Scored a Fab Dress at Target? Awesome. Now Here’s How To Wear It Without Looking Like Everybody Else…

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Mamas, you know Target's designer collaborations, right?  Have you ever scored an item before it's sold out?  Perhaps a printed tunic from the Tucker collab, or my little red and navy dress from Jason Wu?  Well here's the thing:  everyone's got one.  So when reader Samira asked if she could guest post on ways to keep your Target score fresh, I was all. over. it.  Yes, please.


Kirna Zabete for Target is here!  It’s been a lower-key launch than say, the Missoni collection (!!!), but that is a very good thing for us humble shoppers.  This collaboration may not have as high a profile, but it does have the combined eye of two excellent clothing curators, Beth Buccini and Sarah Easley.  Designer taste on a Target budget: always a win.  

Unfortunately the upside of Target collabs (so available!) is also the downside: so available.  Many of us interested in fashion on a budget will be adding these pieces to our wardrobes in the coming weeks.  Take this pretty floral dress for example:

Screen Shot 2012-09-26 at 5.39.13 PMKirna Zabete For Target Long Sleeve, Tie Front Floral Dress, $45


It’s gorgeous, it’s washable (hey, polyester) and it’s the kind of dress you might think you have to rock-paper-scissors your girlfriend for.  Nope, even if you both get one  (S's Note:  Hear that, Mol??)  you could mix it up in some very different ways—all of them low-key.

Here are three ways to keep your Target dress fresh:

Do the Hipster Thing

With a dress like this that can easily read “fancy” or dressed up, it’s nice to mix references and layer on casual pieces.  


images:  beaded beltoversized cardiganhigh tops.


Left Bank Chic

For a twist, layer a short-sleeve sweater over the dress, letting the pretty floral pattern peek out at the sleeves and skirt.  Simple flats and a parka finish off the look. 


images: short sleeved crewneck sweatersimple flatsparka


Prep It Up

Or try layering a chambray shirt on top (open like a jacket, or tied at the waist) with a pair of loafers and a textured knit cap for a relaxed preppy-punk vibe.  


images: chambray shirtloaferstextured knit cap


This kind of super-pretty dress in a super-practical fabric is a fab find for moms, allowing us to feel a little of the fancy while keeping our feet firmly planted in the sandbox.

Any more styling ideas?  I would love to hear them! 




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