July 18, 2011

Summer Hat Picks for Moms (Wear them Now & into Fall)

P7123957 My bangs have looked weird lately.  Adrienne, my dear friend (and hair stylist*) pointed out all the new baby hairs along my hairline.  "You had a baby.  Eventually all of your fab pregnancy hair falls out..and then some" she said.  "But it's now starting to grow back in!"


So hello, hats.  It's funny, a year ago a reader wrote in asking for summer hat suggestions, and M and I played hot potato with her email.

You want to do hats?

I could…but it was your idea.

No.  No it really wasn't.  It was a reader's.


You want to do hats?

I could….but you seem more excited about it.

No really, I'm not.




You want to do hats?

and on and on and on….

Suffice to say, neither of us were really feeling hat-ty last summer.  But between my weird post-partum bangs and the fact that oh, I don't know, HATS ROCK….(seriously M, what was our problem last year?)…I'm hooked on hats.

There are a ton of cute styles to choose from, and really, just grab the one you like best…but I have my eye on two styles in particular:  the fedora and the floppy 70's hat.  

The Fedora

I know I'm coming late to the fedora party, but in my defense….my head is too big.  So it took me a loooong time to find a fedora.  Seriously!  Fedoras look best (IMO) when they sit nice and low on the forehead.  Finding one big enough for my head PLUS my hair?  Almost impossible. My hair is deceptively HUGE, people.  And when pregnant?  Goodness.  Birds could nest, I wouldn't know.  So…for all of you big headed (or big-haired) Mamas, try looking in the men's section.  

Totally worth it, tho'.  I've never felt so cool.  Here's a little now & later fun…


(wearing: Me – Mossimo fedora, Dolce Vita Regina sandals, J.Crew Amie Maxi Dress, Makr Carry Goods Canvas Farm Rucksack, Rebecca aka Girl's Gone Child aka the Momma Who ROCKs the fedora- for outfit deets, see her original post here.  And BTW, she's currently pregnant with TWINS!  So. Stinkin. Exciting!!!)

And my fav picks:



Urban outfitter
$29 - urbanoutfitters.com


Tarnish straw hat
$28 - nordstrom.com


Goorin hat
£22 - urbanexcess.com


Straw hat
$32 - nordstrom.com


Echo Design ribbon scarve
$38 - echodesign.com


Vintage fedora hat
$18 - modcloth.com






BTW – Target has fedoras for under $13, but for some reason I couldn't import into Polyvore.  It's a great way to try out a trend before shelling out a ton of dough.


The Floppy 70's Hat

While a fedora instantly makes any look cooler, this hat makes any look more fun.  As in FUN-NER.  (As in the word my mom hates almost more than f***)

This hat looks great with any sort of 70's retro-inspired get-up (flares, yesssss)…BUT….I like it even better paired with something a little less obvious.  Throw it on with your skinnies and boots in the fall, or with an oversized tank and shorts now.

Check it:


(photo credits: left from the Kangol lookbook via racked and right from Jak and Jil via tendancesdemode)

And my favs: 



ASOS wool hat
$43 - asos.com


American Apparel wool hat
$40 - americanapparel.net


Gap hat
$30 - gap.com


J Crew summer beach hat
$35 - jcrew.com


ASOS bow hat
$34 - asos.com


Pins and Needles floppy hat
$29 - urbanoutfitters.com


LULU hat
$16 - nordstrom.com







And just think – no sun damage!



*Denver gals, if you are looking for an ah-maz-ing stylist, go see Adrienne at The Parlour downtown.  She's the best.  For the whole fam.  :)

  • Hotoffthegarlickpress.blogspot.com
    July 18, 2011

    Have the same fedora as you S – and LOVE it for the same reasons (post-partum weird regrowth) as well as “dirty hair day” saver!!! Now I need a cute felt floppy – thanks for the options!

  • Emily Moothart
    July 18, 2011

    I bought a floppy hat last year because I loved it so much, but then I never wore it because I was too spineless to look “different”. Got rid of it just a few months ago and now I’m wishing that I hadn’t. It really IS cute.

  • Theclotheswewear
    July 18, 2011

    Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but have never posted a comment. Can’t resist this one about hats because you’re talking about my two all-time favorites. LOVE fedoras and recently ended my long search for a floppy hat when I found a mint condition vintage one at a local thrift shop for a whopping $6. Thanks for the links to these great hat options. PS-love your maxi outfit. So cute for summer.
    Van // The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.

  • Beth LaMois
    July 18, 2011

    So cute!!! I absolutely love hats, but I’m usually too shy to wear them. I have a very preppy wardrobe for the fall. Could I wear these two types of hats with them? I love to wear sweater vests, denim pencils skirts, blazers, etc. I would love to know how to incorporate into the fall!

  • Shana
    July 21, 2011

    Tysie – let us know how you end up styling your floppy!! I always love seeing your take on a trend.
    Emily M – I have this problem too sometimes. I hate when an outfit feels like effort. If you do re-buy, force yourself to wear it out of the store. :). It’ll break you in faster.
    Van – great blog! I just checked out your remix – nice!! Loved your fedora and floppy hat outfits! Aaand…the gorg maxi skirt…number 2, I think? Beautiful. Thanks for the comment!
    Beth – these hats would be amazing with preppy basics!!! A fedora would make a pencil skirt and vest combo SO cool…and a floppy with the same outfit would have a cool, retro 70’s vibe. I say go for it!

  • Tysie
    September 15, 2011

    Posted my “felt floppy” take today – hope you like?!

  • Shana
    September 15, 2011

    Tysie – I love it!!!
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