Mom Street Style: Kristen’s Genius Style Tip For Baby-Wearing

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Mamas, check it:

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When you're all covered up by baby, let your legs take center stage.  As reader Kristen writes…

Forgive the crappy photo, but I believe I may have found the perfect baby-wearing accessory: fancy pants! These particular floral pants are leggings which, in my book, makes them eligible for: ignoring my 4 year old at the playground, reading a magazine in the YMCA lobby when my husband thinks I am "working out," and going to a friend's birthday party when my real-life clothes don't fit (see reading at gym, above, haha.)

Brilliant, Kristen!  I love it.  We need to add this little gem to Lane's Baby-Wearing Style Basics.

Kristen's chambray tunic was from Old Navy (now gone, but Gap has one) and her leggings are from Stylemint.  Sadly, they are sold out, but a wait-list is available.  Otherwise, Urban Outfitters has a pretty pair, but I also like their muted paisley legging.  Mamas, are any of you rocking crazy legs these days?  Mind sharing your finds?  I can't quite decide….


Kristen, you look gorgeous, girl!  Love this look – thank you so much for writing in!




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