10 Gorgeous Pooch-Hiding Maxi Dresses For All Occasions

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Screen shot 2011-05-17 at 10.11.19 PM  I've been having a problem with maxi dresses as of late.  At 6 months post-partum, I'm still just too poochy for most.  While an empire-waisted top will (typically) swing out nicely to hide the pooch, an empire-waisted maxi is so weighed down by all the extra fabric, it actually emphasises the pooch. 

Not. Good.

Heart-breaking, actually, considering that last summer (while pregnant), I basically rotated through one of three maxi dresses.  Everyday.  Maxi dresses are now, to me, like flip-flops:  you just can't call it summer without 'em.

And yes – some maxi dresses do have an elastic waistband, but most have the waistband hitting dead-smack in the middle of the trouble zone.

So I've made it a quest to find flattering, pooch-hiding maxi dresses.  And I've found ten. 

Casual, Comfy, Wear-Everywhere Maxis

Without a doubt, these are my favorite kinds of maxis.  I'm all about soft,comfy fabrics in the summer. 

And anyone still drooling over the Halston Heritage dress that haunts me should take a serious look at the soft cotton T-bags version below in cream.  Gorgeous.



NOTE:  The key with the waisted maxis is that there has to be enough fabric such that the waist can be worn low – a dropped waist dress, rather than at your actual waist.  And we need enough fabric in the dropped waist to camouflage the pooch.

Silky Maxis

Ummm…get ready to drool.  These maxis are heart-stoppingly fabulous.  Have a wedding to attend?  No problem.  Reunion?  Done. Just willing to blow some cash on something (anything!) that will make you feel gorgeous after nine long years months?  Voila….


Silk dresses like these are actually mom-friendlier than they appear.  While most of their care labels state dry clean only, I've successfully washed dresses like these in the machine (cold, delicate cycle, line dry). 

Oh – and that gorgeous layered number at the top of this post?  It's Patterson J. Kincaid.  Sak's had it online pre-order ($188) and sold out.  However….it's hitting the actual stores in a week.  So if you want one, call the Saks number and they'll try to score on for you. 

For me, it's down to the Kincaid vs. Tbags Halston inspired.  Hmmmm….tough call. 





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  1. Question: Can I pull off a maxi dress being a 5 foot tall, curvy mama?
    I feel like a dress like any one of these would eat me up!

  2. I love these!! The maxi dress is great – cool, no dilemma over tops and bottoms, and long enough to cover things if I am chasing a kiddo up a jungle gym. I am a fan of the T bags one – just have to decide if it will hit me in the right spots…
    Two questions – one is with waisted maxis I often find the elastic waist doesn’t sit where I need it. Can I try and find a straighter style, size up and use a belt? And, the undergarment…what to wear. Panties leave a line, but the thong – well, let’s just say that the dress gets caught up “there” and that is even worse!!! Thoughts to spare me some mishaps?

  3. Sorry for the late responses gang. With the move and everything, life has been crazy.
    Vicki…I want to say yes. The key will be getting the length right and finding something that isn’t too overwhelming. The maxi dresses with a banded waist help to reel everything in.
    Amy – You would look amazing in that dress!! Need to find myself a Target around here…
    Beth – You absolutely can belt a straighter style! I don’t know if you have found us on Facebook yet, but a reader posted there about a J.Crew Factory maxi that is forgiving on the pooch. I bought it…and she’s right. But I happen to like it even better belted.
    In terms of the panty situation…I swear by Hanky Panky thongs. Love those things. You could also try nude, satiny boyshorts (something that won’t catch the fabric of the dress)….or…actually…a swimsuit bottom.

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