Giveaway: Ashley Ann Photography’s Online Snapshop Course

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Congrats to Wileenie, our new winnner!!

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Mamas, despite the fact that we do have a fancy DSLR camera….this is how I typically take photos:


"Wait!  What?  Where?  Hang on…getting my phone….RAINES!  Wait!  Hold it!  No!  Come back!  COME BACK!  C'mon you stupid iPhon— no honey, I wasn't talking to you.  I called the iPhone stupid. Yes, you are right, stupid is not a kind word.  No!  Don't run away again!  AUGHHHH!"

Thankfully, I have Mike.  Who can wield a DSLR with precision, speed, and deadly- nevermind.  That line didn't work.  But the point is this:  he takes good pics.

The problem, however, is that I'm the one home with the kiddos.  I'm the one seeing Raines' crazy-haired, sleepy-eyed, post-nap self when he pads down the hall in his super-hero tighty-whities.  I'm the one chasing Pax's chubby little bum around for our ritual change-and-escape every morning before breakfast.  I'm the one who sees most of their episodes of brotherly love and the rare moments of quiet contemplation during the day.  

I don't want to miss these moments.  I want to eat these moments up!  I want to revel in them.  I want them never to end.  And when they do?  I want to remember

So I signed up for Ashley Ann's online Snapshop course (it was one of our gift recommendations, if you recall).  I had very low expectations.  While I really, really want to take good pics….I just don't have an eye for it.  Mike does.  My mom does.  Many of my friends do.  I?  Do not.  

So I signed up primarily to learn, in some small way, how to wield a DSLR camera.  I had been using our camera, but either on automatic settings or, when in manual, much like a monkey would.  Mike pointed out which buttons needed pressing ("blah blah blah closed aperture…blah blah ISO-blah"), and I would, monkey-like, jab these buttons randomly until a shot came out reasonably well.  Sometimes I got lucky.  Mostly I did not.

So imagine my surprise! Delight! Overwhelming feelings of gratitude! when Ashley Ann's course worked.  Worked in a way where, almost immediately, I was taking some decent shots. Where suddenly the "blah blah blah" part of Mike's instructions came into sharp focus, and I'm now able to contribute opinions about ISO, and aperture, and shutter speeds.  But even more shocking?  Her class gave me an eye.

Now, let's not get crazy.  I'll never be an Ashley Ann-caliber photographer.  But I'm…not bad. Good enough for the kind of shots I want to get, good enough, certainly, to capture the little everyday moments with my boys in a heartfelt way.  Good enough to capture shots that transport me back to the moment they happened.  To remember.  

Ashley Ann's class was nothing short of a gift.  A gift we'd like to share with you, dear readers.  Ashley Ann was kind enough to offer one of you a spot in her upcoming Snapshop courses (DSLR camera required).  The next courses will be offered from Jan. 15 – Feb. 5th or from Feb. 26th – March 18th. To enter, leave us a comment telling us the moment that you'd most like to capture.  The winner will be picked at random on Thursday, Jan 12th.

And be sure to head on over to Ashley Ann's blog.  Her gorgeous pictures and down-to-earth words will both inspire and encourage. (And it doesn't hurt that she is delightfully nerdy and funny.)  



ps.  A pic from one of my "homework" assignments.  So braggy, I know….but I was just SO proud of myself:



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  1. Wow, I would so love to win this course. My son have just morphed from a baby to a toddler before my eyes, and I really want to capture him in this new, more active stage of life.

  2. Meredith Barr on

    I would like to be able to capture less formal, more in the moment, pictures of my kids that will remind me of who they were at each particular stage.

  3. I want to capture my son’s movements as he is becoming a toddler. I want to capture the firsts I have with him as my first baby.

  4. I want to capture the joy and wonder in my son’s expressions using natural light. He has so much life in him – I hope to remember this and have some beautiful pictures for him to show his children.

  5. I think I’m currently capturing the moments I want to capture, but they look pretty bad on the iPhone. I’d love to learn how to keep from being intimidated by “the big camera” so that I can capture those moments in a beautiful way, rather than just capturing them all blahhh.

  6. I got a DSLR for my birthday with the agreement that we would forgo the pricey professional photographer. I want to get the best pictures I can of my two daughters, and this would help so much.

  7. Adriel Maurice on

    My 3 year old has such an expressive face and I am always just a moment late. I would love to capture his quirky expressions and when his 7month old brother stares at him in admiration.

  8. I would love this course so much!!! I would love to get better pictures of the adorable faces my son makes, and to do so quickly while the moment lasts!

  9. I want to get more decent shots of my kids with the adults who love them. I love pics of my kids, but when they’re 40 they’re going to want to see their parents and aunties and all the rest of us interacting with them. I would love to do this course!

  10. Ooh, I am due to have my first baby in the next couple of weeks and I would love to learn to take proper pictures instead of the lackluster/blurry mess that I usually make when I try to use the fancy camera!

  11. I don’t even own a DSL camera, but this would be a perfect excuse to buy one. I want to capture the mundane moments at home with my two little ones. Reading on the couch, the 3 year old explaining the finer points of dragons to the 2 year old, the way my daughter shoves seaweed in her mouth. Those moments that are constant, yet too fleeting.

  12. I have a DSLR that I don’t fully understand as well. I would like to have the skills to not be a moment too late for and better capture thoses fleeting delicious moments of beauty of my 8 year old son and all the kids of various ages with whom we come in contact–especially those who parents are too busy, poor (for a camera or photographer), or untrained in photography.

  13. I would love to get this. I am kind of a crazy picture taker. I would love it if I could learn some real skills. My three kids when they become adults would be grateful also!

  14. I would LOVE this course! I remember you writing about it over the holidays and thought it would be so great to take. My husband promised me a new camera over Christmas so this would be so awesome to take with it!! I have 3 kids (5, 3 and 6months) and have been fairly unsuccessful capturing countless beautiful moments. This would be so great!

  15. Awesome! Love her website and those pictures. Would love to capture more of each stage…so i can freeze the memories in my mind. they are all growing too fast!!

  16. I would love to capture my daughter with her grandparents. Each set lives out of state and I would love to have some candid photos of them together.

  17. I got a DSLR for my birthday–a year ago tomorrow–and would love to learn how to use it to better capture my toddler playing in our backyard, with our dog whom she is crazy about!

  18. I would love to take course. I want to capture the moment my daughter meets her new baby brother/sister for the first time. I would not want to forget that moment

  19. Its the happy version of ‘waking up from a sleep’ look that I see almost every day that I need to get on camera. This would be magical!

  20. I would try to capture those milky smiles….full belly and grinning up at me like I am the best mom in the world.

  21. I would love to learn how to capture photos of my twin 4 year old boys inside using no flash. Our house is very dark (not a lot of natural light) and I always have to use the flash.

  22. Julia Ashbridge on

    Oh my goodness i can’t even begin to tell you how flipping excited I am for this giveaway! My husband and I are due in April with our first babe and I would love nothing more than to capture those first moments of our new little family!

  23. Michelle Smyth on

    I would love to capture the way that our 9 month old boy interacts with our 1 year old puppy. They are HILARIOUS together. Unfortunately, by the time I set myself up for the “perfect shot” the two of them have found something else to do.

  24. Ugh, too many moments! I love when my son wakes up all sleepy-head and eyes barely open, or when my daughter stands on her tippy toes trying to figure out the whole standing-crawling-walking thing. I would love to be able to take this class!

  25. Jessica Anderson on

    I love her blog!! Would be so awesome to win this and learn how to use my camera before our family vacation to Disney World in March!!

  26. I would love to capture those first happy smiles of the day when my son wakes up giggling next to me in bed! That homework assignment looks amazing–I’d love to learn to take photos like that!

