Thoughtful, Simple, Easy – My Gift Picks For Mother’s Day

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Since I do the majority of planning and gift buying in the family, Mother's Day sometimes feels….overwrought.  I'd rather skip the brunch crowds, skip the garden teas and just stick to something low-key.  Something easy.  Something…and this is the key…that doesn't require my involvement to plan.  

You know?  

Wake me up late with some coffee and a pastry, and maybe a little handmade something from the kids.  (I already gave Mike this box from Kiwi Crate to make it easy).  But I'm not gonna lie:  I do want a little token of appreciation from my husband.  It doesn't have to be big or expensive…just…thoughtful.

So here are my gift picks for Mother's Day…whether you are looking for a little token of appreciation for your own mum, or ideas to send to your hubs.




1. Linen Beach Blanket, $48

I started using Aden+Anais linen swaddling wraps for the boy's towels, and I'll never go back to terry.  Linen absorbs water, drys quickly, and fits into a beach bag so much easier.  I'd love to add to a big 'ol family blanket for the beach. 

2. Hepcat Shades, $55 at Madewell

Did I mention that I was featured in Glam Canada's roundup of Moms?  So freaking cool.  Anyway, like I told them, high on my wish list are cool sunnies.  Madewell's Hepcat are my current favs – the apricot would look gorgeous with a tan, but paleface moi should go for the mint.

3. Linen Tote, $134 from Independent Reign on Etsy

I'm dying over this gorgeous bag.  Perfect color, perfect shape.



4. Leaves Cuff, $65

Remember when reader Desiree commented that she styles her black maxi dress with wooden jewelry in the summer?  Yeah – this would be perfect. 

5. MoMA Sky Umbrella, $42

I know I've mentioned this before…but it's still my very favorite umbrella.  And I accidentally lost my last one…soooo….Mike?

6. Butterfly Kite, $17

I really love to fly kites, but I'm sick to death of flying the assortment of frogs/planes/crap that the boys like.  Mama wants a pretty kite.  I actually think this would be an amazingly perfect Mother's day – going to the beach to fly kites.  Into the Wind actually sells kites in assortments of three to save some money…and OOO!! This assortment has my butterfly, a jet, and a easy triangle flyer for the littlest one.  It's like it was made for us. 



7. Stainless Steel Ice Cubes, $19

For all of you Sav Blanc drinkers.  [smirk] The Easter Bunny snuck these little babies into my Easter Basket this year, and I LOVE them.  They make my happy on a nightly basis.  

8. Silicone Wine Glasses, $20

Talk about picnic perfection, right???

9. Table in a Bag, $50

Mike and I bought this 13 years ago.  It is AWESOME.  It's awesome for picnics in the park, for backyard lounging, and even for entertaining city kids on a balcony.  Incidentally, after 13 years of use, we now need a new one. 



10.  Cami and Panty Set, $59

Gosh I love this sweet little set from Luvahuva.  So pretty.  (Organic cotton, too!)

11. Chocolate Croissants, Set of 15, $40

Have you ever tried these?  Williams-Sonoma overnight ships these to you, frozen.  You store them in your freezer, and when you are ready to eat, you put them on a baking sheet to let them rise overnight. In the morning, pop them in the oven and voila!  The best chocolate croissants I've had outside of Paris.  

12. Blooming Sound Smartphone Amplifier, $33

In order to play music – properly – in our house, it involves something like 24 different remotes and 2387497 button pushes and 9820985792348283 swears words emitted by me as I attempt to wield said remotes and push buttons.  So when Mike's not home, I usually just play music on my phone.  The boys and I currently rock out using a little lego speaker I got for free at a bank…but this gorgeous Bloom amplifier would KILL IT. 


Also, if you missed it, we have a no-clutter gift guide for every stage of motherhood.

Happy Mother's Day, Mamas!!



And Mamas:  A huge, huge, HUGE thank you for all of your thoughts and comments on the MILF campaign.  I am blown away by your support, your words of wisdom, and your respectful commentary.  Words cannot express how honored I feel that women like you actually take the time to read this blog.  MWAH!


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  1. Love all those picks for presents…especially the kite and the croissants. Trader Joe’s sells some pretty good frozen chocolate croissants as well…I need to drop a sweet reminder to hubs about them this week.

  2. These are great. I see lots of things I like but nothing for my mother in law. She’s impossible! Has exchanged everything I’ve given her. Sigh. I wanted to ask you if you could do more posts on kids furniture, decor, etc. I’m looking for cute wooden furniture (table & chair) for my preschooler & toddler that won’t break the bank. I love your water table idea. Might have to have that table in a bag, stat!

  3. I further testify that the TJ’s chocolate croissants are hard to beat. They are also of the frozen/leave them out to rise overnight variety.

  4. since I still can’t stop thinking about them(see my comment above)..going to try of TJ’s..thanks for the tip!!

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