TMRDNL: A High-End Designer For Moms? (And At Crazy-Affordable Prices)

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Ok Mamas – it's my last shopping enabling post of the year.  But I must warn you:  This one will be especially hard to resist. 

Have you heard of TMRDNL?  It's the line designed by Tamar Daniel, an Israeli- British-American fashion designer who happens to live not far from me.  I had the opportunity to meet with her and see her line…and oh, my.  We're talking ah-mazing stuff.  Like…machine washable, scrunch down into a suitcase and still look amazing stuff. 



Tamar's design philosophy is one that us Mamas will relate to.  A mom herself, Tamar describes her collection as a "call to arms for dynamic real women, whose days are full of many facets, and whose outfits need to transition from boardroom to playgroup to date night and back again as seamlessly as they do. A versatile mix of easy, thoughtful pieces, the collection is truly a wardrobe for living."

Sing it, Sister.



But here's the bad news:  Tamar is moving on.  It turns out that designing an entire line is a ton of work (no kidding). And Tamar has something new and exciting in mind.  Personally, I'm heartbroken.  With gorgeousness like this…


…TMRDNL will be missed.   

But here's the silver lining, Mamas.  Tamar still has a few pieces in stock.  And they are taking up precious room in her storeroom.  You know where I'm going with this, right?  She'd like some help cleaning things away for the new year.  So pieces that typically retail for…oh…let's just say that they typically retail for prices that I cannot afford…are currently available in the $25 – $125 range.


Even better, Tamar is generously offering Ain't No Mom Jeans readers an additional 20% off with the code ANMJ.

Now…what to buy?

Well.  My most-worn piece to-date is the Intrigue Jacket, pictured above. It's machine-washable, nursing-friendly, and insanely comfortable.  The sleeves are made of a soft knit, so you have full range of motion for picking up the little ones – it feels like a comfy sweater.  Mine is a size larger than I typically go for, so it can be easily layered (even over another sweater, like above).  But when I wear it alone, the drapiness is such that it never looks too big!  This piece is seriously amazing.  It is currently retailing on Tamar's website for $99, and also comes in a longer (trench) version for $125.  The trench makes a gorgeous dress, especially for work.  (Easy to pump in, I'll bet.)  

Ready to see more? Ok…

My next pick is TMRDNL's Who, Me? dress, currently retailing for $95 (before the ANMJ discount).  I'm bringing this little number home with me – it's what I'll be wearing on Christmas Eve.  (And New Years if we can find a sitter.  Yeah, right.) 


One thing to note:  Tamar had mentioned that you could literally ball this dress up in a suitcase, then bring it out and ta da!  It would look fine.  So I did just that – overnight – before taking these pics.  Amazing.  And YUP:  machine washable.

(My slept-on hair, however, is another story.)  Trying to pull off these outfit shots with two boys who want to "help"…Raines has some surprisingly strong opinions for a four year old.

Know what you need, Mom?  Some presents


Uh, thanks honey.

Anyway.  If you don't need to be fancy-fancy, I found that some tall boots and a big 'ol scarf dress it down nicely.  I wore this outfit while out with Mike…



 Now…if your dress tastes run a bit vintage, I'm also loving Tamar's Gathered Shoulder Dress, $105.  This dress has a fabulous flapper vibe, thanks to a kicky little side panel that you can just barely see in the pics. 


While I realize that this dress is a glimmery gold…it's so comfortable (and machine washable and wrinkle resistant) that I see no reason not to wear it for day.  Besides, I love me some gold glimmer with plaid and denim.  


Tamar also makes a funky draped skirt in this fabric ($55), as well as a flowy tank called, appropriately, Draped Tank, $25.  Modest Mamas will appreciate the higher neckline, while hoochies like me will wish it a tad lower. 


Still pretty fabulous though.  

Ok – ready to talk about jackets?  Specifically, TMRDNL's Editor Jacket? ($115 before discount)



And did I mention that the sleeves are the same cozy knit as the Intrigue jacket?  And that there are studs on the shoulders?  


Also, Tamar makes this 100% cashmere gorgeousness ($150) that can be worn as a scarf/shrug/skirt/dress.  I love it for those nights when I want to have bare arms in the restaurant…but I'll freeze if I do.  (It's also my new favorite infinity scarf.)


I also messed around with making it a skirt:

Cozy and sexy?  Yes, please.