  27. I desperately want to get a shot of my two-year old and my three-month old affectionately, effortlessly, casually bonding. And I cannot for the life of me get an even somewhat decent shot. Teach me, Ashley Ann!

  28. Awesome giveaway- I would love to get a shot of my two kiddos hugging when the toddler climbs into bed with the three year old in the morning.

  29. Anna Whiteside on

    I would love to be better able to catch those spontaneous moments in everyday life with my three kiddos. Seems like by the time I’ve figured out what settings to use, the moment’s passed!

  30. Awesome giveaway! I’d love to capture my baby girl in her element as she rolls and scoots around our house… right now, I always seem to get the backside of her head in a corner of the shot… maybe this class could help me get fast enough to actually capture her in a picture!

  31. Tracy Cubbison on

    I would love to capture the little moments that are so fleeting — a snuggle, a smile, a laugh 🙂 I always have a grand idea of what the photograph should look like in my head, but they rarely turn out that way… I would love to take Ashley Ann’s course!!

  32. I would love to capture my 9 month old’s smiles, giggles, cries, delirious laughs, sleeping, playing, tiny toes, chubby fingers, bite-able thighs, wispy hair, 3 crooked teeth, first steps… he’s growing so fast… please, please teach me how to capture these moments!

  33. My mother was a photographer. I’d love to have a tiny bit of the skill she used to capture my childhood when trying to capture my son’s.

  34. Great giveaway! My toddler and infant have just recently started to really interact with each other… those are the moments I’d love to capture.

  35. I am pregnant with my first baby and would love to capture not only myself as I grow but our new little one when he/she arrives!

  36. Georgie Haupt-Kester on

    With twin boys, I desperately want to capture those moments when they work as one . . when Charlie is trying to climb to reach the top of the sofa table and Jack pushes the footstool to help him . .all while the lighting is too low for an automatic setting . . our best adventures happen in the darkest corners of our home!

  37. I would like to learn how to capture action shots of my kids. My daughter just learned how to jump, and is so proud of herself!

  38. Lauren Roseman on

    I would love to capture my son and our dog during one of their special moments…my son reading to Tucker, sharing his toys with him,or building a “house” out of blocks for him.

  39. This is so topical for us! I have a 2year old daughter that I believe to be the cutest girl ever, and yet all my pictures of her are terrible — blurry, wrong part in focus, too dark, too bright, etc, etc. I feel like her babyhood is slipping away and I’m not going to have any evidence of it. I considered buying a different camera, but I’ve had to admit that the problem is me, not the camera!
    So, what I’d really like to capture: my 2 year old, dimples and all, cuddling with her handsome older brother. (Yes, they do this often; and no I don’t have a single picture of it with good light where they’re both in focus!)
    Thank you!

  40. i want to capture it all… i have 3 boys and a newborn girl and there are soooo many moments i want to capture… if i had to pick one id want to capture the boys holding their sister and the emotion of it, not just the back of someones head as he leans in to kiss her…

  41. I want to capture the moments when my silly 2 year old & goofy hubby are playing during bathtime. And the quiet tea parties she has with her princesses.

  42. Cher Dombowsky on

    I’d love to be able to capture so many fantastic moments that at my son’s weddings they would need a full hour just for their part of the slide show 🙂 Great give away.

  43. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I’d love to be able to develop more of an “eye” for pictures – I have 2 hilarious and active boys (1 and 3) that are in constant motion and I want to be able to capture some of their antics!!

  44. What a great giveaway! I would love to capture those moments where my husband is playing with the kids and they are all so blissfully happy and full of giggles.

  45. I would love to take this course also! My husband is a professional photographer, but like Shana, I am the one home with the baby all day. Her first birthday is coming up, and so I would love to be able to try my new skills then.

  46. Sweet, sweet picture! Right now my most elusive photography subject is my almost-5 year old, who has a goofy camera smile. I want to catch her REAL smile!

  47. I’d love to capture our year living in a new place… with our new baby. I love portraits so any tips and techniques that I might pick up would be a huge bonus!

  48. I need this class. I will capture the moments that will forever keep me humble…finding youngest in pantry, pantsless, holding half-eaten dog biscuit.

  49. Hi! I am expecting my second baby any day now–I can’t wait to capture the first moments between my son and his new baby brother/sister. Thanks!

  50. What a fantastic giveaway! I received a dslr for Christmas 3 years ago and still only use it in automatic as a point and shoot 🙁 I have four gorgeous children (ages 1 to 7) who are growing up much too fast. I’d love to be able to really capture the everyday crazy, fun, life we are living together. I have taken fewer and fewer pictures with each successive child, and I’d really like to get back in gear so I’ll have some beautiful images later on to help me to remember these days!

  51. I want to catch the silly everyday moments that always look great in photos. Just received a DSLR camera for Christmas and would love to learn how to better use it!

  52. I already follow my 13-mo-old like a maniac with a camera, and now we are about to have a second little munchkin – can’t wait to capture them together for the first time they meet! Such a special moment and I don’t want to mess it up with a bad shot!

  53. I know that this time I am home with my 2 girls who are 2 and 3 is going to be short lived. Soon they will be off to school and so on. I feel blessed to be able to spend this time with them and want to better capture all those moments I get to see everyday and be able to look back on them through my pictures. I would absolutely love to take this course.

  54. Since my 6 year old can’t “smile” on command (instead he has a goofy, toothy, clenched lip sorta smile), I’d want to be able to catch more of the the moments when he is really smiling.

  55. What a great givaway! I love online classes because they really help me focus on the goal ahead!
    I bought a DSLR 3 years ago to take beautiful pictures of my daughter but all I can take are snapshots basically and now my second daughter in 8 months old already and she gets even less snapshots taken. I would loooove to change that!!
    My girls giggle so much together and I would love to be able to capture that in an appropriate way!

  56. I always try (and fail) to capture my two little ones playing together- their heads bent over a game, or big sis trying to help lil bro do a new activity. I’d LOVE this class so I can capture those special moments!

  57. My four year old son and one year old daughter are incredibly sweet together. I would love to have better quality photos of this adorable time! Right now, I always get the backs of their heads or something blurry. I always miss “the moment”

  58. Just got a DSLR over the holidays and have no idea how to use it! I, too, am an iPhone pic junkie and am always trying to recreate the perfect missed moment.
    I would love to capture the sweet moment between my two year old and his baby sister, the instant before he growls at her, squeezes her and runs away! There’s so much love and adoration between them just before that craziness!

  59. I want to photograph my family. My two boys are a 2 yr old and a newborn 3 week old. I want to capture my boys individually, being brothers, and of course my husband! Shana, in my house it’s exactly as you described. Husband knows how to work the camera and to me it all sounds like ‘blah, blah, blah.’ I soooo want to know how to make the camera work! 😀 I hope I can learn to take some decent shots!

  60. One of my goals for 2012 is to become a better photographer, and I would LOVE to have this spot! I have been admiring Ashley Ann’s photography for a couple of years now – so inspiring! I want to capture my little girl in motion; that is, to take better (not blurry) in-motion pics.

  61. My 9 month old son just yesterday started doing a Stevie Wonder head-bop thing to the music coming from his toy table. How do you capture this?! Would love to win this giveaway to find out…

  62. I would love to capture my two girls showing how much they love each other. I totally need a little help in figuring my camera out a tad better.

  63. I just started learning with my DSLR this fall and would love to be able to capture my friends maternity and newborn stages. Many of them can’t afford professional shots but I think everyone deserves to be able to have beautiful photos!!! I want to help!

