December 5, 2012

Holiday Style: Add Drama With a Maxi Skirt

I mean really.  With a big, swooshy skirt and a glittery bag, how can you go wrong?


PA131273(wearing:  Ann Taylor skirt – similar at Urban for $40, Ann Taylor cropped sweater – try this slightly sheer, cropped sweater sweatshirt by Betsey Johnson on sale for $27, J.Crew glitter bag - similar


But here's the genius part of the maxi-skirt-in-winter:  You can wear juuuust about anything underneath.  Including fleece-lined tights.  Or, say…winter running tights.  Or heck – even fleece skinny sweatpants!  As long as they tuck nicely into tall boots…no one will be the wiser.  (Unless, of course, your little one likes to play hide-and-go-seek in your skirt.  Then there's a chance that someone will awkwardly learn your secret.  There are always risks, Mamas!)

And most of these swooshy skirts look fabulous with a cozy sweater.  Curvy gals, look for a fitted sweater, or something that belts.  Poochy mamas can try a boxy cropped sweater (like above) or something slim through the hips but loose on the pooch.  Like this one:

PB292816(wearing: Patterson Kincaid Tiered Maxi Dress which rocks at pooch hiding – here's another tiered one currently on sale for $152, an ancient Esprit sweater vest – while this one is similar, I'd probably try something like this)


This outfit isn't quite as dressy…but neither are all holiday festivities.  I wore this exact outfit to a Mother's Tea at Raines' school.  He had requested that I show up looking "like a princess."  Sigh.  How is princess culture so pervasive???

But anyway, this is actually a maxi dress, not a skirt.  I just layered the dress over a turtleneck and added a cozy vest.  And yes – I'm rocking some major warmie legs underneath.  I just have to beware of bears.




ps.  See the rest of our 2012 Holiday Style Guide for Lazy Mamas here.



  • Ashley
    December 6, 2012

    I like both looks, but the second is something I would wear a lot. Cozy princess and all…

  • Shana
    December 6, 2012

    Thanks Ashley! And it’s funny how much I *do* feel like a princess in a floor-length skirt….

  • Ashley
    December 6, 2012

    My little guy loves skirts and dresses on his girls. He calls us princesses when we wear them. He is a fan of pretty…

  • Stephanie
    December 9, 2012

    I think I’m vest-challenged. I have the hardest time finding (noticing?) them, but I love how you use them to add dimension, texture and evn shape. I need to find some!!

  • Darcy
    December 10, 2012

    Ha, Shana, yesterday I was rooting around in our basement for Christmas decorations – opening boxes and peering in, gawd knows what’s down there! – when my eyes happened to alight on a red maxi skirt from a couple of summers ago. Ordinarily I would have just moved on…but of course I thought of you and pounced on it with great excitement! Now I’m really eager to play with different ways of wearing it and maybe make it part of my Christmas wardrobe – it’s ridiculous and kind of wonderful how much fun an old skirt can promise, when it’s looked at right! Thanks once again for your blog x

  • facesofonypr
    April 27, 2016

    LOVE this look! That swooshy skirt is gorgeous on you, and looks great with the glittery bag and boxy cropped sweater:)

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