Summer Style Rules For Moms – Part 2

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 This article is the second in a multi-part series based on "rules" I've applied again and again when doing style consultations / closet clean-outs with moms….but updated for summer.  See our Part 1 of our Summer Style Rules For Moms series here….


Mamas, I loved your comments on Part 1 of our Summer Style Rules series.  But just to clear up some confusion:  I don't actually wear denim skinny jeans all summer.  I was just showing the different shoe/bag combos against a standard "momiform"…and was too cold that day for shorts. 

Now feel free to give me grief about wearing a sweatshirt in the pic above.  IknowIknow.  But unless it's 90 degrees, this Mama is cold.  (Exception:  When pregnant.  A little clue for future use.)

(But we still haven't decided on #3 or not.  So you may never get to use the clue.  Not sure why I feel the need to Spell Out My Childbearing Intentions here…perhaps because my husband and my mother read this blog?  Sigh.  I can hear your thoughts, "Who cares, S?" Ok, moving on….)

SUMMER STYLE RULES.  FOR MOMS. YES.  Here we go with the next two rules…

RULE TWO:  Stylish Sunglasses = Stylish Mama

Wearing a pair of stylin' sunnies?  You look cool.  Period.  We've talked about the power of It-Girl Sunnies before…and it really is amazing.  It-Girl sunglasses can make even a pair of mom-jeans look…uh…ironic. (not really)

But the message here?  Get yourself some crazy-awesome sunnies.  And by crazy-awesome, we mean quality, Mamas. All the way.  Aaaannd, of course, a full dose of style.

Our advice will be no surprise to longtime readers –  you know where we stand on the quality-vs-quantity debate, and we've urged Mamas to consider cool sunglasses as an accessory-of-choice before.

But let me also add this to the mix:

Big 'ol sunnies with polarized lenses prevent you from squinting in the sun.

Me…not squinting.


(wearing, on S: J.Crew sweatshirt – similar here, Abercrombie & Fitch Classic Straight Destroyed denim, Salt Hathaway sunnies, Essie Turqs & Caicos Nail Polish on toes)

That's big, isn't it?  I mean…no squinting has to equal no wrinkles, amiright?  How else do we get wrinkles besides sun damage or squinting? (Don't tell me…gravity, shmavity.)

The downside, of course, is that polarized lenses are expensive.  But we managed to round up eight fairly affordable pairs of oh-so-cool sunnies (all with polarized lenses), that will take any momiform up a few style notches…while preventing wrinkles (and, you know…saving your vision, blahblahblah):



Maui Jim Baby Beach, $275 | Maui Jim Sugar Beach, $159 

Oliver Peoples Corie Coral Polarized sunglasses, $295 | Paul Smith Kismine Polarized, $300

Tory Burch Polarized Square Sunglasses, $185 |  Salt Optics Hutton Polarized, $375

Oakley Sweet Spot in red, $110 | TOMS Kinshasa Polarized Sunglasses, $119


RULE THREE: Put a Hat On It

 Are you sick of me harping on how cool hats are?  OMG ME NEITHER!!



We first gave hats some love last summer, in our article Summer Hat Picks For Moms To Wear Now and Into Fall…and since then, M and I have been all hat-bananas.  See all of our articles that include hats by clicking the Accessories – Hats category link.

But why hats?  As a rule?  

Here's the deal:  Hats popped onto the hipster scene a few years ago.  And instead of just making a brief appearance and then dying out…this trend is, if anything, coming on stronger.  Perhaps the royal wedding buzz helped this trend along..but hats are now considered outfit basics, rather than a novelty item. 

Here's why I love hats for moms:

No sleep?  No shower?  Greasy hair?  HAT IT.

At the playground all day getting wrinkles?  HAT, please.

Too poochy for the bikini and feeling dowdy in your one-piece?  COOL HAT TO THE RESCUE.

Your bundle of joy spit-up in your hair as you headed out the door?  Twist it all up and PUT A HAT ON IT. (Yes, speaking from experience here. Don't judge.  The smell goes away…eventually.  I'm pretty sure moderately sure no one else knew.)

But here's the thing, Mamas:  Right now…all hats are cool!

Photo (37)

Ok…maybe not all. Unless it's Derby Day…I'd avoid anything that looks too derbyish. As M so kindly demonstrates.


But seriously.  Big hats, small hats, straw hats, uh….not straw hats (canvas, perhaps?).  Whatever.  Find a hat that you think looks cute.  If it's not a fedora…who cares?  You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that retailers are carrying a TON of hat options, so find one that best fits your gorgeous-mama face. 

Like M's gorgeous-mama face in her not-a-derby-day hat

Photo (36)

Also, remember my friend Sarah?  Of the military-inspired hat?  She's been trying to make the fedora work…but gave up when she found this fabulous little cloche hat….at Target.

  Disney World 2012 015

(Sarah's wearing the Mossimo Cloche Hat with band at Target) 

She's obviously sportin' her hat at the pool, but it would look just as cute with a maxi dress or toughened up with cut-off and shabooties*.  (*shabooties – M's word for those crazy-sexy flat sandals that this mom street style chick was rocking)

Here are a few hats that I'm currently coveting…and they range from fedoras, boaters, bowlers, cadet hats, floppy hats and a pork pie hat (seriously the name).  Prices from $9 – $128 (but most are under $50).