  64. Oh boy…I would sure LOVE to win this one. I’d love to capture quiet, every day moments, especially between my girl and my husband. But convincing him to appear on camera might be the hardest part of that goal!

  65. I want to capture my newest baby as she crawls and walks, as well as my twins’ games they are constantly playing

  66. With a highly energetic 2.5 year old and a newly scootching 7 month old, I am desperately seeking the ability to capture the two of them together in the same photo. This would be great!

  67. I want to capture the active, free spirits of my two sons. They are 5 and 7 and are completely full of energy, light and movement. So much so, that most of my pictures of them are a big blur. It would be great to learn how to capture their expressions while they are running around – which, is all the time! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  68. Margaret Heatly on

    I would like my pictures to capture the spirit of my three kids. The kids are lively but my pictures come out flat.
    Margaret H.

  69. I would LOVE to win this! My daughter will be a year old next month (OMG WHUT) and it would mean so much to me to be able to capture everything that comes next.

  70. I’d love to get my DSLR off automatic and capture shots of my two boys interacting and playing together, some of which have both of them looking at me at the same time! I find that when I get behind the lens, they look away. And if I can get one to look, the other one isn’t and vice versa!

  71. to remember…indeed! My 3 little ones are growing so fast and the things that I remembered so easily with my first are getting harder to recall. My poor 6 month old doesn’t stand a chance unless I get better at capturing these everyday, mundane, and oh-so-precious moments in a more tangible form!

  72. I would LOVE to win! Actually, I need to win so I can prove to my husband that this Christmas present was worth it! Ha! I don’t feel like I have a great eye but would love to capture the day to day stuff!

  73. When I flip on the light in my daughter’s room in the morning her face is lit up. I want to capture that, so that I can remember how awesome she thought I was when she becomes a cranky teenager.

  74. I’m due with our second daughter Feb 3 and would LOVE to capture the relationship between my two girl unfold 🙂

  75. ooh i have always wanted to take a snapshop class. i really want to learn how to use my dslr on manual and to be able to capture photos the way i see them in my head. yay!

  76. My daughters are entering that crazy, pre-teen/teen metamorphosis. Its like watching the caterpillars turn into butterflies. Who’s want to miss that?

  77. My best friend is having a baby soon and she just recently got into photography. I want to gift this to her and make sure she can capture every moment she wants from day one…

  78. The moments I want to capture are filled with the everyday. We often overlook the simple things…but somehow capturing them on camera helps me to slow down and appreciate so much more.

  79. I’d love to capture my kids in all of their Star Wars glory! They are so into sword fighting, okay, light saber fighting right now that I’d love a great pic to remember. Thanks!

  80. I want to capture LiFe! All of it in such a way that when I look at a memory through a photograph, I am transported to that time! I adore and admire Ashley and would absolutely love to have some of her awesome skills.

  81. colleen from alabama on

    EVERYTHING in doors without great light and lots of random stuff at night – (did NOT mean to rhyme 🙂 I have a boy in constant motion and a girl constantly in front of a mirror so i think i’d like to capture them in all their glory so i can show it to them when they get older – haha. I read ashley’s blog and i agree – she is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to enter a great giveaway!

  82. Sharon Alvarez on

    so many everyday moments that i want to capture. with a 4 year-old, 2 year-old, and baby due in 3 weeks, i know theres many everyday tidbits that im missing.

  83. I love photography and would love to capture every day little moments. I would also like to improve my actual photo shoot skills and this is just the right format to do so!! Thanks.

  84. i want to capture the little moments that happen every day–the sweet (and not always so sweet) times between a brother and sister! thanks for the opportunity to win!

  85. Morgan Pottle Urquhart on

    I would like to capture the moments when my 21-month old son and 16 year old cat snuggle on the couch like old friends… in low light.

  86. This would be great to learn to capture all the newborn shots I am about to take….if someone would make her entrance!!

  87. I want to capture the precious moments of my two sweet little girls, and I want the pictures to actually turn out nice. This class would be awesome! I have only heard great things about it.

  88. I would so love to take better pictures of my kids. I just got a new camera for my birthday, and have no idea how to use it! :o)

  89. I just got a new Canon for my birthday and have no idea how to use it. I would love to capture my youngest 2nd’s birthday in February with it so the class would be perfect to help!

  90. I just want to capture the everyday. I take a photo a day, but usually I just use my point and shoot and snap it real quick to get it done. I dream of being able to support my family with a photography biz, but life’s plans don’t always happen in my time. I love AshleyAnn’s blog and photos. Just wish I could be more like her! 🙂

  91. I’ve got twins + 1, and those sweet morning moments when they cuddle with one another happily are my favorite part of the day. As soon as they see the camera, though – cuddle time is over.

  92. I would love a spot- I want to capture a moment between my 6 month old and 2 1/2 year old! i love the way she is with him and want to remember it forever!

  93. I’d love to be able to capture some great shots of my kids swimming (starting lessons)! I just got my new camera for Christmas 🙂

  94. I need this course 🙂 I have a 3 1/2 and another baby on the way that I want to capture but have no clue how to use my camera!

  95. So much fun! You make it sound amazing, which I’m sure it is. 🙂 I would love to take the course. I’ve been playing around with my DSLR for about 4 years. I’ve gotten some ‘decent’ shots and some ‘okay’ shots… but I’d love to get one that pops! I’d love to learn the photography lingo because, just as you said, I’m also one of those people who blinks twice when I hear the word ‘ISO’ or ‘aperture’. And having homework that involves practicing with your camera? Well, that sounds like the best homework ever! Happy 2012. 🙂

  96. It would be a GREAT pleasure to win a course for Ashley’s Snapshop! I adore her, her blog, her photography skills and her admiration for her chidlren, husband and faith! What a wonderful chance! Thank you!

  97. The moment I would most like to capture is the look on my son’s face when my husband walks through the door in the evening. He waits all day for da-da to come home and he gets so excited= always runs into his arms.

  98. I would love to capture the remaining moments I have with both of my boys close to home. My husband and I are soon to be empty-nesters, and I’m sure I will need some photos of their goofy interactions to get me through the quietness of an empty home!

  99. I have been dreaming of the opportunity to take this course and have entered into several of the giveaways over the past year. My fingers are crossed that I can win this one. Thanks to you and to Ashley Ann for the chance. 🙂

  100. I want to capture my kids in action! I always feel like I have to ask them to stop moving or stop playing so I can get a good shot…when what I am wanting is the playing and moving!

  101. Amanda O'Dell on

    I teach prek and am blessed to be a large part of my students lives. One of my gifts I always give parents is photos of their children through out the year. That way they can see parts of their childrens day at school. I am dreaming of being able to capture better images for these parents to cherrish for years to come.

  102. I spend so much time trying to get the settings right in manual that I find I’ve missed the moment I was trying to capture… so fustrating!! I would love to take Ashley’s course so I could really start to capture those great moments.

  103. we’re expecting our first little babe [’s a secret for one more week from most of our friends and fam] and i would LOVE to learn more about capturing just everyday life, esp. of the little one that will be here before TOO long. i feel exactly like you used to…that i just don’t have the eye that other people do but your testimony gives me hope! pick me, i need help!

  104. I have three kids who are growing up way too fast. My boy has autism and is almost impossible to catch on camera- at least a good picture of him! I would love to be able to use my DSLR more proficiently so I can capture him (and my girls, of course!) quickly without a lot of fumbling and thinking 🙂

  105. I’d love to catch a photo of my boys loving on each other. It happens several times a day, but only for 2-3 seconds at a time, then the wrestling starts. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. I would love a spot in Ashley’s class so that I can capture the small everyday moments of my children playing. Thanks for the chance to win.

