5 Very Cool Ways to Wear a Puffer Vest (And Hide A Poochy Stomach!!)

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Try saying this three times fast:  Perfect Post-Partum Paunchy-Pooch Puffers!  Perfect Post-Partum Paunchy-Pooch Puffers!  Perfect-

I'll stop now.


(wearing: On S – J.Crew puffer, Madewell boiler shirt, Levis denim leggings, Mia Bukaroo boots, H&M hat, LOFT skinny belt…..On R – Joe's Jeans, Puma sneaks, Crewcuts v-neck tee, Splendid hoodie, Oakley flannel, 77kids hat….On Little P – Gap flannel-lined jeans and camel jacket, Old Navy hat, Robeez fur boots)

Anywho.  The point is that puffer vests provide some major pooch control.  If you can find a puffer that you can juuuust barely zip up – that's the perfect fit for pooch-taming.  The side view, if you are truly post-partum, will be slightly thicker.  My pooch is almost gone (unless I eat, then Hello, food baby), and so the side view is still not the best:


I'm using a skinny belt to try and add the idea of a waist.  It's not enough to create an actual waist…but I'm OK with just the idea for now.  Idea-waist is still a dramatic improvement over the last year-and-a-half of pregnancy and post-partum.

But a puffer vest can present a few challenges of it's own.  When paired with, say, mom jeans & running shoes, the whole effect is rather depressing.  Or if everything you wear screams SPORTY SPICE…the look is more going-to-the-gym than cute-mom-on-the-go.

I tend to pair my puffer vest with something citified, sleek or sophisticated-ish.  My go-to is pictured above.  Skinny jeans, boots, and a puffer (with belt) layered over a flannel shirt.  This mom-uniform serves me well.

But there are a few other ideas I've been dying to try.  Here are my favs:





Emily was kind enough to throw together a little collage of her favorite puffer ideas, and came up with this awesome hip sweatshirt and jeans combo.  I mean seriously – this is basically a sweatshirt, jeans, and a puffer vest.  But oh-SO-stylish.  If the heel is too high, replace the black booties with any kind of black boot.  Love this look – thanks, Em!!  (Old Navy also has an awesome shiny black puffer for $25)




Puffer Vest With Dress



So.  You know how I feel about my duck boots, and with tights, sweater-dress and puffer….Ooooo, baby.  This would be a chic weekend look when out with the whole family.  If you're worried about bum coverage, swap the tights out for leggings.  



Screen Shot 2011-11-04 at 11.04.24 AM

I also like Nicole, the Style Student's take in her Ralph Lauren puffer vest.  The whole look is pretty preppy (the loafers!  The cords!  The plaid!  The vest is tweed, for crying out loud…) but it works.  I especially like the cropped length of the pant with a puffer vest.  (Psst…Old Navy has a gray tweed puffer vest…)







This last collage was courtesy of Emily again.  The basic idea here is simply leggings, a tunic-length button-down, puffer and boots.  Em made this whole look infinitely more stylish by picking fake-leather leggings.  I love this idea for moms, BTW.  I tried on a pair of shiny/fake-leatherish leggings a couple of years ago – they were actually comfy, they just felt like regular leggings!  I'm still kicking myself for not bringing them home.  Besides, nothing screams "I REFUSE TO LOOK LIKE A SLEEP DEPRIVED MOM" than fake-leather leggings.  I mean seriously – rock ON.




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  1. Love these. Except! Old Navy’s vest is way past fun-shiny and way over into way-too-damn-shiny. It was pretty tragic.

  2. Thanks for this– I bought those Mia Buckaroo boots from the first photo. They were on sale on Endless for $98 down from $179– whoo hoo! I’ve been needing to branch out from knee high boots for a looooong time.

  3. I like your outfits, but Nicole’s preppy puffer look…Am I the only one who just cannot go back to the 80s/early 90s, even if it’s just a hint? Zippers on tapered pants with loafers = middle school nightmare for me.

  4. Belt over puffy vest? LOVE. And I discovered this wonderful idea post-baby too…and I’m now looking for a faux fur vest for the same reason! Hard to find one of those that zips, though–and the zip is KEY!

  5. I can’t get Mia Buckaroo in my size 🙁 looking everywhere!!!
    BTW is it possible to pull of a puffer vest if you are top heavy?????

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