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Lactate_Support_Carton_60ctI'm up.  Again.  Baby Man just hit a growth spurt, and with a saucy four-year-old and an obstinate 2-1/2-year-old, I'm pretty much tapped this time of "day."  Mama needs more milk, and fast!  I've taken straight fenugreek supplements and teas before, with little notable success (I had to resort to power pumping), so I was skeptical when a Whole Foods herb guru pointed me the way of Gaia Herbs Lactate Support a few weeks ago.  It just seemed like more of the same, and at a heftier price tag, but since it was on sale and my nerves were frayed down to the last hair, I thought I'd give it a shot, and I'm so glad I did.  Mamas, I had to share this stuff because it is seriously high potency and it works.  Fast.  Like, I popped three caps in the morning and by the end of the day I could already um, see a difference, works.  Like, Baby Man nodded off, milk-drunk after glucking down what seemed like a gallon of milk works.  Like, had to get up and pump at 4 AM works (so yes, I was still up at 4 AM, but not with a howling, ravenous baby).  It works for me within about 12 hours, so I can take a few caplets for a few days whilst the bub needs a bit more, and taper off once my supply is up to snuff.  It's about 40% off on Amazon right now, so I'm stocking up, chicks.

– M.


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  1. Oats, brewer’s yeast and flaxseed. I had a recipe for “lactation cookies” that were oatmeal raisin with brewer’s yeast and flaxseed. Not sure how effective they really were but at least I got to eat cookies. 🙂

  2. Awesome tip! I can atest to these supplements too. They work great. I took them while nursing A and they greatly increased my supply. I think I may start now again with little M to build up my pump stash. I also notice a difference just from eating oatmeal and drinking a hoppy beer (not at the same time ;))
    M – so proud to hear you’re pumping! YAY!

  3. I swear ANMJ ladies are telepathic! When I begrudgingly pulled out my frumpy nursing bras out for baby #2-what would appear but the sexy nursing bra post! Bam! I bought 5 new oooohh la la bras! When I was bemoaning all the less than desirable maternity jeans, Shana posts her jean review! Holla! Now this?? You ladies rock! Keep it coming, Mammas, I’m off to Whole Foods! Our first weekend away from Baby boy sweet cheeks in March will be possble!

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