Shopping: Sweatshirt Dresses

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Ok Mamas!  Our shopping week continues with sweatshirt dresses!! (I want you to be well prepared for the after-Christmas sales, Mamas.  WELL PREPARED.)  And psst:  One of my fav sweatshirt dresses is perfect for nursing.  Seriously.


Sweatshirt Dresses

I can't say enough about my James Perse sweatshirt dress (you first saw it here).  And those of you following me on instagram (@shanachristine) will know how often I've been wearing it.  So.  If you happen to be in the market for a versatile sweatshirt dress, choices abound!  You have your pick from sporty to uber glam, and many are fabulous pooch-hiders.  

Basic Sweatshirt Dresses


A. Gap Terry Sweatshirt Dress, $54

This is very similar to my James Perse sweatshirt dress, but half the cost.  The main difference is that the James Perse dress has a banded bottom, which helps keep the dress looking a bit dressier.  However, the slight A-line of this dress might be better for pear-shaped figures.

B. Hatch Collection Sweatshirt Dress, $208

I am recommending this dress with one major reservation:  It's not for small mamas.  I had the opportunity to try this dress on recently, and it was horrible.  I was crushed.  It fell below my knees (I'm almost 5'3") and there was just so much fabric…  If you are fairly tall (I'd say 5'7" or above), pregnant, and don't mind a mountain of fabric…this dress might work.  But I wouldn't bet on wearing it forever.  

C. James Perse Funnel Neck Dress, $195

I love everything about this dress:  the color, the sporty collar, the banded bottom.  Adorbs.

D. ASOS Knitted Dress With Sweatshirt Details, $70

This dress is actually a sweater dress, with embellishments to make it look like a sweatshirt.  Whatever.  It works.  (And probably drapes a bit better than a true sweatshirt dress.)


Interesting Sweatshirt Dresses


A. Diesel Gertrude Dress, on sale for $132

Nursing Mamas!!  Celebrate!!  It zips! It hides a pooch!  I feel like I should buy this just in case we have a third.  I mean SERIOUSLY.  I have never, in all of my internet travels, found such a cute nursing and pooch hiding dress.  

Thank you, Diesel.  I realize that the sleep-deprived, leaky boobed, jelly-bellied Mama *may* not be your key demographic…but thank you anyway.

B. French Connection Amazon Sweatshirt Dress, $80

It's a printed sweatshirt, made into a dress.  Looks crazy-fierce on the model with black tights, heels and an oversized scarf.  Would look just as cute with some flat boots.  This one goes easily from playdate to real date.

C.  C&C California Faux-Leather and Knit Dress, $148

Holy. Crap.  See that faux-leather panel?  OMGLOVE.

D. COMEFORBREAKFAST Short Dress, on sale for $80 at

This unique twist on a sweatshirt dress is only available in sizes XS and S…but it's so…swingy, I'll bet there's a bit of wiggle room in the sizing.

E. C&C California Faux-Leather Fleece Dress, $108

OMG SERIOUSLY I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING.  YOU GUYS.  It looks like leather…yet it's fleece.  And not crazy expensive.  Yessssssss.

F. Brown Winter Sweatshirt Dress, $145 from Etsy seller Lirola

For those of you who prefer a vintage, girly vibe to all of that faux-leather, I'm loving Lirola's take on the sweatshirt dress.  Puff sleeves and a ruched bottom?  Nice.


Now I'm off to pop popcorn.  It's Christmas movie night and I'm over the moon because I FINALLY found my favorite, Twas The Night Before Christmas.  The one with the mouse?  And the clockmaker?  Yes??  LOVELOVELOVE

(iTunes also has it for immediate purchase.  Yay.)









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  1. Thank you! love my James Perse!!…off subject..have you pick a statement necklace? The Anthro…frozen fruit is gone!! Was my fav…now which??

  2. Gosh, this is such a tough question. I keep leaning to #2 in the statment necklace post – it’s theHouse of Harlow’s one. I love the clean lines and edgy design. Would look great with both a tee and a major dress. But really – find one that makes your heart beat fast. And if you haven’t found it….then KEEP LOOKING!! 🙂

  3. I have been searching for a nursing-friendly tunic or dress, and I think I may just trust you on the Diesel one and give it a try. I’m not usually drawn to zippers but I love the relaxed vibe of the whole thing. Is this going to go more on sale or do I buy now? Oh, the uncertainty!

  4. Ok, now I am wondering how one would warm the Diesel dress up for winter. A cardigan just seems like it would make it frumpy somehow. Would it be crazy to layer a nursing turtleneck under it? I have no idea.
    Oh, and S, you should totally have a third baby! Just saw your baby fever comment in the necklace post 🙂

  5. Thank you for the link to the movie! I have been looking in stores for years. Didn’t
    even occur to me to look online. My absolute fave!

  6. Oh, yes, baby#3! I’d really appreciate advice and I plan to get pregnant next year. If we don’t chicken out of it, that is. Joking apart, such a tough decision, no? 🙂
    Love the sweatshirt dresses, thanks for the tips!

  7. Yes to the sweatshirt dress! I got the gap one last week when it was on sale. Awesome. I’ve worn it 3 times since. It’s the perfect momiform with fleece leggings or tights and and tall boots. Looks cute with a puffer and snow boots (we got our first couple inches!). Wore it to a 6 y.o.’s bday party and every mom I knew asked about it. I’m going back today to get the blue one.

  8. I’m struggling with the nursing option, too. I think with broad shoulders and big boobs I’d look like an enormous box in that dress. If you’re slim tneck sounds cute, though!
    #3 is awesome. You’ve already made the big mistakes with the bigs so you can just relax and enjoy the little one! And, need I say- new baby smell?!? Love!

  9. Hi everyone. Bug fan, but have never managed to successfully post a comment (#techchallenged).
    I love, love, love my James Perse dress. (If I were smart enough to post a photo, I would totes do so). In teh last month, it has been worn to: a casual work meeting with tights, colorful scarf and heels; a nice dinner at former boss’s house with classic jewelry, wide belt and riding boots; a walk around town with the girls with no jewelry 9my daughters like to yank all jewelry), fleece leggings and flats.
    And on Christmas, it will get dressed up with heels, patterned tights and a big ole statement necklace (PP, Baublebar is a great place fun, cheap sparklers!).
    Running off to buy the faux leather C and C now, because my office is creative and I could totes rock that at work too.

  10. Shana- have you tried this dress yet? The C&C Faux Leather Fleece one? Trying to decide on size and also if it will hide a pooch- it is a small one, but I still have one. And, if I can figure out enough ways to wear it. All that being said. I am in LOVE with this darn dress!!! Holy crap it’s pretty amazing!

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