Make-Up Link Up! Our Fav Products, and a Video Tutorial For the Sleep Deprived

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Mamas!  Let’s talk makeup! I’m excited about this one.  For the first time ever, I actually feel on top of my make-up game.  I mean, OK: keep your expectations low.  I’m not going to venture into *real* makeup.  I’m not recommending the blending of multiple eye shadows, nor will I use confusing words like “contour” or “crease” (I’m not clear on what they mean, exactly).  But I will share my very favorites: makeup that is tried and true, makeup that is fool-proof to apply, makeup that helps restore my hot mama mojo, even on mornings when I feel (and look) roughly 153987 years old.

You know.  That stuff.



1. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Dollface – I call this ‘barbie pink’.  It perks up my most tired face, and lasts all day.

2. Fresh Lip Sugar in Rose – So natural, so pretty.

3. Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Stain in Fiery – I’ve tried a TON of red lipsticks/stains, and this is the best.  It does come off on Pax’s cheeks (and belly)…but…it’s all natural?  So it’s ok?

4. Tarte Smooth Operator Clay Finishing Powder – Makes my skin look flawless and lasts almost all day.  I don’t understand why this stuff is so good, but the Sephora gal recommended it for my sister’s wedding.  I looked airbrushed in the pics, and never stopped using it.  It makes me happy every day.

5. MAC Eyeshadow in Mystery – I use this eyeshadow to define my brows (with this brush)…or for smokey eyes (with this other brush).  Love that it can do double-duty.  I also had trouble finding the right brown for my brows – so many of them turned too orange.  This brown has a subtle gray tone, so it just looks…completely natural.  Weird, but true.

6. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer in Original – Not only will this (really!!) keep your eyeshadow in place all day, but it’s perfect for tired mornings.  (More on this in the video.)

7.Tarte Lash Enhancing Primer – Layering this under mascara makes my eyelashes look fake, in the best possible way.  I instagrammed a pic (@shanachristine) and talk about it in the video below.

8. Make-Up Forever HD Foundation – Another recommendation from the folks at Sephora.  They promised that it would make my skin look amazing for my sister’s wedding photos.  It did.  It also makes my skin look amazing, period.  It’s pricey, but I’m still using (daily!!) the bottle I bought in June, so…PPW*, right?  Not as natural as I typically go for, but it is paraben-free.

*price per wear

9.  Tarte Maracuja Glow in Candlelight – I use this to distract from wrinkles and undereye bags.  You can see it a demo in the video.


Now.  Here’s a quick video “tutorial” (snort) of my makeup routine on those very, verrrry tired mornings.   Warning:  It’s fairly awkward – I had to talk over Pax’s gun-shooting, growling and shrieking in the background.  Awesome.

Ummmm…yeah.  That’s all my tricks.  That right there.

BUT HEY!  Mamas!  You guys are a veritable wealth of information…so share!  If you have a blog and have blogged about your fav make-up products or tips, feel free to add your links into the little Linky Tool below.  You can also add in pics from Instagram, Flickr, etc.

If you aren’t digitally linked, also feel free to leave a comment with your fav stuff or tips.  I’m dying to see how everyone else is handling the tired morning shuffle!



ps.  The video.  Umm….let me know:  helpful and fun or totally annoying?





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  1. Great tips! I love Tarte products and I’ve always been a little skeptical of eyelash primer but now I think I have to go grab some! Also, hurray for a makeup tutorial that I can relate to as most mornings I am dashing to spruce up my face a bit while a giggling (and sometimes screaming) munchkin takes the opportunity to dismantle the house.