  107. I would love to get grat pictures of all my nieces and nephews! They are beautiful, and need to be photographed beautifully as well!

  108. debbie Kolstad on

    2 weeks ago we just adopted our 3rd child within 4 years….and we now have a 4, 5 and 6 year old. Boy, boy, girl. Crazy? maybe. Crazed? definitely! But I want to capture their childhood for them to remember.
    AND I got a Nikon D3100 for Christmas!

  109. What a wonderful giveaway! I always want to capture the candid moments between my son and his dad and they always turn out just awful. Would love to win this.

  110. My daughter is a high school freshman, she is a tennis player. I would love to be able to capture action/sports shots.

  111. Hi, this is my first time here and your blog is lovely! I love your title 🙂
    I found you following links from Ashley Ann’s blog which i too read in hopes of some photographic prowess rubbing off on me 🙂 I would love to win the photo class to improve my skills at taking pics of my family and especially my lovely little toddler who amazes me everyday with what she learns or messes she makes “trying herself” 🙂
    Happy mew year!

  112. I just got a canon t3i for Christmas and my sister in law is pregnant! She want me to take photos a week after the baby is born! To bad I don’t know how to use the darn thing!! I would love to win this contest

  113. Point & shoot cameras have done their damage to this once semi-skilled 35mm slr user. My new DSLR is like a foreign object in my hands (except on auto setting)… Ugh! I need to relearn the basics & learn how to fully utilize this incredible new tool I have!

  114. Kelly Bermudez on

    Love Love Ashley.. We love to wing this opportunity to take her class. My girls and I wonder the great pictures we can take. My 3 year-old said. “Mommy you can take nice pictures and be on them.. see.. like that mommy is always with her baby girl”… love it!!

  115. Kirsten Dehmlow on

    Just everyday life. I have five children 17 – 5 and know how quickly they grow up. I do not want to miss anything.

  116. I work at a University and would love to be able to catch moments around campus, between students, and just of the buildings!

  117. Love Ashley Ann! I’d love to capture my crazy boys running through our woods playing cowboys and Indians (hats/feathers included)!

  118. I’ve been wanting to take this course for a LONG time, to I’d LOVE to win! The moments I’d most like to capture are my kids just being kids. I find this such a difficult thing to do and usually get the back of their heads or just a blur from all their movement.

  119. I want to capture happiness!!! Not time outs, not tears, not mommy yelling again (although those are definitely parts of my day) I want to remember the infections giggles and the “I love you mom, you’re the bestest…..I love you too honey” moments. Those seem to fade far faster than the “Liberty was so naughty today!” moments.

  120. Hey! I read Ashley Ann’s blog everyday and am in love. It would be great to be able to capture memories with my own parents, who are slowly getting older.

  121. We are taking my son to Disney World this spring and I want to capture his excitment!I really hope I win this! I’ve been wanting to take the class for some time now, just haven’t had the money!

  122. I would LOVE to capture my 2 boys playing, having fun being boys!! I have a DSLR camera but haven’t found the time to learn it! I would LOVE this!!!

  123. I just had a baby after over 2 years of fertility treatments and want to capture every moment. After all, she was a lot of work and a lot of money and may be the only one I ever get to have.

  124. My 2 year old daughter is constant motion and most of my pictures are of the back of her head or half of her face. Would love to learn to use my new DSLR and capture her energy and her face!

  125. I would love just to take and capture pictures of my kids that are in focus. They don’t have to be perfectly posed and looking at the camera- just a focused, crisp photo!!

  126. The moment I’d most like to capture, I don’t know if I can pick just one. I want to capture daily life with my boys, especially those moments where they’re sweet to each other.

  127. Emily Ferwerda on

    I would love to crisply capture the hope in people’s eyes. I am fascinated by eyes, and would love to be able to take “in the moment” shots that artistically capture people’s eyes!

  128. I would love to capture the everyday better…my house doesn’t have good lighting and I have a hard time getting good photos in manual mood with low light!
    This would be super to win!!!

  129. I have a 2 and a half year old and a 6 month old. They are *always* doing things that make me say to myself “will I remember this? I so badly want to remember this. I know I’m going to forget in just a few short months, but I want to hold on to this moment forever.”

  130. The moment I would like to capture is the birth of my second child in March. I didn’t have a nice camera with my son three years ago… and would love to polish up with my DSLR for March… and get all those baby pictures that should be captured!!

  131. I’d like to win this course for my 17 year old daughter. She loves photography and received a DSLR for Christmas! It would be great for her receive some of Ashley Ann’s skills!

  132. Lindsay Williamson on

    I want to capture the everyday memories with my kids. from the time they just woke up, to the time i see them play in the snow for the first time.

  133. We just got a dslr for Christmas and this class would be awesome!! What I would most like to capture is a million pics of my 3 days over due little girl – still waiting for her to arrive!!

  134. There are an infinite amount of moments I’d love to catch better with my hilarious 16 month old little girl. She’s growing up way to fast and I don’t want to forget a thing.

  135. Would love to capture my kiddos fun personalities as I’m committed to taking a picture a day this year and just got a DSLR for xmas! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  136. I would love to learn how to catch the moments of my children playing with each other – without me wasting time to trying to get the right settings…by then they’ve moved on!

  137. somehow we came home from our honeymoon in morocco w/o my camera. ALL THOSE PICTURES … MISSING! thankfully we had a couple somewhat blurry pics from my husband’s dslr. this summer we’re heading back to africa (to ethiopia) and i am determined to capture every single minute! would love to take ashley ann’s course!

  138. ashley jacobs on

    I’d love to capture all of the natural moments my son is being goofy and running around without every picture being blurred! I’d love to learn to be a more subtle photographer instead of one asking everyone to pose. I think candid moments make for the best photographs!

  139. I would love to be able to capture my kiddos without fumbling and thinking about what I need to do and missing the photo op! Especially my extremely fast daughter…….love, love, love to win this…

  140. I would love to capture my kiddos being, well, my kiddos. It currently takes 3,567 pictures to do that. My hard drive would appreciate some better picture taking knowledge. 🙂

  141. I adore Ashley’s blog and her photography! I would love to learn to capture the unique moments with my six month old….I’m sure it was just yesterday she was a newborn! Time flies and I hope to pause it for a moment with at least a great photograph. 🙂

  142. I would be proud to capture ***in focus*** ANY moment with my incredibly mobile…and lightning fast…14 mo. old. Also, would live to produce those dreamy photos my 9yr old daughter wants of herself :). Thanks for the fab giveaway!!

  143. i love ahley ann and her “in the moment” shots. i try so hard to catch them of my 3 year old daughter and one year old son but i just cant do it like her. i would LOVE to capture their crazy, fun loving moments together!

  144. I love, love, LOVE Ashley Ann’s blog AND photography! I came over here b/c of her link to your blog and I am so glad I did! I have been wanting to take her course for so long, but we just can’t afford it at this point in our lives. I am like you, love having a camera, but am not great at making it work for me. Currently I love documenting the lives of my two nephews, and neice, and other family, but I really want to learn before we have kids of our own, which will (hopefully) be soon. This would be perfect…my fingers are definitely crossed!

  145. I would love to win a SnapShop entry! The moment I would most like to capture is coming up quickly in February – my husband’s sister is having her 3rd baby girl, and seeing as we just got married recently, this is the first one where I am “officially” an aunt from the start! I can’t wait to take photos of the newest little princess… but should probably learn how to use my snazzy camera first! 🙂

  146. I feal like my little family is in such an amazing part of life. Full of love and laughter. I want to capture the cheerios stuck on my one year olds bottom, the crazy style and dance of my three year old, the tender snuggles with daddy, and yes the all out drama filled breakdowns. I got a camera for christmas and would love to know how to preserve these precious moments!

