Target Drives Serious Wedge in Quality v. Quantity Resolve

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There's always a lot of talk about quality v. quantity and cost-per-wear (CPW) here at Ain't No Mom Jeans, and we do truly believe in responsible, well-considered shopping.  But, like S.'s little floral denim shorts, there's a time and a place for cheap, on-trend items, and that place is called Target. 

Or Tarjay, if that makes you feel better.  Whatevs.  Not only will they know your teenage daughter is pregnant before you do, but they've also nailed some seriously adorable wedge sandal styles for Spring, which at present seems like (as H would say) an infinity months away.

This damnable store has yet again driven a serious wedge in my quality versus quantity resolve, and three, yes, three, of these styles are now lurking in my Target shopping cart.  Check them out.  I am most in love with the Perri Strappy Espadrille Wedge but I also snapped up the Twyla Espadrille Wedge in-store a few days ago. . . 

Target Drives Wedge in My Quality v. Quantity Resolve


Hmph.  Foiled again.

– M.


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  1. Someone just posted about these on the fashion board … said they are super cute and nice IRL but that they needed to size down. Just thought I’d share!

  2. I bought two pair of Merona dress slacks two years ago. With the exception of a loose hem on one that developed after a year, they were my go-to work slacks. Comfortable, well-fitted, and they washed like a dream. Now I have to give them away because I lost weight – went to buy a new pair and there’s nothing like them, even in the “traditional” department stores. I’ve bought some stuff from Target that didn’t last, but some that keeps going and going! You should do a daily outfit just from your Target collection!

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