Styling a Comfy Printed Maxi Three Ways (Reader Q)

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Reader Question:



I am so glad I came across your blog via the Rookie Moms site. I need this fashion kick in the butt to get out of my yoga pants. I feel I often find great pieces and then get them home and don't know what to do with them.   Case in point, I just ordered this skirt  and am super excited about it, but am I limited to a white tank? If you could give me another recommendation, I'd really appreciate it. 





I took one look at this skirt, Jenn, and immediately contacted the designer (via Etsy, love that!).


It's on-trend, gorgeous, yet as comfy as sweatpants.  You should be super-excited about it!  Nice. Pick.  Ms. Krista over at Satin Stitch Designs was kind enough to send a skirt over to me so I could style it up here.  (And psst!  Each is custom made, so no hemming required.  That is much appreciated by this short Mama.)

Jenn, since you are writing in looking for ideas, I'll skip over the obvious stuff like the white tank you already mentioned, or a black tee, or chambray shirt, or even a denim jacket…right?  I mean…any of those would be fabulous with this skirt, but since you took the trouble to write in, let me see if I can do something a bit more interesting.  Here we go.

Long Knits + Sneaks

No matter how short you are, long skinny layers on top of long skinny layers almost always works.  And it doesn't have to be a sweater – a long, drapy tank would work just as well.  The key is nailing the proportion (which depends on body type).  Jenn, you mentioned you were tall, so knock yourself out on this one.   

I am un-tall.  So I go with a shortish longer sweater.  

And if you were ever wondering what the most awkwardly worded sentence in the history of English language would look like…there you have it.  You are welcome.

(wearing: Stylemint sweater - similar on sale for $17!skirtshoes)



With a Baseball Tee

R's t-ball started last week.  Welllllll…..more accurately it started roughly a month ago, but I forgot about it until last week.  Thankfully, they let him join late.  This is where I start reminding myself of my other good mom qualities….

So baseball has been on my brain.  And I've been wearing my baseball tee with all kinds of fancy-pants bottoms…like this chevron striped maxi skirt!   I loved the playfulness of this pairing.


(wearing: Stylemint tee - similar lust worthy or stoopid cheap ..skirtshoesbag)


A superhero never hurts either.   Incidentally, we now own FOUR of those damn shirts.  

I wore this to happy hour at St. James pub in Ardmore (good, but too expensive).  Gosh, look at how tired I am here.  This Spring has just about done me in.  But Baseball tees!  Yes.  Perfect with any skirt.


With Mixed Prints

Any time I can make a cute outfit out of pieces that – when you boil it all down – feel like t-shirts and sweatpants…that's outfit perfection right there.  One of my fav tricks (besides the baseball tee above) is to mix prints.  It always looks more sophisticated than it deserves, yet is quirky enough to feel effortless, rather than fussy. 



Have you tried the whole pattern mixing trick yet?  When I'm playing around with mixed prints,  I find that the following never fails me:

  • Pair straight lines with curvy lines
  • Keep one color in common

Uh…that's it.  As long as I'm doing both of those, it almost always works.  And curvy lines can be just about any pattern:  dots, florals, paisley, etc.  And straight lines can be stripes, chevron, plaid.  Make sense?



(wearing: Stylemint tee - similar...skirtshoes…bag similar)

Jenn, I hope this helps!  Thank you so much for writing in with your fab find!





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  1. Great ideas! Question, what are you wearing under the baseball T? I have the same one from Stylemint and I love it but mine is quite sheer. Please share if you are wearing a particular brand of bra, a cami, what???? I’m so curious! Thanks!

  2. Hi – Great ideas! I love them. I have a black and white chevron printed maxi and have been wondering how else to wear it. Current fave is with a floral print tank. (And because it’s still chilly, with a cardi)
    Love you! Have gotten lots of inspiration from you – my kids are six and three, and I still need help from time to time.

  3. The last look is my favorite and I love the pop of color in your shoe peeking out! I would also love to see this skirt with something fun like a hot pink slubby t-shirt/tank and maybe an open chambray shirt like you suggested.
    I love the idea of a maxi skirt, but I just feel like such a cow when I have that much fabric around me. I have a pretty maxi dress from the Gap last year that I need to try and style like you did this skirt. =)

  4. Stop! I love that skirt. I’m going to have to take out a loan for all of the things I am being convinced I need. My desert boots come today…

  5. Another fav for me with a printed maxi is a graphic tee in similar colors. Works great with the Converse, too!

  6. It’s hard to go wrong with red saltwater sandals. 🙂
    The maxi proportion had to grow on me, too. But once it did…man. I live in these things all summer.

  7. I love the idea of pairing with a floral tank…and hunh. I do have one sitting in the back of my closet somewhere….time to dig. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Thanks!! Looks like it doesn’t come in anything below a D cup?? Would need a 32 C. I guess I will try another nude. My nude bra shows through!

  9. Chucks- genius! I always felt limited to sandals w my b/w chevron maxi but BAM! Looked perfect w unbleached chucks and a denim jacket. Thanks, S!

  10. CUTE! I love the last look.
    QUESTION FOR U – So I wear mom basics every single day and I’m so bored with my black maxi/bright tank look.
    I was in gap today and tried on a denim vest with it and I liked it but didn’t love it. It felt too boxy, and heavyish. Do you have any rec’s for a great everyday light denim vest? Thank you!!!!

  11. Gah! Any baseball T choices BETWEEN Wonderful and Wears Out in Two Washes? I have an ON tee someone gave me and I wear it because it’s like, the ONLY tee I have that hides the pooch, but let’s face it, it’s kind of ghetto.

  12. I just received this baseball T as well..and yes, SHEER! How has yours washed? I feel it shouldn’t be dried? (I really don’t want it to shrink!) Also, can I ask, did yours fit a little short on either of you? I ordered the size that was recommended, but it feels it just me?

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