May 24, 2011

Cover Up In Style – Six Ways to Look Great at the Pool or Beach

CoverupLooking good sometimes starts to feel like a New Year's resolution – especially come summer.  I mean, I know what I SHOULD do (*cough* apply self-tanner *cough*), but that doesn't mean I feel like slathering that stinky stuff on after the whole bathing, reading, lotioning, taking back to bed, nursing, crying, taking back to bed, rocking, taking back to bed, repeat 8 more times…craziness we call bedtime.

The point here is that while I'm a firm believer in swimsuit confidence…we all have those days.  And I know I feel a lot more confident (regardless of the state of my white pasty thighs and pooch) when I look good.  Having a go-to pool/beach outfit (yup, I said outfit) is like fake tan…but without the mess or smell.

So before we're in the throes of actual summer, put a little thought into your cover-up & beach bag.  The best pool outfits can go from the beach/pool out to the ice cream shop or around town running errands.

For some inspiration, I had a whole mess of fun putting together six outfits I'm now trying to convince Mike that I need.  (Despite the fact that he bought me this gorgeous one from Calypso last year.  Hmmm…one for everyday of the week? Yes? No.)

Anyway, check it (most everything is under $100…except the sunnies):







Ahhhh….SO FUN!!






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