My Spring Babywearing Uniform

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ShanaPortrait I've been wearing the heck out of this outfit.  It's comfortable, goes virtually anywhere thanks to the wellies, and looks good with or without the jacket.

The backpack as diaper bag concept we first explored here… and I'm happy to report that it works as well as I'd hoped, especially when babywearing.  Pax is a chunk (85th percentile, baby) and babywearing with him is a whole different ballgame (R, my first, was in the 5th percentile).  So YES – carting around a diaper bag with the weight equally distributed on my shoulders has been crucial.

But let's talk about the jacket. 

This jacket – ahem – anorak, is perfect for babywearing.  Not only can I easily whip the jacket on/off without disturbing the baby, but it's bit roomier than a traditional trench, making it fit comfortably over a baby carrier.

The core uniform consists of Gap legging jeans, Hunter wellies, and some kind of nursing-friendly top.  Then I put on Pax (in Ergo).  Add jacket.  Then backpack.  Then chase down find toddler and force him into clothes and shoes get him ready.  And…4 hours later….we are ready to go!  (I'm joking, of course.  Our leaving routine is down to a mere 2 hours.  WOOT)

And because I can't resist that little face:


(wearing: Gap legging jeans, Hunter wellies in navy, Banana Republic Boyfriend shirt layered over a Splendid v-neck long-sleeve tee, Wilster Cotton Field Anorak, Stella & Dot earrings, Makr Canvas Farm Rucksak, Ergo Baby Carrier in Chocolate)

I'm guessing that most of you either have (or can easily find) the denim leggings & boots…but here are a few Spring anoraks I like:


And by "a few" I meant nine.  Wow.  I really like this style of jacket.  I couldn't even narrow them down to a sane amount. 



ps.  Another reminder about our Bloggies nomination for best fashion weblog!  Voting closes soon! 

But seriously.  Where else can you discuss the benefits of babywearing, backpacks, and anoraks? (For some reason, that's fun to say.) 




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  1. Yeah…I wasn’t sure how I felt about rainboots in general, and rarely wore my Target knock-offs last year. But for some reason…I was wearing them nonstop all winter. SO…I finally tried on the Hunters and WOW. So much more comfortable, and much sleeker looking. I’m sold. 🙂

  2. Just found your site last week and love it! I’m not a skinny girl, and generally am in the “average American woman” size category, but I’ve gotten a lot of great style tips by perusing your blog.
    Wanted to say that I found this great anorak (after loving yours!) at old! I’m a size 14/large usually, but am 5 months preggo and usually babywear after the babies are born (this is number 3), so this jacket in 1X perfect! I remembered your tip to size up (it didn’t come in large, but the 1X feels like one size bigger than I usually wear) It fits great, has enough room for the belly, is stylish, good price, and I think will hide the post-partum pooch since it can be cinched in a lot at the waist. (Here’s the link just in case there are some girls out there like me who don’t wear a size 2)

  3. I love this! I love looking at all the different baby carrier. I’ve been through several & my now 1 year old is mostly worn in a ring sling for quick trips, a mei tai (by me), or our beco butterfly 2 (my husband’s carrier). It’s fun (and a little sad) to watch the babies grow up & grow out of/into different carriers.

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