The BEST Scarf Tying Tutorial….EVER

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I was pretty happy with my scarf tying skills, until Reader Tamar sent us this little gem. (Thanks, Tamar!!  You know how we luuuv our scarves!!)

Wendy's Lookbook (now my new fav fashion blogger) created this ah-mazing video that shows you 25 different ways to tie a scarf…in 4 minutes.  (YES – she demonstrates all 25 ways in 4 min!)  She uses a combo of fast speeds and slo-mo to help us see what she's doing (fast for the easy part, slow for the tricky parts).  Once the video is done, if you still need help, you can click on any of the 25 methods for step-by-step instructions.

There are seriously no words for how fabulous this video is.  Watch and learn, people.


Wow, right?  Consider yourselves schooled in scarves.





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  1. I agree. That is the best thing I’ve seen on YouTube period. I love it. She also does more in dept instructions on each method if you can’t get it down from the quick version.

  2. You are right, that was great and super cute! I love scarfs and now that I know all these ties, I need more! Now I know what to ask Santa for!

  3. MARVELOUS. I am a scarf girl, tho as I channel the 1940’s mine are small or the big awkward squares that are too big to be dainty tied and too square to do these cool things with…tho I will try. I have a scarf that is gorgeeeous but awkward so now I will putter with it. SUCH a cool tutorial, I have watched my fair share. YOU ROCK.
    PS the Revlon bitten I raved about after you raved seems to not apply as well after using it constantly for a week…have you had same trubbles?

  4. Spent my sons entire nap learning to tie scarves. 🙂 would you happen to know the dimensions if some of the winter ones (ie cashmere nordstroms) I’m in the market for one or two or twelve….

  5. Wow, super helpful. A light scarf is a great layering accessory in the fall and easier to strip than a layer sometimes. The production in this video wowed me to the point of total awe!

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