Fun Summer Hats



In terms of styling, I think summer hats look best with a simple tee and a pop of lipstick.   Or copy M's look above and pair your hat with a cool tank and earrings. Stylish and fun…yet easy and effortless.

More "rules" next week….




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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. Quite timely for me. I have never looked good in hats, my head is too small and the hats are too big. But I recently found the cloche style hat and I am in love. It protects me from the sun and let’s me hide my hair should any oatmeal be hanging on to it for dear life

  2. Wish I could find a cute hat that fit me. Curse my giant melon. Love these style tips. I have great luck finding good-quality, stylish sunglasses at Marshall’s. Never more than $15 for a cute pair that lasts and lasts.

  3. So timely – I just emailed y’all about hats after trying some on at Target this weekend. I loved that cloche but couldn’t quite pull the trigger because I’m a chickenshit. I think I just need to bite the bullet, no?

  4. I can’t find hats that fit my melon either! Such a bummer. They all tend to be “one size fits all” – Know of any brands that have more, um, generous, sizing options?

  5. I completely agree with the quality sunnies. They are mandatory! And, no matter how cute the shape,mthose Target/Walgreens/gas station sunglasses just look cheap. My favorite source for designer shades is Saks Off 5th. My current faves are an oversized Marc Jacobs pair that can normally retail for over $200. I scored them for $85! They also carry Dior, Prada, DVF, Alexander McQueen, Elizabeth & James, Jimmy Choo, and many more awesome brands. I am fortunate enough to live within 10 min of my local Off 5th, but for those mamas less fortunate, they have a great selection online…just not as discounted as they are in-store.

  6. Cute, cute, cute! But really, I want to know your workout routines! You two always look so toned and healthy…which is a huge part of feeling good about yourself and feeling good in clothes, right? Would love to know how you fit in exercise with the kiddos…

  7. Mamas of the oversized melons (I am one of you): Try men’s hats. Goorin brothers makes fab unisex-ish hats that fit pretty well. Or men’s hats in general fit better. I wear my husband’s all the time….they actually fit a bit tight. (I blame my hair). 🙂
    Heather – and cheaper sunnies often don’t have the quality lenses…so they shade your eyes, but don’t protect, which actually makes everything worse. Sing it, sister.
    Bonnie – OMG exercise with the kiddos is SO freaking hard. This past year is the first (first!!) time I’ve been able to exercise consistently. And by consistant, I mean once a week. Two if I’m lucky, three if I’m an animal. I’ve started running with Pax in the stroller while R is at preschool. And I will do workout dvds at home…but have to ignore the kid’s antics. It’s tough, but they are learning to be calm. But I have to keep it short. The 30 Day shred is great because the workout is only 20 min…but I kinda hate cardio….so….I’m currently going through others trying to find a favorite….hmmm…anyone interested in my finds? Anyone have recommendations?

  8. Shannon and Sarah – YES. Even most men’s hats don’t seem to fit my gigantic head. My husband thinks it’s hysterical to make me try on hats in stores just so he can laugh when they don’t even come close to fitting. Sigh. I’m blaming thick hair.

  9. Double yes.
    With one caveat to the sunglasses. I know you girls are fond of the nice shades. But I have lost EVERY PAIR of decent sunglasses I’ve ever bought (the RayBans I found on the sidewalk however are still with me!). Plus, sunnies are an essential for me–if I’m without them, I’m useless. I literally have a pair on my head at all times–which means I need multiple pairs all over the house. I have pairs in the car. In every bag. In bins by the door. Upstairs on my desk. And I love all of them! Some are cheapies from Forever21, or decent steals from GILT, and one pair of “nice” ones by Kate Spade via TJs. But the most important thing is that I always have a pair when I need them–and let’s not lie, I can coordinate them with my other accessories too!
    Just bought an adorable royal blue fedora with a crisp white stripe from the new Webster collection at Target–but it’s from the men’s collection, so don’t look where you expect!

  10. Short dvd workouts for mamas. Lindsay Brin all the way!! She isn’t kidding when she says she knows how to get you a tummy tuck withiut the surgery. I’m not an exersice fiend but my pooch drove me to her 60 day slimdown. IT WORKS LADIES!!! Add this style blog to my daily reads and I’m feelin like one hot mama! Thank You SOOO much for your style wisdom, you have taught me everything I know.

  11. Love this post! Shana- how do you like your A & F jeans? I love the distressed look, but have never tried this brand before.

  12. Hats, hats, hats!
    Target is such a great source, especially when they collaborate with designers. I have some fantastic chapeaux from the Eugenia Kim capsule collection a couple of years ago and Albertus Swanepoel last fall. I never fail to get compliments and none was more than $20!

  13. Question. What about those boheme-y looking cowboy hats? Yay or nay? I suffer from big head syndrom. Seems like I don’t fit any hats except for those. I like them but they seem limiting.

