Mad for Maxi Skirts

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Mad for maxi skirts

I'm mad for maxi skirts, mamas, and I'll tell you why.  What can possibly be kinder to varicose veins, lumpy knees, mummy tummies and chubby thighs (mine, not my babes') than a crazy-long skirt?  Is there a better skirt to wear to a playground?  No.  Is there an easier way to make your tired, frazzled person look polished while staying comfortable?  Not likely.  All this, and you'll actually look current and on-trend?  It really would be too much to ask for if it hadn't just fallen in our laps. 

Here I'm wearing the Loveappella Maxi Skirt from Piperlime with an off white tank and a denim vest I've miraculously held onto since high school.  I've had about 4 hours of sleep, haven't washed my hair in days, and I actually believe my mom, who's taking the photo, when she tells me I look awesome.  Because, well, she's my mom and she'd never lie to me, right?  Right.  And, in spite of the aforementioned circumstances, I feel great in this outfit, like I'm wearing pajamas. . . but nobody knows.

I'm loving the maxi skirt trend because separates can be so much easier to deal with considering the limited time moms have for vanity.  And, while I have adopted maxi dresses, I sometimes have a hard time wearing them.  Unless I have the time to really work out my accessories, I end up feeling like I'm wearing a nightgown. 

Here are my picks for fabulous maxi skirts for moms, but please note, the Halston Heritage silk floral is an inspiration piece only–silk and an $800 price tag probably can't be considered mom-friendly, and that's what were all about here.  We can dream, though, and if we know what we're looking for, it'll eventually pop up in disposable form at H&M or Forever 21, right?

Outrageous Prints
While I went with a neutral maxi skirt–it's hard for me to pass up a $44, super-soft winner like this–my heart really lies with crazy bold prints.  You can go anywhere with these, from nothing but a hubby beater to a runway-inspired ensemble fit for the hottest eateries (see the Gaultier-inspired set I did for a Who What Wear challenge below).



Supertrash maxi skirt
$207 -


Halston Heritage long skirt
$779 -


Torn by Ronny Kobo long skirt
$180 -


French Connection long cotton skirt
$98 -



Elizabeth and James military tank
158 GBP -


Torn by Ronny Kobo long skirt
$180 -


Marc Jacobs wedge shoes
295 CAD -


Vince Camuto clutch handbag
$118 -


Leaf necklace
150 GBP -





Right on Tone
Neutral maxi skirts are all about the fine-tuned details.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the low low price tag on the Loveappella skirt I snapped up at Piperlime–the fitted upper skirt slims and de-volumizes the tiered lower skirting and the faint stripe slims and adds interest.  The bias cut stripes on the Ella Moss are slimming and flattering and these prairie skirts will go straight from summer concerts to Sunday brunch with the right styling.

Hive Honey elastic waist skirt
$54 -


Free People ankle length skirt
$148 -


Ankle length skirt
$44 -


Ella Moss bohemian skirt
$138 -




So what do you think, Mamas?  Are you going to max it out at the playground this summer?

– M.





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  1. Get out of my head! I was *just* thinking about buying a maxi skirt but hadn’t started looking around yet. Thank you!
    P.S. You do look super cute. Your mama wasn’t lying to you. 🙂

  2. I love this trend and I love maxi dresses and skirts. I have 3 dresses and no skirts. Yet. Unfortunately I blew out my May/June personal spending budgets but once July rolls around, watch out! I’ll probably get a neutral one in gray to maximize the cost per wear. 🙂

  3. I wonder if I still have my black beaded one from my boho phase in college? Lol. I feel like these skirts eat me up though-think this is a trend us shorties should skip?

  4. Thank you so much for this post, and every other one. I am a brand new reader of your blog, and discovered it through Rookie Moms. In the last 3 days, I think that I have devoured dozens of your posts and I love, love, LOVE each one. I have been looking for a way to create a mom wardrobe, and have been struggling because (a) for 15+ years I worked in the Serious Corporate World and never spent $$ or paid attention to casual clothes, and (b) I have spent the last 3.5 years pregnant and/or nursing (still nursing…) and my size 6 toned body is now a size 12 flabby body. Yes, I know it will come back if I work at it, but for now I am glad that I have inspiration on what to wear. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Do you have any advice for styling maxi skirts? I love this look, but usually think these skirts look best with a more slim-fitting top, like your basic slim tank or cami. I’m just not working that look with my postpartum pooch 🙁 But my drapey tops seem frumpy when paired with full, long skirts.
    BTW, I looked at that same loveappella skirt at piperlime A few weeks ago and convinced myself I didn’t need it since I had just bought 2 maxi dresses. But now that it’s out of stock in the gray stripe I’m totally kicking myself! It looks fab on you.

  6. I am definitely loving the maxi-skirt. A lot easier for nursing mamas than a maxi dress, that’s for sure.
    I have 2 now – a slim mostly-black one and a more… fluffy… white one (given to me by a friend when I was pregnant).
    I find that either one can be worn with a slim button-down blouse. The fluffy one can be worn with a nice fitted t-shirt, and the slim one goes well with just about anything! 🙂

  7. I don’t know if I love maxi skirts but I do know I love your blog! Just discovered it last night and stayed up wayyyy too late reading post after post. I’m a little bleary eyed today but I feel super cute in my Aint No Mom Jeans inspired outfit! Thanks for keepin it real.

  8. Ditto the questions from Maman a Droit and Megan. Can a post-partum pooch be hidden? And what about if we’re a little on the short side (or 5’0″ and A LOT on the short side)?
    Way to rock the look! 🙂

  9. Thanks for the comments, girls! I’m expecting a maxi skirt in the mail soon….so let me play with pooch hiding options and get back to you.
    For the shorties (me included)…I think the key is drape. Find something that flows well and doesn’t have too much volume. For example, the skirt M is wearing (with the fitted top, flowy bottom) would do much better on us shorter mamas then the skirts that are flowy all the way down. Or try a long, fitted style. SO flattering….

  10. Love maxi skirts and maxi dresses as well. The outfit in your pic is adorable but I am completely in love with the Halston skirt now! Beautiful!!!

  11. I love the maxi skirts out this season but they seem to look best with bare legs and sandals or flats. I live in San Francisco and it’s always a bit too chilly for bare legs here and I don’t really have sandals because I never have a chance to wear them when not on vacation (I know, crazy, right?) I was thinking I could wear leggings underneath but do you have any other ideas? Thank you!

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