  147. I would love to capture those extra special moments of my three children, when they are just hanging out together. Not necessarily posed, but priceless 🙂

  148. Ack! I want to win this soooo bad I almost can’t stand it! I have a large family of boys and I want to capture them being well boys! Being a female and trying to explain to all my friends what it is to live in a land of all 7 male species is hard to explain but a book of photos of our daily lives, the little things, the sweet things boys do would be, well, wordless. One good photo from me takes 200 deleted ones. No joke. Then the moment is gone more times than not. I’ve sort of lost my zeal because of it, lately. Please educate me! Inspire me! Pick me!

  149. I want to capture all those moments I miss while trying to figure out my camera–my kids are growing up so fast!

  150. Perfect timing! I just got a DSLR myself after it being on my wishlist for years. Now my 2.5 year old boy gets his picture taken almost everyday… but the problem is I really don’t know what I’m doing and I really want to. I want to capture those memories!!!!! I love Ashley Ann and would love to learn from her!!! Thanks for the chance:)

  151. Hmmm… I take pictures like crazy with my camera… on automatic. It takes decent pics like that but sometimes I just wish I could make them really pop. Sometimes I have gotten lucky and got that much desired shot but mostly I just have to hope for the best if I am indoors (outdoors are usually great).
    As for the moment I most want to capture, well…, I want to capture the next great moment in my child’s life, whatever that would be. And I want to capture all those little moments in between!

  152. Oh I love AshleyAnne and would love to capture geat pics of my little 8 month old man. It goes way too fast and I feel like pics help you stop time for the moment that you are looking at them anyways!

  153. I would love to learn how to capture the new stages in my newborn’s life beautifully. Also, any sweet moments that occur between him and his brother.

  154. This would be so great – I’ve got to get away from the manual setting on the camera too. Would be nice to actually know how to do that and capture great shots of the kiddos!

  155. Christina McLennan on

    I would love to be able to capture moments where my niece and nephew are learning new things, whether it be learning to climb jungle gym steps, pick up food-bits between their thumb and finger, or playing hide and seek. They are so sweet! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  156. I would to take the SnapShot class. With a new baby, I have my camera at my side at all times, but my pictures are only so-so. I need help!

  157. While I have been able to get some great shots, most of the time it’s luck over understanding. I would love to capture some less posed shots and figure out how to use light better. I have three beautiful girls and I would love to capture everything about them.

  158. Delaney Carroll on

    I would love to capture my nieces and nephews, or my husband, or nature. I’ve been wanting to take this class for AGES!

  159. Great give away and insight into Ashley’s Blog. I would love to be able to capture my sisters up and coming new addition to her family. She has spent many hours capturing others families, from the kids she babysits, to her church community, I really feel that she deserves someone to put in the time to capture her life changing events as well.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  160. I think I’m like most mom’s. I love to capture the everyday moments with my children. Like when I find my 10 year old reads to his 2 year sister. Life is going so quickly and photography is the only way I have of grasping it.

  161. I would really like to capture those moments when the littles are busy doing what they do, but are not noticing me with the camera. Thanks!

  162. I would love to learn how to get the best pics out of my Dslr so I can capture my four daughters everyday events as well as their milestones: driving, high school grad., college grad., weddings & grandkids!!!

  163. Awesome giveaway! I would love to win this, I take pictures of my toddler every day and the image I see in my head never translates into what I get. I get so frustrated that I am not able to shoot the way I want, for lack of know-how. I would love to learn from Ashley and finally be ale to capture all the precious little moments that are fleeting away.

  164. I want to capture more shots of my kids and get the lighting right. My white balance is always a bit off. I also want to know when to adjust the shutterspeed and use my tripod thingy. Love her blog! Can’t wait to peek at yours!

  165. Ashley’s blog is one of my favorites and I’d love to win this giveaway to capture all the sweet moments of my little girl’s life.

  166. I would like to be able to learn to use my camera (after 2 years of owning it!!!) before I have my first child. -Laura

  167. My first baby is due January 10th, and while I have had my DSLR for a couple of years, I still have no idea how to take a decent pic with it! I would love to learn so I can capture any and all of the special moments I’m about to experience!

  168. one of my goals this year is to figure out how to take pictures not in auto. i would love to capture my 2 and 3 year olds loving and not so loving moments.

  169. I have a very similar iPhone fumble routine. My DSLR sits by itself on a shelf too often. I would like to be able to capture, just for a moment, the fast forward life of three boys. Smiles, bro-love, action packed battles …

  170. What a great giveaway!!! I got a DLSR last year for Christmas and I’m still trying to figure it out. I have 2 kids that I would love to take pictures of that really captures their personality. I feel like I’m missing so many moments that I will never get back!!

  171. I just received my first DSLR camera and it never leaves my hands. I want to learn as much as I can so that I can capture my family and friends and community in all their beauty. I’m amazed at all the interesting details in my daily life that I never noticed before putting a camera lens to my eye. Fingers crossed!

  172. Cindy Sullivan on

    I would like to capture the everyday day to day. With five kiddos there is a lot of action around here. I love how Ashley captures her day to day in such a beautiful way!

  173. My toddler and her daddy. He is her hero these days and I’d love to get some great shots of them interacting so that we remember this time when he was home with her during the day.

  174. Wow, would LOVE to win this… we are just going to buy our first DSLR this weekend, and I’m nervous about being able to learn all the basics to take good non-automatic pictures!
    The picture I most want to capture is my daughter, at her 3rd birthday coming up at the end of this month…. I want to capture the amazing person she is at this adorable, challenging age, and not just get your typical birthday snapshots.

  175. Paige Rodriguez on

    Oh how funny, the above commenter is ditto my response! With a 4 year old and 8 month old, I am so happy to see them starting to LIKE each other!! I want to capture it with something other than that darn iphone!! I would fly there in a HEARTBEAT for Ashley Ann’s class. She is so so talented. Thanks for the chance to win!

  176. I would love to be able to capture more adorable, snuggly moments of my kids in bad lighting. I have no idea how to properly set my camera up for poorly lit rooms and I feel like i’m missing so much!

  177. I love the “in-between” moments. The quick glance before the posed smile. The hands reaching for each other before the clasping. The hair before it’s brushed. The wide-legged stance before the first tentative steps. I love seeing my kids secretly interacting when they think no adult is watching. I love capturing a moment in time, that could easily be forgotten, if not captured by a camera. We have three littles and I love capturing all of their moments, I would love to do it with much better technique. I will keep my fingers crossed that my littlest peanut may bring me some luck, as her 1st birthday is January 12th. 🙂

  178. Awww how cute! I’d show it off, too!
    I want to capture those lovely everyday moments with my 2 lil girls! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!!

  179. This is so great!! I asked for this workshop for Christmas but alas I did not get it ! I would love to be able to capture my 2 year in a good mood and not running away from me lol!!

  180. I would LOVE to be entered for the snapshot. I have a baby girl that has become a toddler. It seems we are moving so often and I want to capture the relationships that we all find in each new place so we will all remember the good in each new place we call home.

  181. How amazing would this be!!!! I received a DSLR last year for my birthday in hopes of doing just what you talked about…yet I am STILL using my iphone way way more ;( wouldn’t it be amazing to capture my kids more!!!

  182. I love Ashley Ann’s blog and would sure love to be able to take better photos. In the market for a new camera, too, and wouldn’t it be great to find one and learn to use it well. I’d most like to capture some of the incredible shots of my soccer playing high school son, the last of six kids still at home. Love to have more of those memories in great photos instead of blurry shots! Thanks for the giveaway!

