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Smart mamas know how to improvise.  In the McGyver-like hands of moms, a stack of tupperware becomes a vacation toy, a popsicle-stained shirt turned inside out is now photo-opp worthy, and (ta-da!) a yoga skirt transforms into a date night-worthy LBD.  New mom and ANMJ reader Amy is only nine months into this gig and already she's pulling out all the mom stops, shopping her closet and making a statement.  She writes:

Last weekend my hubby and I went on our THIRD date since our NINE month old was born. Crazy, I know. But I was super excited about it, so I got all dressed up. I actually put on a real bra that didn't have nursing access. Sheer amazingness. (don't look too close- you can see it in that second picture!) I felt a little sneaky wearing my black yoga skirt as a dress, but nobody even knew. (Until now of course, since I'm sharing my secret.)

Just wanted to share with you all since you inspire me so much. Have a lovely day!


We're loving everything Amy has going on.  She's rocking de rigueur boots with long socks, a fab long cardi (a la wear your cardi as a dress?), and best of all she turned her yoga skirt (also probably very nursing-friendly if babes are in tow!) into an adorable little black dress for a night out with hubs.

Amy, three dates in nine months isn't too shabby–I think we'd had exactly one-half of a date by that time with our first because we came home early.  Keep shopping your closet and thank you for sending in your pics–you look amazing!

– M.



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  1. Can I be the first to say that for having a 9 month old you look AMAZING!! Did you catch that, amazing. And the outfit, it looks perfect, totally date friendly yet I could imagine wearing that on one of those endless Wednesdays…

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