Mom Style Translation: Khakis Paired With Pops of Neon (and Animal Print)

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I love this pic that Streetstyle Aesthetic snapped during London Fashion Week:


While I would love to lounge around in my high heels and silk ruffled top carrying everything I need in a bright clutch (sigh)…it's sooo not gonna happen.

However, this girl is rockin' it.  And her color choices are nothing but totally inspired. 

I love the loose definition of a suit here – khaki pants and army green jacket, paired with the bright pops of color.  And animal print shoes?  They are just off enough (yet match enough) to work.  Perfectly imperfect.

To make this outfit mom-friendly…well, it's easy:  Swap the heels out for flats, the clutch out for a larger bag, and throw on a washable yellow top.

Per usual, I have a little collage (below) to translate this into a mom-friendly look.  However, I thought it would also be fun to try and see if M and I could use this pic as inspiration for our own outfits, using what we already have in our closet. 

Here's what we came up with:


(wearing: wilster cotton anorak from Nordstroms, J. Crew hubby beater tank and ballet flats, Gap skinny khakis, Banana Republic scarf, Forever 21 belt, Bloom bangles)

I liked that our inspiration paired a silky top and heels with comfy, casual khakis.  I'm not about to run around in a silk top with a five-month-old drooler, but I can evoke a similar feeling with a silky ruffled scarf.  And my old Stella McCartney for Adidas bag is actually a pretty perfect diaper bag.  Animal print flats would be amazing with this outfit…but eh.  My printed flats are close enough. 

The point here is to show what a loose style translation looks like…with no additional purchases required! 

Now M took this look in a slightly different direction.  We all know how fabulous she and her bum look in their Houlihans, so she swapped the khaki-army combo around and used them instead of khakis.  No leopard print flats?  No problem.  A bright flat and leopard print scarf fit the bill.  And, since it's M, a gorgeous bag is always involved.  Nylon duffle?  Pshaw! Buttery leather and fringe are waaay better.  (I'd kill for this girl's bag closet.)

(M's wearing:  j.brand houlihans, halogen jacket from nordstroms, french connection top, j.crew scarf, old navy flats and a carla mancini fringe stud hobo)

Lastly, for the purist, here's a direct translation:




Fun stuff.






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  1. Ok, I know there’s a swimsuit post lurking somewhere in the past few months, but I can’t find it to save my life. Can someone help me out here! I’ve got 2 trips coming up (one in June and one in Sept) where I have to look GOOD. 2 kids, both c’s, and my SIL is one of those freaks who snaps back into size 2 after babies and has no stretch marks. I can’t look like a frumpty dumpty! HELP! I’ve been trying to decide between a sort of swim dress style (pinup?) from Victoria’s secret (Carmen Marc Valvo one); a tankini from Hilfiger (very sporty red/blue nautical stripes and a halter- I can send you a link if you want); and a tankini concoction from Juicy that has a high waist and rouching – its very similar to the VS one but 2 pieces, and the bust is verticle rouching, rather than twisted. Basically, I’ve got one SIL who picked the suit I wanted (from LL Bean, a paisley print tankini) and one who will be in a bikini 6 months after her baby was born. Shoot me now if you can’t help me!! LOL!
    Thank you! (I can send links of ea. option and/or pics of myself to help…I’ve got a fair amount of belly flab to cover making my waist a size 31 in 7 jeans, but my bum and thighs are like size 4 or 6).
    I hate swimsuits, and the prospect of being seen in them. *sigh*

  2. Audrey – I'm also in swimsuit h$ll.  Send me links and a pic – I'll try to come up with something this weekend.  A post on post-partum swimwear is in the works.  🙂
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  3. So I totally lost where i’d posted this! Sorry it took me so long Shana! Where do I send the goods? I’ve even got a suggestion for others, based off an impulse buy lol! (email me at the email address below, if you’d prefer – I am much better at finding my email. LOL!)
    Thank you!!

  4. LOL I guess I should clairify…what email should I send the links/pic to?
    I swear, I’m losing what little is left of my mind..over flipping swimsuits. UGH.

  5. Hi Shana – I just sent that email. Sorry it took me 2 dang days. My 2 yr old decided to dump her juice on my laptop and it took 2 rubbing alcohol baths and a lot of air drying to get it functional again. *sigh*. Please just let me know if it didn’t come through? It is coming from a yahoo email address.
    Thank you again for ALL your help – you rock my world sister!!

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