  2. I feel like I learned a LOT from “Gossmakeupartist” on youtube. Specifically the videos on how to conceal under eye circles (good tips about using an orange corrector to cancel out the blue tones) and bags. Here’s an example video Based on Wayne’s recs I bought Makeup Forever Full Coverage concealer – it really doesn’t crease much under the eye. I also like Destiny Godley as she also talks about how to correct under eye circles and skin discoloration for women of color

  3. Love your products! I have a one and a two year old so my make up gets done in under 5 minutes. I swear by the maybeline dream lumi under eye conceler in radiant. It is AMAZING! It makes me look like I got some sleep 🙂

  4. I love things like this, more of these – yay.
    Some fashion videos would be awesome as well, this is my favourite blog, I check in here every morning 🙂
    Great work S.
    E. (a huge fan)

  5. this is GREAT! i am a fan of garnier bb cream (cuts down on concealer time), stila liquid liner and benefit they’re real mascara. i’ve also become a recent fan of cover girl jumbo gloss balm. all of this takes me 2 minutes….a must in mommyood.

  6. Fun! Would love to see more of these posts! Mt current faves are: Urban Decay Naked palette, UD eyeshadow primer, Buxom lipgloss, Mary Kay Lash Love mascara, Tarte blushes, UD eyeliner in Perversion, Hoola bronzer, The Balm Marylou Manizer (highlighter), Maybelline DreamLumi concealer for under eyes, Cargo HD powder, Wet n Wild eyeshadow trios in Silent Treatment and Walking on Eggshells, MAC lipstick in Lovelorn

  7. I love this! Especially because I’ve been on a makeup kick lately (probably because I just turned 30, ahem I mean 29, again.) My favorites are garnier bb cream for every or most days, ELF waterproof pen eyeliner, and this girls makeup tutorials – she’s adorable and irish, which makes listening to her extra fun.
    I also love the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain – it’s not overwhelming and lasts a long time!

  8. LOVED IT!!!! you rock!
    I have more questions:)
    1. What kind of facial cleanser,facial lotion do you use?
    2. what was the foundation that you had already used? (was it the makeup forever?)
    thank you

  9. I loved the video! You are so cute. 🙂
    I’ve got some ideas on how to use my $50 sephora card from Christmas that I’ve been stumped on. I already have so much make up, but hey I’m getting old, right? Gotta keep things fresh.
    I said this earlier, but I really love Benetint – does not come off, I wear it under my foundation. Oh! And I got an eyeliner sampler for Christmas, and I am obsessed with the one from Kat Von D – you can make a really thin subtle cat eye, which is great when you’re a stay at home mom and not trying to work some crazy look, just look a bit more polished.
    I have to try the mascara primer, I’ve been layering mascara for years (thickening + waterproof on top), this seems like a natural next step.

  10. I know some people will not agree with this, but I use a bronzer year-round. I don’t like typical bronzers because of the metallic-y aspect, but I do love Bare Minerals warmth. I put some in a c-shape from above my eyebrow to underneath my cheekbone. It helps give my round-ish face shape more of a defined cheekbone, plus a little extra color on my porcelain skin. I also love Clinique Almost Lipstick. I am not a fan of lipstick per se, but this gives a little color if you want it, and more if you put in some layers. It’s now available in more than the black honey color, and it settles in as a lip stain over time. If I do wear a lipstick its usually Maybelline Red Revival. I might have to try that lip stain though… 😉
    PS. You’re adorbs. And my sons would totally be the same way in the background. 🙂

  11. This video is the cutest damn thing. And I appreciate the two year old superhero sound effects in the background, exactly what I hear when I’m getting ready in the morning!

  12. You’re adorable. Love the video! So charming. You are reading my mind too, because I’ve just been contemplating “doing makeup” again and desperately need to buy a few choice products that will work for me every day. Thanks for the tips about the Tarte products. I didn’t know a thing about them.

  13. Thank you for the video! Love the background noises (and the glimpse of the super-hero mask wearing adorableness walking around)’s what we are all used to anyway 😉 But again thank, I’m what you’d call a “visual learner” this really helps! And girl, I totally saw a difference with the mascara primer! It looked like you had applied individual falsies..I may have to check that out…curious, how long does one tube generally last? Same length as mascara?
    I second all the Maybelline Dream Lumi highlighter isn’t as thick as some of the other samples I’ve tried, so sometimes I do have to layer it. But it works it magic on tired eyes. I also use it on the bow of my lip and on my cheekbones.
    I received the MAC eye primer for Christmas and it really works! It hides eye veins (ahem) and keeps my shadow stuck like glue 🙂

  14. I love the video! And the background “noises” are great cuz they’re REAL 🙂 – you’re a mom!
    Keep it up, Im going to try some of these products so thank you!

