Go Buy Now: Our Picks at Ann Taylor, LOFT and LOFT Maternity (40% Off Online Ends Monday at Midnight)

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Screen Shot 2011-11-20 at 8.14.03 PMGang, Ann Taylor and LOFT are having a 40% off of everything sale.  It ends Monday, Nov 21st at 11:59PM PST.  This sale is online only – use code THANKS at Ann Taylor and TAKE40 at LOFT.  Both offer free shipping on purchases over $125. 

So.  I combed through both retailers looking for the best picks for moms.  There's some amazing pooch-hiding sweaters (some are nursing friendly), a few great accessories, and some glitzy pieces that are perfect for upcoming holiday parties.

Happy Shopping!

Ann Taylor

All of the below sweaters are perfect for hiding a poochy stomach (except for the turtleneck).  And each piece in the middle row would make regular mom-drobe clothing party-ready (even the short-sleeve sweatshirt is shimmery).  

Post-partum moms:  don't overlook the Spanx open bust cami – it'll suck in a poochy stomach without squashing down 'the girls'.

Screen Shot 2011-11-20 at 9.11.05 PM
TOP ROW:  Crazy Cowl Neck Sweater  |  Radiant One-Shoulder Top | Ribbed 3/4 Sleeve Pullover 

2ND ROW:   Cocoon Boatneck Pullover| Shimmer Boatneck Pullover | Cashmere Textured Sweater

3RD ROW:  Modern Denim Slim Jeans | Sequin Mini |Color-blocked long-sleeve turtleneck  

LAST ROW: Spanx Open Bust Cami  | Ecletic Stone Statement EarringsTie Neck Halter Top



Sooo…the sparkle pumps aren't quite as fabulous as the J.Crew ones that I'm craving, but with 40% off, they are a fraction of the price.

You can't tell from the photo, but the necklace is nice and long – pendent length, actually.  I also love the cozy cable-knit scarf, the mod, mod shift in the bright orange, and the nursing-friendly sweater dress.  The little sequin mini bag actually fits cross-body, leaving your hands free for wiping noses drinks.  And the Stripe Sweater Poncho looks much pricier than it is – and is roomy enough to nurse under. 

  Screen Shot 2011-11-20 at 9.28.36 PM

TOP ROW: LOFT Clean Sparkle Pumps |Cable Infinity Loop Scarf | Chunky Gems Pendent Necklace 

MIDDLE ROW: Faux Wrap Sweater DressSeamed Shift Dress |Placed Stripe Sweater Poncho


LAST ROW: Lace Yoke Tee | Patent Skinny Belt | Sequin Mini Cross Body Bag


LOFT Maternity

Did you know LOFT carries maternity online?  They've been carrying it for a couple of years now…I haven't blogged it before because I'm not impressed.  It looks like a slightly more expensive version of Old Navy Maternity.  Not good.  But…they do have a few stand-out pieces, and with 40% off, I though you guys might want to take a peek.

I'm mostly intrigued by the denim maternity leggings.  The description is "roll panel".  I don't know what this is.  Full panel?  Half panel?  And while I really like the front, the back view is…interesting.  The model's bum seems to have disappeared.  Which may be a good thing.  If you have these, let me know how they fit.

But the cozy sweater and dresses are easy wins.  

Screen Shot 2011-11-20 at 9.40.30 PM

TOP ROW:  Cowlneck Marled Stripe Sweater | Cowlneck Sweater Dress

BOTTOM ROW:  Denim Leggings | Engineered Stripe Sweater Dress




ps.  It's Giveaway Season here at Ain't No Mom Jeans!  Cause we love you guys.  We really, really do.  And don't forget to enter our latest – the Naomi Gray Birthstone necklace.  M's picking the winner on Wednesday!  (aka the day before Thanksgiving.  Whoa.) 


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  1. I tried on the crazy cowl neck sweater and loved loved loved it. So soft, so glamorous, nursing friendly, pooch disappearing. And the color is perfect.
    And then I took it off and was coated in clumps (CLUMPS) of white fur. Everywhere. Like i looked like i might be actually turning into a rabbit. Since I generally have something dark on that just doesn’t work. And for sure is not as glamorous as that sweater should be. I sadly had to leave it behind (after begging the salesperson to see if it comes in dark gray or black–doesn’t). I still dream of it though. When I saw the word Ann Taylor in the heading I sighed a mourning sigh for it.

  2. LOFT Maternity… so sad. I bought a dress online (in size XS – size noted to let you know how ridiculous their sizing is) from LOFT Maternity during my last pregnancy. It arrived in the mail and I ripped the package open, excited for a dress to wear during my third trimester. My pregnant stomach was like a torpedo at this point and I was sure this dress was just what I would need to get me through. I put on the dress… no, I put on the humungous, enormous, unflattering TENT. And I was sad. I don’t trust their maternity line after that experience.

  3. Just want to add a good experience with the LOFT Maternity line…lawyer here and needed work appropriate clothing that would be appropriate for my office (currently at 6.5 months). Of all the shopping I did, the best stuff came from LOFT Maternity. I found two great pair of slacks and the ONLY work appropriate skirt I have been able to find (tailored, long enough, no ridiculous ruffles, etc). I did not like any of the dresses though…

  4. Sarah – Clumps? CLUMPS? Sigh. I could get over hairs….but not clumps of hair. Sigh. Thanks for the update.
    Kate & NYC – thanks for the feedback. So strange – it seems like the dresses would be easier to do than tailored work skirts, no?
    Hey LOFT – are you listening? Call me – we need to chat. 🙂

  5. Awesome, thanks!! I grabbed a few things at Loft to accessorize a LBD in order to make it holiday party and wedding worthy, as well as that cute lace yoke tee which I am hoping will work for all those other, less formal, holiday gatherings!

  6. LOFT Maternity–I had a very strange experience. Found a cute shirt online in the maternity part of the website, ordered it, received it, fit “ok” and was sized “S-M”…seriously, can’t they have different sizes? I could have used a bit smaller one. THEN, the following week I am in the store and they have the EXACT same shirt that is non-maternity and a wider variety of sizes. Has made me very reluctant to try anything else!
    I have had great luck with Loft “regular” clothes getting me through 1st and 2nd trimester at work (I’m now in my second pregnancy)—they typically have some great shirts with bubble hems or empire waist things that work great during the first part of my pregnancies. The plus is that then the clothes also work great when I return to work and want to hide my pooch!

  7. I spent some good time in the dressing room trying to convince myself it was just a little shedding. But yeah. My black tank top looked spottily gray. And when I started trying to get it off it reminded me of what used to happen when I was little and the white cat would sleep on my clothes. But times 10. I still don’t understand how that much fuzz comes off in 5 minutes.
    Then I seriously considered the possibility that it couldn’t shed like that forever and maybe I could “break it in” and it would be better. But that kind of thinking gets me sweaters in the back of my closet. Even before I had two kids.

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