Reader Question: Comfy, Cute, No-Denim Outfits For a Reader Going Through IVF

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Reader Question:

I have a confession to make… I’m not a mom, I’m not even pregnant but I am completely obsessed with your blog.
I stumbled across your site about a year and a half ago when my husband and I first decided we were going to have a baby. Being a self-proclaimed jean snob and fashionista – and proud of it – the thought of dressing a new, round, body had me completely stressed out. (I know, “I’m creating life” blah blah blah) Needless to say your blog saved me and helped me to see that I don’t have to wear some of the atrocious maternity wear some of my pregnant friends are donning.
Anyway, the real reason I’m writing is to ask you a favor, and I’ll warn you up front it’s not something you would normally write about. As I said in my confession, I’m not a mom nor am I pregnant – despite two years of trying and thousands of dollars spent. My husband and I have decided to do IVF and even though we no longer have to do the inner-muscular injections or mix our own meds, I’m pretty nervous. Our IVF nurse said the two weeks towards the end of the procedure will leave me with heavy ovaries (no working out), messy panties (in lieu of the injections they now use suppositories and pads – yay, she said sarcastically), out of control hormones, a sensitive tummy and probably no denim for a couple of weeks which…about put me over the edge.
I woke up in the middle of the night with a flash back to an article you posted awhile ago about post-delivery attire, specifically Aerie, pad friendly panties but when I went back into the archives I couldn’t track it down. Would you please post something regarding clothing/panties that would be comfortable on a bloated, cranky, sensitive tummy?
I soon hope to be joining your every-growing cult of fabulous fashionista mommies but right now I have to get past two weeks of hormonal hell.


Julia, you will certainly be in our thoughts.  IVF is such a long road…and on top of everything else, no denim???  While this is arguably the least of your worries, it's also the part we can easily help with.  And we are so delighted to help. 

First things first:  the post-partum panties you are looking for can be found here.  And if you missed yesterday's article on loungewear, be sure to check it out.

Since you are self-proclaimed jean snob and fashionista (hello, we should be friends)…I've found a couple of drool-worthy looks that will allow for granny-panties, disguise a poochy stomach, and no denim required!!

Screen shot 2011-02-08 at 7.11.20 PM First up, some fabulous inspiration from J.Crew's spring lookbook.  I am DYING for this outfit.  Of course, it's not available yet, but layering a short, belted trench over a maxi dress is something that is easily approximated.

To warm it up for the February weather, add our favorite fleecy tights, tall boots, turtleneck, and swap out the cool fedora for a winter hat.

Here's how I'd recreate:







  Screen shot 2011-01-19 at 11.08.29 PM

I've also had my eye on this outfit from LOFT's spring 2010 lookbook (yes, last year).  The soft pants are a nice hybrid between sweatpants and dress pants, and the swingy top will serve you well now, through the first part of pregnancy, and again post-partum.

Bare legs would just about kill me in this cold weather, but you can often pair soft pants with socks and lace-up booties.  Then, come spring, swap out the boots for cute little wedges.

For moms running after the kiddos, cute ballet flats or oxfords would also work, but I did try to find a pair of gorgeous, mom-friendly wedges below.

Note – In the pic below, try using the scarf as a belt.  You can tuck the front of the sweater in, just a bit, to properly expose the belt.


 Maxi dresses, swingy sweaters and soft pants (you could even try one of those sweatpant/trouser hybrids in the above outfit) are all pieces that will serve you well now, in pregnancy, and post-partum!

Best of luck, Julia!  We will all be thinking of you.  Mom or not, we appreciate you reading and and writing in!



ps.  Just a reminder…we'd so appreciate your vote for best fashion blog in the 2011 Bloggies!  Voting closes on Feb 20th…gulp.


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  1. great finds as always!
    julia—you and your hubbs are in my prayers. we did IUI and can’t imagine IVF (but might have to do it for #2). hugs!!!

  2. What a wonderful, honest, and heartwarming question. My fingers are crossed for you–and this whole community of ladies is about to hit you with a million good suggestions, too!
    Weighing in on the underwear issue: Victoria’s Secret Pink hipsters. They’re low cute (so they don’t really hit your belly, which is good), but full coverage both behind and between. I wore them starting about a week postpartum, when I was down to big pads instead of the enormous ice packs, so I think they’ll work really well for you. I like the cotton ones with lace trim–they have thinner seams.
    Good luck!

  3. As an IVF’er (thank you fertility God’s for my beautiful three month old baby girl) – I hear your pain! I did a little pre-shopping myself before starting the meds knowing it could get a little uncomfortable. I pretty much lived in black leggings or denim jeggings and oversized plaid shirts or tunics with tall flat boots! Another fashion-saver was a sweater with draping that wrapped as well (to hide any swelling). Target Liz Lang ribbed maternity tanks (a cheapo basic must) are super comfy under everything ’cause they are nice and long. And for early morning doc visits (you’ll have quite a few) Old Navy rolled waist wide-leg lounge pants (another cheap score) are great because the fold over waist can go up or down depending on how tender you are (and work for pregnancy as well)! Hope this helps and best of luck!!!

  4. I’ve been sitting here staring at my computer screen trying to find the words to say thank you. Thank you so much for the fantastic ideas, amazingly kind words and support. It’s funny – I’ve been eyeing my maxi-dresses trying to figure out a way to winterize them with my Paige Riding Boots (seriously, it’s like you’re in my head) but just couldn’t come up with anything that wouldn’t make me look completely insane! I also have a couple pairs of James Perse knit cargo pants that will be perfect!
    Amy – Thank you for the undies idea – I have to admit, at this point I think I’d rather do the shots than suppositories but whatever. Grin and bear it right?!
    Tysie – I’ve already ordered a few pairs of Splendid leggings on sale and have an insane amount of drapey cardigans. Seriously, my husband tells me everyday. :o)
    I truly cannot begin to tell you what amazing following/readers ANMJ has and I thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the help!!

  5. Julia – You said it best: our readers are amazing. It totally blows me away.
    Best of luck, Chicky. Do stay in touch. Our fingers are crossed for you.

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