7 Easy Ways To Add Glam To Dreary Winter Looks

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So I've been feeling pretty good these days.  There's a spring in my step, and my heart feels…light. It's like I'm emerging from a cocoon.  Butterfly!  I am the butterfly!  #stopit

And I'm dressing differently, too.  Not a huge shift, but I have this new found sense of…fearlessness when picking out my clothes.  Or maybe carelessness is the better word.  I find myself throwing something on because it's fun.  Like I'm honoring the fact that somewhere…there's a party.  (Even if it's just the Pigeon and his hot-dog parties.)  Or I'm reaching for my favorite things, uh, period.  Like, wearing the same thing three days in a row because it makes me feel good.  High heels on a Saturday morning just because, or pretty underwear on a random Wednesday (insert 'hump day' joke). 

Know what's happening here?  I may be bald-ish, I've got some serious scars, but I'm craving – a little – glamour

I mean…let's not get too excited.  I'm a mom of two young boys – there are limits to this glam. (Glimits?)  And someone who talks about glamour while wearing a puffer jacket and fuzzy mittens really shouldn't be trusted.



Just sayin'. 

But I felt like the January issue of Vogue was speaking directly to me:  "Here's to the year of you.  Fashion 2014 is about the charisma of the individual, the charm of the rare and unique…." and even Ms Wintour, in her letter from the editor, talked about a "sense of promise" that was evident in all of the 2014 collections.  Vogue heralded a "return to maximum embellishment" and dubbed 2014 the year of dressing dangerously.  

"There was a strong current of let's-play-dress-up – even whimsy – on the spring runways, and this openhearted spirit only adds to the pleasures of the new season.  Trends may come and trends may go, but fun, we hope, will never go out of style."

Sing it, Vogue.

So.  Here are a few easy-peasy ways to add a small sartorial punch to your everyday, a little dose of pedestrian glamour that even this sleep-deprived mama can do on a daily basis.  As Vogue says (and really, one should always do what Vogue says)….let's play.


1.  Wear a Faux-Fur Scarf With Your Sweatpants

I always picture Carrie Bradshaw in the last frame of that truly terrible Sex and The City 2 movie, lounging around her apartment with Mr. Big, clad in what can only be described as a gown.  Yes.  That's how I feel when I wear faux-fur with my sweatpants.  (The key word here is feel, rather than look.  Also known as tomato, tomahto.)    

Mr. Big and I



scarf:  old Urban…but this one is gorg

tees:  camo tee, similar striped tee


2. Make Winter Neutrals Pop With White Leather Accessories

If you ask yourself every morning, "What would a snow princess do?" than this is for you.  A snow princess would (duh) wear bright white accessories in February.  If you don't ask yourself every morning what a snow princess would do then it is my humble opinion that perhaps you should start.

Joking aside, bright white leather is unexpected and fun on a dreary winter day.  My go-to is this studded white belt, but a white leather bag would be fabulous, and white pumps would be a chic surprise with cuffed denim. (And OMG no fashion idea is ever really original.  Well played, Emily.  Well. Played.)






hat:  similar as ASOS ($11 !!)

puffer:  UA Barrow Jacket

shirt: c/o Bradamant Body The Coquette

denim: old AG…a pair with a similar vibe

belt: sold out at J.Crew…this simple one is cool

boots: similar



3. Coordinate Your Lips and Sunglasses

Bright lips + bright shades = easiest style update ever.  I'm especially loving sunnies with the colorful mirrored lenses.  



sunnies:  Ray Ban

lips:  Tarte Power Pigment in flush



4.  Rock a Smokey Eye For Day

Cause why not?  Why…the…heck…not?  My sister taught me how to do a smokey eye properly over Christmas and…wow.  It makes me feel like some cool rock chick.  



5. Wear Patterned Shoes and Tights…Together 

 I mean I could just wear black.  I could.  But Vogue said 'more is more' and so therefore and moreover…I choose fun.  CHOOSE THE FUN.  

