Gorgeous Work-Out Gear You’ll Want to Live In

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I've been a long-time fan of the Stella McCartney for Adidas line.  It's gorgeous, and so many of her pieces are stylish enough to just wear.  Which, as a new mom, is much appreciated.  I often felt that getting out of the house was hard enough…once we were out (even just for a power-walk around the park)…I wanted to stay out.  So workout gear that was also stylish and cute?  Key. 

However, Adidas has another line that is similar to Stella in that it's stylish enough to work beyond a work-out, but at a lower price-point.  Interested?  Keep reading.

First, here are my favs from the gorgeous Stella line (her jackets make my heart beat fast, and you'll wear them for years to come):

Seriously drool-worthy.  Now…..below are my current favorites from Adidas' Adilibria line.  Like the Stella McCartney line, Adilibria is also a fusion of fashion and function (for sport).  It also boasts technical fabrics to wick sweat but in a fashion-forward silhouette.




adidas – Search Results
$48 - shopadidas.com


adidas – Search Results
$55 - shopadidas.com


adidas – Search Results
$38 - shopadidas.com


Not bad, right?  I especially love the gray workout pants.  I haven't found Adilibria in stores, but I have had success online.  Just go to Adidas' online shop and search for Adilibria.

Lastly, I've been impressed with Gap Body's recent offerings in the work-out department.  Their current color-way is gorgeous:

I love the lace detail on the back of the racerback tank…and the drapy top would be perfect for post-partum moms.

While I haven't quite completed my "think about how to maybe start working out" New Year's Resolution…these just might serve as good incentive.  😉





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  1. I’m a sucker for gray. 🙂 But YES – the pink Adidas jacket is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. Have you seen Adilibria anywhere in person? It rocks.

  2. I actually wore the drapy Gap top in my newborn photo shoot when my newest was 10 days old. Beautiful color and it definitely helps hide the tummy.

  3. Amy & EmmaKate – Thanks for commenting! Yes – normally I LOVE lululemon…but when I checked their website, the current line was just…OK. The pants are crazy-flattering, though. I had written them up a year or so ago in this post: http://www.aintnomomjeans.com/2009/04/cute-workout-gear-for-moms-not-just-for-working-out.html
    I’m hoping they come out with some cute jackets again!! Amy, you’re Canadian – want to give them a call?? (joke)
    Jennifer – Nice!!

  4. I used to love Lululemon more, too. Right now I’m mostly wearing Lucy stuff, which is nice, but pricey. I like the line from Gap, too, but none of it really works for me for actually working out.

  5. Grace – Yeah…with the lower price point, I guess it’s not a huge surprise that it doesn’t function quite as well…thanks for the feedback!

  6. thanks for the props to adidas! The womens line continues is only getting stronger with beautiful fabric hands, silhouettes and color executions! Something for everyone 🙂

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