Lily Jade Review And Giveaway: A Backpack, Cross-Body, Diaper Bag Hybrid That I Just Can’t Quit

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The nice folks over at Lily Jade were kind of enough to send me one of their diaper bags.   I don't typically love diaper bags, but this one might convert me.

Rolling into the Farmer's market in Admore, yup:  I gots my bag, Pax gots his handcuffs.  



There are a couple of things I really like about this bag.  One, it can go from a cross-body bag….




…to a backpack. My love of backpacks-as-diaper-bags is pretty well documented on this blog.  This bag, however, since it is a diaper bag, has a million different pockets, which means I can quickly and easily find my lipstick, cell phone and keys without hunting around for 25 minutes only to realize that I left them at home/car/restaurant/still in the lock.  WHAT.

Also, the leather is gorgeously soft.



Originally, my plan was to do a review and then send this bag over to my sister, who is newly pregnant.  I mean….that's the right thing to do, you know?  My kids aren't really in diapers anymore except for a few nights a week when we remember to stick one on Pax…. 

But the pockets, you guys.  THE POCKETS.  And the whole cross-body one second backpack the next?  I didn't know how badly I needed this in my life.  I've been shocked by how many times I've converted from one to the other in the same day.  It's revolutionary!  A genius trick-bag for moms!  



sweater: Zara…similar in cashmere on sale at Boden

jeans: Mother denim…these are fabulous, these are half the price

jacket: old from Nordstrom…another traditional one here, or I'm really loving this longer, chambray one

boots: Guess…similar at DSW

scarf: similar

bag: Lily Jade Madeline Bag in brandy


Sooooo…yeah.  Mine.  But!  BUTBUTBUT!  Lily Jade bags are currently $75 off (from now until April).  Normally $335, these bags are on sale for $260.  The sale lasts until the bags are restocked in April (so buy one now for $260, and they'll ship it in April).  

(Scotti, if you love this bag as much as I do, name your color and happy early birthday.)


Now for the giveaway!  To enter, follow both Lily Jade (@lilyjadeco) and I (@shanachristine) on Instagram, and leave a comment on my Instagram account (this pic) with your color choice.  The winner will be announced on Friday!  





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  1. Cute! I love that it doesn’t look like a diaper bag & you could use it has a regular bag…which is what I think you’re doing right now anyhow. I do love how organized diaper bags are. It’s why I’m keeping some of my Petunia & Ju Ju Be bags forever too.

  2. Can you carry it as a purse too? On shoulder without the crossbody strap? Is it comfy to carry that way? That would be 3 ways to wear and would probably be enough to sell me. I’m looking for a fall bag and am currentlyl debating on by Moop.

  3. I love my backpack purse, even though it’s not that gorgeous one! I wish I could have found a cute one when my boys were still in diapers…one thing, though, wear those straps against your back – so easy for someone to grab, even a child in someone else’s arms, but mostly because I’m always finding myself bumping against things with my backpack and I could imagine a funny scene with your accidentally stuck to a fencepost or something because the strap got caught! I mean, that would definitely happen to me if I were wearing that!
    And, you are simply gorgeous!!! I love the photo of you with your little guy all wrapped up!

  4. I want to say first off, that your hair looks great, you pull off the pixie look so well!
    Regarding the Lily Jade bag, I would love to get your opinion on this one. I have been thinking seriously about whether the Lily Jade is something that I should consider getting as a diaper bag with my second on the way. However, I keep jumping back and forth between this type, which looks great just as a bag/purse, and a cool back pack, not an actual diaper bag one, but just a cool back pack. For my first little one, I had a Lug diaper bag, which was handy because of all the pocket options, but big and not something that I was willing to haul into a store or for going to the park for a few hours. So I really would like to get a more versatile bag, one that is manageable with a 3 yr old and a new little one (hence why I am leaning to a back pack style bag) and that still looks stylish. I also would like to ensure that it is comfortable enough to carry around for a few hours and it won’t kill my back. I appreciate that you have a cool cream/white back pack that you sometimes take with you and the kids, so I am wondering if you can share your opinion. Do you think that the Lily Jade could fit my needs or would I be better off getting a funky back pack? Thanks so much for taking the time!!

  5. I just have to say, I LOVE your pixie! I know it wasn’t by choice, but you are seriously rockin’ it!
    I love my pixie cut & often have to defend my choice to others so I love seeing others look fabulous in the same style.

  6. Wow, this bag really is gorgeous – The leather looks buttery and PERFECTO!
    And seriously, you are working some MAGIC with that pixie, mama! It really works on you, and the color is fab. >Insert slow clap here<

  7. Dang it, could this be what finally gets me on Instagram?! I do love that bag but more importantly….YOUR HAIR WOW!!! I hope you keep the pixie around for a while.
    I love this outfit combo with the pixie, beautiful.

  8. Beautiful in Brandy. Fabulous pictures of you and your boys. Would love to win this handbag. It would fit my busy lifestyle being a mother of three boys. 🙂

  9. Following you both and commented. I just love these bags and am realizing (as new mother to a three month old) how important it is to have one bag that doubles as a purse and diaper bag… I’m constantly leaving my wallet in one or the other right now!

  10. Candace Bingham on

    I don’t have an Instagram account but I would love to win this bag! It is super cute. My diaper bag that I have now is falling apart and this would be perfect! Thanks for the giveaway

  11. I seriously love, love, LOVE this bag, but I’m really bummed about how the giveaway works! I don’t have a smartphone/iPad/anything cool (yes, I know), and thus, I don’t have instagram, and thus, I can’t enter! I even tried to get Instagram on my mac, JUST so I could have a shot at this bag! I wish there were a “follow on Pinterest” alternative for those of us who are still stuck in the stone ages when it comes to our mobile devices. 🙁

  12. I know I’m too late for the contest, but I was curious how you felt about the weight of this bag? I bought a fancy, very cute leather handbag with diaper insert with my first and the weight of the bag alone made it very impractical. It’s still brand new sitting in my closet. This one looks great and has the awesome backpack feature, but I’m hesitant based on my last experience.

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