Bradamant Giveaways! (And a New Wig)

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In case my sexy little Bradamant bodysuit wasn't enough (and it is one of Mike's favs) I found a total sex-kitten wig.  For under $50.  It's from a line of wigs called Forever Young, and the line is aptly named.  They focus on young, sexy styles, and the wigs are crazy cheap (for medically necessary wigs, not costume wigs).  The one I'm wearing is Edge Savvy, and I'll be taking it into Shannon for a bang trim.  Ha!  Isn't that funny?  Taking my wigs in for trims…man.  Add that to the loooong list of Things I Never Thought I'd Say.


So tomorrow (Wednesday) is my third chemo treatment.  Which means….after Wednesday, I'll only have ONE TREATMENT LEFT.  Crazy, right?  So, to celebrate, we're doing a little Bradamant giveaway.  And by "little" I mean THREE.  We'll have THREE winners.  (Oooo…one for each chemo.  OMG – I'm so macabre and dramatic these days.)

Let's just go with three lucky winners, and leave it at that.  :)

Each winner will be able to chose one Bradamant bodysuit.  But what to choose, what to choose?

I'm obviously still loving this one (the Pioneer - and you can also see how I styled it this summer)…



…but I remember being really impressed with the versatility of the Pirette.




Of course, there's always this gorgeousness, called The Warrior:



Which will you choose?


How To Enter:

You get one entry for liking Bradamant on Facebook, and one entry for signing up to recieve emails about Bradamant sales and new releases.  (Scroll to the very bottom of the Bradamant website – the sign up box is on the left.)

Then, let me know in the comments below how you've entered and…done!  I'll announce the three winners in a week.





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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. I liked them on Facebook!
    You’ve been pretty amazing throughout this whole thing, I’m convinced you’re super woman. I had an excisional biopsy today (aka-lumpectomy of a benign lump), fingers crossed that my path report is still benign like my small needle biopsy!

  2. I just signed up for emails- I had no idea they were right here in Philadelphia! I’ll be sure to drop by to check things out in person but so far I’m loving the debutante.
    Best of luck this week!!

  3. Love the new wig! And love that you featured Lauren from Lithe! I liked on FB and subscribed to their list. My work from home momdrobe could use a tuck!

  4. You look fantastic!! I’ve been in love with these body suits ever since you featured them. I liked their page, singed up for emails, anything to win one!

  5. LOVE the new wig! And stay strong, you are almost to the chemo finish line. My SIL finished hers about six months ago (after a whirlwind breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy and reconstruction, all within eight months) and has bounced back better than ever.
    I signed up for the mailing list and want a bodysuit so I can look just as fab as you!

  6. I am leaning toward the Diva. Va va voom! Congrats on being so near the finish line with chemo!
    I liked on Facebook and signed up for emails.

  7. I’ve liked Bradamant on FB and signed up for their emails. I can’t decide between the Pioneer or the Debutante. They both look amazing, but I think I’d wear the Debutante to work more often. Best wishes for tomorrow. You’re a rockstar.

  8. Krista Thomson on

    Facebook page liked and entered to receive emails. Just wanted to say that your website has been awesome for this mom of 2! Good luck on your next chemo treatment…you have so much more grace than I did when I went through cancer 2 years ago. You definitely inspire me!

  9. I liked the fb page and am on the mailing list. Good luck tomorrow, we’ll be thinking of you. One more to go after this one, Amazing.

  10. I liked Bradamant’s FB page and signed up for their mailing list. I’m still heartbroken that I missed out on Tamar Daniel’s line before moving on to this venture.
    Many lucks and much love to you and your family as you complete your third chemo treatment tomorrow.

  11. I love the Hostess! It looks so comfy, and is made of Modal which is my obsession right now- so comfy and flattering! Good luck on your treatments tomorrow!
    I liked them on FB and signed up for email!

  12. Love the wig AND the body suits. Liked Bradamant on FB and signed up for emails. I’ve also been meaning to send in a photo/ANMJ-inspired success story…I’ll try to get on that 🙂

  13. Emily McKeever on

    Ohhhh… Exciting! I liked them on FB and signed up for emails!!
    Btw… Love the wig!! You look so cute in everything! Prayers and thoughts headed your way for tomorrow!!:)

  14. I signed up and liked them on Facebook. Your wig is HOT and you are doing great – still praying for you! And thank you for still blogging through the chemo. I don’t know how you do it but I’m sure glad that you do!

  15. Liked the FB page and subscribed to the website. I’ve always been reluctant to tuck things in, mostly because I feel like I never get the tuck right, or if I do, it doesn’t stay. Maybe this will finally make me look “finished!” Thank you. Will be pulling for you tomorrow

  16. I liked on Facebook and I signed up to receive the emails and news! I love the one you styled this summer and would love to look as HOT as you did in it!!!

