Cozy Up In LOFT’S New Loungewear Line, Lou & Grey

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If the past few weeks have been any indication, it's going to be a loooong winter.  I am in serious hibernation mode.  And I want to hibernate in this:


Lou & Grey Night Sky Cardigan, $50

Lou & Grey Terry Cargo Pants, $50

Lou & Gray Oatmeal Tank, $20


LOFT redid their entire loungewear line, renaming it Lou & Grey.  


Lou & Grey Snowfall Sweater, $50

Lou & Grey Ponte Dot Leggings, $50


Seriously, wow.


Lou & Grey Loop Stitch Sweater, $49

Lou & Grey Drawstring Pants, $60




There's a ton more – this sweater looks an awful lot like my Vince sweater (but a fourth of the price), and there's this seriously cute dress…but I'm technically still on vacation.  So I'll just throw a few of my favorites into the little Shop the Post app below, or you can view the entire line here


Martha – thanks for the email, Chick!  LOVE this find.





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  1. Hmm. Is it wrong that I think I could entirely live in a loungewear line? I love your picks and they look like the perfect way to weather a blizzard. Happy new year Shana!

  2. I bought the drawstring pants the first week if December and I can’t stop wearing them or talking about them. I like them with flats and chunky droopy sweater over cozy tank.

  3. I used to love anything from Loft, but the last two
    Christmases I have received sweaters from them and they
    have been awful. Thin fabric, they pill up, etc. Their quality
    has declined a bit.

  4. Oh gosh do I love this collection. I just recently switched my schedule so now I work from home 2 days a week, and I think working from home makes these a necessity. You know, other than just wearing my pj pants all day and then changing right before my husband comes home… 😉

  5. I saw your post and immediately went to LOFT… But was disappointed! For being loungewear, none of the sweaters were very soft. I want snuggly and cozy, damnit!

  6. I am in Australia and for some reason this is another US site that adds up to 40% to the US price when converting to the Australian dollar, and that is not the exchange difference. Then they want $25 for postage. I was so excited but I’m not sure the extra $$$ is worth it.

  7. I’ve been drooling over the herringbone jacket and I finally bought it yesterday. It’s so comfy and warm, I don’t want to take it off! Sadly, the stitching does snag on anything that looks at it funny, so I don’t know how well it will hold up as part of the momdrobe, but I’m happy nonetheless. I also tried on the leggings and they are soft and supportive without showing every. single. bump. and. curve. I’m saving up my pennies to get them too!

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