5 Crazy-Cool Earrings That Are Small Enough To Avoid Grabby Little Hands

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IMG_0162 Since R was born, I've been on a quest for earrings that are glitzy enough to show up under this mass of hair on my head, but small enough to avoid the grabbing hands of the magpies I give birth to.

When the babes were tiny (aka newborns), huge earrings were not an issue.  In fact, Lane cites large, gorgeous earrings as one of her babywearing basics while trying to retain her style as a new mom.  And she's right – a gorgeous pair of earrings can do wonders for a simple outfit that is so often limited by the functionality required of baby-wearing.

(wearing: Levis plaid tank, Chan Luu wrap bracelet, necklace from Fragments, black and white Peanut Shell carrier with baby Raines)

However.  Those newborns grow, and those chubby fingers get fast. Crazy fast.  And while a simple diamond *cough* cubic zirconia *cough* stud always works, it does get old.  But lately I keep coming across some downright rockin', small-ish, yet totally cool, totally glitzy earrings that would be perfect for baby-wearing the older babe, as well as avoiding little grabby hands in general.  

Time to share. Voila

Screen Shot 2011-09-19 at 8.33.34 PM

Juicy Couture Large Cushion Cut, $58 | Elizabeth and James Architecture Cube, $75

Melinda Maria Marquise Cluster Studs, $68 | Banana Republic Sparkle Huggie, $35

House of Harlow 1960 Star Earring, $45 | Melissa Joy Manning Canvansite Bezel Studs, $315

Shashi Ballerina Studs, $30 | Stella and Dot Amelia Drop Earrings, $78

Stella and Dot Renegrade Mini Cluster Hoops, $29 | Made Her Think Swallows, $132


I'd happily wear any of these earrings, but have fallen pretty hard for both pairs of spikes (House of Harlow in silver and Stell & Dot in gold). (hint, hint Mike.  And please ignore B who told you it was lame to give me gifts that I've already written about.  It is NOT lame.  Repeat, NOT LAME.)

Readers, have you come across any gorgeous pairs that add sparkle, yet still avoid the shockingly fast chubby-handed? 



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  1. Ooh cute! I have a friend with a permanent scar in her ear from a kiddo ripping her earring out though so I only wear pairs with no back, lol, in case my toddler gets a similar idea. I think the Amelia drop earrings would be right up my alley!

  2. LOVE!!! So love. I never wore studs before The Pup, and now they’re pretty much all I wear. I adore those little birds and the edgy starbursts! Some of my personal favs are black rhinestone skulls and little wedges of cheese by Betsey Johnson, and some awesome little bows I got at Nordstrom.
    PS–How freakin’ awesome is House of Harlow 1960? It’s on Gilt right now, FYI…

  3. Love studs! And since I have three children, all of whom have loved yanking on mama’s ears, studs have literally been an ear-saver. I’m from and live in the lil ol’ South, and when you’re a Southern gal, you just have to love the ear studs from James Avery. I’m particularly crushing on their Double Curl Ear Posts right now!

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