Duck Boot Styling

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P2129276    While 2010 Fall runways were awash in high-heeled duck boots…even the regular, good 'ol LL Bean-style duck boots are having a moment.  (Ummm…or the cheaper iterations, like my Land's End duck boots).  And since the snow just keeps on comin', these boots have certainly come in handy.  And it doesn't hurt that I kinda love 'em.  They have a rugged feel without being too mannish. Tomboyish, perhaps?  (And you know I'm a sucker for anything that gives me yet another way to wear my favorite, cover-everything-bad, post-partum sweater).

Whatever it is, I'm in.

I've been styling these babies with dresses, khakis, skinnies, straight legs….AND I found some really great inspiration pics from around the web.  Read on, mamas!  I think you'll wanna get on board…

(wearing: Theory ruffle tunic, sweater leggings bought several years ago, Lands' End Canvas socks, Lands' End Duck Boots)

With Khakis

Rolled khakis have a preppy feel, and go perfectly with duck boots.  Unlike Uggs, Duck boots are slim through the ankle, making them much more flattering with the rolled pant.  I like to offset the tomboyishness of the duck boot with something a bit feminine…in this case, swingy neutral layers.

ps.  Boyfriend jeans would be equally cute.


(wearing:  Banana Republic swingy sweater, BCBG bubble hem tank, Gap straight-leg khakis, Lands' End Duck Boots)

With Denim

This is pretty much a no-brainer.  Pair with an interesting sweater – a cozy wrap sweater would be adorable – or, in my case, a thick vest, and roll the skinnies to show off the cute boot.  Easy playground outfit.  Sparkly headband optional. 



 (wearing: Gap Turtleneck sweater, Esprit Vest, Gap Denim Leggings, Lands' End Boots, J.Crew Headband)

Noel Vallens from The Owls Are Not What They Seem paired her duck boots with a gorgeous swingy trench, and pulled her denim over top of the boot.  I love that duck boots can look cute whether the pants are rolled, or covering up the boot.

Screen shot 2011-02-12 at 5.22.57 PM


It's funny…my favorite outfits were the ones with duck boots & dresses.  However, it took me some trial & error.  The moral of the story?  It was much, much easier to pair the boots with winter weight dresses (sweater dresses, lightweight wool, etc.) than my summer staples.  Yes – this should've been obvious, but I spent waaay too much time trying to be "creative".  Still think the summery dress + duck boot pairing is possible, though…maybe with bare legs?  Which is probably why I skipped it…it was 10 degrees last week, people.  TEN.


  (wearing:  Vanessa Bruno dress, Esprit vest, J.Crew belt, sweater leggings, Lands' End Canvas socks, Lands' End Duck Boots)

Lastly, District of Chic (one of my favorite fashion bloggers) paired her LL Bean Duck Boots with a plaid flannel dress and vintage shearling coat.  LOVE.

Screen shot 2011-02-12 at 5.20.06 PM


Not bad, eh?  I love how these boots can playgroundize* virtually any outfit.



ps.  I just remembered that Lucky mag featured duck boots in their Jan issue….and when I finally tracked it down (pictured below)…Voila!  There they are, with a summer dress.  And YUP – bare legs.  Count me out for another month or so at least.  I'm too much of a baby in the cold.


*playgroundize (verb)

to playgroundize (third-person singular simple present playgroundizes, present participle playgroundizing, simple past and past participle playgroundized)

  1. To make something playground-friendly 
  2. To turn an outfit into something appropriate for sliding, running and/or climbing in muddy, dirty conditions

Usage:  OMG!  These hidden spandex shorts totally playgroundize this little skirt!


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  1. Ooooh, I love these looks. I have been a bit duck-boot obsessed lately, but haven’t bought a pair yet. Any suggestions for Pink Sperry Duck Shoes? They were a bit of an impulse purchase.

  2. Totally fabulous, all of them. I’m especially fond of the dress version (big surprise, right?). And that Theory tunic is to-die-for-awesome for postpartum wear. I can’t believe I gave my old Bean duck boots to Goodwill a couple of years ago! Poor planning. Sigh.
    I do have a pair of yellow Sperry duck shoes, though, as well as some LLBean short duck boots in black. Neither are as great as the classics, but they’ll do. And SLO, if you’re interested in getting some ideas for your pink Sperrys, I did an outfit post with my yellow ones here (

  3. It cracks me up that ‘high heeled’ duck boots are now in. All Southern girls have these in their closets from the time they are in their teens on. I have three pairs actually. But, we wear them for opening weekend of dove season when you go out to the field to see everyone line up. Or you need them for rain season. I loved mine from an early age on. But, do you know how much ridicule I got for wearing them with shorts one time? So it’s nice to know that I was ahead of my time. HA! I never wore them like they were supposed to be worn. I always had to make an outfit. Glad I kept them all these years!

  4. SLO – I love Amy’s styling of her yellow Sperry duck boots…or just try jeans! The pink Sperrys are so bright, pairing them with socks and some straight leg jeans would be adorable. They would certainly enliven any t-shirt and jeans type of outfit!
    Amy – Thanks for the link, Chicky! Fabulous.
    Nicole – Wait! What? You have three pairs of duck boots??? Bust ’em out chicky! You would look FAB in them!!

  5. Like the duck boots but LOVE the tunic. I’ve been looking for some shirts like this to hide my postpartum pooch. Any ideas on where to find more shirts like this? Thanks!

  6. Linda & Beth – It’s Vince’s Ruffle Tunic…looks to be sold out online, but I actually bought mine at Nordstrom Rack. If you live close, it might be worth a trip. However, I’m working on another post-partum article with this top (I seriously wear the heck out of it)…and am looking for like sweaters, so stay tuned.
    DistrictofChic – thanks for the comment! And YES – you are not alone in duck-boot love. Wow. That sounded creepy.

  7. As a mom nearing the big 4-0 with a postpartum body I’m living in leggings and fixin’ to go back to work. Ordered my first duck boots (sperry!) and will be here in time for me to rock LuLaRoe leggings and duck boots for my first day back. Thank you for giving me the confidence that I can pull this off and not be a millennial.

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