A Must-Have For Moms: Cute Loungewear

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P2058793 New baby.  Sick baby.  Sick Mom.  New Mom.  Blizzard.  Freezing temps. Crazy morning. No sleep last night.  Whatever the reason…there are days we never venture outside.  And in the winter, these days can start to pile-up.  Contending with cabin fever is bad enough, but too many days spent in pajamas and no-makeup?  Horror.

In all seriousness, nothing plummets my self-esteem like the combination of poochy post-partum stomach + saggy sweatpant bum + no makeup.


Obviously, slicking on a little blush can do wonders, but I've found that I'm a happier trapped-in-the-house-mum when I'm wearing cute loungewear.  To me, cute loungewear must be insanely comfortable (for me, leggings are out..too much tightness bugs me after a while), warm, and most importantly, make our bums look cute. (Ability to nurse is also one of my current requirements…so I included a few options below).

Here we go….

Get Good Loungepants

Let's get right to the heart of the matter:  It all comes down to the bum.  Saggy bum?  You could be wearing high-heels and a bustier and still feel dowdy.  Loungepants must make your bum look cute.  AND they must retain bum-cuteness through many, many wearings, being dropped on the floor, etc.  If the lougepant requires washing after each wear to retain it's shape…pffft!  NO.

The best loungepant for achieving and retaining a cute bum?  Argh!  I hate to even say it…but it's Juicy.  Wait!  Wait!  Let me explain!!  I, along with a million other 20-somethings, had a Juicy tracksuit years ago and wore it until it was literally threadbare.  But after my husband burned it I had to retire it (RIP my sweet)…I never replaced it.  Mainly because I was over the whole Juicy tracksuit thing. I then tried many, many other loungepant options in jersey, fleece, and countless blends by companies like Splendid, LA Made, J. Crew, Madewell and a few others…but invariably, after one wearing (in some cases, after just an hour or so)….the saggy bum would strike back.  So I'm back.  Back to the velour.

The good news is that Juicy loungepants are available in a multitude of plain colors, now often on sale, and can even be found on eBay (some for under $20, people).  Also, the company So Low has started getting into the velour/terry trend, and are currently making my very favorite loungepant (pictured above): the Button Front Tab Pant.  This is actually one of my very favorite gift ideas for new moms.

(NOTE:  Tight, stretchy yoga pants might be a contender to the nice Juicy bum…but I personally can't stand wearing tight clothes when I'm lounging.)

So that's my case in support of the velour track pant.  It's all about the bum.  Readers, are there any others you love?

Add a Scarf PA170069

It's like blush, you instantly look better.  Tie the ends together to make your own infinity scarf, or just wrap it around and tuck in the ends (which is what I did in the pic at right). Cute, lightweight scarves can be found at virtually all price points.  (Scarf pictured was $9 at Younkers, of all places).   For lounging indoors, I'd stick to lightweight, cottony scarves.  Skip anything woolly.

Try an Updated Sweatshirt

We first talked about the drapy wonderfulness of the new sweatshirts here.  Now they are even thinner, many have nursing-friendly necklines, dolman sleeves, and are crazy-flattering on post-partum bodies.  Here's a cute lounging look based on an updated sweatshirt:

Relaxed Drawstring Top
$16 - forever21.com
Knit tops »


Relaxed Dolman Slub Top
$17 - canada.forever21.com
Forever21 tops »


Striped Knit Hoodie
$14 - forever21.com
Striped hoodie »




default | Piperlime
$30 - piperlime.gap.com


On Sale Cashmere-as-Loungewear

There is nothing better for lounging than cashmere.  It's soft, drapes well, and is machine-washable (air dry, though).  When looking for a cozy sweater to lounge in, you can relax your fit and color standards.  I get my loungin' sweaters at the end of the season, on sale, several sizes too big, and in whatever color is left over.  If you are a thrifter, this would be a good item to try and find.  


"Borrow" Your Man's Sweater

Or just buy from the men's selection.  Look for lightweight cashmere or fine merino wool.  Again, oversized is fine – the fabric will drape well.  This option is especially good for those of you not totally opposed to lounging in leggings.

It's starting to snow…again.  I know I shouldn't complain – Denver has gotten 1/16th the snow compared to most of the country.  And besides, I have my hot chocolate ready to go, my blush, and cute loungewear.  I love when a day indoors feels luxurious, not depressing.  If only I could figure out how to take a bubble bath…..yeeeaaah….that's soooo not gonna happen.




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  1. I want my Juicy sweat pants back, too. I, like you, worn mine to threads and didn’t replace them because I thought they were ‘soooo out’. (what do I care about being on trend, really) Thank you for the real post. I was beginning to feel like I was the only one wearing lounge wear. Who wants to play in jeans? I’m with you on the leggings-not comfy enough for all day wear.

