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IMG_0857I know, I know.  It's February.  But I was about to post our January mom (late) and realized that we hadn't yet posted our December mom.  Sigh.  Prior to becoming a mom, I had a slight problem with getting places on time. (I can hear my friends all snorting with derision).  Now that I'm a mom, time has ceased to have any meaning whatsoever. 

But our December mom is too good to miss.  Meet Emily – she's actually Raines' nanny.  So not technically a mom, but Em certainly knows how to look cute and be comfortable around the kiddos!  I'm always amazed at what she puts together: she could seriously be a regular feature.

In any case, I wanted to highlight a cool trick that she taught me this past December.  You know those shirts that come with their own sash?  (Or belt, or whatever)  Em layered the shirt under a boyfriend cardi, and then used the sash belt over the cardi to better define her waist.  Genius!

I love that you could also pull this off with any cute sash belt.  Try also a skinny scarf or a man's tie.  Just layer a thin boyfriend cardi over a longish tunic, and tie your sash of choice around your natural waist, like Em. 




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