Holiday Style: Try A Monochrome Palette (Especially in White…)

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There's something about white that just feels so…fancy.  And it's totally unexpected during the holiday season.  I've been feeling all chic snow-princess in my all-white ensembles against a a vast sea of little black dresses, sleek black coats, and dark denim.  It's fun.  

I did fight my urge to wear a crown.  But can't you see it?  A little Wild Things inspired crown – the one that Max wears?  Trimmed in white faux-fur?  When I'm 80, Mamas.  Then I'll wear crowns.


(wearing: KUT from the Kloth white denim c/o Shop Adorn - similar pair, Cheap Monday sweater – similar vibe, Theory turtleneck – a much cheaper version, Indigo by Clarks Heath Wren Booties, J.Crew gold glitter bag – similar

I am basically wearing jeans, a turtleneck, and an over-sized sweater.  It's the same uniform that I may have worn in 5th grade.  But when done in a monochromatic palette…it's chic, right?  The key, I think, is to vary both the color (slightly) and the texture (wildly).  


I love white with gold accessories, and a small glittery purse just screams, "I'm a girl!! Going to a party!!"  Which pretty much sums up my thoughts on our rare nights out. (I'm loving this over-sized gold glitter clutch.)

Winter shoes are trouble with an all-white outfit.  I like taupe – it's grounding, without being too much contrast.  Otherwise, pairing an all-white outfit with pops of color is another surprisingly party-friendly choice. (Beth – might this even be "festive fancy?")


(wearing: Chan Luu lariat necklace – here's one in silver, Joie silk blouse – similar currently on sale, KUT from the Kloth white denim c/o Shop Adornsimilar pair, Aerosoles Tapestry pump)

White jeans with a cream silk blouse and pops of red – pretty, no?  And I love the thought of cozy cream cords this time of year.  I've been thinking about Gap's version… 

Even if you aren't feeling the all-white, this technique works with other colors.  Just apply the same styling trick of varying the color (slightly) and the texture (wildly).  I know I've done this before….


(Sources, left to right: Camel and tangray thigh-highs, all black styling, purple)


Thoughts, Mamas?  Are you going to bust out your white denim this holiday season..or do you have enough of another color to pull off the monochrome look?  



ps.  See the rest of our 2012 Holiday Style Guide for Lazy Mamas here.






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  1. Love these! I seriously consider not buying anything new for this holiday season (maybe a festive earring or clutch). Can I have a silly question? What should I wear under a silk blouse like this? I never seem to get it right (comfortable and stylish), but you do it in such an effortless way. 🙂

  2. Vera – not a silly question!  At a minimum, wear a nude bra.  You'll be showing hints of skin.  If that's too much for your comfort, try a nude cami (a nude shaper cami works great).  Or if you want to be bolder, try a lacy cami in a different color (black, red, etc). 
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  3. Love, love, LOVE the second look!!! But can a curvy 29 pull off all white?!? Please keep the holiday brilliance (pornstar boobs, nursing-friendly, toddler-wrangling brilliance, pretty please!) coming!

  4. I love the white with cream- you are encouraging me to break out the white jeans again! They only came out once this summer, bc they did not last long before they were covered with various kid stains…

  5. You are so right! “Fancy white” is perfect. I wore an off white sweater dress with shimmery white tights to the hubs’ work party. With my glittery costume bracelets and pins I felt very chic and comfy-cozy next to all the black seqins. It felt very modern and cool.

  6. Shana these looks are fabulous!!! And yes I would say that second outfit is “festive fancy”. What makes the outfit are the accent pieces you added- the pops of red and the sparkle. You nailed it!
    Now if only I owned these items 😉
    Off topic- the lipstick you are wearing is gorgeous! I am not sure that I can pull it off with my coloring- but my goal for myself is to try a brighter lip…not a hard goal given that I wear sheer gloss every day. Every. Day. So what is the secret to keeping the lipstick color ON your lips as opposed as to sliding off- whenever I wear lipstick it ends up all around my lips and I look like my son when he eats a raspberry jam cookie!
    Keep the posts coming- they are fabulous!!!!! xoxo

  7. Try some of the long last lipsticks — I’m a big fan of Revlon’s ColorStay Ultimate Suede. I feel like it’s a winter version of their Just Bitten lip stain that I used all summer. It goes on like lipstick, so it’s a lot less tricky than the other colorstay products (in my opinion). I now own socialite (mauve-pink) and backstage (burgundy). Stays ON your lips! I own an expensive NARS red lipstick that’s so pretty, but it’s so high maintenance that I rarely wear it. And lipstick all over your champagne glass isn’t chic.

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