  2. Let me throw a plug for lounging items from Lucy. I’m way too old to ever have considered purchasing the Juicy velour nonsense (if you can remember wearing velour to elementary school in the 70s, the velour track suits of more recent vintage created horrible flashbacks!). Lucy has served me well in my early 40s new mom-hood. I’m a fan of Lucy X-Training Pants and the Everyday Pants–and they don’t sag!! I’ve worn them on plane rides to Asia, that’s like 20 hours, ladies, and looked great right off the plane.
    The best part though, is that they come in lengths. Finding loungepants with a 34-36 inseam is practically impossible, and Lucy has them.
    No, I don’t work there….I’m just tall and lazy…

  3. It’s like you dove into my loungewear basket and pulled everything out! All of this is SO TRUE. We can talk all we want about being fashionable mamas, but the reality is that we’re still going to spend a lot of days at home, unshowered and without sleep, especially at the beginning. You HAVE to have clothes that are comfortable, but that make you feel more pulled together than old sweats. You can say all you want about jeans being comfy, but they’re simply not lounge pants.
    One other plug: the cashmere robe. Mine is short and tan and really just looks like a long belted cardigan. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

  4. My husband would make me stop reading this blog if he saw this bit about the velour, so let’s keep that between us girls, ok? 🙂
    But seriously, lululemon have saved my saggy bum on many occasion. I *might* be willing to try some velour for the sake of experimentatino, but I will stick with lulu to keep me un-frumped!

  5. My issue with the track paint trend, was that my bum is a bit on the apple-bottom side, so tight track-pants make me look slightly trashy instead of tracky. I’m on the Lulu bandwagon with Lane. Despite being 7 months deep into pregnancy number one I still squeeze into my running capris. (I am in denial that they are being stretched out.) Post-baby, and back to hopefully an acceptable size, new Lulu pants will be my first purchase!

  6. My sister-in-law who is a costume designer in LA, bought me a pair of Gilly Hicks sweatpants last year and I ended up buying two more pairs. The style I like is called the “cheeky butt” pant, believe it or not. They are actually kind of sexy – my husband loves them.

  7. Lulu’s are a great choice but somedays the piling that occurs annoys me -that and the ultra visible panty lines. Do you have best undies for this? The comfier the better on days when my c-scar is bothering me still.

  8. Are you spying on me? Lol. Last month my toddler and I were both sick during a blizzard-it’s a bit blurry, but I think I mostly wore maternity yoga pants from Old Navy even though I’m not pregnant! Today (-5 outside! Hurray!) I’m in fleece Adidas pants that I actually ran a 5k in a few years ago, a Target nursing tank, and a white Eddie Bauer hoodie that I’ve somehow miraculously not spilled salsa, spaghetti, or jam on. I know it’s just a matter of time though. Anyway I feel like it’s a sporty enough look I don’t have to feel embarrassed if someone sees me getting the mail, you know? I like all these tops, but im not much of a fan of loungewear that’s too pajama-ish.

  9. Nell – I spend crazy-huge amounts of time in my loungewear. And I wear my hanky pankies with everything…but tight yoga pants still show them. Sigh.
    Maman A Droit – Yup. We see it all! LOL
    The rest of you — thanks for the tips!

  10. Love love love my hanky pankies! My house has been sick for the last week so loungewear is my best friend.
    I miss Colorado so much! Even the snow.

  11. Sooo glad I found this! I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my third and looking for postpartum clothing for spring. Any ideas for cute comfy outfits that I won’t break a sweat in come June? I need to embrace the comfort this time around instead of hanging around my house in barely buttoned jeans for the first month. Like having a baby doesn’t hurt enough, right?

  12. Julie – I love it here. Aaaand it was almost 70 degrees today. 🙂
    Julia A – Either one works!! I think the terry is a bit softer…
    Stephanie – I feel your pain. I will definitely work on this…but WOW. Not sure what I’m going to do when it’s too hot for shaper camis!!

  13. Well Shana, I LOVE fashion and I LOVE your blogs. I actually look forward to all new finds you have. Being in Canada-alot of my “cute stuff” shooping is done online. I took your advice on the Juicy brand and ordered my first pair. Juicy Couture Velour Cargo Skinny Pants. I LOVE them and my only regret is that I ordered them in Small vs. Xtra Small. They are so comfy and soft-great for getting down on the floor with the kids and super cute with a pair of boots.
    Thanks for all the great suggestions you have. Having 3 kids of my own (11,2 and 5 months)- I am all for looking and feeling good as a mother and still reliving my young hotter self!

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