Gorgeous Holiday Dresses from ASOS, 30% Off (Now Through Friday!!)

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Happy Holidays!!  In the next week or so we'll be talking about holiday style.  But you know me:  I tend to dress up my basics, throw turtlenecks under everything, and style party outfits around my smartwool socks.

Which, you know, is great.  Especially when it's 30 degrees outside.  But sometimes?  You just need a great dress.

Personally, I love trolling ASOS for dresses.  They're on-trend, cute, and (mostly) affordable.  Also, ASOS offers free shipping and return shipping, AND!  AND AND!!!!  They extended their Cyber Monday sale through Tuesday.  30% off, baby.  Of everything.  (Use code GIMMEMORE.  How appropriate.)

Not Just Another Little Black Dress


1.  ASOS Pencil Dress With Knot Front, $81

I'd wear this with serious pumps and sexy patterned tights.  The knot helps disguise a pooch….and this *might* even be nursing friendly.

2. ASOS Midi Frill Sleeve Dress, $72

For channeling Grace Kelly or singing "lord help the mister, who comes between me and my sister".  Also comes in pink

3. Lipsy Pleated Pencil Dress With Square Neck, $105

Oh how a pooch loves those pleats.  I'd throw a black moto jacket on over this one. 

4. ASOS Lace Insert Sweater Dress, $69

Yup, this is yet another sweater dress.  But wait!  Lace!!  Therefore…holiday sweater dress.  You are welcome.


For When The Invite Reads "Festive"



5. ASOS V-Neck Structured Skater Dress, $81

There's something amazing about this simple little dress.  The structured shape manages to both flatter curves, and create them.  I love this shade with a red lip and matching red heels.

6. ASOS Ruched Draped Mini Dress, $50

Forgiving on a softer tummy…but I would really love to see this on a pregnant gal. 

7. ASOS Black Organza Jacquard Mix Prom Dress, $117

I love the conservative shape with the little peekaboo panels.  Peekaboo not for you?  Try this one for June Cleaver fabulousness.

8. Love Wrap Front Maxi Dress, $58

It's long.  It's red.  It wraps.  It's cut down to there and up to here.  (And I think it's nursing friendly.)  What's not to like?

9. ASOS Black Oragami Dress in Heavy Satin, $172

The folds of this dress are like art.  I'd wear this with thick black tights and ankle boots.  (Ok, I'd wear all of these dresses with thick black tights and ankle boots.)

10. ASOS One Shoulder Ruffle Swing Dress, $88

With the ruffle and the swing and the disco shoulder this dress is one step away from crazytown.  Yet…it's awesome.  And one could hide a serious post-partum stomach. 


A Little Embellishment, Please



11.  ASOS Oversized Sequin Dress, $99

Cause nothing says holidays!! like sequins all over.  I'm serious.  And I love the slightly swingy shape.

12. Motel Sasa Shift Dress in Diamond Sequin, $87

Have I mentioned my deep and abiding love for mini dresses with long sleeves?  Especially when they come in DIAMOND SEQUIN?  OMG.

13. Frock and Frill Embellished Slip Dress, $154

At some point after my mastectomy, Mike and I watched The Great Gatsby.  Most of my memories from that period are fuzzy, but I do remember enough to know that I want this dress.  Or this one.  Wow

14. ASOS Petite Quilted Shift Dress in Faux Leather, $63

Do we even need to talk about why this dress is awesome?  No.  I thought not.


No Wallflowers



15.  ASOS Photographic Jewel Print T-Shirt Dress, $108

Gosh, this would be a welcome change of pace at any holiday party.  And would look sooo cool with my standard black tights and ankle boots. 

16. ASOS Midi Dress With Obi Belt, $73

Such a stunner.  Also comes in a dark, rich, green.  (Nursing gals, I'll bet you could layer this over a cute nursing cami.)

17. ASOS Scarf Chain Wrap Dress, $82

So 70's fabulous.  I'd wear this with tall brown boots and a faux-fur vest. (*cough*andaturtleneck*cough*)

18.  ASOS Chain Print Shift Dress, $99

Love the mod vibe here.  Over-the-knee boots would be fabulous, as would gold heels.  But heck – even black pumps would work.


Ok – I'm done with shopping enabling for a while.  Instead, I have a bunch of outfits to share, more guy style, cute kids clothes, and I'm running out of time.  Happy December, Mamas.  



 ps.  Thanks for the feedback on the shopping widgets.  I won't use those again unless the circumstances are DIRE.


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  1. Hi there,
    I am heading to my husband’s annual Christmas party on Friday and I have the perfect little black dress with gold peep toe shoes. Is it OK to wear nylons with peep toe shoes? Love to hear your thoughts!

  2. I look forward to your upcoming posts. I just went through last Decembers holiday dressing for lazy moms because I have a holiday party to go to and I just don’t feel like buying a new dress with 20 postpartum pounds still holding on for dear life.
    I have no issue paying $$$ for everyday items that I can dress up, but hate to spend it on a dress for one time wear.
    So I think I will be doing the James perse sweatshirt dress with sheers and booties for the party and spending the money I saved by repurposing on some sweet suede of the knee boots.

  3. Well, you can’t go wrong with free shipping AND free returns AND a good sale. Just ordered #1, #16 (in boring black because they didn’t have the green anymore, story of my life) and #20 (ASOS blue Pencil Jacquard dress) for some color. Hoping one of them will work and will substantially hide my pp. pooch! Talk about skinny fat!
    Thanks for the help S, I’m going to call this one style saving as opposed to enabling. But just this once!
    P.S. Always wanted to be an extra in a Great Gatsby movie….or a VonTrapp family singer 🙂

  4. I love these dresses so much, but my husband’s holiday party involves playing Whirlyball. Seriously? S, can you do a post on dressing for THAT?!
    Someday I hope to be a grown-up who attends grown-up holiday parties.

  5. I ordered #17 for a bar mitzvah I’ve got to go to in two weeks. I’m nursing and was looking everywhere for a cute wrap dress. I hope this works! Thanks for recommendation.

  6. I need help for the holidays Mamas!! I have THE cutest blk and white dress for the holidays (40.00 from Charming Charlies) buuuuut… it is sleeveless and oh so short.. i need to winterize it a bit.. can leggings be worn under a dress? Im so clueless on leggings! And r shrugs still ‘in’? The style is mod..ish i guess. Thnx for the feedback!!

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