Shop Your Closet: Layer Thigh High Socks Over Your Tights

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Yup.  I'm still messing around with these things.  You first saw them here, where I used a little flash of thigh to distract from my post-partum tum and dark-circled eyes.  Pretty effective, actually.  And a thicker, less dressy pair here, when I channeled my husband's fourth-grade self (Wow – I just made Mike sound like a cross-dresser.  Just to clarify:  He was/is NOT.)  

In any case, I own a couple of thigh-highs, but they don't get used nearly enough to justify the enormous amount of room they take up in my sock drawer.  So I decided to mess around with the black pair, seeing if I could make them both daytime appropriate and mom-friendly.

Incidentally, thigh-highs (or over-the-knee-socks, if you prefer) always look spot-on peeking out over the top of over-the-knee boots.  

I do not own over-the-knee boots.  


I tried them on with my tallest boots:


(wearing: J.Crew cashmere v-neck sweater, Banana Republic scarf, Forever 21 shorts and tights, Plush thigh-highs, vintage Frye boots) 

Not bad, right?  But I hardly reach for my vintage Fryes on a daily basis.  So to keep this look mom-friendly, I tried black flats:


I kinda loved how the thigh-highs instantly made this boring-ish outfit more interesting.  In hindsight, I'd lose the hat.  It makes me look like a Wee Sprightly Elf.

But the thigh-highs + flats, while proportionally OK, had one major flaw:

Elephant ankles, anyone?


I think an oxford shoe would be better here….or a very short bootie.  But two legwear layers are obviously too much for my little ballet flats.


Next up – my standby Fryes.  I don't think the proportion works.  But you know, we already took the picture, so I might as well bore you with it use it. 



Except….hunh.  Does this actually work?  I almost don't hate it.  Almost.

And since we're spiraling down, let's just keep on going.  In desperation, I tried my shorter boots:


Yes?  No?  I don't know anymore.  

I think in my head, the whole thigh-high-over-tights thing worked much better. 

So there you have it, Mamas.  For this week's Shop Your Closet, I offer you…[blank].  Awesome.

Wanna help?  Tell me what you're thinking in the comments.  For the lazy, you can just pick a letter:

A. S, you sexy beast, your thigh-highs rock the house

B. Tall boots or nuthin

C. I personally find elephant ankles sexy


Happy Monday, Mamas.







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  1. Tall boots or folding the socks down a bit with either pair of fryes. I do this with thigh high cable knit socks and below the knee boots so that you just have sock up to the top of the knee. For me, proportions work better that way.

  2. Lololol!!  I know, right?  I just never quite found "the" pair.  Or when I came close….I just already have so many boots, you know?  Sigh.
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  3. I am voting for the tall boots and the flats, elephant ankles and all. Thanks for all the fashion inspiration! With your help, I feel like I am making wiser choices for my “mama uniform.”

  4. Tina – the Clark's would be perfect!  Mine happen to be the sand color, which I didn't think would go with the black thigh-highs.  But in a darker color?  Perfect!  
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  5. I think I’ll vote that you are a sexy beast, but won’t find me in thigh highs anytime soon. Although it would be interesting for me to try the same experiement since I’m only 5’2″ so the proportions would be way different!

  6. Crunchy Con Mom – you crack me up!!  Thanks for the vote of confidence.  :). Btw – if I'm honest about my height, I'm only 5' 2.5". Let's not forget that half inch.  🙂
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  7. You have got me TOTALLY inspired in general — but I’m not feeling the socks. I love a little bit of sock, but not so much … also, where the heck does one BUY tall socks? I haven’t seen a cute pair anywhere … and I would totally play around with the look if I had great, bold colors to play with …

  8. I can’t choose any of those (though you are, in general, a sexy beast). The look just chops up the legs too much for my taste.
    I love that you are willing to put such an inconclusive post out there, though! 😉

  9. Seriously??? You look so tall online! Lol. I totally thought you were at least 5’7″ or so, maybe taller. I guess I’m just used to assuming everyone I meet is at least half a foot taller than me…

  10. Im voting A! But I think if the tights were in the same color as your thighhighs it would be sleeker… I love the pattern though! Or if youre brave maybe try a bright tight and go colorblocking, but I just can’t colorblock, its just not me. As for the boot height, I really like them all , even the flats! Elephant ankles look kinda close to legwarmers… maybe just add another layer??
    PS Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to fleece lined tights and leggings!!!

  11. I’m with Kay and Cheralyn… You have lovely and quite thin legs, but for anyone whose legs happen to be short and/or thicker, I think the segmented leg might not be the best look!
    That being said, I do think maintaining a similar color palette might make it doable even for those ladies… Maybe a dark tight (so it slims the upper leg) and a patterned over the knee sock? Just a thought…
    Oh, and *definitely* the tallest boot is best. 🙂

  12. Mamas, you rock. Thanks for the advice and for not throwing virtual tomatoes at my failures, LOL!
    Andrea, I have two hair products I LOVE: Phyto’s Defrisant and the spray version of Macadamia oil:
    I use the spray first to soften everything up, then a boatload of defrisant.

  13. I don’t think I’m really on board with this one. The tall boots come closest to doing it for me but I think your leg’s just being chopped into too many pieces (does that even make sense?) I think it’d work better if the shorts and tights were closer to the same color, then you just have the thigh-highs and the boots creating a cut…and not the shorts creating an additional one. Or maybe it’s the proportions. I tried rolled jeans shorts with black tights and legwarmers just peeking over my tall boots and think I like it. (But perhaps I just didn’t get enough distance to look at myself. Maybe I need to take a picture next time.) Hunh…I hope we’ll hear about it if you finally work the kinks out of this one.

  14. I think they all look great. The outfit with the ballet flats is the best, in fact. Two layers are NOT too much for them.

  15. i’m late to the party (JUST discovering your super fabulous site!), but i’m LOVING you already ~ your style, your amazing recommendations (& finds!), and for trying what many of us fear!! i absolutely adore the thigh-highs. *never* though i would have said it, but you had me with the grey outfit (posted April 2011)! now i’m trying to find a pair of shorts to recreate & can’t… any tips??
    also, would thigh-highs work with skirts/dresses or would that get into the dodgy va-va-voom territory?? i was thinking layering up & pairing thigh-highs w/ tall boots. (i don’t own any shorts, but have a ton of dresses that hit mid-thigh, so am trying to make this work with what i’ve got…)
    THANK YOU for all you do!!! =)

  16. Thanks for the love, Emily! Many of my shorts come from Forever 21. They are always cute, on-trend, and I’ve had good luck with quality. Modcloth also has some really cute ones from time-to-time.
    Dresses would also work, though! To tone down the va-va-voom factor, throw on a jacket or chunky cardigan and a scarf. Or layer the dress over a button down or under a sweater (obvs this depends on the dress). Also, you could layer thigh highs over a pair of leggings (instead of tights) for a totally kid-proof look.
    Hope this helps!

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