Gorgeous Bag Picks For Moms! (From My Fav Mom Bloggers…)

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Mamas.  We are in for a treat.  I had been working on a round-up of summer bags for moms…but…well.  To be honest, I'm not really an it-bag girl, and I tend to get stuck on one style of bag, and then I just carry it forever.  My round-up started looking a bit too much like 10 Waxed Canvas Backpacks In Varying Colors!

I know.   

Clearly, it was time to call in the experts.  So I asked six of my favorite mom bloggers what summer bags they are currently drooling over.  And oh, baby.  We have quite a round-up of insanely cool, yet mom-friendly bags.  Excited?  I am.



Julie, the gorgeous Mama over at I Heart Heels picked out bags with some serious sophistication.  She had this to say: 

1.  Lizard Embossed Leather D Tote Bag - by alice + olivia, $595

If money were no object, of course.  Every mom needs a great tote bag!

2. Patent Baby Bag - by Coach, $398

An actual baby bag you don't have to be embarrassed to carry…I'd carry this for life.

3. The Duane Street Messenger Bag by Joy Gryson, $158  (but only in natural)

Jessica Alba has this bag and I adore the simplicity of its shape and functionality…and it's affordable, too!


Rhiannon of Modern Suburbanites has an awesome boho/rocker style that I just love.  Here are her picks:

1. Charlie Tote – by Timi and Leslie, $160

2.  Global Weekender – by Mossimo For Target, $35

3. Printed Stripe Backpack – by Mossimo for Target, $35





Lena, whose minimalist-and-sexy style on Quality Rivets blows me away on a regular basis, loved these bags:

1. The Transport Tote – by Madewell, $168

I own this bag in blue and wear it constantly. It's trendy, goes with everything and holds so much stuff that things will get lost in there.

2. Belinsky – by Aldo, $55

The white colour, metal buckles and size of this tote, make this bag a perfect Spring/Summer trendy mommy carry-all. The price ain't too shabby either at only $55.00.

3. Charlie – by Timi & Leslie, $160

This bag is not only trendy, but has so many gadgets & features that any mom will love.


Our much-loved Cam from Life in Modification found 5 fabulous, budget-friendly bags, and has this to say:

1. Striped Backpack – by Baggu, $42

A backpack? a win win situation…carry all that you need and hold hands/tote babe 🙂

2. Maya – by Tinley Road, $61

Good for a summer wedding, since a clutch doesn't exactly work with all that the babes need!

3. Avalon Cross-Body – by Free People, $38

This one is good for a mama to stash in the diaper bag…with just essentials in it….a grab-and-go type deal to run into the grocery store, etc 😉

4. Bicycle Tote – Forever 21, $4

Every mom should have a canvas tote…easily washable!

5. Straw Market Tote – Bamboula Ltd for J.Crew, $68

The PERFECT beach/lake/park bag. Room for everything. 



Tiffany Wendel, Personal Stylist (and gorgeous Mama) prefers classic-yet-cool totes that you'll literally wear forever.

1. Goyard Large Tote, $1065

These tote bags from French design house Goyard are pretty tough to get your hands on…stateside, Barney's sells them, but in-store only.  They do appear on e-Bay from time-to-time…

2. Le Pilage Custom Tote – by Longchamp, $165 – $185 for handbags size 3-4

These are seriously cool.  Pick your size, pick your colors, and voila!  A custom tote.  


Amanda from Natural Mommie is one of my Instagram friends.  (Is that a thing?  I'm going with yes.)  Anyway, she's gorgeous and fun, and relies on the following bags:

1. Madison Gathered Leather Tote – by Coach, $498 (in pink!)

This is my everyday bag…only I got the gorgeous hot pink/magenta one (sadly, not on the website).  I rarely wear jewelry other than a watch, so my purse is kind of my bling. I need a larger size bag that looks fabulous while packing a punch of color since I usually resort to wearing black. I saw this one at the Coach store and instructed hubby to buy it for me for christmas  :) 

[Note from S:  Found a pink one! Similar, anyway….]

2.  Cut-n-Paste Sofia Chain Crossbody, $228

When I need to be absolutely hands free it's this cross body bag. 



Lastly, if anyone else is firmly stuck on the canvas-with-leather-trim train…here's what I've been drooling over this summer:

1. Snake and Canvas Tote – Echo Designs, $78

This might be as crazy as I get.  Bag-wise.  

2. Striped Overnight Bag – Lands End Canvas, $160

This?  This thing is ginormous.  And – oh god – on sale. It was $230….hmmm…what to do, what to do?

3. Waxed Canvas Messenger No 2 – by Moop, $183

Do you know how much I love Moop?  No?  Well.  A LOT.

4. Navy Stripe Denim Backpack – by BagyBags, $95

From my original list of almost-identical canvas backpacks…this was my fav for summer. 


Julie, Rhiannon, Lena, Cam, Tiffany and Amanda – thank you for collaborating!  There's so much inspiration here – thank you thank you thank you!












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  1. I have the Charlie from Timi & Leslie – that thing has been across oceans, from one end of the states to the other and it’s STILL alive and kicking, two years after I first got it. Love, love, love this bag.

  2. I love the Free People crossbody! I’ve been trying to find an affordable one that will hold some toys and snacks in addition to keys and a wallet. Have you seen any slightly larger ones that you like?

  3. This is awesome:
    Julie @ I Heart Heals recommended the Lizard Embossed Leather D Tote Bag – by alice + olivia, $595 which is the expensive version of what Lena @ Quality Rivets Belinsky – by Aldo, $55 recommended. Which is fantastic because I loved the Alice + Olivia one but can’t afford the price tag. Now I can! Thanks!

  4. How do you manage the handbag/diaper bag juggle? Just one at a time? Clutch inside the diaper bag? Small handbag for mama as well as the diaper bag? New Mom here trying to figure it out.

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