  14. Krystal – I love them!!  Shoot….I meant to include one in the round-up, it must have gotten lost in the shuffle.  Thanks for pointing that out!  They are FAB.
    Closetcoach – I hear ya.  TOTALLY agree. 
    Cami…I haven't totally decided.  I *think* I love them…bought them for "research" purposes (snort)…and am planning a review soon….the distressing, however, is PERFECT, if you are into that.  
    KAS – will check it out, thanks!  Feel like doing a review for us?  If so, shoot me an email….aintnomomjeans at gmail dot com

  15. All of those pics of you in the Salt Sunnies recently made me run out last week and replace my scratched up silver aviators with a pair I determined looked JUST like the Salts…. The problem? I failed to pay attention to the key part of the post where you mentioned QUALITY. Fast forward to the next sunny day, and Sarah is full on squinting behind the 10 dolla Target specials. I am getting wrinkles just THINKING about them. Polarized lenses, here I come. And I LOVE the “I need to protect my eyes, right? Safety first” angle. Pure genius!!

  16. Love sunglasses and hats! Btw, warby parker also has polarized sunglasses and they give a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need when you buy a pair. Thier customer service is divine too!

  17. I love these ideas! But how, oh how to keep from turning into a boring mama with plain ‘ol shorts and t-shirts all summer? It’s just too hot and sticky to think about too much….Maybe a hat and some amazing sunnies will save me!

  18. Okay, I hope my question is not too dumb or basic… How do I mix a hat with looong hair and wind? It’s always windy here in the Bay Area and hats never stay on my head! Add in the fact that I would want to put my hair up (thus keeping said hat from fitting properly) and then the hat is definitely not working.
    I like the tip for looking in the men’s section; it seems that women have borrowed the fedora style from them anyway. Good idea for those of us with bigger noggins!

  19. I found your blog yesterday – through another blog – and spent about an hour looking through it, and noticing all the things I do not have and starting to think that I better go out and get some skinny jeans, some cool “sunnies” (at the cost of a month’s groceries), and a designer diaper bag. Throughout the day I started to realize that your blog, although I’m sure it isn’t your intention in writing it, makes me feel that I am not good enough the way I am, that I don’t have the right stuff, and I should be spending my time (and a LOT of my money) getting it. But then I started to think: when I think back on the last month or so with my son I never think AT ALL about what I was wearing, or what other people were wearing. When my son looks back on his childhood I’m pretty sure he will NEVER remember or care in the least what I or he was wearing. So I’ve come to the conclusion, for me anyway, that it DOES NOT MATTER. No one is going to like me better (myself included) if I have the perfect skinny jeans and sandals that match my bag. What he and I WILL remember is the things we did together, the memories we made, and how much we’ve grown! I’m writing this not because I think your blog is bad – but for you to know (and for other moms who might feel like me, to know) that what is written here can send a negative message to moms.

  20. Matt’s shop is now selling these and at roughly $50 for the POLARIZED injection molded (aka plastic frames) they are a steal!!!
    A few of my fav models the Colfax, Headmaster, Wingman and Sequin. They are very ‘unisex’ and extremely light weight. Unlike my Raybans that use a heavy glass lens, look cool, but bad for wearing all day.

  21. I was catching up on my reading of the blog and read Beth’s post.
    Beth – first of all, I love your name 😉
    I hear what you are saying. However, I wanted to also write in. I have two boys who went through a ton medically for many years. Sadly, their early baby days and toddler years is a big blur. At that time I didn’t care what I was wearing, or what they were wearing. I was surviving, traveling in and out of Children’s Hospital in Boston and feeling thankful for the progress that they were making.
    Fast forward to today. They are older now, both in early elementary school and thriving! And, as they have thrived, I started to have time to focus on myself and how I feel about life in general.
    And you know what? I realized that I feel better when I feel I look better. That doesn’t have to mean spending a million dollars on clothes or accessories- but it means feeling that I have my own sense of style that reflects who I am on the inside. Lots of my friends will tell me that I look great, but for me, wearing the same old yoga pants day in and day out didn’t help me feel great.
    For me, this blog helps me to start to learn where to begin. It helps to guide me to things and answer questions and even encourages moms to do what makes them feel good (See this post here:
    S sums it up when she says, it is less about how you look (or what you wear) and instead more about how you feel.
    Beth, it sounds as if you are a great mama who loves her son to the moon and back- and that is sure to radiate out for everyone to see regardless of what you are wearing!

  22. i’m way behind on reading this post. i’ve scanned the comments for this question but i don’t think it’s been asked. i got a pixie haircut a couple of months ago. i love wearing hats in the summer. granted i usually wear baseball caps. however, with my new hair, they make me look like a little boy. do any of these hats work for ladies with super short hair? would love your input! i don’t know what i can pull off with my new hair.

  23. Hats scare me- especially cute, trendy fedora type. I’m shy and they really make you stand out!! BUT you are pushing this girl to make a move soon and I might just not care and buy a sassy hat.
    Shana, you look so cute in that 2nd picture on the chair. Very Audrey Hepburnish.
    Saving up for some polarized glasses. hesitant since I loose ALL my sunglasses.
    Love your blog!!

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