September 24, 2012

Shopping: Military Pieces and Offbeat Sweaters

Mamas, so many of you wanted to know where to get the military-inspired anorak I wore in last week's post (link below).  Well…once I started looking, I just couldn't stop.  The shopping enabler strikes again.

I love how an irreverent sweater takes some of the punch out of military-inspired pieces.  And since both offbeat sweaters and military-anything are huge trends this Fall, there are quite a few pieces to choose from.  So.  If you are feeling the need for a good shop, see below for my favorite anoraks, camo pants, and sheep sweaters.  Seriously.  

(Now there's something I never thought I'd say.)

 The Military Trend

 Topshop Faux Leather Sleeve Army Jacket, $130 | Next Direct Fabric Mix Parka, $108  Nasty Gal Enlisted Anorak, $138 

Military Jacket, $100 | BDG Surplus Vest, $69 | Blu Pepper Faux Leather Sleeve, $68

Tripp NYC Camo Jean, $69 | Current/Elliott The Rider Denim Panel, $218 | xhilaration juniors skinny camo denim, $23  

psst:  I just picked up these bad girl sexy pants.  They've been sold out for ever, but the Zara in Philly just restocked (and were sold out again by Sunday).  Anyway, word on the street is that Zara will restock online soon, so keep checking.  They run small, I had to go up a size.



Offbeat Sweaters

So ugly they're cute?  Wear them ironically?  I don't know why these things work…but my quirky, offbeat heart sweater has been a closet staple both last winter and now.  Perhaps these are "interesting sweaters" personified?  All I know is that it has saved many an outfit from snoozeville.  It's hard to argue with a piece whose price-per-wear is now measured in pennies.  


Sheepmeadow Sweater, $88 |Remain Polka Dot Sweater, $88 | French Hen Sweater, $95

 Chunky Heart Sweater, $60 | Knitted Aztec Motif Sweater, $84 | Hive and Honey Tiger Sweater, $59

 Mossimo supply co. heart sweater, $23| Deer Print Sweater, $103 |  Just the Fox, Ma'am $98 

One word of caution….the older you are, the more you need to think hard about cutesy sweaters.  If your overall vibe is still pretty-young-thing, and you've been planning to pair your ironic sweater with some cargo skinnies or waxed denim…then YES.  Go for it.  If, however, you can see 50 and have no idea what waxed denim is…then I'd stick with sophiticated polks dots (sweater #2) or the Aztec print (sweater #5).  

Happy Shopping!




  • Allison
    September 25, 2012

    This would be my pick for an ironic sweater:
    But there’s something way too hipster about wearing clothing “ironically”… I don’t think I could pull it off.

  • Julia A
    September 25, 2012

    I actually just bought the Urban Outfitters BDG Surplus Vest (when it finally came back in stock) and LOVE! IT!! I’ve actually been trying to muster the courage for camo skinnies. Think a 6 mth post babe belly, size 29″ waist mom could pull ’em off?!?
    PS – I heart the deer sweater!

  • Lisa
    September 25, 2012

    J.Crew Factory Store (outlet) has a version of your heart sweater in stock now (or at least they did this past weekend). 3 different color combos.

  • Holly
    September 25, 2012

    Shana, have you heard of C Wonder? They have some cute stuff, including lots of offbeat sweaters. I’d be curious if anyone has any of their stuff and how the quality is.

  • S
    September 28, 2012

    @Allison, you say “hipster” like it’s a bad thing! LOL But I was being a bit flip when I said, “wear these ironically”. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been wearing my heart sweater for a whole year now…but these are starting to feel mainstream. Throw it on like any ol’ sweater…and you might be surprised. 🙂
    @Julia A – You always look great. I’ll bet you could pull off anything. However, I do remember Mol returning her leopard print skinnies in frustration…only to re-buy them a few months later, LOL! But she was 6 weeks post-partum (the crazy girl) not 6 months. 🙂
    @Lisa – Nice find!!! Thank you!
    @Holly- I have not! But OMG they have the best, TRULY IRONIC sweater: the horse. Made me laugh out loud:

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