What To Wear To Meet An Ex-Boyfriend for Lunch

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Reader Question:

I am a work-from-home mom with 2 small kids (2.5 years and 10 months).  Like everyone else, my bod ain’t what it used to be, especially my tummy.  And I did multiple rounds of IVF before getting pregnant and gained weight from that too.  Ah well – small price to pay for great kids and I am working at getting it back slowly.  Anyway, I have to be in New York in July and I am meeting a former boyfriend, who I have not seen for 6 years, for lunch.  He’s since married and has 2 kids of his own so it’s 100% platonic, but I really want to look great-but-not-trying-too-hard.

Any Ideas?



Oh, D.  Such a tricky styling situation.  You don't want to go to extremes here (extremes being a prom dress or – god forbid – white) yet…it's your Ex.  You hardly want him walking away thinking, "Whew!  I dodged a bullet!"   Sooo…you need something that looks easy, effortless….but crazy-hot.  


In these situations, I swear by the following formula:

Summer Dress + Stylish Casual Shoes + Laid-back bag and jewelry

Really, you can't go wrong.  Personally, I'd stay away from anything too fussy or too dressy.  And to further prevent looking like you just got all dressed up for this happy occasion cause you're just so excited, oh boy oh boy…stick with chic, yet laid-back sandals (and bag).

Here are couple of pooch-friendly options:

A Casual Maxi Dress Look

NYC Lunch Date 1



A Cute Mini Dress Look With a Big Watch (oh!  just look at the time….)

NYC Lunch Date 2


Pleated dress
$40 - shopruche.com


Zips shoes
$39 - shopruche.com



Nixon face watch
$500 - nordstrom.com


Gucci square sunglasses
£250 - flannelsfashion.com



For more ideas, check out the day version of the summer dress we styled three ways or our What to Wear to Look Hot at Your High School Reunion article from last summer. 

D's Ex…eat your heart out.



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