Mom Street Style: Katie and Batman Rock The Playground

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Mama's there's so much to love about Katie, I don't even know where to begin.  Those sunnies?  Her backpack?  BATMAN???



And let's not forget those shoes

We ran into Katie at Clark Park.  She was there trying to run Batman before his nap.  We were doing the same with Superman.  As one would suspect, the superheros sized each other up, then decided to join forces.

But I think Pax was jealous of Batman's mask.  Which I get – I was dying for Katie's sunnies.  Which, it turns out, are a kid's pair from H&M.  Genius!

Katie is wearing a combo of thrift/Old Navy (love that), her scarf is handmade by an Etsy seller I couldn't find (this one has a similar vibe), and her backpack?  It was a gift, so she doesn't know!  I KNOW!  Luckily, the shopping enabler thinks that this backpack is a dead ringer and that this one is pretty close. 

And once I start referring to myself in third person it means it's time for bed.  Katie, it was a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for being such a good sport!




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  1. you also forgot the mention the baguette…YUM!!! How European to have a loaf on hand for munching on, I wonder if she had a super tasty cheese in there too. She is definitely all kinds of awesome, love the ensemble and the batman kid. We had a captain America at our park this evening and I was loving his enthusiasm on the jungle gym, I have no doubt his costume (full head/hat/mask thingy included) was helping with his leaps and lunges. Kids are incredible hehee.
    I really love her sunnies and back pack, I wonder how those straps would do with 2 (soon to be 3) kids gear shoved in.

  2. Katie, you look great!!!
    I buy kids’ sunglasses all the time! Most adult shades are too big for my tiny head. 🙂
    These two backpacks are also awesome and come in fun colors. I have the Herschel Supply bag in taupe and I love it. I’m also a fan of “The Walking Dead,” so the name “Herschel” sold me.

  3. LOVE this outfit! the colours are so spring, and it’s so simple and perfect. the adorable superhero and handy baguette don’t hurt a bit either.

  4. Oh also..I always joke that I have an unusually small head (Ballcaps are impossible to find…unless I want to look like a kid wearing a too-big grown up hat ha!) NEVER thought of trying kids sunnies! Thanks for this 🙂

  5. Both of them are way too adorable! I love how even her casual ponytail has the perfect amount of volume/bounce. Adorbs!

  6. I am not much of a pastels person, but I can’t get those sneakers off my mind – AND I can’t find that color!!
    Any suggestions??

  7. A mama after my own heart. The bread was the first thing I noticed, haha. Then noticed I wear very similar outfits too. I even have those sneaks, but in grey with pink soles (for the person who asked before, try Zappos!). Been meaning to get a backpack but not sure how comfortable that would be on top of the baby carrier straps.

  8. Lis – I actually found that a backpack was more comfortable with my Ergo than the cross-body. I just loosened the straps a bit (on the backpack). My backpack was similar to Katie’s…in that the straps were pretty thin. (A thick-strapped hiking pack might be another story…)

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