My Feature on Urban Field Notes!

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Mamas, my dear friend Brent has featured me on his awesome street-style blog, Urban Field Notes. Instead of a traditional interview, he fired a few questions at me while we were all having dinner last Friday night.  So I really had no idea what he was planning to say.  True to form, he's funny, in the dryest possible way.  And totally exposes my teeny-bopper taste in music.  Drat those extra glasses of wine!!  



ps.  I am so excited for Mom Street Style next week! Remember K, our self-described "Poochy" Mama who needed avice on what to wear to her 5-yr collage reunion?  Yeah….she sent in pics.  And they are SO. TOTALLY. HOT.  



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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. Can I just say that I LOVE that you wore flares in the pictures? It’s nice to see something besides a skinny. Great interview, I just found a new site to follow…pretty pictures and funny, and a willingness to swear? My kind of dude.

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