  15. That eyelash primer is awesome! I’m tempted to head out and get some, but the product info advised not to use it if you are pregnant (?!?) That’s a tad bit scary…

  16. I LOVED the video, thank you! Such good suggestions. I have the YSL highlighter and have still not been able to figure out how to use it, your demonstration is more helpful than anything I found on YouTube since it actually addresses the tired eyes issue! What mascara were you using here?
    On an unrelated note, I was watching this accompanied by my oldest son (4.5), who mostly just wanted to know why we didn’t get to see the kid playing in the background. 🙂

  17. Sooooo glad your house sounds like mine! And love Fresh’s sugar rose lip balm. Use it every day! Also still using benefit’s benetint. That’s usually all I can manage w/ the 2 kiddos @ home.

  18. Love the video! My favorite products are:
    Tarte amazon clay foundation- doesn’t feel heavy or get cakey & provides full coverage
    Bare minerals prime time primer- my go to primer. Fairly inexpensive & a little goes a long way.
    MAC paint pots- these are a great base. My eyeshadow stays put all day. They can also be used as an eyeshadow, just for a pop of color when you’re pressed for time, and I think we can all relate to that feeling!

  19. I am seriously so thankful that you boldly go where no other mamas seem to go–pooch discussions and veiny eyelids included! THANK YOU.
    My go-to blush is Nars in Orgasm. LOVE IT. SO helpful for tired mommy face :).

  20. my brainless make-up trick is having my eyelashes dyed and then using clear mascara in the morning. I have never been able to prevent some smudging of mascara when I use the regular stuff. Neither of my jobs are desk jobs (veterinarian and new job- mom!) and I am happy I am not worrying about brown smearing around my eyes so I can focus on what is important!
    Also love the sugar lip balm and of course Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (my big splurge but it lasts forever).
    love the blog and the video! Helps to have a “real” voice on what to expect on motherhood!

  21. Very helpful video. I am so excited about the eyelash primer! Instead of foundation, I use Boscia BB Cream. I love the stuff because it’s so light, and I can’t stand anything heavy on my face.

  22. Love the video – so helpful! I also use Tarte Amazonian Clay blush, but in Dollface – it’s a pale pink that I can pile on but it still looks natural, so when I have a particularly sleep-deprived heavy hand, I don’t look clownish. AND I wouldn’t survive without Armani Maestro concealer for my under eyes – it covers them so amazingly, I’ll never give it up.

  23. Yes, talk about foundation! I am struggling here…I have tried both a cream foundation and a mineral powder foundation. I liked the mineral powder better, but I felt like it was harder to get on evenly; parts of me looked a little browner than others. (I have really light skin.)

  24. Urban Decay eyeshadow primer is also EXCELLENT for priming your brows before you define them. I have very light / fine brows but medium brown hair, so my brows kind of disappear if I don’t define them every day. In the winter I don’t need any thing extra to “hold” the powder there but, in the humid Pennsylvania summer, I definitely do. A nice bonus is that they stay on even if you’re swimming.
    PS: I definitely don’t wear any other make-up while I’m swimming but I really like how defining my brows makes the rest of my face look, even without a stitch of make up on.

  25. So I watched the video with my own 2 year old background noise and love it! I feel like we have just met! 🙂
    I use a few of the things mentioned by the other Mamas: Garnier BB cream (a cheater/light foundation), mineral powder and Nars blush in Orgasm. I never even gave eyebrows and highlighter a thought but it makes a difference, will have to give it a try! Thanks again for your awesomeness!

  26. OMG, the brow tip is GENIUS. I do a lot of work to keep my brows on in the summer–sounds like our brows are sisters!–and it typically involves waterproof mascara, setting spray, etc. I have been using (and loving) the UD primer forever, and never thought to try it on the brows. Desiree–you have my eternal devotion!

