikini For A Huge….Bust

bikini top for large chest


Are you guys ready to oogle?  Suzanne sent in this pic, writing:

Ok, so I love all of your posts & wish I could wear all the awesome bathing suits you guys feature. Unfortunately, my body won’t let me. I’m 5’10” & wear a 32HH (UK sizing). Fortunately, your site also introduced me to They have been a lifesaver for my ginormous boobs. They are the only place I can get bras & bathing suits. I need an underwire and full coverage. This year’s suit of choice is by Pour Moi, and I love it! The fold over bottom is super comfy & gives me enough coverage. And the top gives enough support while still looking sexy. Excuse the bad bathroom mirror selfie, but it’s the best I’ve got!

Suzanne, you look AMAZING. I mean wow. is an amazing resource for seriously fabulous suits – and the search by bust-size range (A-D, DD+, or GG+) is genius.  But I’m really loving Suzanne’s pick:  the Pour Moi line is filled with sexy-yet-practical pieces.

I also happened to notice that ASOS also carries the Pour Moi line, and almost all pieces are currently on sale.  A number of these tops are still available in extended bust sizes, too.  Nice.  Here are some of my favs from the ASOS sale.


Suzanne, I LOVE this.  Thank you so much for writing in…with a pic, to boot! I can’t tell you how many emails we’ve received about the best swimwear for busty mamas, so this was seriously helpful.  (I’m also dying over your manicure.)

If anyone else finds a seriously flattering suit, we’d love to hear about it!



See the rest of our top swimsuit picks in The Mom Edit’s Swim Guide.