  183. I’d love to catch all those brief fleeting looks I get from my babies…the ones that are so full of emotion (whether it be angry or frustrated or loving or joyful)…those brief glances that are full of meaning

  184. I have a one-year-old beautiful little girl and I don’t know the first thing about taking a good picture. I took a course in college, but I remember nothing from it. I need to be able to capture the moments of my little girl’s life!! I would love this course. 🙂

  185. i would love to capture more moments between my daughters, have photographs they will some day cherish. that is my wish.

  186. Oh my, that boy’s blonde hair…how gorgeous! Great pic too! 🙂 I, like you, would love to take pictures like Ashley. AND, I would love to take her Snapshop course! My little boy is growing up every time I blink, it seems, and I just want to capture these days…they are so fleeting. Thank you for the giveaway!

  187. I want to take this class soooo bad but can never seem to fit it into our budget… I would love to capture my 3 “little peanuts” playing together so sweetly and finally learn how to use my camera to its potential!

  188. i would love to capture my 30 month old kissing my 10 month old oh so gently. This will be a good behavior management tool to use when they can’t stand each other in a few years! I want to become a better photographer someday soon!

  189. I would love to capture a genuinely candid moment with my husband playing with our three munchkins! Thank you for the give-away opportunity!

  190. I want to capture every moment of my boys young lives as they are already flying by! Thanks for e giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  191. I just got a new DSLR for Christmas and want to learn how to use it so badly! I want to capture the little moments with my daughter- you swinging on the swing or reading me a book. But I want to do it beautifully so she will have this gift from me when she gets older! And you are not alone- I do the same thing with this new camera and all the buttons SCARE me!!! Thanks!

  192. the little everyday around me – my two year old sneaking a piece of cereal to her sister, the giggles, the made up songs, everything!

  193. I would love to win the Snapshop! I want to capture the everyday moments like a pro would. Please let it be me!!
    PS–My husband’s name is Raines (family maiden name)

  194. I would l love to capture my almost 3 yr old daughter hugging her 15 mo old brother. I really want to understand my camera better so I can capture them as they play without noticing me fumble around with my camera!

  195. Would love this opportunity! I really want to capture my twins giving each other hugs and kisses, as well as when they are experiencing the pure joy of everyday life.

  196. Cynthia Willey on

    I would love to capture every moment, even the screaming, crying, fist stomping, falling to the floor moments. Time is passing through my hands like water. Help me please before my beautiful daughter is grown and all I have left is a box full of blurry photos and fuzzy memories!

  197. I love Ashley Ann’s blog and photos! I would love to capture anything that my children do. They grow up way too quickly. Take that from a momma of an almost 13 year old girl, 11.5 year old boy, and a 2 year old boy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  198. I would love to win! I don’t have any great newborn shots of my first two kiddos so maybe after this course the third time will be the charm.

  199. I’d love to capture the everyday moments of my family! The vibrancy of home with young children is difficult to capture with staged photos – the less formal and “in the moment” the better. Your description of how you took pictures (prior to the course) cracked me up because it sounds so familiar. What an awesome giveaway!

  200. would love this! i want to capture when my 3yr boy gives 18mo brother a sweet hug in a totally unprompted & just loving moment…

  201. Our first baby will be born in June. I really, really need to figure out how to use this expensive camera before then! I can’t wait to see our little one and capture all of his or her firsts 🙂

  202. Getting ready to welcome our second baby and it’s one of my NY’s resolutions to learnt to take great pics before he/she arrives! Soooo….pick me!

  203. I want to capture better pictures of my family and offer to take pictures of my friends with their families. I know many of us don’t have a lot of extra money sitting around for professional pictures, but I would love to be just good enough to use my camera and take good pictures of/for them!
    Thanks for the chance….Ashley is ADORABLE!

  204. We recently decided to adopt a little girl from Russia!!! I would love to be able to capture her in all her beauty!!!

  205. I would like to capture one of those beautiful moments when my little girls are making each other laugh and they giggle with pure joy. I would love to have that in picture form!!!

  206. What a great giveaway! I just got a new lens and am dying to “learn” how to use it! Moments to capture… the beauty and simplicity of childhood. I would love to win!!!

  207. love this idea!
    i’m planning on getting a ‘real’ camera, but will obviously be clueless on how to get lovely photos of a little boy who runs FROM the camera! it has to beat my iphone photos no matter what!

  208. I want to capture my little guy playing in the snow, sledding, and hopefully skating on our backyard ice rink (if it would just stay cold enough to freeze!). My husband does photography as part of his job and it’s so sad that he misses so much when he’s away at work. I need to learn to use all of his equipment and gear so I can take over on the preserving memories front.

  209. I just got my first dslr camera for Christmas and I would love to learn how to use it, specifically to capture my 3 adorable boys in raw, candid photos that will make those moments and stages live on even though they are growing up.

  210. I’ve always loved taking pictures of my girls, but I feel like I’m just in a “rut”, I’d like to get some ideas on how to change up my photos and improve my skills 🙂

  211. I am really struggling with evening lighting and dim lit rooms… I hate the flash and shoot in semi-manual mode most of the time. I need help though… would love to take this class!

  212. I always am trying to get the perfect portrait… when what I really want to capture is just the normal, everyday stuff.

  213. I would love this. I too only take pictures on manual setting. I would love to capture my five children. We recently finalized our adoption of our twins. Would love how to capture the everyday moments in our family’s life.

  214. Would love to win this course as I have all the right stuff for a year now but still no idea how to use them. Hoping this course can help me take better memories of my kids while they are young :).

  215. I’d love to capture my kiddos playing in the snow, or sneak up on them when they are playing together nicely in the play room 🙂

  216. I would most like to capture my daughters fun, sparkling, funny attitude that everyone else misses! She is incredibly shy so when we are out or she is at school she is very quiet and really seems like not much fun but in reality shes so FUN! She laughs all the time and dances like a machine all day everyday I want everyone to see the girl I know and treasure!!

  217. I would love to capture the everyday events/interactions between our four kids. They each relate with one another in fun and different ways. I want to capture “them” – sibling bonds are so unique!

  218. Heather Toller on

    My daughter will make her first communion this May. I want to capture all the special moments of that special day.

  219. I completely missed recording many of my children’s memorable moments & occasions during their childhoods – I do NOT want to make the same mistake with my grandchild(ren)! I would love to learn to wield the mighty camera in an effective manner, & have some precious photos to enjoy & pass on! Thank you for this opportunity!

  220. I want to capture all the “baby moments” of my third and LAST baby…they grow too quickly and I treasure every photo!

  221. I would love to capture my girls doing day to day activities together. It’s so hard to get both of them in focus at the same time.

  222. I follow Ashley Ann’s blog and it is FANTASTIC! So how exciting that it led me here to you. I would really like to capture better “in the moment” photographs of my kids… ones that are frame-worthy but show their personality as well. I’m kind of over the expensive photogs who don’t know my kids and are more concerned about time constraint than about capturing life. We recently bought a DSLR and I’d love to learn how to use it more… I haven’t used a “manual” camera since college and well, that’s been YEARS ago. Thanks for having this!

  223. Would love to win this awesome class and capture my two boys who are quickly changing before my eyes. I got a DSLR for Christmas and don’t have a clue how to use it. Awesome Giveaway!

  224. I would LOVE to win this! I am in love with Ashley Ann’s photography and want to capture more every day moments with my daughter and newborn boy scheduled to arrive in Feb.

  225. I would love to win this class. I try everytime one to win is offered. In the mean time, I’m saving $5 a month to hopfully one day be able to take it before she stops offering it. I do good at caturing moments, but it would be nice to take 12 shots and know it’s captured rather than the 200 I generally take and have to weed through.