  27. Love it! I stumbled on your blog before a Disney cruise last month when I was googling away for bathing suit help (btw- best family vacation ever! So easy and you get to drop the kids and have ADULT time!) Anyway I have been hooked on your blog since. My kids are getting older now – 5 and 7, and I feel like I’m finally getting ’round to put a little extra effort into how I look again (which, mysteriously wasn’t needed back in my 20s? hmmm)
    Unfortunately I still struggle with acne (crazy hormones will never be the same post-kids) and tend to stick to bare bones for makeup: concealer, a little translucent powder, and mascara… all of the regular drugstore brands variety.
    I’ve never really splurged on “fancy makeup” but I am so motivated by this post and the vid (LOVED it – that’s real life 🙂 that I am planing on using some of your ideas (ok and even the specific products and colors- hope that isn’t creepy! LOL)
    Just wondering if you/or anyone else who uses the foundation finds it leads to break outs? I think I attempted some a while back to even things out and it made my face a mess…
    Thanks SO much again for your blog! it’s awesome!

  28. = best makeup EVER!
    a women-owned and run company making gorgeous mineral makeup. no guess work needed in choosing what colors – you can get little sample jars for $1 each. I have a huge stash of mini eyeshadow, blush, and foundation jars. I absolutely love them.
    flawless makeup that I can throw on in literally 1 minute and look great!

  29. First off – love you S!!! You are gorgy with or without make up 🙂 Next you’ll have to clue us all in on your skincare routine? So I wanted to share my must-have/tip: First off – eyebrows are a NECESSITY! I used to be an eyebrow filler until I splurged one time before a beach vacay and had them tinted and waxed (to avoid the scary runaway/disappearring eyebrows once you hit water). It is my once a month treat and it has simplified my make up routine drastically… can’t go without it!!! I am def going to have to try that lash primer girl – the difference was crazy even on video!!!

  30. OOh I love the idea of this—but I’ve been burned way too many time going with make-up recommendations that don’t go with my skin tone! Anyone have advice for darker skin?

  31. I know nothing about make-up but learned about urban decay when I did my sister’s make-up for her wedding (big joke). As you know, that stuff works! Thanks for the other tips! I couldn’t tell in the video-what mascara do you use?

  32. Hey Michelle! I am really acne prone as well, and I am loving Too Faced BB. It doesn’t come in too many colors, but I believe it is oil free and hasn’t made me break out. I also like that, unlike some other bb’s i have tried, it looks dewy instead of dry, which I like for winter. I tried Too Faced concealer, but this was very opaque and made me look weird. If you want a more matte finish or live somewhere hot, you might want to try Clinique Age Defense BB. HTH!

  33. I’m also prone to break outs. I skip the foundation entirely. I don’t like the way it cakes over already bad skin. I prefer a tinted moisturizer and concealer. I use Benefit Cosmetics You Rebel Lite and Bobbi Brown concealer.

  34. I don’t have time for much in the morning (with three kiddos, 2nd grade and under) but I do feel it’s important to spend a few minutes on myself. I can’t think of anything that has streamlined my routine more than beauty balm. I used to wake up in the morning and think…moisturizer/primer, sunscreen, foundation…bah, to hell with it! Now I use Lumene Vitamin C Illuminating Anti-age BB cream and I can’t say enough good things about it. It does everything…all I do is wash my face before I put it on! My other beauty fav is Korres lip butter in Plum. This is incredibly moisturizing and it has a great color without being sticky/slimy. I kiss my husband and kids too much too have gunk all over my lips!

  35. I love Tanya Burr on youtube. She does amazing makeup tutorials, especially for date nights and special occasions. I knew nothing about makeup and have learned a great deal from watching a few of her tutorials.

  36. I thought your tutorial was amazing, because it was REAL with those precious kids making chaos, reminds me of my house every morning. You truly showed it is possible to take a few minutes for yourself, even if they are broken up with a few “mama!”s in between 😉
    I recently discovered ELFs eyebrow kit and love the color & staying power. I have dark brown hair like you and know exactly what you mean about finding that match. I use medium and it is perfect, love the wax/powder combo and its only $3 (and cruelty free!)

