Radiant Skin Without Chemicals – Clarisonic Skin Care System Review

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What's a bigger bummer than flipping through your wedding album and realizing that your translucent, alabaster skin with porcelain-fine texture and youthful glow is GONE: stolen by time, hormonal fluctuations, thrice-nightly wakings and sub-standard spa exposure? Looking at your 60-year-old mom and realizing her skin looks exponentially better than yours, that’s what. 

Given that both S. and I had the same debasing experience of gazing upon our lovely mothers’ radiant visages and wondering what we were doing wrong, we knew there had to be some trick of the trade. 

Here’s what it is: Clarisonic, a sonic skin-cleaning device developed by scientists, engineers and the primary inventor of the Sonicare toothbrush. 

We both scored one gratis, but not from advertisers or the manufacturer (this post is going to read like a paid endorsement, though I swear to you, it is not), but from concerned parties and ladies in the know.  S.’s mom gave her a Clarisonic Mia and my dearest Auntie E., a skin care pro, gave me (and my mom) a Clarisonic Plus, because of the dramatic changes this handy little gadget had reaped in their lives.

S. started using hers right away, in January, and by our last meeting in March, in spite of four-month-old night feedings and a non-napping preschooler, she was glowing, and when I asked what she was using on her skin, it wasn’t a new cleanser or cream, but the Clarisonic.  I had just started using the Clarisonic on what has become, through two pregnancies and 26 months of breastfeeding, some pretty problematic skin, and I was beginning to see some results in texture and tone. 

Now, almost one month later, I have significantly smoother skin, less pronounced fine lines, an overall improvement in texture and blotchiness, and I’m experiencing fewer and less severe breakouts.  Um, SOLD.  After a lifetime of essentially perfect skin–skin that people stopped to comment on, skin like that in the un-retouched picture above–to go to hormonal, tired, breakout-prone skin during pregnancy and breastfeeding was a big blow to my esteem, and I am ecstatic to finally have something that’s making a difference.

Given the results the Clarisonic yeilds, and being a bit on the hippy side when it comes to organics, cosmetics and hair & skin care while pregnant and nursing, S. and I resolved to post about the Clarisonic as a public service to moms.  Although it is on the pricey side (Clarisonic offers a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, however), it is hands down the best alternative to chemical treatments like retinol and salicylic acid, which are contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and it serves up real results.

Clarisonic may not be able to give me back my 26-year-old blushing bride skin, but it’s getting better everyday, and if S. and our moms’ results are any indication, I’m on the right track!

– M.


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  1. I”ve been wondering about this since I saw it on Oprah’s favorite thing 4 or 5 years ago. This past year my skin is showing the wear and tear of two pregnancies, breastfeeding and lack of sleep – oh yes and age. Thanks for the review!

  2. Ahhh. I need to get one of these. I saw one on QVC months ago. I’d never heard of it and wasn’t sure if it was worth it. (I’m definitely not a regular QVC shopper). Anyway, now you have convinced me. Now I just need to scrape $150 together…

  3. I have had one of these for about three years, and I LOVE it! It is well worth the price tag, and it is really only the price of 3 or 4 facials. I love that I can use it with my favorite cleansers that I choose based on “clean” ingredients, and it makes them even more effective.

  4. I bought the Pro last month and I absolutely love it!! It’s amazing what it’s dne for my 35yr old mother of two skin. I know longer feel the need to spend $70 a month on the MD Skincare A/B peel pads. I recommend it to all of my friends.

  5. I have the Olay Prox knockoff of this and it has improved my skin sooo much in just a few weeks. It’s a great deal for 30 dollars! I would definitely consider a clarisonic if it ever gives out on me though…

  6. Tamara Paton on

    I’ve been using the Clarisonic Pro for nearly a year and will never be without it. The best part – I don’t need to wear makeup (forgive me…I’m one of those moms who only wears make-up if there is a wedding).

  7. The Clarisonic is new news to me. Does it matter what skin type you have? Is it for daily use facial cleansing?
    I can say that the products you choose after and during any cleanse should be as free of preservatives and chemicals. If you can afford organic skin care it is the healthiest path to ageless skin.

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