My Summer Mom-Uniform Edit

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Awkward Mom shorts.  That's my summer momiform edit.

No, not really. 


  (wearing: teebelt c/o Lucky Brandshorts - old, but here's the same style in brownsandals -awesomely comfortable…bracelets – old Chan Luu but here's my new fav and Lindsay Bloom gold banglesbackpack)


I've been playing around with different lengths of shorts…but the jury is still out, Mamas.  I'm not sure I love this mid-length.  I'll probably go back to rolling them up.

Anyway, my summer momiform (heck, my year-round momiform) consists of some kind of tee (give or take sleeves, depending on the season) plus denim.  Like I mentioned last year in our Summer Style Rules article, I primarily rely on a cool shoe + bag combo to keep things interesting in the summer months. (If you missed it, my 2013 sandal picks are here…and bags picks are coming soon!)

But I have two accessory additions to the summer momiform this year:  patterned belts and statement sunglasses. 

I've been amassing a little collection of belts-found-on-sale.  J.Crew is great for this…but in-store only.  For some reason, their online selection isn't that great.


 (wearing: silk cami…jacket c/o TMRDNL…J.Crew beltsimilar…Madewell shorts (go up a size) – in a darker colorwedges -similar)


Also?  Lucky Brand for cool, embroidered belts.  Their selection seriously blows me away.  They were kind enough to send me one…I picked size medium to wear low on my hips, but in retrospect, I should've gone down to a small.  

I love pairing boho belts with something preppy, like stripes.


 (wearing: striped shirtjeansbelt c/o Lucky Brandflats)

See how a cool belt makes the whole outfit more interesting?  Yet…it's one of those tricks that doesn't feel overly fussy.  (A belt around the waist, however, can drive me crazy.  This?  This I can do.)

Also?  Sunglasses.

DSC_5584(wearing: tee…J.Crew belt – similarsunnies - similarjeans  shoes)


While I'm typically not a fan of the matchy-matchy….I kinda love it with statement sunnies.  I guess if the overall vibe is funky enough, the matchy-matchy just looks cool.  At least that's what I'm telling myself.


And one more pic, just because it's all kinds of awesome.



OMG kids.  They really make everything better. 




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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. I like how that kid is giving Pax the side eye. And Pax is almost giving him the…….I like that kids spunk. LOL He and Burke are so much the same. It’s scary.

  2. The mid-length shorts look good on you! (But I know how you *feel*..I’m still not sold on mid-length..just feel the proportions are never right for me)
    And LOVE the belt!
    I recently bought my first pair of statement sunnies (still waiting for them to get here so the jury is out)so I love to see how you wore them.
    And yes, kids make everything better 🙂

  3. Sorry, but I prefer the mid-length shorts. The rolled up ones are a little too close to the college-age hoochie look for my tastes.

  4. As someone who carries a bit too much weight in the legs, I wish I could wear shorts at that length! Even the mid-length ones you thought were too long for you I would feel awkward in. What’s a mama to do?

  5. Law Mama Liz on

    Yeah, my legs look best in the mid-length shorts. And they look good on you! At least they’re not the knee length walking shorts = mom shorts in my head.
    I should send you a photo of my new fave mom uniform – I finally worked it out this weekend.

  6. Glad your back! Well on you I like the shorter short. It just looks better. Thank you again for the great ideas!!! You have wonderful style..:)

  7. So, I’ve picked up several flowy v-necks (and appropriate bras to wear with), but when I bend down to pick up my toddler, buckle her in the stroller, etc, I’m displaying all the goods. This is normal, right? Other than a cami underneath, is there any way of preventing this? Do I just accept it?

  8. I’m a big fan, but those mid-length shorts look too big for you and are not particularly flattering. Maybe paired with a less baggy tee, the proportions would look better, but that first outfit isn’t doing your killer body justice. 🙂

  9. I think that if you can rock the short shorts, then go for it! As for the mid-length, I actually think the length would be OK if they fit slimmer through the hips and thigh.
    For myself, I prefer wearing dresses and skirts in the summer and there are so many fab options right now, that I probably won’t bother taking the time to find a perfect pair of shorts;)
    Looking forward to seeing your pics for summer bags. Bags are my weakness;)

  10. The mid-length IS hard. I don’t think they are unflattering on you, just atypical. My thighs are not nearly as cute as yours so I like a bit more coverage. I go for the long slim Bermuda length, but I do struggle to not look 1990’s. I am looking forward to June to see everyone’s interpretation.

  11. If you can wear the shorter length go with it! Personally I think the first photo isn’t the best look for you at all. Not sure if it’s the shorts, or the way you’ve styled it. Maybe if the shorts weren’t denim? I do like the jeans with the red sandals though-fun outfit!

  12. Love your blog – new and obsessed reader 🙂
    Please update items needed for a summer wardrobe! I have searched and found the 2011 and 2012 posts… just need an update for 2013! Have just had second bub (7 weeks ago) so nothing is going to fit… and Tucson is already hitting the 100s!
    Thanks for making style fun and kid friendly!

  13. Thanks for the reinforcing, Maggie. I’m considering a chest tattoo that reads “enjoy the view” just to be done with it!

  14. I actually love the mid-length shorts. I’m a new follower so I haven’t seen much of your style, but I thought they are very flattering on you and I would definitely wear them myself.

  15. I like mid-length shorts but I think they look best when they are a thinner material and more sleek – like someone above said you have great legs and the thick mid-length jean shorts don’t do them justice! I would love to see a post on how to style mid and knee length shorts in a cool way, and maybe on some with thicker legs – I am about 15lb over my goal weight and dealing with wanting to feel comfortable and cute without looking chubby…in my opinion people with great legs look good in any length shorts!

  16. Shana… so what do you recommend to wear under a cami like the blue one you are wearing? I see it has racer back like straps. Do you wear a strapless bra?(very un-comfy) or a bra with cute straps?

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