March 11, 2010

Winter / Spring Mom Uniform Idea: Boyfriend Jeans + Sweatshirt + Girly Accessories

IMG_3817  Yesterday we showed a mom-uniform outfit idea based on a blousey dress (courtesy of reader Amy), and today we have another mom-uniform outfit idea coming in from our reader Esther!  (Esther, BTW, is the insanely talented children's clothing designer Chinny Chin Chin that we profiled last year.)

Esther, typically addicted to a large black parka at this time of year, was inspired to swap it out after reading one of our End of Winter Outfit Ideas.  I'm so glad she did.

I'm head over heels in love with Esther's outfit.  By now most of you know my long-standing love affair with destroyed boyfriend jeans (really, there is nothing more comfortable)…and Esther manages to up the comfort level even further by pairing hers with a comfy sweater and Ugg-like boots.  A gorgeous scarf, a cool spring jacket and movie-star shades completes this drop-dead cool look.

NOTE for other Ugg boot wearers:  Notice that Esther has rolled her jeans to hit at the top of the Ugg boots, instead of attempting to stuff all of that fabric into the boots.  Perfect.

Esther is pregnant, and I love that this look can work for both pregnant and not-pregnant moms.  Esther's "pregnancy denim" is actually Converse jeans from Target.  (Esther – would you leave a comment telling us about the rest of your fabulous outift?)

So…inspired by Esther, I came up with another version of her mom-uniform idea.  But since I'm optimistically thinking Spring, I put together a slighty warmer-weather version:

Items in this set:
Women's sweaters – merino – Merino boyfriend sweatshirt – J.Crew, $70
Gap Petite Military anorak, $70
Gap Petite Destructed easy straight jeans (light wash), $70
Women's shoes – ballets – Patterned classic ballet flats – J.Crew, $120 – New Arrivals – Accessories, $13

I'm loving the drape and ease of J. Crew's Merino Wool Sweatshirt, but any thin, drapey sweatshirt would work.  (FYI:  These kinds of sweatshirts are also amazing with tiny little skirts or shorts for date night – just add high heels).  I just bought an army green jacket like the one above (which is actually on sale for $44, BTW) and I find that I'm wearing it everywhere.  There's a lot of casual boyishness going on in these outfits, which makes them the perfect foil for girly accessories.  Add a pretty scarf, like Esther, and once the weather is warmer, swap out your Uggs for pretty printed flats.  I'm also into ribbon-tied bib necklaces for moms.  Not only do they look very, very cool with a simple sweatshirt, but the kiddos can pull on these things all day with minimal risk.  With Spring and it's widely ranging temperatures, having a pretty little something layered under the scarf ensures you're always lookin' good.



  • Molly Dynan
    March 11, 2010

    OMG, she’s ridiculously cute. I desperately want her clothes and killer turquoise armoire. Anyone know what shoes are going with the Gap boyfriend jean pic? I LOVE the nude, suede peep-toe bootie look. . .
    Oh, and S., I have a drop-waisted military jacket that’s a spring staple, too. Wear it tomorrow?

  • Amy
    March 12, 2010

    Okay, this is very funny–because I have this outfit on today! Well, a version of it at least. Yay for the slouchy hoodie and boyfriend jean!

  • esther
    March 12, 2010

    S! I am flattered by the way you compliment my style when really I literally took all your advice!!
    ps. on the kid friendly jewelry tip… i am LOVING these gold wrapped jelly bracelets for spring/summer
    and that makes me remember to request that you for sure post about mother’s day present ideas again:)

  • Shana
    March 14, 2010

    M – I share your love of the nude shoe-bootie thing. If you go to the “New Neutrals” section of Piperlime, there are a few close pairs. But I’ll keep looking.
    Also, check out their platforms:,1734389,imagelink1&clink=1734389

  • Shana
    March 14, 2010

    Amy – you and I clearly are on the same page, style-wise. I too wore this outfit the day the post hit. Ok — I confess. I wear this outfit almost every day. Well, unless it’s snowing (like today – UGH).
    Esther — inspiration comes from SO many places…and I always find the most helpful inspiration to be when someone takes an idea, then changes it slightly into something so much better. Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing. I am always so inspired by you. And SO looking forward to the new collection!!!

  • Kira
    March 19, 2010

    When will your new collection be out, Ester?

  • S
    March 21, 2010

    Well I know Esther is creating a new collection for an upcoming Mom & Baby fashion show in April….so I suspect it’s soon! We’ll update the site when it comes out – her stuff is ALWAYS worth a post!

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