  37. Loved the video!! You are fantastic 🙂 I used to love alima and the other indie mineral makeup companies, but as my skin has… um.. matured (!), I found them a little flat and they creased in some of my lines (yuck). My new favorite is Laura Mercier’s mineral powder. It has just a bit of a glow without any glitter, and is creamy feeling. Still natural, great ingredients, and SO much faster for me than liquid foundation. I love my Make up forever and Nars foundations for nights out and special occasions, but for day to day stuff, a little of the LM mineral powder makes a huge difference in such a small amount of time.

  38. Love the video! I feel like we are “real” friends now. 🙂 I was a make up junkie before kids and I miss using more than one shade of eyeshadow. I love Urban Decay Naked skin foundation, Benefit Creaseless Cream and Revlon Grow Luscious mascara. Great tips, I love that sweater and the kiddos!

  39. What a great, REAL post – thank you! Real Mama, real kiddos, real, realistic tips. Love it!
    Stila convertible color is fabulous for giving a subtle glow – good, dewy color and can be applied with fingers. Not even a mirror required. Oh yeah, I can do that. And while I’m in the Stila section, their concealer is brilliant for dark “first year” undereye circles. Now if I just had long lashes, something luminous and a little lipstain… Off to Sephora/Tarte – thank you!

  40. Great video and tips! Loved it. I am a loyal devotee of several products- Make Up Forever full coverage concealer for dark circles and any other blotchy areas, a sweep of Bare Minerals warmth to round things out, Nars blush in orgasm of course, and Stila’s They’re Real mascara. I liked the tip about eyebrows too, I may have to add that to my routine!
    Also, some have mentioned skincare- I have to suggest Dermalogica’s daily microfoliant. It was recommended to me recently (by my derm, actually) and it is aamazing. I look forward to washing my face now, seriously!

  41. Shana- I LOVE the video! Every. Last. Bit. I got to “hear” you!!! You are just as fabulous if not more so than I thought!
    Loved the tips and seeing them in a video was SO helpful. And the background noises – which, don’t really ever go away. For my guys are 5 and 7 and STILL make tons of sound effects- and well, just noise in general!
    Thanks for this quick, simple routine. And I love that you used Tarte products. Think I need to plan an outing to Sephora pronto!

  42. Haha! I LOVE it when I find somebody who shares my brow strife!! All those ladies with natural defined brows just don’t get it! My best tip … only use a dab of it on each brown, otherwise it tends to make them a little waxy and unnatural looking. But, if you’ve been filling in your brows for any length of time you’ve got some technique up your sleeve =)

  43. I use my bronzer as my foundation right now…not a makeup expert, so I might need to listen to some of thesr tips? But I don’t like the idea of cream foundations for some reason…probably because I’m often too damn lazy to wash my face before bed.

  44. Bless you for sharing this info with all the tired mamas! Love the video, especially the ‘realness’ of a boy making noise in the background. 😉
    Running out to get some Tarte Smooth Operator and Eyelash Primer – whoo hoo!

  45. on

    This. All of this. You hit the nail on the head with these products–much thanks. I love how as soon as I became pregnant, I suddenly found that my makeuproutine centered around looking ‘awake’. Yep, you seem to get it too. And the creams, highlighter and rose-y look with great mascara is no-fail. Looks great!

  46. Totally cute video Shana! It is always fun to put a voice and actual movement to someone you sort of “know” from reading their blog. 🙂 I may check out that mascara! I feel like I’m never quite happy with my mascara.

  47. This is great! I have alot of these products and they really work! Thank you for doing this post since I know I need some help on my tired face. LOVE the video too! Shows us that this is reality and what its really like at home with a little one. I use Urban Decay foundation , Tarte blush,lip stain and mascara, Stila liquid eyeliner and CoverGirl Lip gloss. I did a feature on my blog as well about what products I’m loving right and I joined your Blog Hop. Thanks again!

  48. Ok, I have to say..your tip about defining your brows has been a (mommy) LIFESAVER!!! What a huge difference it has made (Seriously, I can’t even stand to see pics of me before my “brow defining” moment) Thank You!

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