  17. I liked the FB page and added myself to the mailing list. I loved TMRDNL and love Bradamant, too. Good luck tomorrow, you are absolutely amazing!

  18. I signed up for the emails. Funny how when you announce something is free how quickly we all jump at it. 🙂 SIde note: I bought The Pioneer and I have to say it is excellent quality. I’d love to try another one!

  19. I love the wig! It’s hot!
    I liked on Facebook ever since you recommended Tamar Daniel (and managed to grab a bargain on her remaining stock) Have now signed up to her newsletter. So hard to decide on the bodysuits; love them all.
    All the best for your last two sessions. X

  20. I signed up for emails- they really are terrific looking! Speaking if terrific looking- you with your bang in’ bang-y WIG! Wow!!!

  21. Liked & signed up :). Thank you for being such an inspiration – both in fashion & life! Best wishes to you this week!!

  22. I liked on FB and signed up for emails. Wow warrior is gorgeous. Your wig does look very nice btw. Good luck with your next treatment!
    Did you take those shots of you styling the Pirette in a studio? They look really professional.

  23. I signed up for the emails and liked it on Facebook. I loved the Pioneer when you styled it in the summer, but I like it even more with a cardigan! I’m hoping I’d still be able to nurse with it on though.

  24. I’m already receiving their emails so couldn’t sign up again. And I’m not on Facebook. So I hope that my already being a fan of Bradamant counts as an entry!

  25. Signed up on Bradamant website and liked them on Facebook.
    Wishing you all the best and a fast recovery from Oporto (Portugal) 🙂

  26. Signed up with their emails! Love the Pioneer–so simple, but sexy.
    Also, I should say, I’m a longtime lurker (sorry about that!). Thinking of you this week.

  27. I like on FB and signed up for emails 🙂 I would love the first- pioneer. so simple and potentially a good post baby pooch hiding shirt.
    Good luck with your next treatment- you are inspirational.

  28. My pooch is for sure not ready for this tuck so I didn’t sign up but I wanted to say, like so many here, I’m praying for you today and in the days to follow. I know with those words being said so much they can loose meaning but don’t let them! PRAYING FOR YOU MAMA!
    I guess it would be nice to know if it’s Shay-na or Shaw-na though. I’m tired of saying both and being like Well, you know Lord. Which is it?!

  29. I did both! Oooooh, can’t wait to hear about the winners!
    Best of luck on your third treatment… you’re a trooper!

  30. Signed up for emails and on fb.
    I dont usually post but just wanted to say that I have been following you for quite some time and am so impressed by you! You are truly an inspiration! I hope that this treatment passes quickly. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  31. I both signed up on fb and the website. Also, you rock that wig!!! I would love to see you in a blonde one though, just for fun! I am so glad you are in the home stretch..

  32. Signed up for emails. Think I’m the only person that doesn’t have Facebook so couldn’t “like”.
    Good luck with your last treatment! We are thinking of you in Vancouver, BC.

  33. Good! So happy it’s Shayna, much more fitting! Take care see you in a few days.
    Glad to see M is there for support!!! Yay M!!!

  34. Liked on Facebook and signed up for their emails.
    Your resilience and attitude are inspiring! I look forward to each new post. Sending you all my best wishes!

  35. Hi there! I signed up for their emails. I don’t usually comment, either, but I read and love all your posts. Your positivity and coping skills are an inspiration!

  36. I liked them on Facebook AND signed up for emails. If I look half as good as you do in those tops, it’s worth a try!

  37. Hey woman! Signed up for emailed and “liked”. I never comment but I couldn’t resist this giveaway! Thanks for all your hard work here, I really appreciate all your advice and fashion and style know-how. Nice wig!

  38. I just liked the FB page AND signed up for their emails!! I will be thinking of you when the Marine Corps Marathon gets tough this weekend!! 26.2 is nothing compared to all the women fighting your fight, sister!

  39. Having a baby in 4 weeks and would love a little wardrobe pick me up! Love your website and sending lots of positive thoughts! Thanks! Signed up for both!

  40. You’re almost done with chemo, congrats! Thanks for being such an inspiration, with your spirit and your fashion sense. facebook won’t let me access my account for some reason. I signed up for emails.
    Another question–I’ve been eyeing some silk drawstring pants–like the track style pants you posted about in August. But I’m wondering if they will only look good on really skinny girls? I can’t seem to find other images or non-model types wearing them.

  41. I did both! I would just like to add that you wear both the Pioneer and Pirette well. I would never look twice at the shirts on the website, but after seeing them worn, I’m definitely I loving them!

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