Try It! Wear Your Long Cardigan As A Dress

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P2159409 You know how when women live together their menstrual cycles synch up?  Well….no sooner had I jotted down a note in my idea file, "try wearing long cardi as a dress"…than Em (our much-loved nanny) showed up in this little number.

Whoa.  We're sartorially synching. 

But seriously – let's discuss.  The looong cardigan?  Try wearing it as a dress.  It can be a bit body-con, but there are a few ways to work around that.

First of all, Em nails it by buttoning up her boyfriend cardigan over leggings and topsiders.  Then tones down the body-con nature of this outfit by finishing with a lightweight army parka. 

Here's another view of her outfit:


(Em's wearing: sperry topsiders for j.crew, target leggings, forever21 boyfriend cardigan, old navy jacket)

The other option to tone down the body-con is to play around / distract the eye with a belt and scarf.  Here's my take:


(wearing: Splendid long cardi, Flexees shaper cami, plush fleece leggings, frye boots, banana republic belt, old scarf…from Younkers?  R is wearing his sweet Grateful Dead tee paired with blueberry smoothie on his face.  Nice.)

Also, I think this styling would also work with the ubiquitious, no-button, open, drapey cardigan.  You know, this one:

Screen shot 2011-02-22 at 4.52.33 PM
I don't actually own one of these (strange, right??)…and almost ran out to get one, simply for this article…but then came across this pic of adorable Sydney from TheDaybook:


Sydney chose a thicker knit, which provides more coverage, but I think a thin one would work equally well. 

In any case, between Em and Sydney….well.  It was all a bit "I know — Pet Rock!  What?  Someone already did that?"  But whatever.  Humbling is good.

So I'm loving these outfits because they're an easy way to start transitioning your winter wardrobe into Spring.  And it's just leggings, flats (or flat boots) and a soft cardigan.  Super easy, super mom-friendly, right?  And because it's leggings, you can run around, climb, wrestle, etc. without worrying about too much accidental bum exposure.  See?


Whaddya think?  Are you gals going to try this one?  If you do, feel free to send pics!  We'll post 'em and you'll totally be famous for a day.




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  1. I also love this look. For me, the biggest hurdle is the belt. Whenever I try and wear one (which I did after your post on belts) I feel as if I am being suffocated, and take it off in 10 minutes. And, I am tall, so most of my cardigans aren’t long quite long enough.
    However, you all look fabulous in these looks!!!!!! I love the scarf and belt combo together Shana!

  2. I love this look and wear it often in different permutations. I usually use a cardigan that is self belted and often layer it over a tunic length top. I’m 5’3″, so lots of my cardigans work well. For me, I do need boots with this look. But maybe in the spring I will try a variation with some flats.

  3. I haven’t found a long enough sweater for this just yet. I’m 5’8′ (don’t hate me) and I fear I just look like I forget my pants, too. But it is seriously cute.

  4. Oh, you tall girls!!! 🙂
    I like Maman A Droit’s idea about layering on a black mini under the cardi. I actually just saw a girl at Nordstroms rocking this look with a mini. It was just a tiny, stretchy little thing, but she layered it over leggings…and it added the few crucial inches to her long cardigan. (She was at least 5’6″.)
    Beth – I agree! I love how belts look, but used to get waaay uncomfortable. A few tricks…try a stretchy belt, or just don’t belt it as tightly. I’m always surprised by how loose the belt can be and still look cute.

  5. Hm. Good idea. Only I already get hot when I wear a long cardigan over something….I think i’d end up wanting to strip it off! (Of course, its 80 degrees here in Dallas during February). Maybe I’ll try this next winter. I just found your site the other day and I’m loving it!

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