  226. I’ve been dying to take this course but it’s just too expensive for me! I want to capture the moment s between my two little boys when you see just how dearly they love each other and being best friends.

  227. I love Ashley’s site and would love to take this course to better capture all the adorable moments of my 9 month old son.

  228. I would love to capture the everyday. the moments that are taken for granted. my son was 4 from the moment he grew into his personality I knew I would never forget all the quirky things he did, he the way he said/worded things. my mom would say you better write it which I would respond.. how could I ever forget that?!? now chasing a 4 yr old around all day I should have listened…I’m a mom how could I REMEMBER all the cute things he says/does. I forget so much to capture those moments. that’s what I want to capture… the everyday. the laughs, the tears, the spills, the messes, the mis-matches, the mud pies… the 4 yr old boy

  229. I just got a DSLR for Christmas and can’t wait to use it to capture all of the fun, crazy, messy moments of my four children! Perfect giveaway!

  230. I would love to capture my elusive teen daughter in a way that would make her a little less reluctant to sit for me. And I want to be able to capture my 7 year old in action too!

  231. I would love to capture my 4 year old’s focus and concentration when doing all things lego or dinosaur related, and the 2 year old’s exuberant joy when jumping or dancing. Really I want a photo where you can see their happy eyes, not where their eyes are closed (right now i’m really great at those. ha!) thanks!

  232. I would like to capture my handsome 7 month old figuring out how his beautiful body moves. He is just starting to crawl and pull himself to things. But the one moment I want to be able to treasure forever is his amazingly contageous giggle and how the corners of his mouth curl up.

  233. I guess the one moment I’d most like to capture is all of the new moments about to happen in my life and Ashley’s course will most definitely help me before those things happen. Like, my wedding, first house, first child…

  234. I would love to capture the wonderful smaile on my daughters face that she saves for her daddy. I would love to capture one of their special moments together. She loves her daddy:) I would love to capture some of her amazing smiles and laughs!

  235. Oh, there are so many things I’d love to learn. I’d love to capture my boys’ actions in focus, not blurry like the ones I took. I’d love to take picture of all the children that is worthy to be printed, enlarged, and hang on the wall. 🙂

  236. I would to capture the moments when my children are interacting with each other..
    I would’ve to better understand how to my dslr to take great pictures of the children I teach. Most are special needs and sometimes getting pictures that highlight their joy and accomplishment is hard.

  237. I would love the opportunity to learn how to really use my Canon camera. Goodness knows I have had tons of advice but it goes in one ear and and is gone forever! This snapshop sounds like a fix for me!

  238. I would so love learning how to capture the sweet and sometimes ornery everyday moments between siblings…thanks for the opportunity!

  239. Thank you for letting us know about this course! I love your blog- it really helped me get back to being “ME” after my eighth child was born. Having kids ages 4 up through 21 has really made this hit home- life is so busy and it goes so fast! I would love to be able to capture the everyday moments with my little ones…and big ones too!
    I am completely intimidated by our camera and would love to understand the “blah, blah blah” of it all.

  240. How could you NOT want this great course?! I got a new camera for my birthday and would LOVE to use it to it’s full potential. 2 boys growing up way too fast, 1 husband, a dog and lots-o-family!

  241. Jane Pereschuk on

    Very interested in capturing the lives of my grandchildren as I know how quickly childhood days pass by. I have the camera, but have a lot to learn!

  242. I am about to have my third child and I just want to capture it all! The sweet smiles, hugs from big brother and big little sister to the new baby, newborn yawns, itty bitty fingers and toes, gawking toddler eyes staring at their new little addition… I could go on and on ♥

  243. I want to caputure my two adorable boys doing what they do best…fight! So when they are older and LOVE each other, they’ll remember to old times 🙂

  244. Meghan Borough on

    What a nice giveaway! We are going on vacation with our 6 month old in a few months and it would be AWESOME to be able to capture wonderful moments while we are there!

  245. I want to be able to capture my 8 month old daughter’s first steps and the delight on her face when she figures it out!

  246. The moment I’d most like to capture is my little boys spending time with my Grandma. She and I are very close and it is such a blessing to me to watch them interact.

  247. Oh how to pick just one moment – perhaps the sleepy face of my son who despite being half awake, those eyes just sparkle as he greets me in a new day.

  248. Kim Bernhardt on

    I would like to capture my daughter playing dress up. Each day she is in about 10 outfits and I, like you, would use my iPhone to “capute” the momnet. Not to mention my husband just picked up my birthday gift a DSLR camera that I picked out after taking Ashleys advice from her post on cameras.

  249. I would L-O-V-E to win a SnapShop session! And I would L-O-V-E it even more if I could photograph my two kiddos in all their glory! It is the ‘everyday’ moments and pictures I like looking at from my childhood…the ones that show you what you were like as a kid. It would be awesome to be able to capture those moments for my children!

  250. I want to learn how to use my camera to capture my girls and our everyday life! They are growing up quickly and I want to savor and remember it! Thanks for the chance! I’m keeping my fingers crossed! 😀

  251. Would love to learn more about my camera and how to get those kind of pictures that tell a story with one “click”!

  252. I’d like to catch my 15 year old with the look of delight on her face from driving with her learner’s permit. Before I know it, she’ll be off to college.

  253. I have absolutely no photography skills and feel crushed when I see moments happen in front of me with my kids that I am under equipped to document….I so need to take this class!

  254. I love this idea. I’d like to learn to capture the front of anyone’s face, in focus, so the picture says something other than “holy crap, you stink at taking pictures!” Thanks for offering this.

  255. I would love to capture those brief brotherly-love moments I see every days (in between the fighting and bickering). Hiding in their fort, playing “rain forest animals meet the Cars 2 cars”, running after the dogs in the yard. My iPhone just doesn’t give those moments justice and I want to remember them forever.

  256. I just got a DSLR for Christmas, and I haven’t ventured out of auto yet…I would love to capture my children’s giggles when they are playing together.

  257. Javier Morales on

    I would ve to capture the moment when my son has a “love” moment with my wife. He stares at her and with the most sinsere, honest and pure way, tells her he loves her and gives her a hug.

  258. Melissa Melini on

    I just love Ashleys blog. My husband too uses the camera great, and I just use it in manual. I’m at home all the time with the kids and the everyday play and just plain life is what I would love to capture and freez.

  259. I’d so love to win this course! It was one of my New Year’s resolutions to stop breaking out the iphone and start using my cameras! 🙂 I have 2 littles growing too quickly, that’s who I love to capture!

  260. The other day, I walked into the living room to find my kids laying in the floor holding hands. Abigail (8mos) was fussing because she was tired so I went to make her a bottle. Then Hunter (2 yrs) laid on the floor and held her hand a told her it’s ok and gave her a kiss when I arrived with the bottle. I desperately want to capture the love between my kids and the sweet but rare moments of gentleness he shows toward his sister.

  261. I would love to capture my two-year-old learning to zoom on his new balance bike and my baby girl learning to roll over. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  262. I would absolutely looove to have this course. I just got my first DSLR this summer, and really don’t know how to use it…plus, I have 3 girls, one of which just finished cancer treatment in May. I feel like I have lost 3 years of their young lives b/c I had to be with my 8 yr old through a traumatic time. I need to catch up on their lives by taking lots of pictures.

  263. Wonderful giveaway! I would love to be able to really capture my kids personalities in photos– the type that I could blow up into huge canvases and make into art that we could forever enjoy!

  264. Great giveaway. I have had my DSLR for 3 years and still use it in automatic mode. How sad. I want to capture those everyday moments in my kids’ lives.

