Poochy Stomach Styling Trick: A Deep V

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Without a shaper cami, I still look 4-ish months pregnant.  Not bad!  I do look pretty good for a pregnant gal.  Too bad I'm not actually pregnant.

So I'm at that point, post-partum, where I still have a poochy stomach, albeit a much reduced one…and the big question is:  Can I bag the flowy tops? 

I.  Am. Just. SO. SICK. of. flowy. tops.


I'm finding, however, that a strong, deep v-neck, while it hits at the thickest part of my stomach, somehow manages to hide the poochiness.  It's like the vertical lines distract and confuse the eye.

Of course, putting a deep v-neck over a shaper cami and a loose fitting shirt are also key. 

The side view is not as good.  If you go this route, you won't be fooling anyone, but it's not bad.  It's a "she looks good for just having a baby" outfit…but not a "skinny bee-yotch just had a baby??" outfit. (a subtle, yet crucial, difference)



(wearing:  Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans, husband's belt, Mia boots, Flexees shaper cami, J.Crew plaid tunic and tuxedo cardigan, Salt sunnies, and Ugg Australia hat)


I love the pathetic amount of snow at the park.  One of the reasons I'll never be able to move back to Michigan is because Denver winters oscillate between snow and 50/60 degree weather.  And I think we have more sun than Florida.


And YES – I'm stalking my toddler with that snow ball.  It's time to throw-down, Michigan-style. 

(M – do I dare share how I accidentally hit little Henry in the face during our last snow ball fight?  No….let's not.)

We Michiganders(?) Michinginians(?) Michiginers(?).  Whatever.  We peeps-from-MI get a little hard-core with our snow fights.  Thankfully, this snow-ball fight quickly turned into some stomp-rocket fun.






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  1. Hi Hon
    Use the word you like best, Michiganian or Michigander; according to the DNR, there is no “official” term.
    Great outfit; you look fabulous.
    Love, Mom

  2. Is ANYTHING ever as good from the side, unless you’re a twiggy bitch?? Probs not!
    Love, love, love this post. We all have to deal with the pooch, and we can use all the help we can get styling it! I think this outfit is the perfect combination of casual/comfy, yet edgy and cool. Well played!

  3. I love this outfit… thanks for the pooch-y stomach tip. I’ve had a pooch regardless of whether I was a size 2 or a size 10!
    So, for an outfit like this, which I love, what’s the age limit? For example, someone who is, oh, say, 37?

  4. Maria G – Too true. Sigh. This made me actually laugh out loud.
    Amanda & M – It’s my birthday wish to be a skinny bee-yotch someday. Oh, yeah – and also world peace, health, happy kids…you know.
    Julie – They seriously changed my post-partum life. MUST HAVE.
    Anne – I don’t believe in age limits. Really! Basically, if you have the body type to pull off a style, there’s a way to do it. For us older gals (you are only two years older than me, Chicky)…I like to mix my destroyed denim with something a bit more sophisticated to keep the whole thing from looking too young (in this case, a blazer-like sweater)…so give it a try!

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