Disclaimer:  The rest of my outfit was black.  Apparently, I can only choose so much fun.



tights:  old…but F21 has dots OR hearts 

flats:  Tieks Azure Snake


6.  Bloom, Baby, Bloom

You'll be seeing more of this flower.  It was given to me by one of my oldest and dearest friends, and is the original flower of the amazing woman's running group Fellow Flowers.  It stands for friendship.  "We are connected.  Fiercely united." begins the message that came with the flower.  

I'd wear this flower for the aesthetics, but I love it even more for the meaning.  They have a whole line of flowers, all with their own purpose.  My next one?  White.  "To embrace the challenge and welcome new beginnings….I will run through the fear to feel the joy."



7.  Daytime Metallic

While many articles have preached restraint when donning sequins for day…let's be honest:  If I saw a mom prancing about in head-to-toe sparkle at the park, I'd probably stand up and applaud.  LOUDLY.  And then I'd give her my card and take her picture.  Cause she?  Would have to be awesome.  Now…for myself?  I wear my sparkle with black turtlenecks and faded denim.  I like to think my way has it's own kind of awesome, too.  (Also, when I'm feeling really wild…I let the metallic tank peek out from under the hem of a sweater…preferably a turtleneck sweater.  I KNOW!! Crazy.)




sunnies: clearance bin find at Nordies…also fun and cheap

turtleneck:  old J.Crew…this one looks perfect

tank: long gone, but this one would be sexy even over a turtleneck 

puffer:  UA Barrow Jacket

denim: Rag and Bone Skinny Jean in destroyed

belt: similar

boots: similar


Well, these are styling tricks I've been using lately.  They fall well within my 'glimits'.  I have a few other ideas but they need time to "mature".  Snort.  But one of them will involve my newest obsession:  high-waisted skinnies.  More on that later.





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  1. I went from browsing etsy to reading this and it was seamless. Stumbled into this little virtual shop. I think everything in it is my new go-to any day sparkle and shine. I mean, the whole store is glitter. Can’t go wrong 😉 https://www.etsy.com/shop/tinygalaxies
    Oh, and I’m totally hooking my sisters up with those flowers. Love the sentiment. White, for sure.

  2. I’ve been dreaming of high waisted skinnies! Love all your ideas. Every year come Feb I’m looking for some ways to help drown out the winter blahs, so thank you!

  3. I recently found your blog and want to say how much I am loving it! As a 41 year old that loves her yoga pants way too much- this is such inspiration to inject a little glam in my carpool duty. I am so craving white now!

  4. Yes! Now I want a white leather purse. And I so want to hear about high-waisted skinnies. Here’s hoping for my mom body that high waists have a nice long trend before they go back to mom-jean territory.

  5. Yeah, “eye makeup” scares the bejesus outta me but this look Sooooo appeals to the wannabe rocker chic inside….

  6. Oh! I loved this post.
    I would love a lesson on how to do a smokey eye. Whenever I wear anything other than mascara on my eyes I feel like I look like a freak.
    And, I love the hat you’re wearing for the smokey eye photo, too.

  7. LOVE! All about the quirky pop when grey, black and slate have gotten…. old man wintery. Love these ideas! (Long time mama-reader. Glad for your triumphant recovery!)

  8. Shana…love the looks…you are a beautiful butterfly! 🙂
    Wanted to know how you like the “folding” wayfarer..?
    Does it bend around too. Much?

  9. How awesome!! I’m so glad you were able to give a shout out to @fellowflowers!!! The different meanings behind the flowers is why I love wearing them 🙂 and, I was just talking with Scotti yesterday about a make-up lesson….every girl needs to know how to do a smokey eye!

  10. patrickandjancie@shaw.ca on

    Please do another video how how you applied your make up for your smokey eye look.
    The last video was fun and helpful!!

  11. I also love those knit headbands/earwarmers that are somewhat popular right now. I managed to find a beautiful one that is adorned with rhinestones and I throw it on when I am dressed way down and need a small pick me up!

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