Oooo…Fall Mom-Drobe Essentials in Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale (Hello, Frye Boots)

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Nordstroms, one of my favorite retailers due to their ah-mazing customer service policy and vast shoe department, has one doozy of sale about to start.  For those of you in the dark, Nordstrom's biggest sale, their anniversary sale, starts this Friday (although, if you are a cardmember, you can buy now).  I love this sale.  Unlike other sales, this one discounts merchandise for the upcoming season (aka Fall), as well as several items that don't often go on sale, like Frye boots!!  And in this case, fabulous Frye boots. For over $100 off.  Oh, baby.  

Here are my favorite picks for moms from this year's anniversary sale.



A. Frye Jane Strappy Boot – $240 down from $358 

B. Frye Carmen Short Back Lace Ankle Boot – $200 down from $298

C. Frye Melissa Button Back Zip Boot – $220 down from $328 

D. BP Runway Boot – $80 down from $120

The Jane Strappy Boots are hot, hot, hot.  Perfect for moms who are comfortable rocking a slight heel.  I also like the short Carmens (love the light color) and the Melissa Button Back Boots?  They look kinda boring, right?  On they are one of the most perfect tall, flat boots I've tried.  They look spot-on with bare legs, also.  The Melissa Buttons were actually my favorite of the bunch. But you do have to try them on.  They look so much cooler on than they do in the pic.  Lastly, the BP Runway boots?  Do they look familiar?  They are basically knock-offs take a page from Loeffler Randall boots…which retail for $700.  (Much, much less fabulous than the Loeffler Randalls, but much, much less $$ too.)

 Cool Flats

Screen shot 2011-07-12 at 12.45.33 AM

Ummmm…Vera Wang, Me Too and Attilio Giusti's chain-link ballet flats, all under $200?  Nice. 

ps.  Me Too's are only $60.


We've talked about the mom-friendliness of the poncho before here and here.  And I'm still going to be all. about. ponchos. come Fall.  They look perfect with both flares and skinny jeans (as shown below) and are great for pregnancy, nursing and pooch-hiding.  


Hinge Stripe Oversize Poncho ($60), Caslon V-Neck Poncho Sweater ($46), and Caslon Button-Front Poncho ($60)

Hanky Panky Panties!!!

Screen shot 2011-07-12 at 12.47.40 AM The only thong panty that is as-comfortable during pregnancy as it is any other time.  Only downside is the cost.  Now they are $13 a pop, instead of $22.


Joe's Jeans for Tinies

M and I both swear by Joe's Jeans for the kiddos.  They look cute, are soft and durable, and fit properly in the bum – even over a diaper (or not – both ways work).  I hate when kid's jeans are low-rise or not cut properly and end up sliding down when the kiddos run around or bend to pick something up.  Joe's skinnies are on sale for the kiddos for $35.

Screen shot 2011-07-12 at 12.46.44 AM

Want to see more?  (And there is more – Hudson flare jeans, a perfect little blazer…)  Voila!  A link to the Anniversary Sale catalogue!





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  1. My husband saw your blog today and told me I should go shopping tomorrow. Thank you! I can’t wait to but the Frye Jane Strappy boots, new jeans, pretty panties and a poncho. I will feel like a new woman that might actually want to leave the house.

  2. Ok, so I just received the Frye Melissa Button Back Zip boots and I love them. I have looked for years for flat boots that are narrow enough in the calf to fit my chicken legs. I love them and the grey color is fantastic. As soon as I tried them on my husband (who loved them) asked if they are still going to be relevant this fall. Has the basic flat boot (with skinny jeans, leggings, etc) look passed into boring mom wardrobe? Are they still relevant and fresh or are they getting stale?

  3. So, I just started following your blog – love it!! I emailed you yesterday about some suede fringe wedge sandals and ended up getting them. You’re so sweet to reply and give you opinion so quickly! Anyway, I love this post. I got the Frye Melissa boots with the back zip for Christmas and I LOVE them!!! And secondly, I love the pic of the kids, particularly for the little boy with Down syndrome – my daughter has Down syndrome and I LOVE that Nordstrom is using a child with DS to model!! Yay Nordstrom!

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