Shop Your Closet: Bringing Sexy “Back”…Wiiith a Cardigan

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I can't remember where I originally saw this styling trick.  Some avant-garde fashion blogger spun her cardigan around and wore it backwards, thus prompting a rash of copycats…but like our mothers taught us (and we will most likely teach our kids) imitation is the highest form of flattery.

In any case, I tried it.  I thought the v-back was too low…until I realized that it was a perfect way to show off a pretty racerback. 

Kinda fun, no?  

But the front was another story.  To make it look cute and shirt-like, I had to use some belt trickery:


The low-slung belt is way easier on the post-partum pooch, and blousing the cardigan also helps to hide…uh…any thickness in the middle region.  (Can I still call it a "post-partum pooch" more than a year later?  I'm going with YES.)

But my favorite pic of this outfit?  The one that I've named, "I'm too sexy for my wellies?" or maybe, "Put on some heels already!"  Yeah.  This one:


Yesssss.  Wow, Mamas.  A flirty little look and muddy rainboots.  It must be your lucky week.

Speaking of lucky weeks, the boys and I are headed back to Gulf Shores to visit my parents (and sister!!).  Hopefully I'll get to wear the floral tank sans cardi…and wellies.  It's almost too much to hope for.









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  1. It wasn’t until I had the cardigan on that I realized it had pockets! The belt hid them well enough and it actually looked really cute. This is an impossible look to nurse in however so I’ll have to wear it some time in the not so near future I guess.

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