Drool-Worthy Flare Jeans For Petite Moms

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I've been on a quest to find the perfect pair of flare jeans.  My problem, however, is that while many people lie about their age, I lie about my height.  And while it's one thing to tailor a pair of skinny jeans, tailoring 6" off of a pair of fabulous flare jeans…results in a weird-looking pair of skinnies.  So totally NOT the goal.

And while Gap does have some cute flare jeans that come in a shorter length…I am, as most of you know, a total denim snob.  My bum looks best in high-end denim.  Sadly, many high-end denim brands have ignored us petites.  Favoring, instead, the long-legged model set.  BOOOOOO.

However….I finally found (with Amber's help) THREE pairs of drool-worthy, high-end denim flares for petites!!  And we're talking real flares.  None of this "are you a bootcut, no?  flare? hmmmm…" jean.  These are fabulous, bellbottom-y, flares

Should you want to hem these for flats, any of these could be safely taken up a couple of inches without losing too much flare. 

[happy sigh]

My quest is over.




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  1. At the opposite end of the spectrum, I’d appreciate some research into affordable clothing for tall women. I need at least a 35″ inseam, probably 36″. And it’s so hard to find. And then add the word “maternity” to that. I have yet to find any tall maternity jeans except the one pair at Old Navy and Gap.

  2. Oh how I love thee flares! Liz all of the above styles Shana listed do come in longer lengths in their regular fit (albeit that’s 34 3/4 for the Rachels, 34 for the jbrands and a 35inch inseam for the TR Carries). If you are willing to invest the money I think you would be very happy with the jbrand lovestory maternity jeans- same great flare but a 36inch inseam and maternity panels. Jbrand also has maternity bootcut jeans called Heritage with a 35inch inseam. I am jealous of your long legs- you could wear the heck out the above and get your moneys worth in no time!!! They are both available at shopbop.com. Good luck!

  3. I love those TR flares, but cannot find any info regarding the fabric/fit. I’d love to order, but how do I determine my size? Does anyone have any comment on True Religion Brand’s sizing? Do I stick with my regular size like I would in AG, 7FAMK, Citizens, or go up?

  4. JennJ — My TRs often fit a tad small….but then stretch.  In the past, I've squeezed into my usual size, and ended up pretty happy.  HOWEVER – since having 2 kiddos…I'd probably go up a size.  If I were you, I'd just order several sizes.  Shopbop.com, Piperlime.com, Revolveclothing.com and Zappos.com all have free shipping AND free return shipping….so you can order a bunch to make sure you get a good fit.
    Good luck!! (Am wearing the JBrands now.) 

  5. S– Thank you! I think I’ll order them in my usual size and one size up. I’ve got the “after 2 kiddos tummy pooch” and TRs have intimidated me a little because of how low the rise is– don’t want muffin top! But what petite can resist an awesome pair of flares that don’t have to be hemmed??!! I HATE ruined leg lines! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy your JBrands!

  6. Gina – I have been thinking (and searching) for some petite maternity flares. Sigh. I can’t find anything good. I think your choices are to try the JBrand Lovestory maternity and see if getting them hemmed would destroy too much of the flares…or try a non-maternity flare jean a size or two up, and do the rubber band around the button technique. Both the Lovestories and Carries are low-ish, so they might work with a preggo belly.
    If I find a better option, I’ll let you know!!

  7. I got the TRs today and went up a size to a 27 and they’re too big!!! Gahhhh!!!! ‘Sokay though. Zappos is coming to my rescue with a non-petite pair in a 26 and Piperlime will exchange my size 27 petites for a 26, so all will be well. I ended up ordering a pair a 34″ inseams from Zappos because the petites are great for flats, but only flats for me. They say a 32″ inseam, but my ideal inseam is a 31″ and these fit like a 31″ length. I will not be drying these for fear of losing length. Once I get the sizing correct I will have a pair for heels and a pair for flats. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I wanted to let you know to stick with your true size if you get these– they’re stretchy and they definitely don’t run snug. Thanks for letting me know these are out there! I can’t wait to wear them! ~Jenn

  8. Jenn – GAH!! These denim brands, so inconsistent! Even my favorite Lovestories fit totally different depending on the wash. One light pair had NO stretch, another (slighly different wash) had tons. I would’ve needed 2 different sizes, depending on which Lovestory I wanted. Sigh. So annoying. But I guess that just goes to show that it’s smart to stick to the free shipping / free return shipping sites!
    Thanks for the feedback!!!

  9. Shana? You are a petite?!? I have been following your blog for a few weeks now ( following an artcle from parents mag)and love all of the stories and tips! I’ve even tried the pooch-hiding-barely-zipable vest ( it works!). But seriously could not imagine you as a petite! Have no idea how tall you are but whatever you do you look lean and long! : )

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