Lastly…(and OMGIKNOW this is a long one but bear with me, Mamas.  I really didn't want to leave anything out…)

A simple tee.  A simple, insanely fabulous tee, with interesting drape and a great name (The Cafe Top), for $25.  No joke.  Personally, I'm in love with this blush color, but it is also available in stripes. 


OK!!  That's it!  I'm done!  No more shopping enabling for the rest of 2012!  I'm now turning off the computer, and going to spend some quality time with the three boys who have been very supportive of this crazy little habit of mine.  This blog, Mamas, ends up being a family affair.

Look at him – eyeing his setup so critically


I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, Mamas!  Wishing you and your family safe travels, happy homes, and hearts full of peace. 



ps.  I will be responding to comments via my phone…since our drive back to MI will take THREE DAYS.  THREE DAYS in the car, Mamas.  THREE.  (Or two, if Mike gets his way.)  So feel free to email or comment with questions…xoxo


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  1. I know it’s not the focus of the post but where O where did you get the brown booties where your son (wearing a red shirt) is sitting on/near your feet?

  2. You had me at higher neckline…lol (my short torso and ample bosom means most shirts don’t have high enough necklines for me).
    How is her sizing? I hate buying stuff online from new places and then worrying it won’t fit because their small is smaller than I’m used to or will look like a sack because their large actually is quite large!
    But yeah, I fully intend to own a glimmery gold drape tank by the end of 2012…

  3. I tried both the S and M.  I'm wearing the S in the pic.  The M also worked, though – just showed a little more of my bra under the arms.  If you are between sizes, I'd size up. (Then wear a cute bra just in case…)
    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Melissa – I'm wearing the M…but the small also fit really well.  The M gave me a bit more room to layer over other sweaters….
    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Another size question.. The cashmere shrug/dress/cowl thingy. What size are you wearing? I’m 5’4″ 115 lbs.. Wondering what size I’d wear. Thanks so much Shana!

  6. What size are you wearing in the Cafe Top? Also, the description suggests wearing it over a long sleeve top which I think will look cute. What color would you wear with the blush color? Thanks!

  7. Hedy – I'm wearing a medium, but the small also fit quite nicely.  I've layered the blush over a long-sleeve black tee (for a ballet inspired look) or over gray for something softer….
    Sent from my iPhone

  8. on

    So Yeah- speaking of buying things online and not being sure of sizing… I bought the beautiful boyfriend belted cardigan from goddis with the thunderbird on it. It is gorgeous, except that it is about 3 sizes too small for me. In my excitement over their black Friday 50% off sale I neglected to read the return policy. No returns on promo code items! Anyhoo I have a size m/L lovely goddis thunderbird cardi for someone a size 6-10 for $135 instead of $275, nwt. I know this isn’t a classifieds section- its just so cute and I loved it so much and it was so expensive at regular price- I thought maybe another reader might have felt the same way and I could pass on my great deal. If you’d like to pass this along that would be great and if not I totally understand that too. I’m at
    Ps – love anmj!

  9. Did you happen to try the London Bridge top? I was wondering how/if there was gaping under the arms. But the draping of this blouse seems pooch forgiving?

  10. Am in LOVE with these clothes! Am starting to think about postpartum non-preggo wardrobe upcoming in a couple months and cannot pass one some of these items. I’m 5’1″, anticipate being especially busty in the next year o’nursing, and typically wear a Small/4/6. Would you think sizing up to a medium in most items would be sufficient? Or go for a large?

  11. The pieces are gorgeous, but the real star of the show is Raines! He’s looks SO much older, also his haircut is adorable, might have to use that for reference for my blonde 3yo boy 😉

  12. I love your blog. I’ve been so focused on commenting on “on topic” posts (usually about play therapy, autism, asperger’s, adhd, etc.) , that I forget to comment on blogs that I just love. To that end I realized I must tweet and share also. Just thought I’d stop by and say, I <3 Ain'tNoMomJeans. 🙂
    That trench is incredible. Love it!

  13. Omg! I just received the clothes I ordered from Tamar and they are gorgeous! Thank you so much for telling us about it. I love your blog and appreciate the help in looking more fashionable.

  14. They really have some fabulous pieces, that stinks that they are not continuing. I actually love every piece you showed, but that cashmere scarf is calling my name. I will have to check out to see what they have left. Thanks for stopping by and I emailed you.

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