  265. Love you blog! Saw this class on your gift list and would really like to take it!! I want to capture the sacred in the everyday so I can look back and remember this time when my kids were little. So much time has flown by already and it just seems to be passing faster with each year. I guess I’m looking for time in a bottle and the camera seems to be the best way to capture it. Thanks for doing this!

  266. What moment do I want to capture? Them all! My oldest will start kinder in Fall and my “baby” just turned one! Where does the time go? Slow down! I’ve gotta get some great pictures before they go off to college!

  267. My baby sister is having her first girl after 3 boys. I get to be in the delivery room 🙂 I’d love to capture the miracle of her sugar and spice moment.

  268. I just received a camera as a graudation gift and I’d love to learn how to use it so that I can capture all of the funny facial expressions my little guy makes! By the time my regular compact camera or phone camera takes the picture, the expression is gone or he is – in the other room 😛

  269. i just want to capture a moment, any moment without the blurr. i hate it when i think i have a great shot only to have it come out blurry. I love ashley’s blog, she rocks!

  270. Oh, I love Ashley and how she aims to tell a story with a photo. I would like to learn to capture the story of my daughter as she explores the world around her.

  271. Trista Lukavsky on

    I would love to capture my 5 month olds firsts…there will be a lot in the next coming months and years to follow and it would be awesome to be able to learn how to use my DSLR camera from the Ashley Ann!!!

  272. Help Me Rhonda on

    I have always loved photography but just don’t get it! I missed so much with my 3 grown children taking really bad pictures. I now have two grandsons and would LOVE to be able to capture their sweet personalities.

  273. Oh, I would SO love this… I’ve been dreaming of being part of her snapshop class for months now. I would love to capture the moments of love and silliness between my 5-year old and 5-month old. I just got a dslr for Christmas, and know I have SO much to learn!

  274. My son is almost 6 months and I have been on automatic mode since. What I like about what Ashley’s snapshot offers is how to capture those timeless moments!

  275. I would love to capture my growing new born. We just got a camera with some sweet lenses and a flash… now I just need to learn how to use them. 🙂

  276. Such a great giveaway! I really want to be able to capture the wonder of my 2 yr old son finding the joy or amazement in those things we, as adults, take for granted like seeing the moon in the sky.

  277. I would love to win this! My kids, as with everyone else, are growing up too fast! It would be amazing to learn from Ashley!

  278. As all of the other followers have said…to capture all those wonderful moments of my 6 month old so that I savor his sweet baby-ness for a lifetime! My husband is the camera person as well so when I’m home alone and see the best smiles, goofy faces and just melt your heart moments…I miss them because I don’t know how to work the camera! This class would be p.e.r.f.e.c.t. for me!

  279. Mary Shanteau on

    I want to capture every moment; I can’t imagine any moment I would not want to capture. Everything I look at is a potential great photograph Photography is my passion.

  280. Such a fab giveaway! I’ve been eyeing that course ever since you recommended it, as I can never seem to capture my 5-year-old and 3-year-old in a great photo together. One’s smiling, one’s frowning. One’s standing still, one’s running the other direction. I would sooo love to learn how to better capture these moments.

  281. I want to capture the everyday moments of my family. Create lasting memories through pictures. Would be excited how to

  282. I want to capture my little sister’s high school graduation, my baby’s first steps, her first birthday, every moment with my husband before he deploys, everything! I don’t own a DSLR because I don’t know how to use one, but if I won, I’d get one!

  283. i would love to be able to capture my girls giggling and lovin on each other. usually pix are so blurry or they have stopped before i catch them!

  284. I would love to capture images of my family in the way that Ashley does – candid, honest, and truthful. I’ve been following her blog for a while and I’m a huge fan of her work.

  285. I took photography in hs & LOVED. IT. … I am now a full time mom, evening nursing student & work from home in between my already packed day. Being able to take Ashley’s SnapShop class would be such a great treat for … well, ME! I have an amazing camera & no time to go actually ‘go’ to a class to learn it’s ends and outs. Plus, I have a beautiful baby girl whose face is plastered in my iPhone’s 800+ pics … I want REAL pics of HER on my fancy camera!

  286. i have looked into the SnapShop class for a few months now. what a gift it would be to win! i have four little ones, so there are MANY everyday moments i would love to learn how to capture better, especially how they love each other.

  287. I would love to have the ability to capture the joy in everyday. Holidays and birthdays are special but as are so many other ordinary day moments. I want to make those moments magical on film too.

  288. Would LOVE to take the course! Somehow Ashley Ann is able to capture herself with her kids and the relationship they have in many of her shots. I want to learn to capture some of those shots!

  289. Moments are fleeting and priceless, images/ photos make them lasting and can be shared with family far away. Would love to learn more and start cataloging these “kodak moments”.

  290. Lovely giveaway! I’m a follow of Ashley’s blog, she is great. I would love to take photos of my family just like she does, just random moment’s in time!!!

  291. Hi there! I just got a new DSLR for Christmas and am in serious need of proper training! The moments I hope to capture will be my new husband, our new house and our journey into parenthood. Thank you!

  292. Oh, how I’d love to win a spot. I love her blog and have been awaiting a chance to afford it.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  293. Kristy McCarthy Weight on

    I recently found out that I am pregnant with my third child – due in August – and, knowing this is my last baby, want to get some truly spectacular photos of my little family. The moment I would like to capture is when my boys meet their little brother/sister for the first time.

  294. my children dancing. they move so fast and have the best expressions. capturing this in-focus,!

  295. Mandy LeBlanc on

    I’d love to learn to use my camera better to capture my children’s everyday moments! Love this giveaway!

  296. I am 5 months pregnant and home with my 1 year-old and 5 year-old boys. For reasons probably related to my lack of sleep and more hectic days, my pregnancy brain is more aggressive this time around. I am so worried that I’m going to forget the sweet and hilarious moments between my boys and would love to have some decent photographic evidence!

  297. wow, what a hard question to answer. “what moment would i like to capture?”
    well, just moments of my children’s days…
    they grow up entirely too fast & i find myself year after year wishing that i had more daily reminders of their personality.
    so i want to take MORE pictures of my children…
    i want to LEARN how to take better pictures of my children!!!

  298. I would love to capture all the little moments as my daughter grows up so quickly before my eyes- those moments of discovery, wonder, and curiosity.

  299. i would love to know how to capture the little beauty in everyday moments,my new flowers, my funny cat, my lovely nephew… the things that make me happy!

  300. I’m getting ready for baby #3. Photography “styles” have changed so much since my first baby in 2005. I want to be a better family historian with baby #3.

  301. colleen from alabama on

    Thought i had left a comment but i don’t see it here! I just want to learn to take pictures manually so that when my light is not so good, i can still get a good pic of my kids without using a flash! They are 9 & 11 and growing up way too fast!

  302. What a nice chance! I’d like to capture the “nothing special” moments- somebody reading a book (especially to someone else), doing homework, figuring out a puzzle- my everydays that I’m busy doing my every day stuff and know I’m missing.

  303. Would love to catch the moments that are unplanned–the kids playing together or hugging, exploring something new, or just being their silly, beautiful selves.

  304. I have two little girls and I just got the cutest outfits from Lilblueboo that I am dying to get out in nature and snap some pictures of them! But first I need to learn how to use my fancy camera :)~ Kimmie

  305. The other night me and my boys (husband, 21 month old son and 7 month old son) were playing in the tents and tunnels the kids got for Christmas.. we were having such a blast and I wish I would have had the eye and know how to capture some of these moments with my big camera..These everyday life moments and special events are the things I would love to have beautiful photographs of!

  306. I, like most other moms, would like to capture all of the simple moments exactly the way they are when they happen. Thanks for the chance to learn how to do so.

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